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VOICES of Cyclical Changes

One of our brightest stars who is part of VOICES of Cyclical Changes is sharing some very pertinent thoughts every person on this planet could benefit from. This is a case of the more you know the better off you are. When magnificent and accurate information is given to you for you to benefit from you should say “Thank you God!” Read it, assimilate it and bring it to life in your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We suggest that after you read it print it out and carry it with you in your purse or wallet and have a few copies siting around in your home to inspire you. The information is priceless. This is knowledge that can not be bought or sold and the writer “Elisa” is sharing it with all of you. She is doing the right thing for the right reason. She IS taking a STAND!

Telepathy and Awareness

To expand awareness, I think that it’s important to train ourselves to notice what we tend to overlook in our surroundings, in our minds, and with our bodies. If we can become aware of the subtle and small sounds, thoughts, movements, feelings, and changes in energies, and then bring them to the forefront of awareness, we should be able to more easily sense telepathic messages or to better pick up on the nature of what is going on around us. Over time, we could achieve a constant state of being in awareness, one where we can instantly recognize particular sources of sensory information when it occurs.

In my personal experience, I think I have reached a high state of awareness of my surroundings, that is, in my home and neighborhood. I have worked on this mostly for my safety having lived alone for many years. I take notice of all the regular and occasional noises around my house, like vehicles coming and going, roof construction, people talking, duck hunting on the nearby lake, and so on. I’m also aware of the usual bird calls and animal noises on the property, and immediately investigate any new sounds no matter what I’m doing in the house.

Here are some exercises to start raising awareness:

Listening: Listen to what you hear when in a quiet place. Listen to the softest sound when in a noisy place. Listen to the farthest sound when outside. Listen for other small voices in your mind.  Learn to listen to the small, faint subtle sounds. Listen like you do when you hear a strange, unexpected noise in your home late at night. In that moment, you are completely present and all senses are heightened. Listen for sounds outside, like a certain birdcall, far-off car, sound of an insect, the postal delivery truck. Notice this specific sound every time you hear it, no matter what else you are doing. In a time of normal noise of life, listen and discern the smallest sound you can hear. Focus on the sound and identify it. This will bring it forward and the louder noises will fall back some. Then, always listen for this sound. Sit quietly and listen, within your mind, to a sound that arises, be it a buzz, ringing, pulsing, pinging, a voice of someone you knew (deceased or far away) or others. Identify what you hear, ask who may be speaking. Learn the sound. When you hear it again, stop and listen to it. Think of it as a call to pause and learn what it means to you or what message is being conveyed.

Seeing: Pay attention to small movements, quick peripheral movements and images. Focus on mental images and visions when eyes are closed. Watch the skies. Observe what may be between and beyond the clouds, the moon, birds and airplanes. Close your eyes. Look at the blank movie screen behind your eyelids. Focus on shapes that may begin to form images, words, videos. Take time to look closely at the small things in nature: small spiders amid the leaves of a shrub; find what makes a movement in your peripheral vision; look at a tree and notice the one leaf that moves with much more energy than all the others. Is there something that catches your eye in your periphery like a little spark of light, a quick movement of something wispy, an aura of some kind? Consider it a sign of something wanting to communicate with you. Pause and pay attention.

Feelings: Observe physical sensations, environmental energies, and emotions. Notice what touches your skin: the chair you are sitting in; the breeze across your arm; the texture of your clothes; the pliability or stiffness of a piece of paper. Notice the type of energy present when you walk into a room, store, theater. Try to see if you can identify who or what is controlling or influencing the energy. Is there an argument going on? Is there calm music playing? Are there energizing colors in the décor? Is there dark energy present? Are there Light beings present? Notice internal sensations. Is your stomach calm? Can you feel or hear your heart beating? Focus on an area of pain to understand it. Consider the source of emotions experienced that are not aligned with what is going on in your life or how you normally feel. What might these emotions be connected to?

This is just a start.

Love, Elisa

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