Edition #16 – Cycles-The Dance of Life

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #16

"Cycles-The Dance of Life"

One of the most interesting aspects of life here on the planet, is that people fail to understand that each life experience must contain specific segments relative to the individual’s state of evolution, mind-thought patterns and the person’s intent. This is not to be taken lightly! Each of these segments is a specific cycle; one that must be completed before the next cycle can commence. Yes, I realize that the majority of people want everything; they want all their dreams and fantasies to take place when these are events that the people want to control, to Create or to justify to themselves. When it does not happen, all hell breaks loose. People become implacable in their desire to do whatever they have to, by stepping on anyone they have to, to gain the success in life they feel they deserve. Thus the poor have become poorer and the rich have become richer for centuries here now. I find it mind-boggling and extremely sad when I see and hear people acting out in their desperate need to satiate their material appetite. Yes, if they had been raised properly they would have known that "sharing is caring." They would further have learned that during each step of their Spiritual puberty, they had been guided on the best course of action and non-action to take. Of course that would require them LISTENING and HEARING!

Today, thanks to their non-effort in using discernment, their desperate and despotic need to NOT be all they can, instead to BE all they should not, they are now confronted by the planetary shifts and the Spiritual maturation of the rest of the human race. These people who have chosen to be Spiritually destitute receive absolutely no sympathy from me. I have yet to encounter any of them who care for anyone beyond themselves. I do know many however, who have become quite polished at offering lip service as a means of diverting attention away from their true agendas. Although they never fool me, I am sad to say they have fooled many others. Even knowing that these are the ones who are playing out the roles they have chosen pre-birth, does not mean I have to like them. And I do not. The people of today who now have less in their lives than they ever did before, still have more than the wealthiest people on the planet. You see, "The Shift has hit the Fan" big time! No one has bothered really to pay attention to what Terra wanted, what she needed and why she has been forced to not merely alter the planet with weather changes, topography changes and new migratory paths to keep animals and the good-hearted Souls safe from harm, she is fully aligned with the Golden Now and NOTHING will change that.

Terra, unlike the human race, knew when the Dance of Life cyclic changes HAD to occur. She knew all this and after receiving permission from the God of this world and from the Creator as well, began a slow, measured, step by step movement for her own betterment and for the wellbeing of this Universe. Step by step she carefully increased her dance step, allowing people who were ready, willing and able, to also change their stride, to move with her rather than against her. People have "forgotten" that for every action there truly is a reaction. So it has been that with each succeeding generation of people since the Creation of this planet, the people have not only forgotten their true origins, they have not relearned the beauty and integrity of cyclic change. Every person who has ever been born ANYWHERE possesses a "life pattern," of cycles. No Soul can reincarnate without them. I don’t care who you are, this is the way of the Universe. The life patterns are part of your individual pre-birth agreement; they are also encoded within your Soul Memory. Much effort is undertaken prior to rebirthing…to any planet…to ensure that all avenues are open to each Soul for the enhancement of the Soul and for the magnification of every entity as God I AM. The beauty of reincarnation lies not only in a Soul’s ability to move progressively forward in personal evolution, the beauty also lies in the PERSONALITY of an individual to not "forget" consciously what they know Super Consciously. As my father Blue Star would say, "This is a good thing."

Each Soul "comes with instructions," the difficulty on this planet is that people are so impatient, so needy, so determined to continue walking in the old worn-out walk, that they fail to see that without change there can be no progressive movements. Then too, people do not want to have their foundations, their belief systems changed to realities they have never believed in. I feel the greatest sense of pity for these people. It does not mean I like them any better than I did before though. I don’t have to. Nor do you. Each Soul has a period of time that It has Created for specific experiences in any given lifetime. This also means encountering other Souls who have "signed on" to share in some, if not all, of these experiences with the Souls they are meeting or aligning with. BUT there is a concurrent form of energy which courses through EACH experience a Soul has. This means that while one experience may be a learning lesson it can also be a reward or a challenge as well. When the challenge has been met and dealt with to the best or worst of the individual’s ability, when the lesson has been either learned or unlearned, that cycle will come to a conclusion. However, cycles that have integrated with the predetermined Soul Contract time limit without the issues being satisfactorily resolved, means that those persons will have to repeat the same or similar lessons and challenges until such time the matter is seen as resolved by the Soul. How long that time limit is, is indigenous to each individual Soul.

People who continue to try to see things in black and white are missing the point. Every reality, every emotion, every thought pattern, etc., all have their own coloration and individual reality. It is only as people continue to strive to be all they can be for the RIGHT reason, that the colors and the realities coalesce and become one. Cycles are not "age dependent." Every thought you have, every nuance of rising Spiritual growth, either opens a door to the next cycle of life, or closes one. Doors not used can remain closed for many a lifetime. This is "free expression" in action. Cycles in a sense ride a wave; the faster you work through one cycle and EXPECT the next to appear, the greater the wave and the velocity of the action of the wave. I find it odd that people, especially those who consider themselves to be "In the know," are forever promulgating the ripple effect, "If you throw a stone into a still pond, the stone creates the ripples. Without the ripples there can be no change." All right, I ask you now, has anyone given any thought at all to what happens to the stones? Am I being obtuse here? Does no one even think about this, or want to know? Indigenous people all over the world honor all stones, they refer to them as, "The Stone People." All stones have enormous life force; this life force is not merely relegated to Crystals. Stones are well known to locate and remain with a person through the entire time of an individual’s life, OR until such time another person has signed on as the Caretaker of the stones.

