Edition #3 – Dream A Little Dream

"The Celestial Chronicles "
"Edition #3"

"Dream A Little Dream"

Many people who contact me wonder about my life, both here and "off world." I wonder why they wonder! It is always a surprise to me, when peoples’ reactions are predicated upon fear and fear of "the unknown." Truly I do understand and empathize, to a degree, the convoluted mess that humanity as a whole, has created for itself. HOWEVER, I have no patience with fools. I have been here so many, many times, long, long ago when the earth star planet was pure and glorious. I was at Galilee when many, many people observed an illusion and thought it was real. I have stood steadfastly next to the wooly mammoth and watched civilizations being born while others were destroyed. I assisted in the Creation of mountains and plains here, I have fought alongside brilliant soldiers who were willing to forgo their lives in the name of Spirituality. I have lived among the pyramids in very ancient Egypt, and smiled when men took the credit for their creation.

I have battled against the Illuminati for as long as I have been. In Earth terms, I am well over 185,000 years old, none of my years has been boring or trite. I encounter today the same situations, as do you…in the practical sense. It is just that I handle them differently. A great part of my walking the earth star walk is to experience life in human form while maintaining my integrity, not getting caught up in others’ dramas, never needing to prove myself to others. In this sense, I live an ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. I am a part of this world, yet I remain apart from it as well. One of my greatest pleasures is to listen to the little ones who speak of their dreams and illusions. You see, it is the earth star children who KNOW what is important and what is not. The young ones, until they are programmed otherwise, have NO problem confronting lies and deceits. Every being brings into their incarnation a secret, important dream. The dreams are relative to the individual alone, yet as they travel through life they always encounter others of their own Soul Clusters who share a segment of that same dream.

People often ask me why they cannot consciously remember their Soul Purpose for being here; why they cannot remember their dream. Then I laugh with others who say they still want a copy of their contract, you know the one we each sign before we reincarnate…in one form or another. The answers to the Soul Purpose are as diverse and multitudinous as are each Creation of the Creator and the Creation. Even though our reasons may differ, there has always been and will always be similarities that we all share. Do not think as one absolutely obnoxious man did, that he is here to garner all the money he can and be the biggest whoremonger on earth. BEEP! Wrong answer!! Methinks perhaps he will be here many, many times yet! If all remember that the brain is but a fantastic computer and those computers no matter how wonderful they may be will short-circuit and burn up, then it will be easier to understand a part of the reason why conscious memory is deliberately withheld from you. Then of course, there is the reason that is part of the bigger picture.

The reason is conscious premeditation. The Earth star planet is the only planet known as "the schoolhouse planet." No cheat sheets allowed. Sit back and just imagine the terrible implications of everyone remembering their purposes here; who would actually move forward in their Soul Growth, their personal evolvement if they already knew all the challenges, the trials and tribulations that awaited them here? What would anyone learn? You cannot reap your rewards until it is time to harvest; you cannot harvest until all the seeds have been planted and tended carefully. Each Soul who incarnates here does so for their OWN evolution. How each Soul evolves is how the planet is affected. What so many wondrous people here, and many entities who are not human, tend to forget is that all that occurs here on the earth star planet is part of the movie. You see, we have each been permitted to write our own scripts, Create our own dreams, choose our cast of characters, write the finale to our current life story. What is not permitted is to descend into matter with the conscious knowledge of THE MOVIE. I am stating to all of you, whether you believe me or not makes no difference to me, you wrote the movie, now you are walking through it. It is exactly as you wrote it. If you do not like it next time around, choose a different script.

The movie is part of the dream, yet the dream defines the movie. Give that some thought. For myself and so many other of my brethren who have walked into this planet, this sphere which is but on loan to humans, our encounters with the dark energies that prevail here can be horrific. Also, we watch people falling into mayhem and unorganized chaos and must stand back and let them fall. It is not easy, but it is what we must do. We are not here to win a popularity contest, probably a good thing too, nor are we here to establish any religions, no more than was Jesus The Christ. We are here to protect and serve as needed; to assist those who ask for true assistance. At "home" we do not have the discords that are rampant on this Earth. We do not have civilizations that rely on the "thinking" processes, the "intellectual self." We are painfully well aware that we do not fit in here. Fortunately, we do not try. I shall give you a couple of examples. A couple of weeks ago Suzy Ward, the mother of Matthew and an extraordinary Being in her own right, said to me in an email that she was sure that my husband and I had few friends and many enemies, that being the case we must be doing something right.

It reminded me of an occurrence about 10 years ago. After I finished my lecture I was introduced to a defrocked catholic priest who had not attended the dissertation and had no idea who I was. I held out my hand to him, he took one look at me, then blessed himself and literally ran off. I found out later he went around to all the other people there and told them I was evil. Go figure! You see, humans have been con-ditioned to non-acceptance of anyone and everyone that does not fit their own rigid, intellectual thought patterns of (oh horrors) con-formity. Combine that with the arrogance of those who believe they are the only intelligent life in the universe and voila……"the stunting of humanity." I know why I am here, contrary to some of the 8000 email I receive each month from inflexible christians telling me to "save my Soul and repent," I am fulfilling my final destiny here. I am to be all that I can be for myself and all those who love me best. I teach the teachers and watch their eyes light up with understanding and hope. I dream of a better future for this planet and for all those great Souls who choose to inhabit it, I know the secret to why so many humans choose to repeat events and circumstances of pain and travail in their lives. You see, every being here in duress will continue to remain that way until they have had enough of the experience.

Dream your dreams consciously now please; dream of a better life while you are here on the earth star. Enact the dreams in the manner most befitting to accomplish your goals. Of course this will make my mission and those of my brethren easier, but that is not the important reason after all. YOU ARE THE DREAM. YOU HAVE DREAMED YOURSELVES INTO REALITY, NOW DREAM YOURSELVES AWAKE! Please understand that what you dream consciously from this moment on, you shall Create. I speak not of dreams for this world, but ONLY of your own personal dreams. Gaia shall react accordingly. Now…..dream a little dream…..

Salude and love of life! Celestial

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"In the beginning of the beginning I watched as my Earth star cousins raced madly in ever continuing larger circles of displaced realities. Each was consumed by the need for survival, but only of physical survival. I watched as the many cavorted while the few were shunned who knew of true life. I say to all of you now here in this "now" moment of true reality..live life with a passion, a zest for the KNOWN, creating perfection in all that you do and say. Realize that YOU are each a unique Being, that YOU are GOD in physical expression."