Voices of Reason and the 40 Year Arc

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

~ Voices of Reason and the 40 Year Arc ~

2-25 to 4-25-2016

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star by her father Blue Star)

Greetings everyone, it is time again for us to have our GATHERING as I share with you ones what the Luminescent of this Universe calls, “Golden Nuggets.” Now, as I and all others of my Star Keeper brethren both here and off-world continue to observe you one and all as you play out your individual and collective roles here on the Earth Star planet, we are bearing witness to some incredible “upgrades” you are giving to yourselves. It is of course with the greatest of pleasure that we watch your Super Conscious levels rise to greater heights accompanied by a new selfless confidence you bear. It is unfortunate that many of you Planetizens can not see this in yourself, yet you CAN see it in others! Be that as it may the primary Consciousness booster is predicated upon the fact that you ARE rising, you are ascending, you ARE your OWN “Phoenix Rising Selves.” Ah, for us to witness all the changes you are Creating and the undeniable joy your Souls are experiencing is what I refer to as “Moments caught and held in the matrix of pricelessness.” No, I do not expect all of you Advocates to fully understand what I just relayed to you, BUT those of you ones who do not understand now, soon will! Just so you know, 2016 is the Year of Self-Definition. So, embody yourself to your highest degree!

Now, it is imperative that you each better understand that MANY Voices of Reason are shouting loudly and with more passion than ever before. These Voices are being heard around the world and are not so subtly conjoining with millions of other Voices of likeminded Souls. This was and will continue to be part of the Collective of the Divine Plan initiated so very, VERY long ago for this spatial timelessness of the present NOW factions. Ironically, there is a prominent Black Hat whose mission although non-academic and “ON THE SURFACE” appearing to be far less than Spiritual, is fulfilling a mission assignment of “running” for President in the U.S.A. and being sure to stir up much confusion, battling away at many belief systems and most certainly telling it as it is, whether peoples anywhere want to hear the words and sentiments of this Soul or not! This Soul forces peoples to listen to many truths which they had avoided hearing in the past. This Soul’s Voice of Reason may seem unreasonable at times to some peoples, however I suggest you learn to “read between the lines of the verbiage.” Some assignments are…ahem…more volatile than others. This was indeed a plan of action set forth so very long ago in order to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE the poisonous fruit from the poisonous trees. No, I am not speaking of my Celestial daughter; although….she does know how to wear many hats! And she can SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE with the best of them! Personally I do not feel there is a country on this planet that is ready for her PRESENCE in that genre yet.

Although there are millions of other Voices of Reason rising to the challenges in their “homelands,” there is also a major shift of acceleration in the lifting of the veils of illusions that so many Planetizens had succumbed to. Advocates everywhere are responding to a sometimes quiet or subtle “ringing of the bell of true freedom, of pure truth without embellishment.” Other Advocates are discovering AGAIN their mission in life. Now, before any of you ones begin to say to yourselves, “well I thought my mission in life was to be a good person, a spouse, a good parent and succeed in a profession that would bring me the financial independence I require,” a major Voice of Reason who is The God of this Universe, has just stepped in to our discussion and would like to offer a few choice “thought-forms” of His own.

GOD –“Greetings Advocates, I was “in the neighborhood” and thought I should drop in for a while. I can not let Blue Star have all the fun, now can I? OK now, if you remember that I have stated unequivocally and repeatedly that I have known you EACH for as long as you have been, then I fully expect each of you Advocates to acquiesce to this truth and listen to the facts as I present them to you one and all. So many millennia ago when you were each selected, although some of you volunteered to participate in this present day gridline intersection, in order to render invaluable assistance to all Divinity and to ALL other Universes as well, you were individually and collectively issued guidelines to adhere to in order for your missions to be successful. All of Us who are the Luminescents spoke with you and showed you very clearly what you all would need to cope with here and what changes you could exact. Faith and culpability would be just two of the greatest challenges you would need to deal with. Yes, Children, those very, very frank communications with each of you were quite serious as you each learned of the deadly consequences to the human races overall and the backlash each of your own home planets would receive as a result of the then pending utter destruction of the Earth Star races.

Those of you Advocates whom We selected as well as those who volunteered to fight for Just Cause, remained steadfast back then in your individual and combined decisions to STAND for your own Souls’ evolution and to do all that you could to STAND  for all other lifeforms’ salvation….whenever possible that is. Throughout your many, many reincarnations, NOT ONE of you have recanted, NOT ONE of you has not faced a baptism by fire either! So, here We all STAND together AGAIN yet today, fulfilling Our “promises made and promises kept” Sacred vows. I will now return Blue Star to his vantage point with you as he continues with dispensing more Golden Nuggets. Just remember though please, that individually and Collectively, I AM on your shoulder very much. I can do that you know.”

Now, I thank the Luminescent of this Universe for speaking with all of you and parlaying the thought-forms you ones need to know. Voices of Reason are Created; they reside within the deepest matrix of the Soul. Although all Souls are birthed with this gift, it is only the staunchest Soul Spirit that knows how to enable itself  by living with an aspect of the Voice of Reason as an integral part of Soul overall. When the personality runs amuck the Voice of Reason can not be enabled to function at its best vibratory note. So, The Creator carefully designed as part of the Divine Plan a 40 year ”incubation period” for MOST Souls when they incarnate here. This period is initiated again and again in each incarnational period. Basically this means that for the first 40 years of your lives here on the Earth Star planet your lives travel in an arc shape, just as does Light itself. Centuries ago when the human races lived shorter life spans than today, the 40 year period was compressed into 20 years simply because human longevity for many reasons was curtailed. Conversely, during a period centuries ago when it was not uncommon for an individual to live to be 100 plus years of age, the same 40 year formula did apply. HOWEVER, the ARC never leaves you after your 40 year “standstill period.” It remains as a constant part of you and grows exponentially as you yourselves mature into a finer version of yourselves.

