Telepathy and Awareness

VOICES of Cyclical Changes

Telepathy and Awareness

Seeing the Signs

From the VOICES of Elisa and Carol 


By raising our awareness of information being presented all around us, we can find our way to the opportunities of our dreams, and paths out of our dilemmas and problems. Signs may show us the next step on our journeys. Symbols may be appearing for the first time or are reappearing in our lives. They only need to be recognized for what they are. They can be a sign that where we are in life is where we should be. They could be clues to where we go next. They may be able to help us understand patterns in earlier life experiences. Once we choose to make changes, it’s time to start looking out for answers to the way forward. The Universe, God, angels, and spirit guides are talking to us all the time through signs and symbols. We only need to be aware and recognize the signs when they appear.

We worry continually and pray for help – for relief or solutions about financial hardships, health issues, challenging relationships, and work situations, to name a few. We dream of new job opportunities, opening businesses, traveling to exciting destinations, and achieving success or fame for unrecognized talents. Our dreams may get postponed because they require training, financing, or practice to develop talents. Perhaps we have obligations to family, work, or other social circumstances. Maybe there are health limitations, lack of emotional support, or other feelings of unworthiness. We might be afraid of taking a leap into the unknown future.

When we are truly ready for change, signs appear. Sometimes, the sign was always there, but we weren’t ready to see it because we weren’t 100 percent committed to moving forward. The sign didn’t yet have meaning before now. An individual sign may not tell the “meaning of life” for any of us. When we notice a sign or symbol recurring, though, we should stop and pay attention to it. What it means is only something each of us can determine for ourselves when we consider our life experiences and the possibilities of where we want or need to go next in life. Rest assured; the givers of the sign will know we’ve noticed it.

Signs can be literal or symbolic, and when they appear, there seems to be a synchronicity about it. Literal signs can be what is on a billboard, in a commercial on television or radio, online, or something someone says to you directly. It describes a new opportunity, or solution to a problem, or as a validation. Symbolic signs are ones that must be interpreted in how they relate to us and our lives. These signs may be numbers or special characters, dreams, or a special phrase, to name a few examples. When we repeatedly notice this sign in the same place or multiple places, it may be worth checking out. If we look at the signs and symbols that have appeared over time as a sequence of information, they tell a story – where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

Numbers have vibrational frequencies that are specific to each one. Seeing double or triple numbers, like 22 or 555, reinforces the energy of the individual number. Adding up the numbers in a multi-digit number until you get a single digit provides the energetic number. For example, the number 12345 adds up to 6 (e.g., 1+2+3+4+5=15, then 1+5=6). You can also assign the numbers 1 through 26 to the letters of the alphabet (e.g., a=1, b=2, etc.) and find the energetic number for your name or other personal identifying number. Consult guides on numerology to determine suggested meanings of numbers.

I’m a “numbers” person. I notice patterns of numbers and the way other information presents itself. For many years, certain numbers showed up in my telephone numbers and street addresses. I thought the numbers were “my numbers” and that they brought me luck. In retrospect, when I recall what was going on in my life then, the numbers may not have been so lucky for me. Often, I happen to look at the clock just when the time shows my birth date. It seems like coincidence. I considered that the occurrences might not be random events, so I started paying more attention to them. The times had meaning to me, and I saw them as validating what I was doing at that time in my life. Perhaps it was a reminder to me of the specific astrological configuration that was unique to the moment I was born. We all need guidance and validation that we have a purpose in life and are on the right track with our lives, be it at home, with family, in work and school situations, or social choices.

Exercises to start raising awareness of signs and symbols:

Numbers: Think of old telephone numbers, house street numbers, or any other number that was connected to you during a certain period of your life. Were there certain numbers that appeared more often than others? What was going on in your life during the time you had those numbers in your life? Pay attention to double and triple numbers. Notice whether you see a particular time on the clock and how often. What activities and events occurred that were connected to these numbers? Which numbers coincided with positive situations in your life? Are your “lucky numbers” truly lucky for you? When making changes in your life, choose circumstances where the positive numbers exist.

Phrases: Do you randomly hear a particular phrase that only you and one other person share? Has someone suggested something specific to you, only to have another person repeat the phrase word for word several days later? Have you only recently noticed an advertisement or other posting at work, your apartment complex or other frequently visited place that provides just the information you needed to take your life in a new direction or to the next level? It is time, then, to start listening to these messages and consider the signs were meant for you. Follow through with it.

Dreams: Have you received symbols or signs in your dreams? Were they shown to you by someone you once knew, like a family member or friend who may reside at a distance or is deceased? Were there confirmations, warnings, words of comfort, reassurance, instructions, or prophecies? Whatever the message is, consider what they mean to you. Consider recent events in your life, your emotions, and mental state when interpreting the dreams.

The Story: Think about the sequence of signs and symbols that appeared to you during your lifetime and how it has guided you through your experiences. Consider them to be signposts along your own personal journey of life. Have they led you to education, relationships, tragedies, recoveries, freedom, wealth, or fulfillment of dreams? What is your story?

There are countless books about interpreting dreams and symbols. We can consult information about numerology on the meaning of numbers. We can ask family and friends for their opinions and analyses. None of these sources, though, can explain the overarching story these signs and symbols tell us personally. Each one of us can only tell our own story. When we are ready for a change in our lives, signs appear anytime and anywhere. Trust that the signs can point us not only to a way out, but to more fulfilling experiences. So, the next time you see a sign for an off-ramp from your current life’s path – Follow It!

Elisa and Carol

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