“Attaining higher Levels of Consciousnesses” and “In the Company of Greatness”

Attaining Higher levels of Consciousness


The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

“Attaining higher Levels of Consciousnesses”


“In the Company of Greatness”

12-25-14 to 2-25-2015

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings and salutations to all goodhearted Souls everywhere! Now, as you ones are nearing the end of yet another PHASE of Earth Star history and histrionics while preparing to embark on another new phase of such, I ask you one and all to REMEMBER all that you have learned or relearned about your individual selves and your Soul Clusters. It is vitally important that you do so; you ones have achieved so much success in this the final battle in this time of The Last Stand, that it is indeed incumbent upon one and all that you continue to bear the Mark of God! I truly wish it were permissible for me or others of our brethren to clearly show you the sequential steps you have individually and collectively taken while surpassing your own expectations of yourselves. However, it is not permissible – for not all of “Heaven’s” secrets are to be revealed … YET. Now, each level of Consciousness that you were on individually PRIOR to performing any of the PUSH events, whether these events are led by Celestial and our David or when you simply perform them on your own, spontaneously raised you to a higher level of Consciousness than you had experienced before. These “upswings” in Consciousness are truly “logic defying.” One can not LOGICALLY explain or understand these levels, for they are not known about in the world of LOGIC. So it is that when you now PUSH, whenever you feel the need to or you are being directed to do so by off-world Sources, the dynamics which were initially Created with the very first PUSH movement stabilizes and focuses mind, heart and Soul upon bringing in tremendous amounts of Light while assisting in dispersing dark energies away from the planet. When project PUSH is performed collectively the upswings carry a dynamic force of power which the Great Enabler enhances with its own energy. This energy conceals yet redirects the PUSH power to interconnect and integrate with all worlds, in all Universes.

All Advocates who perform Push have learned so much more about the power of thought conjoined with intent and the moving around of energy through the PUSH movements that you each possess a special almost ethereal looking glow that radiates around, above and below your physical vehicle. You see Planetizens, with each PUSH event you embark on, your levels of Consciousnesses amass so much more God-Jesus THE Christ-power that these levels regardless of what level they are, becomes a completely invincible crucible of Light both personally and collectively. This of course enhances all Universes! So it is that in this manner the further attainment of higher levels of Consciousnesses progresses steadily and beautifully. Certainly it is but natural to wonder after a while if you as individuals are still keeping the action and the motion flowing, I will tell you why this is so. Now, the more you learn about what you do and why you do it, the more you learn about your-self. This is known by us as “Selfless Realization.” This is a noble part of you being you. Part of what occurs as you attain and maintain your rise to each next level of Consciousness, is that a spatial quality which is indeed part of your own birthright becomes so much more powerful, so staunch, so magnified by you and through you that many peoples who have yet to undergo this Ascension process will see you as “having changed, looking different, acting different.” For indeed you are! Think of it as “Spiritual Character Building.” It has been well-documented by us and those within the Crystal City that an anomaly always occurs when you are attaining new levels or a new level of Consciousness. At first many of you ones feel as though you are traversing a road filled with a strange feeling or strange new thoughts. Others feel a natural high and the physical vehicle seems to respond to this adventure through a series of chills on the body, giddiness or even the feeling of extreme lightheadedness accompanied by a tiredness, etc. Initially, rising to a new level causes the former level you were on to disappear and be replaced with the new one or ones. Excitement is felt by you and for some it is a quiet type, while for others it is more intense. Yet, in but a short span of time, later if you go to perform PUSH or another type of schematic Created by the Creation Process, you do not always feel the same type of “rush” that you previously had felt or noticed. This Planetizens, is how you can tell that you have already completely integrated with this Divine chain of events! Many miss some of the feelings of that initial opening to a brand new level of Consciousness, yet none of you should feel that way. None of you are supposed to be able to redirect your sentience to the initial opening; it must begin to feel simply au natural, for indeed it is. The feelings of elation and surprise merely change; for those feelings too must accompany you as you continue to step upwards on the spiral staircase of God. All you need to remember is that it is happening; expect that oftentimes you will have confirmation on that.

Now, psychiatrists and psychologists can muster all the information they think they know about consciousness, yet truly they know not of what they speak! Your unconscious selves easily adapt to new levels of Consciousness through the growth of experiences in any lifetime. So it is that a babe on the planet may enter with a wealth of high levels of Consciousness yet is only able to assimilate a level at a time until the Soul’s maturity rises to the occasion and aids the babe in mastering a conscious experiment or experience relative to further Soul and mind expansion. Do you see? In a truly Spiritual person, all levels of Consciousnesses spontaneously birth higher levels of this exalted state without any truly noticeable differences being noted by these individuals. They do indeed however become aware of certain different feelings and a deeper, more vibrant understanding of many things that they had not been consciously aware of before. They even tend to vibrate at newer frequencies and seem to be more spatial rather than merely human. For many peoples as this natural and normal state continues to progress, once they fully integrate with each new level of Consciousness the frequencies and vibrations seem to settle down more within their physical vehicles and their minds. Their minds both individually and collectively transform into even more potent vessels of God. As part of the expanding Consciousness of their Collective they interact telepathically with all other Souls who are on the same levels of Consciousness as they are, while subtly infusing more strength, more energy and expanding the passionate detachment states of being which each of you must learn to master! “Passionate detachment” are the two key words which will assist you in making it through the continuing churning of the stages of change as right defeats might.