Stones always leave a person by simply being "lost" or by alternate methods. People give stones to others as special gifts; then there is my all time favorite-right in front of your eyes, they simply "disappear." Yes, readers, many items you have that you THINK you bought for their intrinsic beauty or for their esoteric meanings, were written in as part of your pre-birth Contract. Stones, when thrown into a still pond or lake, CAN and DO carry with them the thought patterns of the person(s) hurling the stones! Why is it that PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THIS? Thought patterns are transmitted in many ways besides telepathy, from one person to another, or to others. Stones relish their roles and well they should. Every stone is part of a cycle of life. They are among the most neglected, most ignored prodigies on this planet. Yet, their messages are so beautiful, so loving, and so truthful, that they are beyond compare. So, when they are tossed into the waters they carry the messages, which are the thoughts and intents of the person throwing them into the water. Inevitably they gather with other stones; most have also been tossed into the water, although there are some that have always been a part of the water bottom. There they share information with one another and gather strength in their numbers. Then when they have adjudged the time frame to be appropriate they send their song out to all other stones and to other people who share the same thought vibrations. This is but one way that people "stumble" upon others who are of like-mind and like-Spirit. Over time all stones are either washed up and found along the beaches or roads, or picked up by "stone collectors." Sometimes birds or fish can pick them up and carry them over a great distance. As can volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornados.

Stones have the ability to evolve as do all other sentient forms of life. When they are participating in the changing of a cycle in a person’s life, they can adjust themselves to finer vibrations and frequencies, at times before the person can. Wise people have relearned the experience of holding a stone, or to carry certain stones with them to assist the people in grounding themselves. Life is a Spiral Dance YET every single spiral formation is a cycle in the Dance of Life. As each cycle ends, it is nothing more that the beginning of yet another cycle. The greatest beauties in life are found within each cycle. Sadly, it is the men and women who are the most reluctant to end a cycle who suffer the most. This is especially true in intimate relationships. The cycles in life contain new dance steps for those willing and able to learn the new part of the dance. It is however when people become so infatuated with what they THINK they have, that actually their perceptions become jaundiced. A woman may feel that she has finally found the man she can be with, for she has the control. OW! OUCH!! If either one in a partnership MUST be in control, then there is no partnership. The cycle comes to a grinding halt. The longer a cycle is in stasis mode, the more debilitating at least one of the people in the coupleship will feel. This is also true of other types of relationships. It does not matter if it is business, familial, or supposedly lifelong friendships. When a cycle in an individual’s life finishes, it is because one or more of the people involved have outgrown the other or others.

It is so odd to me; I always hear people talk about how everyone should move on in their lives. They speak of how no one should feel emotionally constipated, no one should feel stifled or feel obligated to another person. BUT, the very moment their supposedly significant others, family members or long time friends tell them "I have to go now," all hell breaks loose again. Is this a contradiction in terms or what? In other words, "yes, you can have your freedom whenever you feel it is time to, but under no circumstances should you have it!" It is not merely about people being in fear of starting their lives all over AGAIN; they do not realize because they do not want to, that the longer they have the audacity to postpone the inevitable, the more intensely the cycle will pressure all people involved. Here is a simple example: If you shake up a bottle of Pepsi or Coke, then open it and put your finger in the bottle, the soda will frantically attempt to have the offending and BLOCKING finger removed in order for it to FREE itself. Then it explodes. This is how a cycle can disengage people from the old and hurl them into the new. I ask everyone now, "Is it worth to you to remain in the old cycle because of your fears of the new one?" You cannot teach others if you yourselves cannot learn from your own lessons and experiences. People, especially women, are absolutely terrible about complaining that they always attract the same type of partners in relationships.

I know so many people of both sexes who do this and it is no surprise to me why this happens. What they fail to understand, most of them because they do not want to, is they did not completely sterilize themselves from the previous sordid relationships. They left a "stone unturned." As long as their condition remains this way, that particular stone will simply bring back again and again and again the same "other different but same kind of partner." This is how a cycle can force people to leave the old way. For some people I am happy to say it only requires a few years. For the others….I can only say….mea culpa, mea culpa. Scars run deep from these energy incursions that are part of pseudo alliances in relationships. Unfortunately, most never really heal well because the afflicted people simply cannot accept things that happened as "OVER." Obviously this also impacts upon one’s Spiritual evolvement. An unhappy mind does not equate with Spiritual reformation and Progression. In time, although for millions of men and women it will require several lifetimes, yes, this too shall pass. Then they shall evolve, one cycle at a time, never knowing CONSCIOUSLY all they had missed out on. It does not make them wrong, simply lacking in Spiritual personal responsibility. Perhaps for them, it is enough to attempt to defy the cycles; perhaps moving forward in each life experience is not important enough to them. Perhaps. As for all the others, I count myself and David among them; we want it all! We are the ones we have not only been waiting for, we are the ones who will never simply "settle" for less than who and what we can manifest.

We believe in our dedication to the Universe and to all life forms; we KNOW that there are no sacrifices to be made here, rather it is better to give up someone or something, in order to move forward, now and forever. We embrace the cycles of life; we revel in the beauty and energy they each hold. We cherish the Dance of Life, for it is the DANCE OF LIGHT. What wonders we each behold; no solemn, sour-faced energetics for us. We dance, we sing, we speak with the Stone People and all the others of God’s Creation. It is a wonderful life! Morbidity does not become us. Life is very becoming to us. We live it well because we honor it well. As life itself honors us. Ok, here is my parting thought…."don’t shoot the messenger, listen to the message." Here it is:

"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth Star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only for physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted, while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now, here in this "Now" moment of true reality…live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, Creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being; that YOU are GOD in physical expression."

Salude…I am Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades
and I would not have it any other way.

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