Edition #11 – Things to Think About

“The Celestial Chronicles”

Edition #11

“Things to Think About”

**Special Note–Although I wrote this in May of last year, I feel it is quite timely here and now, as I observe and listen to people who should know better, STILL running around in self-created circles…

“Greetings Wisdom, I am Celest”

I am writing to you in response to your email and to thank you for having contact with us. I do also want to clarify a matter; I have been attempting to create a better understanding among people about this issue for a long time now. Re-“Channeling our Higher Selves,” yes of course we have the ability to do that, BUT the Beings that we are in communion with are not an aspect of our Higher Selves, in that sense. Although I am a walk-in with recall and I did descend with “instructions,” mine and now David’s communication with Higher Level Beings, is but part of our own Soul Contract that we have brought into embodiment.

Until May of this year, 2005, all of our own conversations with God were of a personal nature yet were relative to the course of planetary evolvement as well. We did not discuss them with other people, they were Sacred Treatises. It was however in that month that God with His ultimate Divine Humor explained to us that we were now to be His Scribes and write “Letters from God.” Twas not on our conscious agenda Wisdom!! Jesus the Christ has stated to me that “I have been with you for as long as you have been.” This was not unknown to me, yet hearing this from the ancient Master was a bit different. We easily accepted upon our “arrival” to this linearly-bound planet, that Sananda was always with us. We did not require “proof,” nor did we expect to be involved with His Sacred Writings. My father Blue Star has always transmitted his “Transmissions” to me, yet even then I had to await a specific timeline before I could “go public” with them.

This is true of our communion with Hatonn, and many others. My father Blue Star the Pleiadian does speak through me as part of our Soul integration for the purpose of fulfilling a PART of his humanitarian role.. He does so when he has important information to discuss with humanity, but his way is a different way than the others. God, Sananda, The Creator and all the others of that realm have a unique way of announcing their presence to us when they wish us to be still and pay attention. No burning bush or any other stage props are necessary. Yes, they do appear, in the “physical” sense when they feel it is appropriate to do so. I am explaining all of this because it is so difficult to achieve this understanding with people; most people are desperate to believe in a “physical Second Coming,” which is not at all what I meant when I stated that those Ancient Ones can appear to David and I “in the physical.” My ancient nemesis the Illuminati, have been far too successful in convincing people to not only live in fear, but to focus on a non-existent physical apparition. This causes people to remain aloof from the mass consciousness that is slowly gaining momentum in the TRUE Second Coming, that which is the Christ Consciousness, that which is the Greater I Am, which must exist full-blown in each individual.

This is why Sananda in His Wisdom, has asked us to write certain information that He shall give us for others to read. So when He has decided “it is time,” we shall continue to do so. David, Suzy Ward and I have been continually labeled by Candice’s Sananda, as “deep cover CIA agents.” The sad part is that it is the one charge that terrifies the average earthizen. What better way to cause people to NOT pay attention to what we are saying? The humor here is as I said to Suzy and David when this particular “shift hit the fan,” the CIA should be so lucky!

Wisdom, sometime we become sooooooooo tired of all this crap! Suzy becomes very frustrated, although Matthew has told her time and time again that enduring this type of slander is but a part of her Soul Contract, that she will emerge unscathed. In this case the ancient art of “by doing nothing you are doing everything” prevails. Ponder on that statement. If you can learn to understand it then “you are halfway there.” Many times David and I wonder just how much good we are doing, we wonder: “is anyone listening,”we are at times still searching for intelligent life on the Earth Star planet. Wisdom, we agree with what you stated about “the eye of the needle,” we would also like to add to that. Spiritual people, regardless of their personal evolutionary state, can pass through the eye of the needle, while those rooted in religious dogmas and other Illuminati contrived rhetoric cannot.

And THAT is all I have to say about THAT!


“In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this “now” moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression.”


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