Edition #2 – The Dimensional, Omni-Dimensional, Universal and The Multidimensional I AM

"The Celestial Chronicles "
"Edition #2"

"The Dimensional, Omni-Dimensional, Universal and The Multidimensional I AM"

Part of the precarious situations that humans now find themselves existing in is a direct reflection of the linear distortions regarding that oft used phrase, "the child within." Far too many of human life forms dwell "without," in extreme cases many build the foundations of their homes, their lives both private and professional, upon fear based issues. Those issues then transmute into an addiction, and they are not even aware of it. It is in a sense, an anomaly, yet the fact remains that just as fear begets fear, those hidden and dormant monsters who are the antithesis of Spirit grow in accordance to the preponderance of the levels of fear housed within the human mind, and hearts. That "child," is then lost, sometimes for many, many lifetimes.

Part of the aspect of the "child within," is greatly misunderstood and not fairly treated. It has become quite the fashion to use that term, many who consider themselves to be light workers are forever nodding their heads sagely while instructing others on how to worship that child. The fact that they don’t know what they are talking about doesn’t phase them at all. They see child as Soul, yet they should know that Soul is ageless. They describe Soul as innocence yet fail to see the significance of the child in relation to innocence. Bibles refer to "be as a child," yet they too fail to accurately portray the term. The child within is the essence of purity without guile, laughter, joy, the uncynical trusting nature, without pretense; the inner listening, not to the voice of "reason," but to Soul Voice, all vibrating in equanimity to the harmonics of the Omni-universes. "Soul Voice" is you speaking to and listening to you.

YOU yourself are the child, your own child. You are a separate entity from the other "childs," of other people; yet you retain a residue of all those others you encounter, for better or worse, until such time you choose to be an "independent child of God, exhibiting and feeling no need to rely on others for your own well-being.

There is no mystery here! Yet classes are actually taught on how to connect with your inner child? Why?

It is when a personality is in touch with the Creator that he or she experiences a deep inner peace; a bonding of mind and Soul, a completion of TOTAL trust and inner knowing. "Knowing" without the necessity of "understanding" on a third dimensional level, acceptance of your own imitable God Level which is predicated upon YOUR beliefs, YOUR level of attunement and YOUR desire to BE all that you can be without any need to prove yourself to others. It is vitally important that a person never loses touch with himself; to do so implements a direct action that results with losing touch with the Creator God. To "worship,’ is best defined by me as " to acknowledge a Greater Force, acceptance of a type of Divinity not a lesser manmade idiom." True Spiritual Forces to not require nor do they condone, adoration by people! They are in the very real sense YOU and YOU are They. When you or others have acquired and fine-tuned this ability which all do possess, then it is easily seen and understood that there is neither a need nor any just cause to exert undue pressure upon those who choose to believe differently than do you.

There are many benefits to be derived from this state of BE-ING which I refer to as the "quickening." This hastening of velocity is a process of accelerating "primitive" energies flowing at "light speed," in the Spiritual sense. As the energies flow faster, ever gaining higher decibels and frequencies, successes, that had alluded the individuals in the physical also commence. As each person approaches more advanced thresholds with which to integrate, those individuals continue to simultaneously expand the states of consciousnesses. No one ever travels these paths alone. So it is that there will also be a bevy of Spirit Guides and record keepers who accompany each one, to ensure that the elevation of the Soul State is always in forward motion. These are not static energies. Those individuals who have advanced without fear and have faith in who and what they are, begin to radiate "Self," they are at times perceived by others as "not being of this earth."

For those who are just at the beginning of this journey to Self, I feel compelled to explain the meanings of "dimension" and "density." A dimension is a sphere of physical reality existing on many different non-physical plateaus based on thought. The earth star planet is focused in the third dimension. However, there are higher dimensions, (plateaus,) extending well beyond the 12th. Dimension. Each one is a "home" or "home base" for various Spirits and Star Keepers. Each is also a train of thought. The fact that most are unable to see them with the naked eye does not mean they do not exist. After all, many of you still claim not to be able to see God, yet He does indeed exist. Each dimension also has a "density," or a "non-density," of atmosphere. Those plateaus that are composed of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, to name a few, that are sufficient to sustain human life are considered to have density-the proper balance and maintenance of atoms which will allow a species to survive and flourish in the physical sense.

There are many planets that exist where the non-density of matter is not conducive to human life, although this non-density is completely satisfactory and necessary for the continued propagation of life for other species. Earth does share some similar situations with other spheres that are also less evolved. The colonization of those other planets like earth, as well as earth’s parallel planets share a symbiotic relationship. The lust for life energies bequeathed to earth and other planets’ descendents by the Illuminati and their other dark forces, permeate those spheres with the eternal battle and the eternal good or evil conceptualization. On this planet which you are but a visitor, each time a true lightworker enters, a bell is sounded throughout the omniuniverses. Each entity of which I speak, is a Soul who has arrived to further experience the expansion of his or her state of Higher Consciousness. They also arrive to fulfill a Sacred Covenant with ALL THAT IS; to teach by example to those who still seek the fundamental understanding of the relationships between self (intellect,) and Self (Soul.) Each of these mentors knows they are but a single thread, which compose the Universal Tapestry defined as The Creator and the Creation.

None of us are truly unequal, we each have a role to play in this world in which we are but visitors. We shall continue to play out our chosen roles until we have had enough of the experience. For those of us who have walked-in, our roles are but slightly different. As the days pass now on this jewel of a planet, as so many of you begin to notice the acceleration of linear time, many tests will be issued to you, please to remember, there is no failure here. Even those who do not excel as they had hoped will still earn their just rewards. Think of all that you can change in your life; think of all the possibilities that you have yet to explore; relinquish those people, places and things that hold you back from yourSelf. Open your arms to YOU. Remember YOU are the most important person on this planet. YOU ARE UNIQUE; you are your own omniuniverse. Dance to the tune of yourSelf as the drummer and you dance the dance of immortality.

Salude till we meet again….Celestial

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"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this "now" moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression."