Edition #9 – Go Gently into the Wind

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #9

"Go Gently into the Wind"

One of the things I relish observing is the antics people perform in their attempts to live up to another’s idea and ideals of what that individual(s) should really be like. I mean seriously now, the people in general on this planet, have given over and given up their free expressions to such an extent that "peer pressure" and "peer evaluations" con-trol their lives. Not only their basic concepts of life, but their mode of dressing, their sheep-like willingness to conform to the predilections of the more aggressive, definitely more assertive "master race." The proclivity of ordinary people to refute their individual uniqueness in favor of being accepted by the dominating cliques, those dictating how and why lifestyles should be led is nauseating at best. At its worst, it leads people to live a "non-life," dependent on the cliques for their every day thoughts And you thought humans hadn’t been cloned yet!

As so many of my Star Keeper brethren have remarked, "human life is a morality play." Dispute that statement, I dare you! One of the more obvious anomalous situations here is that human beings detest being alone. I find this exceedingly strange. I do understand the true reason behind this, yet the strangeness of the thinking and non-sentience process never fails to amaze me. It is only the small percentage of people who truly know the secret to "being alone," who are the success stories in this "play." Each of you enters into this dimension cognizant of the importance of discovering yourself. It has been stressed to you each time and time again, that the imperative nature of standing on your own, standing in your truths and standing in spite of others’ ridicules, is fundamental to achieving all which you desire to achieve on this schoolhouse planet.

Each Soul carries a symbol that designates Its level of Earth-bound conscious "knowing." On the conscious level, the need to be with another, or with others, can be so overwhelming that the personality, who is struggling to curry favor with others, forgets its personal mission. When this occurs, the very "individuality" of that person becomes compromised. It is then that a potential danger transfigures into the certain danger, not the probable, the certain. A person’s thought patterns can easily be guided into areas that have no relevance, no truth, certainly less justice. The need to contain and constrict people supersedes the individual’s perceptions of freedom at that point. Freedom then is relegated to the dustbin and the "goose-step" begins. Irony exists on many levels of perception, this is true. I feel among the greatest ironic turn of events I have witnessed, is the convincing of people that all that occurs is really their own ideas, when in fact, they never had any say-so in it.

People do have an obscene fear of being different, of being wrong, of being alienated by their peers. That obsessive fear then begets a byproduct, a craving to become better than another person, to live up to the cliques’ expectations of what he or she should be….at all costs. It is in a perverted fashion, another aspect of the subjugation of the human race. It is in this manner that prejudice and pride war with one another; it is in this fashion that fascism once again thrives. The racism and judgmental views upon others of your world peoples, was birthed by this very principle. No man or woman wants to think they are being controlled, even when they are.

It is when they refuse to acknowledge the control issues that they refute the validity of themselves as being human. Tell a human something really unbelievable, but cloak the wording so that it is easily assimilated and makes some kind of "unknown" sense to them and they will believe it. Many times I have heard people say, "I understand but I don’t know what I understand." In other words, something is resonating with them, whether it is a part of their own thinking process or an "implanted thought," thoughts that are intentionally planted to induce a person to sway from the truth and believe the lies. I have seen this happen far too many times to people. I must tell you, it is sad to bear witness to that occurrence. People have grown up believing that it is not ok to be alone. They know this because they saw it written on a bathroom wall somewhere no doubt. The secret to the "alone time," is kept hidden from them until they are ready to accept truth.

No one, I do not care who it is, can be part of another’s personal life until each of the two parties has attained the structure of being alone with themselves, WITHOUT any "significant other" in their lives. It is not enough to simply live alone, you must first LIVE ALONENESS. Until such time that you can be really, really happy with yourself and by yourself, you shall remain a static energy. Until such time that you can look in a mirror and not see your "imperfections," you shall not be happy with yourself. Until such time that you can respect yourself, you cannot respect others. You must be your own best friend before you can befriend another. You must be able to stand in your truth and slay the dragon of ignorance and Spiritual impotence. You must be prepared to be isolated, segregated from others not of like-mind. This is a good thing, even though it may not seem so at the time. Learn how to enjoy the "alone," then you can enjoy the "party."

