Edition #19 – Cheating Life

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #19

"Cheating Life"

People have been wondering of late why so many of us, David and I and other evolved teachers, are being more serious or stern than we usually are. The answer is, "we all have good reason to be." Throughout all the previous years we have been speaking, teaching and counseling people about what to expect in their lives, what would be in their best interest to do or not to do, and how this all ties in with the happenings of this world in the present time and in the future. We are now sitting back and watching the great unfolding of human nature which is in many cases…but not all…. revealing the worst part of "the human condition." I wonder, as do the rest of us, how much good we are doing here. If people can not or will not, hold to their independent choices of freeing their hearts and minds, thereby freeing their Souls from fear and the immoral turpitude of the masses, then how can the Light that illuminates all Souls be able to continue to weave the Jesus The Christ consciousness through the composite being of each person here?

Obviously this is where the dying winds of change will continue on their journey to separate the people who exist in different dimensional thought patterns from other people who can and do multitask conscionably and Super Consciously. NESARA and the dying winds of change are absolutely awesome in their agility and their tenacity to hold on to the truths of the existences and the realities that all people experience here. People are placed in categories ranging from "ascending Souls," to "displacement Souls." Nothing is based on anything beyond the status of the individual Souls and their personality inspirations, or their personality afflictions. Skin color of course is not even noticed, nor is gender. Men and women who live purely superficial lives, those who can not and do not want to see beyond their very limited horizons are strictly one-dimensional people. Yes, their Souls are stifled and can not break free until or UNLESS the personality housing the Soul CHOOSES to. I can tell you that very few of these people have ever changed. Even fewer of them will now. Even though THEY have no time left. They cheat life just as they cheat in the affairs of others’ lives because they do not really care.

We have all encountered at one time or another, men and women who seem to be abstract personalities; some seem to simply be a copy of a surreal painting. A bad painting. They can rarely carry on an intelligent conversation with anyone who is not just like them. Although a great number of them were born with conscience, desire and good intentions intact, many things on the highway of life altered them completely. Or perhaps I should say they allowed themselves to be altered. Their states in life waver between having any emotional depths at all, unless it pertains to them personally, and dealing with other people as if those other people had little value in the abstract personality’s life. They are particularly self-centered if the subject is about anything other than themselves. They have a vacuous place in their hearts and minds that lacks any psychological depth at all that could create the impression of realism. So they live two-dimensional lives that are but empty husks. They are part of a poor imitation of life that does not understand cheating life nor the necessity of enhancing a life. These two categories of people are virtually impossible to work with. I can not tell them about things they can not understand. Nor can I tell them about things they do not want to know about.

If I can not feel that what I have offered in the way of truth is actually being not only understood, but lived by people, then what the heck am I doing here anyway? I know the answer of course. I am here to BE the difference by LIVING the difference. Try explaining that to the "dimensional people." Good luck!

I am not one who wastes any time in anything I do. Nor do I relish the thought that so many people keep starting their "engines" then stopping because they have "stalled out." David and I have spoken about this complex problem with many other teachers….who are also among our closest friends….and we have been shaking our heads ever since. This is because we do all agree that we can do no more. I have held so many people by the hand over the years, encouraging them to keep on with their quest for truth and I have actually seen some success stories there. Neither I, David, nor these other teachers will do that now. That time is over! Since the NESARA movement has begun her accelerated pace of altering this planet and assisting people to unconsciously for the most part, do all they can to help not only themselves but to HELP OTHER PEOPLE, the anomaly of the dying winds of change has caused many a good man and woman to forget what they should be doing. Their instinct for self-preservation has blinded them to the survival needs of others. They fail to see, let alone understand, that they ARE the others as well.

No one can live their life here on this planet and expect everything to be just as they want it to be. After all, this is Earth, you know. Yet, it is the small numbers of people who are still valiantly struggling to keep their progressive momentum going, who are accomplishing what the financially well-off people can not. Life is a tremendously precious gift. It is one to be cherished, to be honored and to be shared. It is not about football and beer, cheerleaders or movie celebrities. It is certainly not about being in control of your partner. It is about a continuity of energy that can cause a person’s eyes to light up and shine as brilliantly as the stars do. It is about love and caring. It is about being all that you are capable of being and doing all that you are capable of doing, even if you do not know what your capabilities and abilities really are. It is about living a life of wondrous expectations and appreciating all that you have, rather than being disappointed in your own perceptions or misperceptions of what you do not have. It is about looking at other people and not saying that ridiculous idiom, "There but for the grace of God go I." It is about saying, "There I too go BY the grace of God, because we are ALL RELATED."

