Life by Natural Causes


The Masters

Message #7

Life by Natural Causes

Master Kato (received by Celest) Life as you perceive it to be is not always what it really is. Due to the extraordinary process required as Soul is Created and Souls’ choices of the personality, appearance, gender and family affiliations they will have here on Earth or on another world, the term "life" then is equated with a particular form of evolutionary status. The term "life" means – "an extraordinary venue for exploring all possibilities open to Soul as a means to conform TO ITSELF in both the past, present and future expressions of the venue." No, I did not say you would understand this very easily. However, if you have been diligently pursuing your obligatory homework assignments, then you should be able to understand the core of this issue. Well, sooner or later that is. The "cause" for what you term life is of course the infinite journey which Soul undertakes as it dutifully dances its way into and through the infinite labyrinth known as "the dance of the Soul." The "effect" this dance provides is "exponentially correct." It functions as a type of diagnostic tool which reveals to the individual Soul as well as to all of its guides and other mentors, the weaknesses, strengths and capabilities that the Soul MAY endeavor to either grow into or expel. All is dependent on which characteristics or vulnerabilities the Soul needs to provide a place of gestation for, or a place to dispel weaker less dominant attributes. It is key to the continuity of the dance.

The true nature of life, yes, even or should I say "especially" the one you are living now, is to bring you back from the expatriation cycle of yourself and into the repatriation cycle which leads into the "further exploratory cycle." And you thought you knew about life! Planetizens from every Universe who are here on the Earth Star planet and yes, this does of course include those who are among the "unseen" are quickly and deftly using this particular current "dance step" known as progressive, non-illusionary movements which align with the swirling and turning of the planet. They in turn assist in the further propagation of the new people for the new Earth. Celestial thinks I should speak in shorter sentences, but if I did, I might lose my dance step! Therefore, I shall not.

Under Universal Laws, all those Souls here on this planet who wear a mortal form are provided with all the tools they need to propel them forward in their uninhibited forays into the realm here of undiscovered possibilities and newer versions of probabilities. Even though this realm has always existed here, the problematic situations in the former grosser density were those levels of denseness and lassitude that were more prevalent until August 8, 2010. However this realm can now conform to the shape, formation, vibration and frequency of each Soul who has chosen to STAND. The tonal quality and evection process that assists in the transfigurations of the planet, is also aiding all Earthizens here. The Sun and the Moon are prominent energies which impact more on the Spirit and the heartfelt emotions of the hardy Souls here than you will ever understand in this lifetime. I would explain to all of you how your present lifetime is impacting on you who are your OTHER selves living in different dimensions on different worlds WHILE you are still alive here, but I know that the God of this Universe has already written about this in "Beyond the Journey~Life in the Hereafters." So I shall continue to merely speak of what you need to know that can aid you in overcoming YOUR-SELF. Life has brought you to this world and life is shaking you rather harshly now as it struggles to assume its rightful position for the benefit of the individual Soul. Life is about what you bring to it; it is not about what it brings to you however. Think of life as an empty vessel waiting to be filled. You enter into this world and are smacked rather harshly by well-meaning physicians and the smacking somehow never seems to end for so many of you. All the initial smacking is to bring the necessary breath into the physical vehicle, after that most of you tend to carry the smacking along with you as a type of rite of passage. You must understand Planetizens, that unless the vessel is filled to the brimming point it can not be emptied in order to be filled yet again. Life is both a tangible and intangible crucible; it can be a merry journey for the most part for those here who always know to look for the silver linings that lie within the tangible aspects of life.

Yet life itself does of course also function as its OWN magnetic force, you see. Therefore the people here who have the greatest life force are the ones who have either tested themselves mightily and either came to terms with their own expectations of themselves, or as God would say, "they are the ones who have raised the bar for themselves and surpassed even their own expectations." In all fairness however I should add that the Universe herself is ALWAYS testing most Souls here. We as a collective, bear witness to these remarkable feats you each achieve every day here now. How could we not? We are here among you and working consistently and constantly with all races; so but of course we know who is living and who is not. Life entices each person here to reach out and grab a hold of it, thus integrating with this force called life through sheer determination and good will. It entices through the beckoning process. Life is a period when something within a person’s mind, physical vehicle and Soul are functioning together harmoniously. It does not mean that each and every moment spent on this world will be one of "oh happy, happy, joyful and excited monads of understanding on all levels." It does however mean that you get what you want from life by breathing life into yourself. To do any less is to only exist. It also means that those who have no purpose in life have NO life.

