Living life in your NEW normal while madness cavorts all around you – Part 2

Fair warning: there are 31 pages to the Part 2, print them out. Print Part 1 out. You are going to need them.

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Part Two of a 2-part Transmission

“Living life in your NEW normal while madness cavorts all around you”

“Truth” is a triple-edged-sword. It can cut through lies and deceit, it can disempower a person’s beliefs, or it can attempt to cut down We who are the “Truth Talkers.”

To Celest and David… (The powers that be decided to have your picture shown because people are scrambling trying to find your pictures… before they meet you. So, your faces are already known to millions of people. But not to worry, you are still hidden in plain sight.)

NOTE; We strongly recommend re-reading “Part One” before starting Part Two.

(Received by Celestial) There are only two forms of people now left on this planet. There is Group one and there is Group Two. Group one has had their Spiritual back broken, Group two people are moving forward keeping their momentum strong, accepting change and making cyclical changes with their minds, with their Power of Mind and experiencing new probabilities and new opportunities that you can say “Are written in Stone.”

Ok now, Celest’s right hand is not completely healed so Blue Star called me, David, and asked me for my help in working on Part 2 of the Transmission. So, I will be doing all the typing and contributing information to people that Blue Star wants me to. Meanwhile Celest will continue “interpreting” everything that Blue Star says while I am still doing my part too.

Those people still trying to hold on to the illusionary former normal lives they lived, are struggling almost insanely to make sense of why the former normal doesn’t feel right anymore. Here is where humanity itself has been cut into two parts, they have unwittingly done this on their own. Here are some of the pros and cons of what Group two people see that Group one do not. We are also going to show you how some of the illusionary realities are still assailing the people we are now calling the Group one people.

Number one – those still trying to hold on to what is not really there and also those who do not understand that the former normal is gone.

Group number two – these are the people around the world who can see feel touch and are aware that everything has shifted, nothing was as it seemed to be. War has broken out between these two Groups of people. Group number one detests change and will not accept change that interferes with their lifestyle. Group number two has had enough of the former normal and wants the New Normal life. In part that is because Group number two people are now living within the New Light Bodies. New Light Bodies are part of a type of crystalline structure. And as part of this physical transition, bodily functions are altering and aligning in a new environment and new weather conditions are permitting their bodies to be in new alignment with Power of Mind.

Group one people are backsliding rapidly and are living in various states of fear culminating in many diseases being created for themselves all over the world. Their physical and Spiritual impotence is spreading a rage that contaminates others who are like themselves. The Group one peoples bodies can not handle the massive influxes of a Light-type of Matter and these people normally start to decline physically and mentally. This New Light Matter is a Creative, noninvasive type of force. This is now occurring at a stupendously accelerated speed but only Group two people can receive it. Group one people are those people who are stuck in first, second and third Dimensions. However, for Group two people, their bodies sometimes feel as if the bodies do not fit right. That is because of massive Light infusions which enter into each Group two person. In a very real way it is their New Lifeforce. 

As Group two peoples New Light Bodies expand, Group one people are trying to breathe in fresh air when they are outside and still trying to feel the heat from the Sun. But for some reason they detect a type of staleness which permeates that air. The Group two people looking around and wondering as they STAND and then in the outside feeling that sense of change of something fresh that seems to be absorbed by their bodies. In other words, everything that Group one people see and feel has such a worn-out quality that it can not be embraced by the Group two people. The Group one people do not realize this is all because the illusionary world of the former normal has cracked and even Humpty Dumpty can not bring it back.

Many Group two people are slowly arriving at the conclusion that some kind of moral turpitude is overtaking Group one people; because Group two people upon seeing or encountering Group one people can not see any life in those peoples’ eyes and overall Group one people are not really there. They are merely existing in decaying bodies and lifeless minds. Very wise Group two people have been learning to try to not aggravate the other Group. Their inner voice keeps warning them to just stay far away from them. Essentially, where Group one smell death and decay in their own Group and certain disaster that they can see coming, Group two people see things as a fresh outpouring of Love from Divine Beings and feel and a new willingness to absorb all the NEW Creativity that they can.

