The March of the Hats as they collide with the Illusionist Nemesis

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

The March of the Hats as they collide with the Illusionist Nemesis

4-25 to 6-25-2016

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to ALL my Earth Star cousins; but most especially to All Advocates from all planetary systems. Now, it is in humbleness, gratitude and with familial pride that I thank the ones of you who are Gathering in the name of God! Granted, I and all my brethren are well-aware that so many of you feel frustrated that you have not yet connected with the “other yourselves” who are also eagerly awaiting the gridline intersection to occur, allowing them too to be able to participate in the Greatest Gatherings ever known. The last time I have borne witness to such intense desire to draw the other peoples to you, was when I walked with my Cherished Jesus The Christ as we gathered and walked alongside of you. This took place as He too labored to shine His Light into the darkness and in this manner connect with the ADVOCATE Souls who had agreed to walk with Him and continue to GATHER more seeds. Whether they were Star Seeds or Earth Seeds, it mattered naught. Advocates – you are once more walking again in good company!

Now, the most primarily important factor for you ones to carry within your hearts is that you ARE connecting with other Advocates whether you are consciously aware of this or not. Hmm, it seems that another beloved ancient Soul wishes to add some information to this transmission. Because I know her so well, I am not surprised. Advocates, I give you our beloved Mary Magdalene:

“Greetings dear Souls, yes indeed It is I! I am a bit surprised at the feelings and emotions that My own Presence is invoking among all Advocates who are now intently paying attention to My CHOSEN appearance here this day. I ask each of you to not try to remember that I promised you all so many millennia ago that I would make My Self known to you in the NOW moment you sometimes call “the present moment.” Instead, I ask you one and all to simply FEEl, SENSE and RESPOND to My speaking with you by allowing your Soul Self and hopefully your personality, to TRUST the incontrovertible fact that I AM here with you this day!

You do NOT have to remember My promise to you, but I ask you to remember your promise to Me. One of the reasons you each vowed to support the Advocacy was because you knew it was established in order for the human races to not merely survive, but to flourish as well.  I do not ask that any of you beloved Souls perform great feats of physically challenging the dark energies by waging war against them. I merely ask that you please understand that in compliance with the Universal Laws guarding the Advocacy Program, you wage not war, but you wage love against war. You do so by STANDing firmly within your own understanding of your truths and your beliefs and consider how you have each managed to withstand all the vicious indignities that have been hurled against you and those you love by those who DO NOT love, but hate instead. Advocates, just because so many of you do not remember walking with My beloved Jesus and I, does not mean that you were not there! Some of you carry that remembrance while others do not do so consciously. Some of you were meant to have flashes of those Soul memories while others were not. You have been asked to wear many HATS throughout every phase of your incarnations starting with the initial mortal life and continuing even yet. If it pleases you as Soul walking in mortality to remember those times, then you shall. However, please bear in mind that Soul has the final decision regarding when certain issues are memories that are too brutal to bear. So, on this splendid day – of present life mortality – I feel compelled to remind you that your gatherings have begun… yet again. Just be patient while you are trying to connect with others of like-mind and call upon MYSELF for assistance when doing so if you want to. You shall NEVER walk alone. Nor shall you GATHER alone. Think about that please as I return you to Blue Star. I think you for spending a few nano-moments with Me.   Mary Magdalene”

Mary, I am so overjoyed to have you working and walking with all of us again! I thank you on behalf of ALL Star Keepers everywhere for your eternal dedication to all worlds, all Universes and to ALL our children.