The beckoning process is in activated motion from the very nano moment of your physical birthing here, regardless of if you are a born-in or a walk-in. The beckoning is a proactive system reliant upon its own integrity as the means to issue the call. The integrity it possesses is a sturdy foundation that can not of and in itself be "hacked." Its predetermined position within the life of any individual here is to assist in providing a building block which amply infuses the life-force with infinite varieties of inspirations, ideals, aspirations and "inclusive matter." The life-force is a rather indestructible vessel, although of course it is reliant to many degrees on the habitats, habits and medical anomalies that occur here. Yet it is when that force is filled with the never-ending love Soul continually sends to an individual’s life, that love contributes without limit to the first cause of the natural state of life. First cause is "to live IN life AS life." Second cause is "to live in life AS love." Without the correct juxtaposition of the internal placements of first cause and second cause there are serious problems that occur. These problems can occur with any Soul’s failure to pursue second cause. Then, there can be NO life. It is when people of all races here succumb to dark intent, unjust causes and lives of self-centeredness that love becomes a dehydrated energy, thus impacting on the life-forces of those less than desirable individuals. The problem we see here that so many, MANY people have about life is that they do not understand what it truly is, nor would they care if you tried to tell them. The power to influence your own selves through the lives which you have lived on this planet in the past as well as the one you are living now, affect the macrocosmic version of yourself. Here on the Earth Star planet life is perceived through tunnel vision, thus relegating life to a microcosmic world. It is without doubt a precarious balancing act for most people of all races who are truly intent in living life to the fullest measure.

Yet life itself is not what is beaten down here, it is the minds, the intent of the heart chakra and the Soul’s persistent urging to influence both the intellect and the personality that receives the harshest beatings. Terra has long been a stronghold for the demon riders; yet even she must rely on her human allies to resist the stranglehold, the dastardly allure and the easiest path to follow that so appeals to so many people here. Terra understands what life is and what it is not. You of the different races may think her situation is far different than your own, but that would be a tragic misunderstanding on your parts. This world, just as does every other world, acts and reacts to the natural causes of life that each inhabitant brings to the world. This world does not harbor any defeatist attitudes; her populaces do. If you can not love life enough to give birth to more formations of yourselves, then you can not love this world enough either. Each time you elongate your beliefs into broader less restrictive versions of what you formerly believed, you are giving birth to more formations of yourself. Somewhere, in a better time, in a better place.

Life is a cause and effect proposition for you; what you cause may AFFECT others all over this planet and beyond. No one likes the thought that the planet herself just may do some "causing and AFFECTING" too however. Terra adheres to both first cause and second cause. However she is well aware that there are more causes than that. In her longstanding arrangement and agreement with the pre-birthing clauses of each particle of land and waterways here, she is exercising her natural penchant for jurisprudence. She and they are now merely exercising their cause and effect clauses and enacting their own new laws that are now taking effect on the Earth Star planet. They are reformatting; they are in the process of Creating new, finer versions of themselves without the debilitated foundations, the despoiled versions of themselves that they have been. They have all chosen to have life by natural causes. How ironic it is to us that it is the human inhabitants of this planet who are the ones to allow every time of dishevelment, every type of wanton behavior to be enacted against the Earth. Yet it is the very ones who initiated all this debauchery and those who followed suit by allowing it all to continue who are now in fear of the consequences of their actions.

Planetizens, understand please that yes, but of course there are consequences that are now being confronted. There are still far too many millions of people here of all races simply walking around and forcing themselves to believe that nothing untoward can possibly happen to them. These are the ones who refuse to break their conditioning. These are the ones who refuse to believe they HAVE been conditioned. After all, it just can not happen to them! These are the people who live life by unnatural causes. People here are now much more evenly divided into the main sectors defining "the few and the many." The few are standing more upright now; they are prepared to continue fighting the good fight until the last breath has left their bodies. On one level or another these are the ones who are arriving at a clearer understanding that all that they do here is not only for themselves, but for all other good Souls as well. If you think of the few as merely men and women and some children too, who are far too outnumbered to win, then you are not only WRONG, you are falling into the illusions that the demon riders are setting up for you. You are dismissing the energetic concept of "mind over matter."