For the Group two people they are experiencing as much alchemical reactions to mind linking to mind, not to endorphins but to a person’s pituitary gland.

ESCAPE, REGROUP, STAND that’s the mortal and immortal code for all Souls to unite and stand together back-to-back. Those three words you should emblazon in your minds. This is your personal and immortal KEY to immortality. Group one people are still learning and CRAVING their former. No, none of them realize they were and still are addicted to the idea and their belief of the former normal. Their addiction has no limits. The only way I can explain this to you is their bodies do carry some type of pungent aroma. When Group two people feel that the presence of the Group one people is causing the second Group people to feel attacked by the presence of Group one people, then Group two people should immediately ESCAPE. No heroics here, just walk away quickly and quietly. REGROUP, this means Power of Mind is searching diligently to find something positive that will protect the Group two people, making null and void any Group one nasty ideas of how to hurt other people in Group two. STAND means just that. You’ve taken a STAND in your Power of Mind and your physical body will follow too. This is how you can keep ahead of nasty situations. When they amass infusions of Light-Matter it is rapidly destroying Group one people. This is a part of how Anastasis and an individual Soul cleanse and detoxifies themselves. Sometimes the host for many physical reasons can not handle the detoxification process. When that happens, the person passes over from mortal life. They can not survive living in The Light. They survive in the dark very well. Now I have warned you that “worst” will become even more so as the illusion of time moves forward and in so doing the illusion of time will continue to destroy those people.

THE MISFITS – the Misfits are a result of the present and future Group one people. You should redefine your expectations of yourself. Raise the bar only for yourself when you feel you should. Redefine your expectations of others. Do not become addicted to sorrow or moral/emotional pain. Do not try to be a square knob fitting in a round hole. It never worked for you in the past, it will not work for you now. In other words, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” If not, buy a pair that fit you. Redefine your expectations of your New Normal. 2023 is the Year of Contiguous Changes, remember?

Each change that each of you make in the Cyclical Changes CREATES new changes which are new beginnings and new endings. Changes must be constant; they assist in keeping the necessary flowing movement of each Universe in proper gradient flow. It is also predicated upon the numerous prisms of color because each prism of color contains its own super radioactive color energy. And colored energy begets more colored energy. Each color of a prism can be defined as an energy conductor which produces an even greater color. All color regardless of what color it is has a certain sound, a certain tonal quality which causes changes to either start or continue. This too is how miracles are wrought.  

Now you can become one of those Group two people who say, Quote: “The more I know the less I doubt and the easier my life is. Therefore, I do not have a smarmy life, I have a real life. And I’m loving every minute of it.”

Entitled people however are in far greater trouble than you think, especially world leaders. If they are Group one people they are not going to survive anyway. Entitled people are people who are brought up to believe they are much more than they are. They see the rest of the human population as mere peons who are here to give them anything they want. Those days are over now. There is no such thing as entitled people. They simply believe something about themselves that is an illusion. It is easier to believe in lies, especially self-effacing lies, rather than truth. What many of you have still failed to comprehend is it is then that they project those lies out to others. Their strength lies in getting people to believe the lies they are spreading.

We are now explaining discordant sound, so pay attention please. Discordant sounds are jarring, abrasive, too loud, too screechy, out of sync, etc. and reeks of frictional disputations.

Discordant sounds affect Group one people more because they refuse to change. That’s why discordant noise bothers Group two people, it is alien to them, an alien thought, it lacks any harmonious process. It is far removed from the Group two’s thoughts. Yes, these discordant sounds are in alignment with disorganized chaos which in itself is frictional and causes disputatious feelings and thoughts amongst Group one people. Which is the antithesis of everything Group two people are seeking to elevate themselves above. THIS IS WHY you must ESCAPE, REGROUP and STAND. Discordancy in all its factions makes dangerous people even more dangerous and unpredictable. Also, discordant sounds contain a type of vacuum which means it can bounce back and forth repetitively for it is has no other place to go to. Discordant noise also creates emotional, mental and auditory problems. You must understand, by you not allowing this type of mental and emotional apathy to affect your minds you are staying way out front in Group one movement. Understand everyone, I don’t care if you like it or not, you can not and will not be permitted to bring Group one people into the New Normal. We must cast them out from whence they came. We will do whatever it takes to destroy them first. Better that their lives are taken rather than yours. WAKE UP ALREADY. That “Battle of the Homefront” now lives within your hearts and your Souls. No quarter shall be given, no mercy shall be shown.