Now, as Mary was making salient points about how you ones have all gathered together so many times before, I was reminded of a very special occasion about 1000 Earth years ago when Jesus had returned but was wearing a different name-energy. While He was walking around this globe, He encountered, per Soul Contracts, so many of you Advocates of today who were still following in His footsteps even then. It was so touching, so endearing for me to bear witness to the immediate magnetic attraction so many of you Advocates felt for this “man.” You knew Him, so to speak, yet you knew Him naught. No, it was never Jesus’ way at that time to simply walk up to someone and say, “Let Me introduce My Self, I am Jesus Christ.”  During that particular spatialness of what then was the “upcoming NOW,” Jesus wore several HATS as have you all … even back then. Jesus would always appear wearing different guises and wander around areas where Advocates and Advocates-to-be were living. He simply would “check-in” on all Advocates and leave a gift with each of you/them. The gift was a residue of His Sacredness which clearly defined His love for you all.

Only a very few of you recognized His Greatness at that time; none of you knew who He was, but you KNEW that somehow you had been touched by the Hand of God. So you see Advocates, there are many ways to touch another person; many ways to show love without needing to utter a word. Now the times of today, especially this year of 2016, are the pivotal points of each of you redefining and reclaiming your original Soul Selves. These are the Selves you were birthed as; the Selves of pure innocence and pristine LIGHT!  One of the greatest experiences you ALL needed to have as you fulfill your DESTINY NOW, is to understand the roles, the critical roles you each play as you wear your HAT Selves while changing this world. Start redefining “life.” It is vitally important that you can relearn especially NOW, that it is not that LIFE changes people, it IS the PEOPLE who take personal responsibility to change their lives which changes LIFE! Can you ones understand this? If you can not then mull it over until you do!

Now, what you have each begun as your rendition of walking your truth has now transcended into a MARCH of brilliant Soul Lights causing the Earth Star planet to be awash with love, joy and the further Spreading of the Jesus The Christ Consciousnesses. Just because you may not be aware of it does not alter the fact that it is IN FACT happening! Thousands upon thousands of you Advocates are gaining a tremendous momentum of some of the greatest levels of inner strengths and are selflessly projecting all that you KNOW out into all parts of this world. AS you are doing so, the colors of your HAT SELVES alter according to the actions and non-actions you are taking. This is imperative action or non-action on your parts! It is ludicrous to believe that you can or should only wear a White HAT all the time. If it was good enough for Jesus to alter His HAT colors, it is certainly good enough for you too! There are instances when the grey HAT or the black HAT is the one to be used rather than the all-encompassing White HAT. When Soul KNOWS that the matrix of a situation is relying on YOU to wear a Black HAT for example in order to shake, shake, shake the Tree of Justice for all, then THAT is what you will do and have been doing.

If you ones do not consciously remember what all the HATTERS do and why they perform certain procedures and initiate certain protocols, then I SUGGEST you return to “The God Books” and refresh your memories. Each Soul Cluster has graciously, willingly and lovingly sent so many of you Advocates here to the Earth Star planet, knowing full-well that so many lives here as well as LIFE itself, depends on your individual and combined presences. Far beyond the fact that all life matters, is the additional truth that by the passage of the rites of the maturation of the Soul facing immortal combat with the Illusionist Nemesis, the New NOW World and the still incoming NEW PEOPLE, are planting their roots in the Earth and beginning to watch the germination process take hold. Although each Soul is born with the innate ability to wear one of the HAT hues at any given moment, there are Souls whose only responsibility is to always perform as a HAT yet not needing to have any other mission to fulfill. But all you other Souls are to wear one of the three different HAT colors as needed.

Now, the Illusionist Nemesis is always caught off-guard when encountering any of you Advocates who is suddenly changing the HAT coloration to one of the other colors. Basically this means that just when this Nemesis thinks that it has you “figured out,” you immediately change into one of the other HATS, thus confusing the Nemesis and weakening its ability to capture the minds of so many of the ever-changing Hats. Now, this is but ONE vitally important reason why children, whether young adults or much younger, are the main targets of the Illusionist Nemesis. Are you understanding this yet? The minds of the majority of young peoples are not merely fertile territory for the Nemesis, but when the Illusionist slithers its own dark agendas into the still not really mature minds yet, then those children’s’ minds easily become food for the beast. THIS Advocates, is how and why so many of your loved ones as well as the loved ones of others you care about, have been stymied in attempting to walk YOUR walk.

