An open letter to all VOICES of Cyclical Changes and all Blue Star readers

VOICES of Cyclical Changes

An open letter to all VOICES of Cyclical Changes and all Blue Star readers.

People need to know what is going on. Nobody is invulnerable.


One of the most fundamental changes to take place on Anastasis that impact on every living creature, even a tiny blade of grass or weed, everything, is now occurring all over Anastasis. (Anastasis – Earth)

Nothing can stand in its way, nothing.

We will give the names of all the progressive leaders in VOICES. Only a very special few will be able to turn a major tide. There is a wave of rogue proportions that will impact on everybody’s life. Progressive leaders of VOICES are, Chee, John, Lyre/Lynne, Alasdair, Etaoqua, Carol and Elisa (but Elisa is not as progressive as others.) These are the leaders that are absolutely outstanding. We have to give Elisa a conditional grade on this because she still lacks a great deal of seriousness that she has to have. And come hell or high water she will receive those experiences because she has too much depending on her. And, because you can not have any weak links.

Now, we will try to make this as simple as we can.

(Celest to David) “Look at the sheer curtains David, remember how everything used to be when we first began Creating all those Dimensional Doorways and they were heavily pixilated? That was the former New Normal. On the sheers, everywhere you looked you could see where the pixels were woven together to form a tapestry.”

Now, because the new weather condition has arrived in a tumultuous fashion effectively tearing through the former normal, everything you inhale, the very air you breathe, have altered that shear curtains pixilated motion. And that same sheer curtain, as you look closely at it, can you see how it now appears to you like you are looking at a landscape? What you are seeing is like looking at a sand dune. It is no longer one piece, it is layered. Its gradient, length and duration, the rise and fall etc. are infinite in the ubiquitous non-design. So, it may not ever again be in a simple pixilated form. Now that you know where to look, what to look at and why, you can see for yourself as the merging of the everchanging New Normal encapsulates everything, everywhere. Take a look for yourself VOICES/readers, teach yourself to read between the lines in everything you see.

This, the new levels of oxygen in the air, the nitrogen and all similar nutrients are constantly changing. It layers everything being on Anastasis in specific amounts and yes, at sometimes more or less than at others. What you need your body is adapting to.

You all need to start noticing that all you do, how you do it, to varied degrees will affect the air. The air you breathe, how you move, and even the nutrients is all going to affect the environment around you. It also affects the amount of air you are receiving.

If you went into a pool of water and swam under the water for a few minutes then rose above the water you might notice some minor changes in how you were breathing between when you dove in and when you came out. Which normally you might not have thought about before. This alters conceptions among people who think they are experiencing upper respiratory infections especially among the huge amounts of population now. Mucus membranes are overproducing the amount of mucus your body now creates. No, you can not run to the doctors saying, “help me help me, my mucus membrane are over producing.” He will not know what you are talking about anyway. You might control what you can with your health and what you can not control… you must learn to live with.

(Celest to David) “gaze around yourself, breathe as normal as you can, tell me how everything feels.”

(David) “I am sitting, cool breeze in my nostrils, static energy feeling around and about. When I stand up and move about a tiny bit, I am noticing intently the changes I see/feel, I feel lighter, more buoyant, less gravity, air cleaner, easier to breathe, lighter head etc.”

See how this is like the sand dunes, the levels, and the various gradients. When you are sitting you are on one level, moving upwards as in stance you alter your reality to another level of the sand dune per se and enter a new reality, a new level of the NEW Normal.

Another way to look at it might be to look at the various strata that one sees when looking at various layers of sediments in a rivers bank or in the desert areas etc. See how it is thick, then thins out as the elements themselves have moved the materials around over time. The thicker portions are like rings on a tree trunk, you can easily see which years were the lea years and which were fruitful or abundant and were able to provide plentiful nutrients and ample growing time.

Anastasis is responsible for this. She IS layering her energies “according to her grand design.” Energies include levels of oxygen. Do you see?

There is only so much air. So much oxygen at all levels. What it really is is altitude! Altitude is driving everybody crazy, and the aviation industry and passengers on airplanes are going through types of panic attacks that they can not explain to others. This is also contributing, but not limited to, erratic behavior from individuals on planes etc.

Think about it like this, when sitting for example, you are breathing in air at a certain level, when you stand up you are breathing at a different level, like going up an octave. Use octave if it helps you to visualize the varied levels as in the sand dunes, or octaves of sound.

