Edition #17 – Animal Spirits

"The Celestial Chronicles"

Edition #17

"Animal Spirits"

Animals are terribly misunderstood on the planet. Although each species arrived here from many different places off-world, in the beginning times it was only the indigenous people around the world who knew how to honor the animal Spirits. Unfortunately today in many of these cultures, although the elders still do honor the "Animal Totems," many of the younger generations have forgotten or simply choose not to because they have become caught up in mainline life. So as usual the animals suffer. Although back when the Illuminati and their minion first began turning one species of animal against another, it was then that the fear of certain animal types swept over the populaces around the world. Many animals became meat eaters and humans were on the diet. Still the tribal members on the Earth Star relied upon the Animal Totems for many reasons. Some were believed to be beneficial and protective, while others were believed to be devilish. As always it was all a matter of the perceptions of the people based upon what they had been taught. Early day Star Keeper forces, when arriving here on the planet, taught the people of the sanctity of the Spirit of the animal. This knowledge had been lost throughout the ensuing millennia. The ancient ones from long ago of all different tribes around the world did however work painstakingly to rekindle the belief, the old knowledge and wisdom about the animal world. Of course that only works if someone is listening.

What is important about this today? EVERYTHING! The time has arrived for people not only to make peace with the animal world, regardless of what species it is, but to understand that they too are evolving. They are teleforming. Some people actually realize that every PERSON has Gatekeepers and Spirit Guides. They even know that whatever planet of origin they are born into, they realize they have Overseers from their home planet to watch over them and protect them whenever possible. But somehow, the people have not been schooled in the fact that each animal species has an "Animal Spirit Overseer." This lack of knowledge would be ludicrous if it were not so serious. Each animal species has the equivalent of a "Master Teacher." I always call upon the Spirit of the Animal when I am speaking with animals or need some extra help in persuading an animal about some behavior modification it needs to change, an attitude, or a direction of its mind thought. Do the animals listen to what the main Overseer is telling it? Most definitely. Animals are hilarious; they play, chase each other and show the greatest affection to their "Owners" just as any innocent child will. However, just like children, they too can become conditioned to people, places and things that are not in their best interest.

Animals that are or have been physically abused by people have a unique way of storing that abuse in their minds. Oftentimes I will encounter an animal that shows me clearly a picture or image of someone it had once been aligned with. I saw that the person ranted and raged against the animal for things that other people had done to that person. Then sometimes many lifetimes later, that animal will choose to rebirth, slightly altered, and seek out the individual it had once known. It is then that things become interesting. If the individual has not changed, he or she may discover that the animal has undercurrents of hostility against them. Usually a stage of siege exists between them until one or the other, either animal or human, forgives the other or punishes the other. Other animals that were beloved "pets," although I do dislike that term, can choose to once again rebirth as well and locate the people they cherished so much. Indigenous people teach of the "Animal Totems;" although these are actually the "Spirit of the Animal," the Overseers. They do cluster around many people who they are protecting; many who at one time or another revered the Spirits of ALL animals.

In this manner then the animals here on the planet see clearly which of the Totems have blessed which people. It means that the people so blessed have always sought the good, the integration of mind and Sprit between animal and person and have always aligned with the Spirits. It is true that at times SOME animals take on the attributes of the owner; it is however always true that SOME people take on the attributes of the animal. As a person evolves while in mortal form, more and more of the totems CAN integrate with the person. Everyone can speak with their pets; the pets will telepath messages back to the owners. The only problem is if the person IS NOT HEARING CLEARLY, then he or she will not know what the message is. You can speak verbally or non-verbally with them; do not be surprised if your pet tries to get your attention first, then communicates with you. You see animals, no matter how busy their minds, always have a clear channel because they do NOT think. Rather, they KNOW! An animal of any species can communicate with another of its kind anywhere in the world. You could learn a lot from an animal.

The Totem of an animal type, let us say the cat, will assume the demeanor of a pet cat and show itself to the owner as a HUGE domesticated cat IF your cat is domesticated. I once watched the Spirit of the Cat appear while I was sitting down and I was watching 30 feral cats in my yard. I had been becoming concerned because suddenly they were not getting along well, as they normally did. Just before I was ready to begin speaking with all the cats at once and bringing some order back into their lives, an enormous, about the size of a house, gorgeous, shiny black panther appeared in their midst. I understood why it chose the panther guise. Panthers are wild and these cats were feral. It sat down in the middle of their group and suddenly all the cats become very quiet and completely motionless. For about 5 minutes there was no sound to be heard by human ears. There was just the telepathic connection between them all. The panther was very stern about their behavior problems. He told them that was enough; he told them they were forgetting their lineage and why they were here on the planet. He commiserated with them about the treatments they received from humans. He reinforced their need to be there and told them to walk in peace. Then he just disappeared. The cats were just fine, normal and of course on guard just as all feral animal are. The panther saved me the job of telling the cats, "You are acting like humans. Knock it off!" Feral cats lifetime’s average about 5 years. I buried many, many, of them.

Oftentimes I see my own Totems around me; I have so many types that I sometimes think I am a Walk-In Noah’s Ark. The existence of Animal Spirits cannot be denied. ASK AN ANIMAL! If you decide to communicate with your pets, speak in plain simple language. If you forget an important fact-that ALL animals live in the "NOW, don’t be surprised if the pet reminds you and you feel rather foolish. For instance if you say something to your pet such as," Did you have fun yesterday when we went for a walk?" The animal will say to you, "What’s a "yesterday?"" Animals are so wise, so loving and yet ask for so little. The Totems serve an important part of the lives of all animals and the forward progression of the Earth Star’s evolution. They too are "God in physical manifestation."

Salude…I am Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades
and I would not have it any other way.

"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth Star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only for physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted, while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now, here in this "Now" moment of true reality…live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, Creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being; that YOU are GOD in physical expression."


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