NOW, so as not to confuse you ones, the 40 year periods are co-aligned with the Voices of Reason and those Voices are at the helm of your Spirit. You can not run or hide from those Voices for they are part of your personal and planetary birthright! You can only ignore them for just so long; for they are relentless in maintaining the guidelines you are here to follow and be true to. It is not reason-able, no pun intended, for these Voices to be confused with “reason as used with the term intellect.” The Voices of Reason are a serious Spiritual aspect of each of you and well they should be. So it is that for the first 40 years of your lives in human form you are permitted to experience different lifestyles, you may choose different types of friends and allies, alter your appearances that you feel best suit the different ages you live and to basically do what you want to as long as it harms no one! These are but part of the reasons so many of you ones have altered yourselves, including your views on life overall, throughout puberty, young adulthood etc. Yet those of you Advocates who are the most emotionally and Spiritually balanced are the ones who have brought the memories of those first 40 years and implemented the memories in the following chronological years and allowed those LEARNED experiences or the resulting CONSEQUENCIES, to enrich the years after the age of 40.

Around the 40th birthing day year, most Advocates begin to experience different feelings ranging from a type of aloneness to antsyness and sometimes depression. Running off to therapy does not help for the issue at hand is that Soul is preparing to embark on its life mission and has to find a way to awaken you to that fact. Although it appears in your current life expression here, that for most males that awakening does not seem to take effect until around the ages of 45-50. Of course that is not true of ALL males. Females who are more in touch with what is laughingly called “their feminine side,” are usually already experiencing the Souls’ expression of itself well before the age of 40. Yes, this also means that many peoples whether they have decided not to have longevity after all choose to leave the planet at any early age, or their lives are prematurely taken from them by others, may not make the important 40th year. BUT in their next reincarnation they have the CHOICE of picking up where they left off in their most recent life experience.

Now, there are many Advocates who require a very solid “slap on the derriere” so to speak, and find themselves having a near-death experience as a means to awaken them from a deep slumber. Other Advocates are sent to meet “new” peoples who gently and unobtrusively awaken them to their destinies. The 40 Year Arc is a massive Golden Arc which is filled with many prisms of the rainbow and hearkens to peoples to REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER. The Voices of Reason are embedded within the Arc as well as within the Souls. Each method complements the other; although one can exist without the other, when intertwined they form a formidable force of Love and Light without end. Now, many, many children of today are being raised by parents or other caretakers who have awakened to one degree or another. These fortunate children are excelling on many Conscious and Super Conscious levels and will participate with White Rose in achieving a dignified and Divine new race of human beings.  The Star Light Children will be involved with these other Children and with all of them working together miracles will be wrought.

ADVOCATES, I want you all to stop stressing yourselves about what your perception is of HOW you could have changed yourself if you REMEMBERED years ago what you are remembering now! The years prior to your 40th Year Arc are of the least important now. Whatever you may have done back then that you are not proud of today, were things you chose to experience, for many reasons. One reason in particular was for you to see how far you have come. You have learned, sometimes painfully so, that you could get here from there!  Stop feeling that no one is listening to what you think! We are ALL listening. Stop feeling that you are not doing enough; you do what you can do and that is quite sufficient. So, feel joy and be proud of all you do. Now start participating in the newly begun Gatherings; whether it is as an attendee or as a leader, you ALL need to learn or relearn from one another. No, you were not ready for these gatherings 40 years ago, you still had too much to experience in order for you to add your own Golden Nuggets to the “learning ARC” at the gatherings. Start listening more to your Voice of Reason. You can quiet your minds and simply think, “I am calling upon my Voice of Reason, please inspire me, show me, remind me of our aligned vows from Soul to Voice and vice versa.”

Advocates; you each are your own empowering voice; you are each your own embodiment of Great Change. Stop feeling in awe of others simply because their Soul maturity MAY be greater than your own. Remember, you CAN get from here to THERE too. This year is critical for millions of peoples on this planet; even more so for all of you ones who are Spiritually aware of what is going on with you KNOWing you have a mission; you have a PURPOSE in life. Do not try so darn hard to be your idea of perfection. SOUL knows what true perfection is. You however are still in the “no grasshopper, you do not need to understand this yet” mode. When the grasshopper is ready, the Master shall appear.” Think on that please!  Now, as you continue to raise yourselves to more optimum gradient levels of your Super Conscious Self, the physical body reacts by needing foods or drinks that you may not have had much of before. ALWAYS listen to your body-self! This is of critical importance. Body will send you thoughts of almost a craving need for something in particular. Do not fail to listen! The thoughts you may have of not listening to your body-self by eating something else instead does indeed have its consequences. Body will recoil and may cause you some unpleasantness if you do not comply with what it wants. Body knows far better than you how it MUST be compliant and digest what the new body-consciousness really needs.

Please pay no attention to the foolishness of worrying about how many calories you may ingest! And for heaven’s sake disregard the horrible and UNTRUE statement peoples bandy about which is, “you are what you eat.” The truth of the matter is …. You are what you ARC! I am signing off for now and ARCING away!

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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