The Incomparable Beauty of the Interfacing of Soul Magnetics AND The Quietude



The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

The Incomparable Beauty of the Interfacing of Soul Magnetics


The Quietude

10-24 to 12-25-2018

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings everyone, especially to all you Advocates who have been succeeding at what you are doing, particularly you ones who are accomplishing so much even though you do not realize it! In other words, you are succeeding in spite of yourselves. Now, there are two magnetic exchanges that are now ongoing here. One is harsher and has been seemingly running amuck so to speak for a long time, especially over the last 18 months. The other magnetic changes and overlays is The Force; this Force is unlike anything you have experienced for a very long time. I will speak more of the Force later however. You need to know that Inter-Planetary Interfacing has descended upon this planet aligned with The Force and is currently working with each of you ones on Soul to Soul magnetics levels. This interfacing is a substance that may appear to be gossamer but is actually extremely strong and holds onto each Soul Matrix here with a non-physical power that is the mortar which binds the Matrixes to the benevolent natural magnetics of a Soul. The beauty of this interfacing has no counterparts; it is one of a kind. Therefore, many of you ones have become more sensitized to the emotions and moods of other peoples. You need to keep your empathy factor buffered. Keep it in check please. Do not pick up on the flotsam and jetsam of others’ emotions. You may think of the flotsam as emotional or mental debris that was not intentionally hurled at you and jetsam as that same type of debris that was INTENTIONALLY directed at you. So, beware of scanners.

Now, although this spatial period that you are currently living in was long prophesied and called “the coming times,” no one here could say for sure how long it would be before humanity would lose its humanity. All depended on the peoples of this Earth and how they acted out. Each of you Advocates who initially worked on the Doorways and are still working so diligently to maintain the Doorways you assisted in opening, along with The Procession of Elders as well as ALL the Luminescents participating in that grand event, has caused the acceleration of great change to move forward posthaste. As each Doorway opened including the Doorways you each Created it began the causation of the extremely loud and bright booming sounds and electrifying light in the skies all over this world. The Force along with the more benevolent and free flowing magnetics working with the Procession of Elders and The Luminescents immediately began destroying the deepest lairs of dark viper energies where the worst of the evil ones thrived. As this occurred though, those men and women who had succumbed to the children of a lesser god were unknowingly detached from the strings the puppet-masters had secured them with. So it was and still is that those unstable men and women having their strings severed began to flop around with nothing to hold them up. The non-physical severance had been made but it was up to those peoples to decide what to do. Unfortunately, even though it had been foreseen that this would happen, all but a few of them resumed their former ways of living as mentally ill and very unstable peoples. They could only rely on their own minds to find ways to exist however. You ones will never know the true statistics of not only the vast numbers of those peoples who took their own lives; they also managed to destroy the lives of many good peoples around them. The ones who chose suicide did so because they did NOT have a life; they merely existed within the drug-induced world of murder and mayhem. They, and only They were responsible for their own deaths! They had become too damaged to continue to exist or to make any rational decisions on their own. Fortunately, thousands upon thousands of lives were saved when those others destroyed themselves BEFORE the tainted peoples could continue on their unholy way.

Now, ever so long ago when a special convening took place in the Crystal City and The Great Hall, each Soul “who had always sought the good” was called to attend these special meetings. While they were there these Souls were informed that because so many Earthlings and Planetizens were rapidly undergoing mind disintegration an alternative method needed to be started to save many peoples here. This had to take place because so many of you ones had extraordinary destinies that absolutely MUST be lived here NOW. It meant that addendums needed to be placed on many Soul Contracts and Advocacy Agreements by volunteers ONLY, who would agree to take the places of many peoples on this world and would willingly forfeit their own lives so that others would live. Of course the Walk-Ins were among the first to sign the Contracts because they had been expecting this to happen. Although no one rejected signing there were far more volunteers than were needed. So it was that yes, there were changes made by the Soul, for the Soul and because of the Souls that were upward-bound.