Group two people are on their way to better times in a better place. But while they are still mortal it is time for them to reap what they have sown. Just as it is time for Group one people to reap nothing, for they gave nothing.  

Everything in existence has its own level, stage and state of friction. Nothing can exist if it doesn’t have friction, otherwise it enters into a state of stasis. Be aware now: metal-friction has altered, it no longer is as sturdy or strong as it once was. That is because its magnetics have altered as well. This is true of all metals, plastics, adhesives, home building materials, the automobiles you drive, etc. By the way, electric vehicles was another of humanities major mistakes. In other words, everything that is not part of the human condition is subject to disintegrative brusqueness. You are all aware of the friction which exists between people, cultures and so forth. Now bring this down to the cellular level and TRY to understand that everything that exists in the physical levels not only has its own frictional gradient, but like all other inanimate objects can have either a positive or negative “charge” on the Power of Mind thought process. In other words, your internal battery is either being assisted by what you think of as inanimate objects or being tainted by the corrosive nature of the object’s battery.

Group two people undergo physical transformation the moment they enter into the Group two phase. It means that the Souls of all Group two people reflect the inner peace and tranquil thoughts that Group two people have regardless of what they must contend with. So even when Group two people have encountered situations that are highly unpleasant and unproductive, they bounce back and remember the lessons they had just learned. Group two people Souls are well protected. No one can help Group one people with this. Group one people for as long as they stay in the Group one phase slowly begin to deteriorate physically until the deterioration is complete. You must remember, Souls are reflected in the physical outer appearance of every person on Anastasis. So, Group one people Souls can not move forward without the help of the peoples’ personalities. So, those Souls themselves reflect the inner turmoil and outer desperation which each Group one person has. Remember Soul knows everything. It’s the personality that screws things up.

Now, how are Group one people able to transfer and become a Group two person? The answer is easy, the homework is not! You have to lead the personality by telling them exactly what you want to do. Sometimes you have to override the personalities’ stated desires and forcefully state your Soul’s desires. And making it clear that this is what you want and you will settle for nothing less. Everything at this point depends on how much you want to become a Group two person. Group one people only have one opportunity to change and become a Group two person. There are no second chances. So, Group one people go after what you want with full knowledge that you as the architect of your life-force are making the right decisions for the right reasons. That is when additional help will be sent to you to ease the crossover you are about to have. Remember, no quarter shall be given…  

You have to be willing to give up everything in order to gain everything. No, it is not easy to cross over this way but you brought this on yourself. This is where personal responsibility becomes a goal of your life-force.

If you ever wonder if Group two people change their minds and want to return to Group one status, occasionally it happens. Group one people become living examples of all Group two peoples’ moto which is ESCAPE, REGROUP and STAND. Here is where the hard part lies, do you want it enough to live your new life in your New Light body and do so as part of the NOW future Self? How you answer this question will either propel you forward or send you back. There is no middle road.

Physical changes are also an important aspect of Physical Transformations! Group one people are stuck in the generational throes of eugenics. Soul is not about eugenics; it is about Soul leading a Souls’ life while still in mortal form. This only occurs in Group two people.  