Be prepared to ferret out the manmade and discarnate created conditioning that takes place here daily. First find it then dissect it. Not hard to find, just look beyond your nose. Question, question, question, what you hear and what you read. I would suggest that you do so non-verbally at first, at least make sure no one who can cause you serious mayhem can overhear. There are those whose thoughts have been in wonderment at things that once seemed so simple, such as the intensive invasive programming that men and women who join the army and the other military services must undergo as part of the mandatory regimen of acceptance. Why is it necessary for them to be brutally demeaned, why must they be subjected to being told that they are nobodies, yet conversely, that the "free world" depends upon them? Why is it that they are forced to work and live among others in the military who are definitely unstable and dangerous?

Why do they all wear the same uniforms, why are they thrust into war situations in which they have no or at least very little experience? You will not like the answers. The insidious subjugation of these people was actually instigated hundreds of years ago with a devious plot in mind. When you can dominate the armed forces by means of "brainwashing" then you can easily control them, at least that was the original intent just as it is now. The basic uniform that each must wear, along with the close cropped haircuts, is to cause each of these men and women to lose their PERSONAL sense of identity and become an IMPERSONAL human.

As such, they are expendable. They are merely seen as "strategic numbers," there for the use of the military hierarchy. They are forced to conform to the military points of views, beliefs and codes. Ergo the importance of "boot camp." The service needs killers, not consciously aware people. If they do not already have the killer instinct, they will either have it when boot camp is finished or be mustered out of the service.

Another example is catholic priests. They must continue to wear the archaic black robes and their collars, even though many wear street clothes whenever possible. How many are aware that this was actually an idea of the Spanish Inquisition? Why must they wear the black robes? Simply stated, the black was seen as the perfect color to not only attract a person’s notice, but to be a color of fierceness, of judgment. An obsolete form of psychology was used here, it is subtle but sure intimidation. In this case it was not intended for the priests to blend in with society, rather it was to imprint in your minds that the judgment of God walks within your midst, ready to cast you into hell and damnation for your misdeeds. Priests are to represent a religion, not people. Yet ironically, the Pope wears more splendid colors than does a peacock. This is to ensure that he is recognized as THE instrument of God, THE decisive voice of your beliefs. The world according to the Pope!

The actions and reactions of each of you can resonate with so many others seeking truth, not despair. Seeking "right" not "might." You can be a catalyst for yourself, you can be one for others, you can fight against the winds of change, thereby not changing anything in your life or your world. Men, women and yes the children are experiencing bleak discontent, struggling at times in futile desperation to stop the deceitful propaganda that assails them on all sides. In order for this to be accomplished, after you have "discovered" yourself, proceed to the next step. Practice what you preach! Stop, look and listen to the lies that you once believed. Have the nerve to live up to your OWN beliefs, regardless if others see them as radical. Look at your own motivations in your personal quest and look at the motivations of others pushing you to believe things you know cannot be correct.

Start to see that the changes which are necessary in your own heart and mind can be whipped into a concerto by the gentle whisper of a breeze of truth, by the formation of a cleansing dust storm that can alleviate your fears and blow them away. The winds of change can open your eyes to the realities taking place here that you once did not see. With the "seeing" will be the "believing." This is how a single individual can impact upon mass consciousness in a positive fashion. When you have accomplished these things and yes, you each have the ability to do so, remember that the wind is an opus, there in its magnificence of change to escort you to a true perception on life, yours and all others’ lives. Then you need not be concerned about the tornadoes, which assail so many others’ lives. Yours will be the gentle breeze, caress it, honor it and walk gently into the wind. It is calling you.


"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this "now" moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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