So, as I have stated there are two magnetic forces at work here; the harsher one is still performing as it was intended to by sweeping though continents and uprooting evil so that evil that still survives becomes thrown into the daylight rather than hiding in the dark. This type of magnetic factor forces peoples to look beyond the obvious and learn to see in the DARK. As God and I have told you repeatedly, “sometimes you have to see in the dark before you can see in the Light!” As this magnetic form is sweeping through land and waterways alike, it is causing peoples here to look askance at their religious motivations. They may to some degree still run to their churches or other places of worship when natural calamities occur but the devotion to religions per se is not present. So it is that as these magnetic energy busters travel to the various continents they are changing the continents more and at a faster pace. All of the present continents today just as the continents of the different millennia of thousands of years ago, have possessed different strengths of Cratons. These Cratons have always been necessary in order to keep continents stable, especially when deep within the waterways far underground there are new continents forming. Many of these new continents will replace some of the present ones. The new continents will be a combination of Inter-Planetary Interfacing and The Force. The Power of the Mind will be the constituent for holding new plates together! In the most simple possible way to explain this to you: tectonic plates themselves are necessary and for millions of years oil which was supposed to remain well underground and lubricate the plates thus preventing undo earthquakes and other events from happening, have been removed in vast amounts and can no longer sustain the plates AS INTENDED. However, Biomes are multi-propagating; some in hybrid form and others in their own true plant and animal natures. They are doing so because they have been adapting to the new physical environments taking place here. They too felt the harsher magnetics but swayed with The Winds of Change and are far better off for it now, just as this planet is.

This also happened to the vast crystal fields that were very well established underground so they could work with oil and the plates to generate massive amounts of stabilizing energies. They too have also been decimated. Peoples here have mined the crystal fields for monetary gain and out of stupidity. Tectonic plates have long been known here as “lithosphere” while the Cratons are ancient stable parts of the plates usually located within the interior of the plates. The plates are shifting more and more now and faster and faster because of the losses they have experienced which is also causing the Cratons to break and/or disintegrate. Normally the Cratons can and do survive various cycles of the merging or stretching of the continental plates. I said, “normally.” And yes, this destruction is mentally and emotionally impacting on peoples who are unstable but dangerous. Please do nothing about these ones unless you must defend yourself. Otherwise, just “Let go and let God.”

Today this Craton effectiveness is not occurring. The Cratons affect plates, land masses, waterways, earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes. Do you yet understand that they are all interrelated, they are all interconnected? The plates have rifted-stretched-totally out of proportion to what they should be; in many cases they are now simply breaking off thus leaving the continents unstable. So Advocates, what all this should mean to you is that you can better understand WHY so much that is occurring here, other than Terra’s own movements, traces straight back to the human races. It has taken thousands and thousands of years for peoples here to learn how to be destructive. Each incoming generation either follows in their caretakers’ thought patterns or the thought patterns of their peers. This is what we know as “the generational curse.”

Yes, the waters are rising but lest you forget, the lands are sinking as well. Those of you who have either purchased crystals, found them or have been gifted with them, would be WISE to learn how to use them and learn how to allow them to generate the electrical and eclectic heat energy that can help you with the Power of the Mind! As long as you are not responsible for mining the crystals you have nothing to fear. You can learn from the crystals how to move mountains of thought and thought-patterns without lifting a finger to do so. Also remember please that the life a crystal saves may be your own!

I will give you ones a brief example of how crystals can fight back. Years ago when Celestial and David moved to their Blue Star Ranch they had to hire movers for their long journey. When these very strong men had to lift the 250 pound Singing Crystal filled with both male and female crystals and still growing on the original stone base they were born on, one man developed an attitude. He was not as careful as he should have been when helping the other men carry the crystal into the living room and placing it in front of the windows where the Doorways that connect with all other Doorways was located. So, the crystal bit him. HARD. Again and again and again the crystal bit him WHILE he was carrying her. Yelling did not help his situation. Other than biting though, she also shoots a royal blue colored stream of laser light into a person’s eyes if she feels that the person or people are walking on the “wrong side of justice.” In time those peoples can “see clearly again” but it does indeed take a while. Oh well!