Here are some insights to common incidences that are occurring with the physical vehicle I wish to address. One of the most common factors Group two people are experiencing is issues their eyesight. We are not speaking about people who do have eye problems. As Group two people evolve more and more at times the eyes must alter their focal point as they adapt to the new environment. Sometimes light-refractions are trying to interact with the human eyes and until one adjusts to the new environment the person can feel a little dizzy, the eyes may feel blurry, the eyes may feel tired. They may find that something as simple as wearing some inexpensive types of reading glasses may help the eyes to adjust. In time they will have the reflection and refraction of the new eyesight adjust and their eyes will settle down. Sometimes it will take a while though. Light travels in an arc, it does not travel in a straight line regardless of what your doctors say. So, your eyes having been trained to follow the old arc, are having to readjust and learn to travel in the new arc of Light. It is that simple.

It is very important that people do not become obese. It was never intended for the physical vehicle to become obese. It puts unnecessary weight gains on every organ in your body. You can eat anything you want but control how much you eat. And stop trying to radically change your physical vehicle overnight. Eat and exercise in moderation. Many Group one people enter into a lurid fascination period with the macabre. All this does is make them more unstable mentally and emotionally and physically dangerous to other people. This also makes them more susceptible to invasive intrusions. Then there are Group one people who are good people, but do not want to know what is really going on in the world. They do not want to be involved, but by not wanting to be involved they are unrealistically hiding behind routine chores and unrealistic expectations. These types of Group one people may be good people but they are not evolving. They do not play well with others.

Many people in both Groups have some problems with the auditory canal. The main reason for this in Group two people is the sentience that is a natrual part of their auditory canal, that types of sentience continues to expand itself and at times takes over and pretty much leads the way for the physical body to live a better life. No, it does not mean you need to run around with hearing aids, unless that is what you want to do. Group one people have no idea that their auditory canal is moving forward with or without the person conscious awareness.

Energy curls – the best way I can describe energy curls to you who are or will be experiencing them is, they are natrual occurrences. Many of you have for some time now been feeling an energy wave or motion that can be happening anywhere on the body, most of the times it begins with the feet. These energy curls are simply more energy being sent to your body, but in increments. It can feel a little unnerving, sometimes it can feel ticklish, some appear and then shortly dissipate and others can quite literally take hours for them to move from one part of your body, usually the leg, and travel to another area. Again, there is nothing wrong with you. They can also provide a heightened sense of physical awareness. Once your body absorbs them they will quiet down and then the body waits until more are given to it.

Some people think the color of the skin is altering. Yes, the pigmentation has been known to do this in both Groups. In some cases, the skin may seem to be lighter. Your body will gravitate to the one that feels the best. Although it happens less often, many of you are finding your feet no longer fit your shoes. This oftentimes is a natural occurrence, as the feet are the foundation which your physical vehicle rests upon. More people will find that their bodies require more salt than others do. As always, give the body what it wants but do so in moderation. Sneezing fits – the body sneezes to repel extra fluids, dryness and types of allergies in the air. This is normal for both Groups. However, if you are a drug addict your body is giving you a final warning about keeping your body free from addiction. You will either listen or you won’t.           

Now, as far as the Luminescents are concerned, not having camouflage of their physical bodies means their bodies can be too much of a target and that would bring unnecessary assaults on the Luminescents. Ergo this is why I am permitted to give you fair warning about My Celestial daughter and others. Celestial is and has been epitomizing for many millennia all that a Luminescent should be and what they should know in order to teach. She and the other Luminescents who have landed on Anastasis have been the forerunners of the most dedicated and Soul-reliant Luminescents of all times who will be here.

As of the date of this writing, besides Celestial, there are twelve other Luminescents here on Anastasis. In two point five days twenty-three more Luminescents will have disembarked and will also be strategical placed around the planet. Camouflage is a necessary part of each Luminescents’ life. This is because with the exception of my Celestial daughter, all other Luminescents must be hidden in plain sight. Luminescents must always be on guard, this is why they all come in with highly fine-tuned sentience. Although it is up to each individual Luminescent on how best to utilize their particular gifts.  Each Luminescent also has a specific gift they carry within their Soul. They each were given a specific trait during their Light Conception Phase when it was foreseen who each of the Luminescents would be. Again, I am using Celestial Blue Star in order to explain to you something you need to know without revealing the identities of the other Luminescents.

