Edition #14 – How do I know if I am evolving?

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #14

"How do I know if I am evolving?"
"How do I know if I am "staying in the flow"
during the present changes?"

Ok, you all have been made aware of the necessary changes that the Earth Star planet is undergoing and will continue to undergo. Well, you should all be…unless you missed God’s billboard! Look, there isn’t anyone on the planet who is not struggling now. We, David and I, are struggling just as much as you are. You see just because we have known well in advance of all that is transpiring now, does not protect us from the same economic onslaught you are all confronting as well. The difference is we were prepared to deal with it by accepting the fact that it was going to happen and there would be no other options except preparing for these times. Knowing that something will happen with absolute certainty does assist us in maintaining our emotional stability when things unfold. So often the bugaboos of doubt, insecurity and fear, play havoc with a person’s emotional and Spiritual state when an individual is striving to the best of their ability to be a part of the Great Change. You are each a part of this change in the practical everyday world. No, it is not easy and it will be more difficult as the years pass. However, for every action there is a reaction, in other words, "as the mind moves forward in spite of what you may think of as intimidating odds, your Spirit IS evolving whether you know it or not. As the mind goes forward, so do you. You need to understand that if your intellect has been holding sway over your personality for an extended period of time, it (the intellect) begins to feel "threatened," it fears for its very existence because you are changing your thought patterns and philosophies.

So if you now understand "why" at certain times you may feel doubtful, first reassure the intellect that it is well-loved and thank it for its assistance. Secondly, tell the intellect that you have freely chosen to allow Soul Voice to be in the forefront of your thoughts, your mind, your life. This is a very simple but POWERFUL solution to quelling the intellect and reassuring your own Soul Voice. See, nothing fancy or complicated here, so please do not try to make it become complicated. No yoga required. Ask yourself if you feel differently about Spiritual and planetary issues than you once did; do you see things in different ways now; do you accept the incontrovertible fact that you cannot change another person, that you can only change yourself? Do you yet really understand what love is, if so, can you yet love yourself without condition?

Can you yet accept the fact that realities beyond the practical everyday patterns and routines are the true primary realties, the ones that birth the "new" you in every waking moment? Can you accept that much must continue here in the way of severe weather patterns, an acceleration of the numbers of people passing over from physical life and the fact that your beliefs will not win you a popularity contest? Are you willing to live for your beliefs? Are you willing to live your beliefs? All these questions and statements from me are relative to your personal evolvement and the reactions of the collective evolvement impacting upon this planet that we all dearly love. Nothing you do or say is insignificant. Everything carries its own magnetic energy and will attract the same energy. You know you are evolving if: you feel differently about issues that you and your friends/families used to accept as truths, yet you now see the illusions and they may not. Are you noticing a special "sensitivity" to sound, light, and/or the energies of other people? Are you watching other people running around engulfed with terrible fear about the state of the world and ALL planetary economic conditions, while you yourself feel a bit isolated because you know these things must take place, and the other people do not know this? Do you sometimes wonder how it is possible that you can have moments of feeling serene and tranquil in the face of all this madness? If so it is because you are in "the eye of the storm." This vantage point allows you the freedom of watching everything running amuck all around you while you are still holding your ground.

You yourselves would have great difficulty explaining to those who are not on the same thought-mind-Soul level as you are, how you can with such great certainty feel assured that all this will pass and the NESARA movement will teach of a better way in a better life. You cannot teach those who live in fear. You cannot teach those who do not want to know. You cannot teach those whose fears of not having their security blanket is tantamount to them of "not having a life." YOU, however should never stop learning. Yes, it means you will have to leave others behind, BUT if they do not want to evolve with you then they will have to evolve by themselves or not evolve at all. This is not only everyone’s free expression, it is also what the NESARA wave does. She challenges people to challenge themselves: She challenges their belief systems, their Soul determination to succeed by riding the NESARA Wave, their abilities to just say no to invasive energies projected upon them by invasive people. She sees the good in all and yet she knows that all that is good must now ripen to a thicker, more lush, healthier version of themselves. NESARA is the great MOTHER; it is she who assists in deciding what needs changed here on this planet. It is she who has long awaited her timeline to enter here. It is she who is the true voice of We the People. All the true NESARIANS need to step forward and bathe themselves in her glory, rebirth in her glorious wake, for she is here for you, one and all.

As each person moves forward into a different type of continuum now, many physical and non-physical things can occur. Does your hair hurt? I do mean this, if it has not happened yet, it will! The crown chakra moves energy all through the upper part of the head, as this occurs your hair can/will hurt in varying degrees. Do noise distortions, traffic, people talking, telephones ringing and even small noises seem magnified to you? It is because they are. Does light sometimes seem to be a glaring screen that is painful, sometimes do you notice that your "memory lapses" are increasing? Your eyes are merely readjusting and realigning with the new light and this can take some time to become used to. Wear sunglasses, polarized are best. Are you experiencing…yet…bouts of extremely low energy, sudden and sometimes prolonged tiredness and just plain old inertia? This type of apathy and all which it entails are a part of evolution. Isn’t evolution just wonderful! Ok, you may have to write that statement 100 times so you can begin to laugh at all these physical anomalies. But, it is part of the journey to the destination you may know about. If you do not know yet, you will when it is time for you to know about it. So, "What is it about Change you don’t understand?" This is a part of evolution that no one has told you about. Because the very essence of the Earth Star planet is moving progressively and aggressively forward, the frequencies, the vibrations of this world must also move forward in aggressive fashion. Understand that the term "aggressive" simply means to move at a more accelerated pace allowing no one and no-thing to impede your progress. Trust me, NESARA is not and WILL not allow it either!

There is so little time left for Earth to complete her new cycle that she cannot simply slow down and allow you to catch up with her. YOU must run, levitate or do anything else required in order to not break your stride. Simply "believing" is not enough, taking right actions and assuming personal reasonability for all your actions is a MUST. People do not realize that Earth is watching everyone! She KNOWS her own. She no longer accepts what is not in her best interest. I advise you each to remember this! Trust, believe and BE the courageous Soul you really are. THAT is how to "stay in the flow." No matter how alone or isolated you may at times feel, as God has stated many, many times, "I will be on your shoulder very much."


"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this "now" moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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