Now, my point here is that you must not overlook the tools you somehow or other acquired; especially if what you have been given is given to you by a source you did not expect anything from. When you are dealing with the seemingly quirky harsher magnetics, learn to use them to your advantage. These types of magnetics may cause you to feel tired, when this occurs lay down whenever possible. You may feel a greater need to drink water, so drink it. This force is merely the harbinger of what you will be given as a well-earned gift. These magnetics are also preparing your physical vehicles to be adaptable to the great change that is upon you. This is truly a case of something wonderful going on right under your nose and you are oblivious to it. Great change does that you know; it can stealthily appear in front of you, over you and around you and unless something significant has not caused you to “shake, rattle and roll” you would not be able to handle the change! Do not be concerned though please; this part of the harsher magnetics will pass, except for you reacting to swift barometric changes and shifts. In other words, “buck up soldier!”

Also, the telepathing you Advocates are engaged in has been and will continue to be an enormous sharing with all those of the Collective Consciousness. Until the spatial periods arrive here when you will all be truly cognizant that you are connecting with others’ minds, hearts and Souls, you may have some qualms or feel dubious about whether or not this is truly happening. Advocates, I give you my word, it is! As for those of you who are not consciously using telepathy, I strongly suggest that you start NOW! If you think you are having trouble with cell phones, landlines, internet connections, email and other forms of electromagnetic connections, wait a while. You haven’t seen anything yet.

A new period will unfold around the 18th. of April 2019 and again in September around the same time, when you will better understand that your telepathing to others and theirs to you is indeed taking place. However, I am delighted to report that there are already many people here who are receiving confirmation that their telepathing IS working!


The Quietude


Now, we have long been awaiting a special spatial event to occur. It has been with bated breath that we have all been fortunate to be asked to watch and listen. We have been asked to be spectators and participants as well, but not only to the birth of this single point in space-time, but we have observed in humility and with the deepest forms of love and devotion, the endless majesty of this – the greatest fundamentally Spiritually attuned Soul that is a spatially extended and psychically aware Consciousness. The Consciousness of this glorious phenomenon has been being bestowed across the Earth Star planet and it sings The Song of God. What we all had to wait for though immediately before this took place was a spatial synchronistic, symmetrical and empirical synergistically defined gridline intersection to sweep into view, totally obscuring “time.” Time itself is but a nonspatial dimensional measurement that is a component of various types of all measurements used by people to understand practical reality. Time separates events, it has no NOW continuum; it has NO spatial dimensions. In other words as we have told you ones before, it does not really exist. We are beyond pleased to announce to all of you ones that the “here and NOW” movement of The Force is NOW a physical and Spiritual reality! Although both Celestial and David have been watching this event unfold and take up its rightful place for many, many months, they were not permitted to publically speak of it. This FORCE is The Quietude.

Now, there is a massive hush in the air and in the lands that incorporates an eternal state of tranquility with peace and the uplifting of your Spirits to a zenith never seen on this planet before. The Quietude carries the highest form of macrocosmic joy and the purest forms of love encased in luminescence that has no size, it has no equal and is far beyond any dimensional matter and moves at such a speed that it gracefully obliterates what you know as “time.” The Quietude brings with it all the Augers that were requested by Mary Magdalene and the totality of the Luminescents. These Augers will continue to receive guidance under the auspices of Mary and the Luminescents. The flying Augers chosen are eagles, owls, ravens and dragons. There are also Auger cats of several species. Several of the marine lifeforms including porpoises, dolphins and whales are included and all are being led by The White Horse and the blue-eyed White Tiger.

All Planetizens, especially ALL Advocates – I want you to pay very, VERY close attention NOW: The Quietude is The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness! Yes, indeed you heard what I said!! I must send praise however to those among you ones who had begun to be suspicious about the massive “unexplainable” soundless quality of the air and in the skies. We ALL smiled as we watched so many of you lowering your voices as though you were standing inside a huge cathedral not wanting to break the silence. The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness is now activated free form energy and touches each of your hearts, minds and Souls. The hush is part of its Spiritual armament. It brings into your minds and into the Collective Consciousnesses of your Souls, peace internally and peace externally. While the Consciousness of Christ bolsters your feelings of “all is right with my world,” you can live your life now more passionately detached than ever before. The Augers are well in place at their battle stations watching over you and leaving an aspect of themselves with each one of you they have sworn to protect and serve. Many of you ones will be sent specific “reminders” that the Augers are with you and will never fail you.