Celestial enters as she always does fully-charged with a type of high level pneumatic energy which is a conduit for the laser energy which she not only is composed of, but which clearly defines her mission to all other off-worlders. However, basically this has been a bit of a downside for her. The majority of people tend to act with a bit of fear when first meeting Celest. She emits electrical charges at all times. So, giving her a hug can be a bit of a shocking experience. People define it as if they have stuck their finger in an electrical socket. So, she has to combine her passionate love for people and still try not to allow too many people to touch her. Still in all because she has always been go, go, attack, attack and preserve life in all those she can, it can be a bit dicey especially when she is in this public speaking format which is when there are people all around her. Interestingly enough, very few Mennonites who find themselves being around her feel the uneasiness that other non-Mennonites do. They know who she is… sort of. And they, like many Native Americans accept the fact that she “knows things.” And that seems to be enough for them and this maintains her happiness level. Celestial would like to add in; “I can try to lower my electrical charge, the force of my electrical charge, when I am hugging someone who I care very much about. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!” There is a plethora of emotions which arise when people meet Celestial Blue Star for the first time. Reactions range from children saying “look mommy, an Angel,” to Roman Catholic Priests suddenly doing an about-face, blessing themselves and quickly walking away, to total strangers walking up to her and saying out of the blue, “you are walking coolness!” It is what it is! 

Now she can not control this energy that she has. In a way it clearly defines her to her and to the people she is working to help. Everybody she has been working with all these many years, while they may not have known what their destinies were, she most certainly was aware of both their individual as well as planetary missions. Now here too is more information you should have.   

Each Luminescent who enters here does so as a complete Being. Each one has their own specialty that helps to protect them while they are fighting for the physical lives of Group two people. For example; two, soon to be four, of the Luminescents have far beyond normal levels of clairsentience and use it to correctly ascertain if the person they are working to save is worth saving. Five of them are known to be able to shoot a laser beam from one end of this planet to the other end in ten-seconds spatial time. For example: five days in chronological time is the equivalent of two minutes in spatial time. Remember, chronological time does not really exist, it is an illusion. It is an illusion you brought on yourself.   

We are reshaping, reformatting The Known Human Condition, which causes physical transformations. If you think about it, the human condition has been wrapped up in the non-human condition. This means the emotional and physical state of the human species has been in a state of disarray for a long, long time and it is now up to each individual to alter or change the cyclical nature of the “patterns” each individual places upon their “known existence” and evolves to become pattern breakers, which is Creating Cyclical Changes. When we who are human and non-human, all work together then we become VOICES of Cyclical Change. Group one people are the pattern makers, Group two people are the ones who are the pattern breakers. Group one people can simply not survive life in “no-time.”  Group one people have been very, very unhappy because the times they are living in now somehow leaves great voids in their lives. So, no matter how hard they try they can not bring back the former normal. How can you bring something back that never existed in the first place?

Group one people are stuck in chronological time. Yet they are the very ones who created chronological time. Group one people have an unnatural instinct to be the dominant one. Yet in fact there is no dominate one. Group two people see things as they are in this lifetime now, even if they do not understand it yet. They see beauty where Group one does not. Group one people abhor change, Group two people have learned and are learning to embrace change, for without change there can be no evolvement.

The worst of the nightmare of the Group one people is already beginning and it will only worsen. Their children and their grandchildren have no idea of who they really are or WHAT they really are. Are they gay? Are they straight? Are they transgenders? Are they really male? Are they really female? They do not know! They can not receive truth from their caretakers, for they know even less. They have all totally forgotten their androgyny. You must remember all but a tiny percent of those people have never heard of androgyny. But Group one people keep wanting to stay in that old, old way of life they used to have and they simply can not understand why they feel so miserable. And they also can not understand why their relationships break up seemingly overnight.