Yet as simple as this is to do, people do not want to do it. People have become so enraptured with what they themselves have that it is now to the point that they have either intentionally neglected the thought of the situations of others, or perhaps they have become too blindsided and have forgotten the welfare of other people. Life is not a "cheat sheet" that will give anyone any credits on their learning curve. Nor is it meant to be a self-serving proposition. Part of the separation of the wheat from the chaff in the present time now, is the indisputable fact that those who are not sharing with others will be culled from the rest of the human race. I am watching too many people relaxing in a strange way and living lives of conduct without conscience. Little do these people know that they are now a part of an energy encompassing many groups of people who are living in "parallel displacement illusions."

People are also forgetting that they are in great measure influenced by the very milieu they have chosen to be part of. People I have spoken with lately, people who are well-off financially but are not actually doing much to help those who are not well-off, have developed a new form of tunnel vision. They refuse to acknowledge that they too are cheating life by robbing other people of the assistance they COULD give to them. I can not help but wonder how many of these men and women realize that those who fear losing everything are already defeated. I see that many people do want to knock on life’s door, but are afraid of what may lie on the other side. But it is the everyday people who, regardless of their circumstances…who are "out there" trying to do what they can, when they can, that gives to me and so many others some of our greatest pleasures in life now. Ironically, although this is certainly not the first time in this planet’s history that this has happened, it will continue to be those people who will receive through their own personal achievements, the greatest of laurels in this lifetime. Their personal best will stem the tide of the dying winds of change. For them, that is. These people may feel fear, they may experience some qualms about what their futures hold, or they may have distressful thoughts about how they will be able to continue to survive, but they will stay their course and ride the Ship of life while others will choose to go down with their Ships.

Then there are the three-dimensional people. These men AND women are those who still want to believe in the former way of life. It is safer for them that way. They do not want to be told…let alone understand…that all they think life IS, ISN’T. Most consider themselves to be living just as their families, pastors, ministers, peers and celebrity magazines say they should. They feel no sense of responsibility to create changes here that would benefit humanity as a whole. They believe in what they see and see only what they want to believe. If something can not be proved, well then…it simply can not BE. After all, their conditioning allows for nothing else. Their greatest secret fear is to be considered "different," "ALIEN" by the standards of their peers and families. How can these people be of help? They can not. Not in their CON-DITION.

Another reason that so much of this aberrant behavior by so many people bothers me so much is that neither those people who are one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional have any understanding of the effect that helping other people can have on this world. Each reality, each lifetime, is a byproduct of the individual who has chosen to live it; those people who have chosen to merge with a different understanding of life than they may have had before. Herein lies a great problem facing those "dimensional men and women." You have to be able to inhabit another person’s reality before you can begin to understand it. How do you do this? By having a VOLUNTARY interaction, an integration, with the other people whose lives and lifestyles, realities and concepts you do not yet acknowledge or relate to. In so doing, you are then effectively altering a part of your own reality in a better way. You do not have to embrace the others’ concepts; however, you do have to understand them. If you can not understand how and why other everyday people are managing to hold on to what they have through the sheer resilience of their faith in a Greater Force and a soon to be better life for all people everywhere, then you too are cheating life.

Interact with those you can learn from or those who want to learn from you. The well-to-do people who are so concerned about what will happen if they help other people are also cheating life. These people lament the troubles of these times but continue on to live a life still predicated by how they have been conditioned to live. Their great and silent fear is that if they ask someone, "Do you need help? Can I help you," that the person being asked will respond "YES!" Then what will happen? Good God, they may have to actually reach out and touch someone! Meanwhile, consider the emotional and mental circumstances of the person who needs help and is too afraid of the answer to ask the question. Nobody wins here. No good purpose can be served in these times…or in the future times….by NOT helping one another. Ultimately, all those who do assist will be enriched by their heartfelt actions. All those who gratefully receive the help will continue on with a better understanding that true generosity does live in the hearts and minds of SOME people. But not enough people. All these "giving and receiving" actions will build a domino effect.

It will be the children being born today and all those born for the next 100 years who will have the opportunity to be of unlimited assistance to this planet and all the races who live here. The children will be learning by example. Doesn’t this make the giving and receiving all worthwhile? The children of today and those who are young adults…well, lets just say the majority are too busy having their cell phones glued to their ears to be able to BE examples. At least not examples for the children of the future. What you fear, you become. What you detest, you become. What you love and cherish you become. What you give, you receive. Remember, sharing does not have a shelf life. However, people DO.

Salude…Celestial Blue Star

"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth Star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only for physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted, while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now, here in this "Now" moment of true reality…live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, Creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being; that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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