If any of you have had the experience, or will in the future, as we ourselves have had many times over, especially when considering all the different altitudes we ourselves have lived in in this life experience, remember that time or times you could not breathe, like something stuck in your throat, a dryness or tickles in the back of your throat. First instinct is to raise your arms, this frees the airwaves and later on when thinking back you will find you were then present in multiple levels (altitudes) simultaneously. These levels or altitudes from which to draw from should be in the forefront of everyone’s minds from here on. Then you can immediately decide or choose to stand up, go to the front door, open it or a window and breathe. Different octaves or levels, different octaves or levels. Other options are to go to the freezers, open the door, breathe in the cool air, again … differed levels and colder is in varied gradients … do you see?

When you sit and stand up, sit down, up, down, up, down, you are simulating a stairway. Up down, up down, you are being your own escalator and entering different levels and elements of air.

Many people are taking Benadryl types of medications to try to combat the allergies in the air, allergies are being fueled by not only the pollens in the air, but the duration of the pollen seasons, the intenseness of the season, the length of the hot versus cold, since nothing is normal anymore, there are no more weather patterns. Now they are weather conditions, totality fluid, unpredictable in every sense of the word. Only Anastasis (The Earth) and those working with her knows what she is doing next.

We can suggest AYR brand as a saline mist to help breathe in through your nose. It will help the dryness. If you have not been continually drinking the electrolyte water then you had better start now.

Remember Gods Breathing Technique He taught us all during the beginning of COVID. There is more to this simple technique than the eyes, the mind, the intellect may at first think. In other words, do not just perform the technique, monitor the experience from beginning to end. Etaoqua picked up on this right away. In simpler terms… you need to become your own weather monitor

Gods Breathing Technique, this opens the lungs, the entire respiratory system. Breathe in through the mouth, exhale through the nose. Do this three times at least 7-9 times a day. It will expand your lungs, and IF you notice closely, you will also see and feel the second and third time of this the actual air will become cooler. You are actually breathing in a new level, you are also breathing in God Oxygen.      

David – For years I have watched Celest closely monitor the weather, not always knowing why, now I have much clearer ideas because I too have studied it.

We can tell all of you what can be done, what is occurring. What you must do is to experience the conditions firsthand in order to KNOW. Knowing allows you to A-react? B-Act? Hmmm? Remember, reaction is the old conditioned way. None of you are to any longer be reacting, you are ALL to make Cyclical Changes by Creating Actions to override and alter the course by, most preferably, to Create A NEW. Reacting is living in past. Acting is BE-ing in the present. Be your own, be Gods, force multiplier. Use your Power of Mind. It IS the best tool in your toolbox.

Well now all you great speakers of VOICES of Cyclical Changes; you see how knowing what we are teaching you now can help you in your own life but what you can teach others and teach them moving forward. We agree with you, we are placing a burden upon your shoulders by placing the truths about all this. But if we have to deal with it… so do you. There is nothing new under the sun anymore, it is ALL new every day.

Judge for yourself. You have just read this, check and see how all your senses are right now, what your intellect is telling you about your environment, your body etc. Then stand up, experience that anew from when you first tried it when you were reading the first section of this. Yes, God and the other Luminescents were watching you when you did this. By the end of this message your understanding is on an all-new level and your experience should be altered or most definitely enhanced. Pay attention to the changes. To the changes. To the changes and on and on. This will not stop.

In the future we can discuss what occurs to oxygen, humidity etc. levels when weather conditions occur. This is enough for now.

Remember, there are no patterns anymore, there are only conditions. Conditions which are altering in every moment you are here.

Do not be concerned, the human physical vehicle is adapting, just NOT the way you want to. 

Pay attention, pay attention! And stay locked into your NOAA weather radios. Don’t be foolish and only rely on your electronic devices to warn you of changes. They will not always be available or reliable and they do not give you moment by moment updates and the weather is shifting continuously throughout each and every day. Shifts are occurring almost instantaneously spontaneously anymore.

Now you may also understand better, with your newfound knowledge, why we are telling you to walk slowly, intently and to remain seriously focused. Oxygen is a wonderful thing… when it is available.

And please remember what we told you about the need to wear copper bracelets. The copper will assist you in counterbalancing the suns magnetic changes because copper bracelets contain large amounts of negative-ions. Good sunglasses too are important.     

Minor or major changes to the weather, oxygen levels and your physical body and wellbeing all qualify under the category of “Expect the Unexpected at all times.”

We will leave you with a thought, “crystalline changes are your New Light Bodies forming into a better form of themself.

To all the VOICES of Cyclical Changes; you never thought you would come this far in this life journey. You are going to go farther, just do not let anybody stop you. Congratulations and keep on going.

Salude, Celest and David

VOICES of Cyclical Changes/



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