It means that you are either forgetting or unaware that the mind – when propelled by the Soul voice – is capable of Creating miracles solely through the discharge of the intangible qualities of Spiritual quest. This quest takes place as Soul sends forth unquantifiable amounts of pure energy which holds the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness. In this sense Soul then functions as the VESSEL for this Consciousness. Nothing can withstand this Consciousness; Jesus, His beloved Mary Magdalene, God and the Creator aided by the Creation processing, have seen to this. Yes, of course aspects of our own selves as the Collective of Masters are also held within this vessel. The vessels on this Earth who are in the forms of people from all races must be of pure intent; it does not matter how intelligent they may be or what their life circumstances are. What matters is what THEY are living life by natural causes. Why do you think these particular Children of God lead such difficult lives? Because of who they are they are always faced with the most perplexing situations of financial and familial nature as well as the alienation they receive from mainstream people of all races. THEY ARE A THREAT to the final dissolution of the illusion makers! And they are treated accordingly.

These are the people who can and do move mountains through the sheer energy of their minds coupled with their Souls’ intents. Their bodies may become frail over the years but their minds retain a finely honed sharpness that none can lead into disarray. Of course they tire, how can they not? Of course they feel their loneliness very acutely, how can they not? Of course they know, usually on a Super Conscious level, that they are doing all they can in order to be on the frontlines of a better tomorrow, how can they not? When these known as the "few" overcome obstacles set in front of them, it only serves to heighten their senses and they know that they must be doing something right. They APPRECIATE life; they give to life all that is the ultimate composite of themselves. They are the consummate warriors and fearless leaders. They will continue to teach with their dying breath. Some of them have been heard by us to whisper their last whisper in life to someone they care about and say, "don’t forget what you are learning." THIS citizens of planet Earth, is what life here is all about!

It would behoove all of you of all races to understand that these people who once were considered to be strange eccentric outcasts have now caught the eye of some of "the many" who are trying to understand them. The "many" want to know how it is that these people can continue to go on and on in their quests while expecting little from others and receiving even less. Humankind’s insatiable curiosity is at work in these cases along with certain Souls’ addendums in their pre-birth agreements. This Planetizens, is why some of the "many" are crossing the line and joining the "few." The mind is a complex vessel in its own right. Yet, when mind meets matter that it is not familiar with, it will either recoil in fear or tippy-toe close to the object or issue in question in order to understand what the fuss is all about. This is one way that first cause and second cause which had been separated by the mind and the lifestyle of some of the "many," can consciously or unconsciously align themselves with the tangible and intangible causes of life. It is a matter of choice obviously, yet it is only when humankind is pressured by economics and overriding fear issues do MANY people decide to seek a better more natural way of living.

Yes, this is happening now more so than ever. BUT at the same time that this is happening the dividing line between the remaining MANY and the growing FEW is becoming more and more distinct. The lines between them are now more so than before being exacerbated by the religious factors as well as by the hate groups. Those who are the few and those who are breaking ranks from the many to join the few have been put on notice. Many unstable people of all races will try even harder to bring these other people down. Yes, it is a perilous time for these good people, but when all is said and done it will be clearly understood that all they are going through now and all they still must deal with, is not much more difficult than what they have experienced in past lives. Different times, different people, well most of them anyway, but still the same old standoff. Still the few although growing in numbers because of the newly established collective consciousness, are unmasking unnatural causes in life that mainstream people want so desperately to live. Artificial life causes can not exist in the NOW. It is unacceptable. Because the NOW was not here on this planet before, mainstream people who insist on artificiality can not survive. They are not equipped to do so, they lack first and second cause and they are not reputable vessels.

Perhaps you can each see more clearly now why so many of us have told you repeatedly that the goodhearted people here who just continue on with this leg of the journey knowing and believing that the reason they are here is to BE all they can thus teaching by example, is how the new world is being Created. These unspoiled, unselfish acts of theirs with a great deal of help from Terra and THE LANDS AND WATERS, is writing the history of the new people and the new Earth. So it is that this journey of previously unheard of probabilities and things written in stone is now underway as part of life by natural choices. Please remember, the choices are yours now. Welcome to the beginnings of the new Earth. All people of all races have the choice to love it or leave it. It is all a matter of natural causes.

We speak as ONE…. Salude.. Master Kato and the collective of Masters

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