Group two children are learning to laugh with delight at the tiniest miracle they enjoy. They laugh when butterflies sit on their shoulders and when they can see the Sun and the Moon in their proper places and they laugh for the sheer joy of laughing. Group one people think there is something radically wrong with Group two people. Group two people find themselves feeling very, very uneasy in close encounters with Group one people. This is because Group two is the dominant life force. Living in the NOW Normal is the new way of life. Therefore, it’s almost as if the physical emotional sensation that Group one people emit makes them feel uneasy when around Group two people and this makes Group two people feel overwhelmed at times. Each Group feels alienated from the other Group. How do Group two people know they are raising their children correctly? It is very simple, “Teach them by example!”

Group two people – would look at something and say, “This is gorgeous,” Group one would not see the beauty. Group two see beyond face-value and truly see what exists and what does not. The Eclectic method or approach are part of the New Group two people environment and clearer thought forms. Chelas, the bodily changes caused by a person’s evolution and Soul’s ascension to its next highest level will assist all Group two people in surviving and teaching others who want to know the truth. Many Group two people are gathering and grouping together for “Unity of Purpose.” It means they are half-in and half-out of dimensional alterations. As the body changes it is a reflection of the mind changing and the Soul ascending.

Now we will move on and discuss how other changing new conditions may affect you. Electrical devices of ALL types are subject to not only those changes occurring all around you, they are directly impacted by all solar energies as well. And all magnetics are changing and will continue to have an impact on all electrical devices as a result of the deviation of the new forms of solar energy and the movement of the solar system itself. So, one is answerable to the other in this sense. People are going to have to relearn everything they previously believed they knew about mechanics, quantum mechanics, chemistry and the science of astronomy. This study is not for the fainthearted but if you want to live on Anastasis you better damn well learn it.

This also means anything mechanical will be affected. Pay attention here now; far too much technology is being wasted on attempting to upgrade electrical and mechanical devices. Those devices do radiate extremely high levels of radioactive activity and other forms of electrical activity which can and does affect human and animal life-force. There is no upgrade being achieved here, if anything it is downgrading the human condition. And is definitely causing many people who are mentally unstable to become more violent with even larger instances of paranoia and unpredictability affecting those who are already unstable and dangerous. Before anyone asks, it is Group one people who are acting out violently and causing these abnormal disruptions. It is not that Group two people do not have their own faults. But this Group works harder to not be repetitive with whatever their faults are perceived to be. 

Major problems that are only going to worsen; solar flares and radio blackouts is a major problematic situation. This situation will cause even more havoc than you can possibly imagine. And it’s going to worsen. You can not change what you can not change. You fail to understand that everything electrical and mechanical are helpless victims to solar flares and radio blackouts. Atmospheric conditions are different because you are in a different atmosphere now. Satellites are going to fail. That is already started. The atmospheric rivers are flowing backwards more and more now. Body chemistry is also an unwilling victim to these circumstances. Solar flares affect the brain and the brain-stem. So now you can see if you are paying attention, how the mind can be physically, neurologically and emotionally destroyed. Taking drugs will be the worse medicine in the world. It will only hasten a person’s demise. What you fail to understand about medical personnel is that only about two percent of them know what the hell they are talking about. The rest of those people are textbook smart and common sense stupid. Check out what other prescription drugs you have been given, talk to your pharmacist if you are on good terms with them and see what their opinion is about the prescription drugs you have been given. If it helps you speak to a Naturopath and get their opinion. Then it’s up to you to decide whether to take that drug or not.     

Anastasis is no longer in her former placement in the Galaxy. She is in a completely different non-atmospheric gravity and non-gravity location, in a different Solar System. Here she will remain for about two million years. In other words, “Welcome to space!”  The Sun is more rapidly deteriorating and will in time be replaced with a new Sun that will be part of the overseeing of Anastasis. The Moon is rapidly changing and, in a while, will be replaced with a different Moon. There is no former normal life for anyone, you either live and love in your New life-form and your New Light Body or you die. The Divine Beings have cut through all the crap and said “This is it, either Love it or leave it.”  