I ask you ones to NOW stop being so hard on yourselves about not being able to get through to children OR other family or friends you care about! Again and again and again I have told you ones, “you can only do what you can only do.” So it is that many of the Souls “sent to be here and focus only on being HATTERS” have selflessly placed themselves between peoples of any age and the Nemesis. This does not alter the fact that you Advocates who are not HATTERS yet wear the HATS when the necessity to do so arises, are contributing in a colossal manner to either slowing down or in many cases now, defeating the Nemesis on its own “turf.” What once was a very slow, very debilitating CRAWL across this world by all Advocates who were intent on doing and BE-ING all they could, is now a beautifully formatted march across this world. The screams of those other ones who are being defeated now is piercing! You ones have either been remembering, relearning, or Self-Creating your own versions of telepathy and Sacred Geometry, and even using artwork and writing journals of your experiences and what you have learned from them.

When you continue to find people who no longer want to be around you, then quiet your minds and try to see which HAT you are wearing at that time. When you suddenly decide to speak up about a matter with someone that you do not agree with, which HAT are you wearing? Begin to notice please how clearer, how lighter and how carefree your minds feel as you stand in your TRUTH and then continue to issue your own clarion call to all others who are like you. Simple telepathy is very effective you know. Be sure to call upon all the Luminescents, all of Divinity overall when you feel you either need further encouragement or confirmation about what you are doing. Think of this as your roles of “E.T. call HOME.”

Now, this year also marks a specific threshold denoting the huge numbers of collisions between the hearts and minds of all Advocates who are now “in awareness” of how important they each are. Your Collective is growing and glowing exponentially just as this Advocacy was intended to be. Use your own Creative ability to connect with others. Your individual and Collective abilities to be Creative are without any comparison to any others here; you are unique, so allow your unique selves to lead you to those you should be led to. The Illusionist Nemesis is also being defeated by you Advocates each time you form a thought-form or a thought-pattern aimed at ripping illusions from the Nemesis. Usually this occurs when you are thinking about someone you care very much about but you acknowledge that he, she, or they, have succumbed to the Illusionist’s malevolent practice of warping the others’ beliefs by casting the illusions which keep the victims entrapped.

This then is where some of your greatest miracles occur! You see Advocates; through the nature of your using your thought-forms or thought-patterns to shine Light into the darkness, a transmutation takes place. This is when Soul begins to work even more diligently as it attempts to shine the Light of ALL Lights into the hearts and minds of the personality they are wearing. As some of you ones may imagine, this is not an easy task for Soul! If it helps you to better understand this situation, think of yourself as a massive sized flashlight and Soul as the never running out of energy batteries flooding the Light into those other peoples. Sometimes it has required some life-threatening crises to occur before a person finally “gets it.”

Other times broken relationships are mandated by the Soul in order to adhere to its “promises made and promises kept” personal manifesto. Yet very little progress can be made by the Souls wearing the human form who have been taken over by the Illusionist Nemesis, WITHOUT you Advocates wearing a HAT while you are formulating your “battery charged” thought-forms and thought-patterns and functioning as the fulcrum those other Souls need! So you see Advocates you should not expect to hear bells and whistles announcing that you are being successful. You SHOULD however simply KNOW that you are without needing proof of that. Confirmation is always sent to you ones in one manner or another. You will know it when you see it or hear it.

Now, living as an Advocate is not always easy. If it were easy all of humanity would be Advocates! So simply stop fretting about things you can not change and concentrate instead on all these other ways of winning the war against the Illusionist. In so doing you ARE waging LOVE against WAR! Now, as I take my leave this day I continue to ask you ones to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE more of your own ingenious ways of using your own natural abilities to continue to STAND with the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness while you and we are all still involved in immortal combat. I am signing off for now …. But I am NEVER far away from you, please to remember that!

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

The Blue Star Transmissions /


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