Now, if you feel that you must touch the air, or listen to the sound of silence then go ahead. Most of you will feel as though you are experiencing “floating times,” feeling spacey, off-world and feel 20 feet tall. Some will simply laugh or giggle for no apparent reasons. Adapting to The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness is quite easy; simply enjoy your reward NOW. Speak one-on-one with Jesus and/or your Augers at any time you want to. The Consciousness moves at an incredible speed; therefore it is accelerating linear time so that it is moving faster and faster because it does not really exist. You ones are really going to have a difficult time trying to keep up with the correct day it is, the date of the month and the times of the clocks, to mention but a few things. It has already been hard for you to do this but, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Many times you are going to feel as if you yourself are moving faster; that will be because you are. You see readers; you are leaping over the learning arc and you are consummating your long sought-after totality of your Oneness with Jesus and His Consciousness while you are still in mortal form. Life as you have known it to be will never seem the same to you again. Regardless of what turmoil is taking place on this planet you will cope with it much better as the Consciousness pushes dark peoples off the grid. This collision between the Light and the dark has now taken on a whole new meaning. Each of you readers will feel calmer than you expect as more and more bad news filters through to you about this world. Repeatedly Celestial has told you ALL, “Light can exist within the dark but it is the dark that defines the Light.” YOU WOULD DO WELL TO REMEMBER THAT, FOR THAT IS YOUR TRUEST “DEFINING MOMENT.”

Now, I will explain more to you about some energy movements you have been performing and what all they have been accomplishing. A long time ago Celest and David taught you Advocates about The PUSH, Project Golden Force, using the Pleiadian Flag Ship Star Crystals, using the PleiArc, the Atlantean Wands and of course the TA (transfiguration accelerator.) For years, since 1996, they had been explaining to peoples all over this world the importance of doing so, BUT they were permitted to only tell you so much until NOW. They had to handle all of you with kid gloves so to speak, because nearly all of you were so afraid of making mistakes that it took a good while before Celest and David could “exhale” knowing that you would all do just fine, once you got out of your own way and lost your fears. Eventually you all did. We understand what great pressure Celest and David were under during all those times, but without them no one else could have taught you. But had Celest and David told you the other reasons those wonderful tools were needed by you and the impact you would have on the Christ Consciousness, no doubt nearly all of you would have fled! The Christ Consciousness is activated FREE FORM ENERGY. All those wonderful tools are activated free form energy!

Free Form energy is reliant only upon itself. It can not be operated by manmade electrical conduits needing breakers, extension cords, fuses or any gas or propane utilities or other devices. If some of you are as bright as we think you are you should be starting to see the correlation now. You promised long ago that you would use the free form energy to assist in the activation of the Consciousness and that you would use the free form tools to constantly usher in the Consciousness. You also knew back then that you would be ADDING to the Christ Consciousness through the energetic movements of your tools and the Power of your mind. By the time The PUSH and Project Golden Force were needed to complete and complement the additional masses of the endless Light and unconditional love and your sheer determination to BE the difference, the Inter-Planetary Interfacing was ready to be the vehicle for spreading the Christ Consciousness. Do you see now? And all these years you felt or believed that you were not doing anything to help The Coming.

Perhaps, just perhaps, you can now understand that the Universes are ALWAYS on spatial “time” and no, you have not been forgotten. Ok, maybe most of you had forgotten all this, but it was necessary for your physical survival that no one could read your mind-thoughts and KNOW when and what the exact power of your mind would Create in order for the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness to arrive here. Yes, the God of this Universe and all the Other Luminescents duped you into intentional forgetfulness for your own good! So, now I ask you ones to immerse yourselves in the Sacred Consciousness by merely looking into the skies or touching the land and allow yourself to KNOW there is truly no separation between any of you and Jesus. FEEL the Consciousness; sing to Him and to the Consciousness and remember when you hear about so many bad things ongoing that the fight between the Light and the dark is now at maximum speed. Use your tools “grasshopper” and sing and dance in a way you have never done before and PUSH with all your might. Enter Project Golden Force and beam all those energies into the Consciousness. Remember please, Jesus is now at the helm of your Ship of Eternal Life. Use all of your free form tools and do not be concerned about your forgetfulness. How can you expect it to be different when you have leaped over “time?” Welcome to the NOW Time of God! I shall take my leave now, I am signing off.

Salude, Blue Star the Pleiadian …

I just love being the bearer of great news!


There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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