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  • Voices of Reason and the 40 Year Arc

    The Blue Star Transmissions ~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~ ~ Voices of Reason and the 40 Year Arc ~ 2-25 to 4-25-2016 (Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star by her father Blue Star) Greetings everyone, it is time again for us to have our GATHERING as I share with you ones what the Luminescent of […]

  • Life by Natural Causes

    The Masters Message #7 Life by Natural Causes Master Kato (received by Celest) Life as you perceive it to be is not always what it really is. Due to the extraordinary process required as Soul is Created and Souls’ choices of the personality, appearance, gender and family affiliations they will have here on Earth or […]

  • The Denial and the Trees

    The Masters Message #6 The Denial and the Trees Master Kato…. (transmitted to Celest) I have bided my time awaiting this calendar year and month to speak of the "denial factor." I realize that our Celestial Star Child has also been biding her time too as we all waited to see how long it would […]

  • Special Edition – 2012 The Year of “Diversion and Conquer”

    Special Edition from The Masters 2012 The Year of “Diversion and Conquer” Master Kato (received by Celest) We as a collective have decided to ask Celestial to write our words for an important dissertation with you based on all that we are currently observing and hearing from all races on this planet. I had asked […]