Edition #10 – When Dreams Become Realities

"The Celestial Chronicles #10"

Edition #10

"When Dreams Become Realities"

Have you ever wondered about what actually takes place, if anything, while you are in the dream state? Are you one of the millions of people who believe that the dreams you have are "fantasies," overworked imagination, or worse, the subconscious dealing with events that have taken place that somehow become "nightmares?" If you believe what psychologists and psychiatrists say about dreams, then you will truly lose your grasp on "reality." Dreams are a level of reality that is non-third-dimensional; in this sense all that you see, hear, sense, experience in the dream state is actually taking place and you are either a participant in the dramas or you are there to bear witness.

Dreams are "encoded" messages. Some are encoded POTENTIAL scenarios that show what can be changed and what cannot. In dreams you may also encounter others who are of your Soul Cluster; some you may already know. Many times you will see people you will never physically meet in this life experience, yet you communicate with them and they with you through what is known as "the dream state." All dreamers experience a high level of activity within their subconscious and superconscious minds. This is when the conscious mind rests, that part of the mind cannot then interfere with the other 2 mind levels by injecting "the dreaded intelligence factor.

Because humans have been brought up to rely on the intellect, this is the home of the ego, they tend to sever the bond that exists with dream realities while they are in a conscious state. I consider it to be a very sad commentary on the human state of mind, when the conscious part must first be subdued in order for people to experience truth on a different level of knowingness. Yet, it is what it is. Well-intended medical people have been misled since the very early days of civilization on this planet. The Illuminati faction had deftly and insidiously connived to convince those long ago medical pioneers of the mind, that dreams are not real. Most unfortunately, they have succeeded far too well.

Those deacons of the dark are well aware of the importance of dreams. They must continue to dissuade you of the relativity of the dream state in order to continue their own survival and catch you off guard. In the early stages of dreams, you are literally transported to a level far, far beyond time and space. It is here where you each observe both personal and planetary events unfolding. Many possible scenarios are presented to you. Many of these possible beginnings and endings are those you Created for yourself in the personal realm. They were safely tucked away in the far reaches of your impersonal, cosmic memory banks until such timelines occurred that were relative to action to take on your part, or information given to you suggesting you take no action at all. Many of you have also the "premonition" dreams that are also a part of the encoding that you yourself desired. Often dreams are also those that is information from your Guides and the Angelic realm.

Dreams are actual events unfolding. You are not "imagining" these images, talks, colors etc. They are living and can be very useful tools to aid you when used correctly. Symbolism plays a huge role in the dream state. Many wonder "why symbolism?" It only confuses things!" This is where the dream issue becomes a bit complicated. If all dreams were so easy for you to understand, what work would you do in enlarging your understanding? You would do none. You would quickly fall into the trap of dismissing the information and relying solely on the intellectual thought processes. You would achieve nothing. Each person possesses specific personal symbols that they bring with them in the superconscious state. Each person may share a symbol that many others do, yet to each person the significance is quite different. A "rose" to you seen in your dream will mean something different to another in their dream.

A rose by any other name is not the same! Symbolism itself is the language of the Soul. Just as each Soul Voice is different in pitch and intensity, yet may share a frequency with many others, so is the symbol. Unravel your symbols and the answers to the dreams become quite clear. Do not look to others to interpret your dreams for you, they can only interpret them from their own perspective, that is not your own perspective is it? There are some rare individuals on this planet who have the gift of dream interpretation because they know the method of seeing through your eyes rather than their own. Those people are far and few. When you have fearful dreams look to see the cause of the fear. Are you receiving a warning dream? One that is meant for you to know of portentous events that could befall you in a tragic manner?

These dreams are very often given to you to forestall situations that could occur unless you make certain changes in your life. Men and women who have stayed in relationships or have other addiction problems, often receive early warnings of what is about to happen to them unless they leave behind the dangerous and abusive lifestyles. Sadly, most do not listen. Thousands and thousands of people will experience the very same dream on the very same night. These people rarely will ever meet their counterparts around the world. Unless they confide their dream to a close friend and then discover that he or she also had the same dream, they will think it was only their own dream. This occurs when the dream concerns a planetary event. It is not meant for people to attempt to change the event, but to bear witness to it with an understanding that it could not be altered. Just to be understood, no matter how odious or tragic it may turn out to be.

Individual fates and destinies can be revealed to you during dreamtime. When this momentous time occurs, much personal responsibility is then called for. It is the difference between living up to your destiny or not experiencing it in its totality this time around. As always, the choice is yours. When you experience dreams in black and white rather than in color, these are things that are not yet ready to take place. They will in the future "time." Dreams that are in color are those that either are already occurring or will in the "present time." Black and white dreams considered "future" times: in this sense, the "future" time could be a year from now, all is relative to specific occurrences taking place that tie in to circumstances needed to happen in order for the dream to become third-dimensional reality. Synchronicity is called for here. "Colored" dreams that are "present" timelines: the coordination of time and matter is already taking place, you are simply awaiting the "happening."

Please be aware though that a tremendous amount of what is known on this planet as "psychic attack" takes place while you dream. The reasons for this are as diversified as the individuals who are attacked. While the conscious mind is at rest, the superconscious and the Soul Voice which are free to roam and bring you peace of mind yet vital information as well, is quite vulnerable to the attacks of the Illuminati. How the victim defends his or herself, or reacts to these attacks, is pertinent to that individual’s personal evolution. Those who are emotionally or mentally unstable are ripe for being taken over by the dark deacons. These men and women then simply function as the "Egors" of the monstrous horde. The more people fear the darkness of the horde, the more easily they will succumb.

Those who are working diligently to "make a difference" to this planet as well as to their own personal evolution, can be viciously attacked as a mass conscious effort to prevent their success. Defense of yourself while in this type of precarious and perilous dream state attack, is vital; it is essential that you not only fight back but do so for the right reason. Do so without hate or vengeance entering into your thought pattern. Do so to stay alive to fight yet another day. Attacks can be short-lived or repetitive on a nightly basis. You are the determining factor. All Light Weavers should exercise extreme caution before retiring for the night. Set up your defenses prior to going to sleep; call upon those of your off-grid families for assistance while you rest. At times, the attacks will taper off.

Do NOT become complacent, it can cost you your life! The very deacons, who with premeditation select people to be their prey, are well aware of how easily humans forget their lessons. They count on it! Earth people are easy. First the Illuminati and their unhallowed company seek the easiest ones to control. These are always the first ones to go. These people have already been well indoctrinated as a result of living as human beings that practice no discernment. It is when the dark brotherhood sets their sights upon the warriors, the teachers, the natural healers on this planet that all hell breaks loose. We who are walk-ins and those others on this plane who are also evolved Souls were long ago cautioned about these attacks. We were each told," No quarter shall be given, no mercy shall be shown." And so it is. We face mortal combat both in the physical life here as well as when we are attacked in the dream state. Also when we travel to other planets, including our home planets at night, the battle rages without cease……for a "while" longer yet.

Remove the teachers, remove the warriors, remove the natural healers and those other evolved Souls who have given so much to so many to assist this planet and what is left? Continue to convince the masses that dreams are not "real" and the scales of justice tip in the dark direction. I do suggest that each of you pay close attention to all I have stated here; that you each choose to learn the art of the dream state. It has been said by another that "reality is what it is." That is a dumb statement to me, I know that the reality CREATES the dream. It is what you choose to accept that can make the difference.


"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this "now" moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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