Although it has long been noted that CERTAIN collectives of Planetizens here more quickly rise to the occasion when they have become aware that a major SHIFT in Collective Consciousness is taking place, they usually become so overjoyed with this FACT that they try to hurry along and SHIFT into the next level long before their gridline intersection to do so takes place. This then dear Souls, is when their own personal Shift hits the fan! Each Universe, regardless of who the Luminescent is that is the Primary Caretaker, has special needs children. These special needs revolve around their living conscious practical lives here on the Earth Star planet until they have achieved even a modicum of mental, emotional and Spiritual balance before they are permitted to SUPER CONSCIOUSLY migrate to their next level. It would be an utter disaster for them as Souls walking in human form here to be given a level of Consciousness that their minds, bodies and Spirits could not cope with. Too much, too soon! It matters naught what other Universe, what other world any of you ones have migrated from. You are each treated the same, yet differently. I will let you mull that over.

There is no Universe, no world, no ancient Civilizations’ from any of these ancient planets that is better than another. Many Universes are much older than are others, many Planetizens who inhabit the different Universes may know more than others on other worlds, but that does not make them greater than the others. It only shows a seriously determined culture bent on continuous ascension while flowing into all forms of the most powerful Super Conscious realms and finally becoming firmly ensconced in the Magma Consciousness. This is what all Souls aspire to when they are “at home.” Of course traveling to the Earth Star planet always proves to be a tad more of a challenge than was initially expected!! Now, your individual and collective roles, which you are wondrously enacting as part of your Advocacy Agreement, have been gaining much more momentum, much more stability since you have come to terms with who you are and why you are here. Your Soul Selves combined with your staunch faith in God and the finding of faith in yourselves, now is in a swift spontaneous movement moving each of you ones, sometimes subtly, sometimes not, into the higher evolutions of the levels of all Consciousnesses. You see Planetizens; this is how the battle is being won. YES, we are winning make NO mistake about that! So it is that as you ones continue to feel great consternations about how other peoples are acting out and how much hatred and despair has been let loose around this world, be in awareness please that if they were not acting out, nothing would be changing, now would it?

It is unfortunate that so many among you ones feel or theorize that because you can see clearly now that all others should too. That is a highly unreasonable thought from peoples who should know better. These types of thoughts are born in a type of desperation of thought and the deep desire to have all things corrected in one swift motion. Always remember though, you ones were not all consciously privy to the reality of who you are and what your prominent roles here are until the chiming of your memory cords were awakened because of your REMEMBERANCES of the Advocacy Agreement. The more you each continue to expand your wisdom the more the stages of wisdom will expand on its own in an unlimited fashion and accompany you as you raise yourselves to the next levels of Consciousness. I ask you all to walk in pride; stand tall and exude the joy and gratitude that your current life expression is giving to you and never forget that you have been CHOSEN.

Now, it is indeed with great but humble pride that I share something with you ones. I and all those Divine Beings off-world as well as those who are walking their paths here on the Earth Star planet, are constantly observing each Advocate here, especially those who live under such stressful conditions yet still maintain the coherency of their intents, and we are delighted to see how each of you have learned to BE the difference through the simple art of accepting who you are without any need to explain to anyone any misdeeds that some of you may have committed in the past. I ask you ones to remember that there is never a nanosecond that passes that we are not in awareness of what you are doing and thinking. You have each been given awesome assignments here in a time period on Earth that will never be forgotten. Your mature natures are seeing through the tunnel of Light now; the tunnel that was until recently the tunnel of the dark and of the unholy. Yes, it is heart-rending to have to be aware that so many damaged psyches are causing peoples here to murder, rape and destroy so many innocent lives. The reckoning for these heinous acts will be a harsh one; one where the punishment will indeed fit the crime. Yet, you must also understand that there is not a day that goes by that dark peoples’ machinations are not becoming exposed to the world. I do ask for myself and on behalf of all my Star Keeper brethren from all Universes that you be prepared for very disturbing news that will continue to unfold in the political and entertainment words in particular. Far too many of these men and women have gotten away with murder. Literally! As each dirty, rotten scoundrel is exposed, the snowball effect which is already started will gain more momentum. Expect peoples whom you have once idolized to continue to fall. It can be no other way. For unbeknownst to you, as your levels of Consciousness continue to raise it causes the baser, deviate levels of DARK consciousness to falter then fall.

You ones walk in glory, you walk in peace yet you are prepared to defend yourselves if the need arises. You walk arm-in-arm with God; you walk in beauty with White Rose. You walk in greatness, you ARE greatness and telepathically you also walk with Celestial, our David and all others who are of God! We are all in the company of ourselves, therefore we are in the company of greatness.

As 2015 begins her year with diabolically planned events in this world, start preparing yourselves for the needed ascension of all good thoughts of your own so they may become activated Light Bearers as more and more of our Star Keeper forces join you here on Earth. Very shortly you will learn about Project Golden Force from Celestial and our David. We ask that you never stop PUSHing and learn about Golden Force. THEN you will see for yourselves how these Creations are part of the Great Enabler. Hold your loved ones close to you, yes telepathically you can do this also and stay away from your enemies. Remember to communicate with me and my brethren as well, we do enjoy hearing from you and remember we are not even a heartbeat away. I am ending this transmission now and may the FORCE be with you.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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