You will not always know when disasters may strike. Unless your clairsentience is working overtime. You must be prepared for anything at any time. Accept that, and prepare to live with that acceptance. Solar flares are going to intensify, you are going to have to learn to live with them in your new life. You can not run and hide, there is no place to hide. As for the pushing of artificial intelligence into your lives, do not become involved in it, for it has a short shelf life. No, we do not sanction the A.I. That’s why we are not giving this project any oxygen.

We speak to you now about The Quietude. David figured it out, have you? The Quietude is composed of the eternal evolution of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness and his beloved wife Mary Magdelene’s mission as leaders and Creators of The Quietude. The Quietude is actually a Realm. And it’s a realm that they can pick up and place wherever it is needed and place it as a Gift to all Group two people. This includes all animal species. It is a place where Soul and Power of Mind cojoin in pure peace and quiet.

The great Quietude that has firmly ensconced itself with this world not only protects the other Universe’s from all the discordant noises and thought forms emanating from this world, it encases them on this world so that they may be once and for all destroyed. Destroyed yes, but not forgotten.

Now, because the Quietude is revealing its leaders and Creators it is permissible for me to reveal to you the other side of this coin. This is not a side that our Celestial does enjoy or likes nor does our David but these roles must be played out anyway. David has been placed in a sacred space which is necessary for him to count coup. Celestial however has a much broader role that she must play out, like it or not. Here is where your understanding and your ability to assimilate new to you information is paramount to your continued evolvement. This is not news you are going to like. However, I do not need your approval. Because this sacred year is also designated as the year of Anastasis rising to her full measure of her name, “Resurrection.” She is exemplifying contiguous changes; for she is ensuring that they take place with every swirl, leap and dive that she makes. She removes the dead and the almost dead and properly disposes of what has remained. In other words, she is removing those predators who have raped, murdered, committed incest and horribly tortured the good people as well as the harm they committed against ALL other lifeforms on this planet. So, while Group two people are suddenly de-aging, Group one people are aging and devolving in an extraordinarily short time. She will not permit these tainted beings to ever, ever reincarnate again. She is realigning Group two people with stronger healthier happier versions of themselves while they are still incarnate.

About thirty thousand years ago The Great Change began. Then three thousand eight hundred and fifty years ago when Anastasis was still known as Ghia she was brought into the Crystal City to be the guest and chosen host of the one you know as Anastasis today. At that moment her new lifeform was spelled out to her. The who, how, why, where and when she was going to have to start a seemingly madcap dance that would bring this entire Universe under her control was carefully and methodically laid out for her. We selected twelve thousand five hundred and sixty-one Souls who were here on this planet, whether Walk-In or Born-in, and they were chosen to be her emissaries. The very first she selected was Celestial Blue Star. During that meeting the names of all the other Souls were read aloud for they all had a shared mission. The mission covered everything to do with The New People who would be part of The New Earth. But it also meant that Celestial Blue Star and all the others who were chosen to work with her on the shared mission would have to be prepared to fight for their lives and when no other alternative exists, to kill or be killed. There was no other alternative.

So, if you wondered why Celestial Blue Star in the present life has had to survive over twenty-five near death experiences, this is why she could not be killed for she had important work to do with Anastasis. The time for what she has to do has now arrived. A certain prearranged procedure is now taking place that will change the course of this entire planet and its entire galaxy. “Welcome to the Dance of Life.” I will not disclose the specific genre that she and the others like her need to use to remain in total Dance steps with Anastasis. The irony and the humor here is that Trump was right even though his reasonings were wrong when he told everyone climate change does not exist. Actually, he was correct. Anastasis is the one and only one along with all her helpers who are changing the climate. So now you may now think of Anastasis as miss climate change if that suits your mind.

Anastasis along with these others must at all times be in total control of her Dance steps. She whirls, twirls, levitates, and soars through mountains and valleys and engineers different architectural formats that must change all over this entire Universe… because humanity has forced her to do so! Yes, Anastasis and her grouping must be in mortal combat now for the rest of their physical lives. Of course, Anastasis is ALL Soul so she is protected. But it is no fun to be given your daily mission and there discover what people you have to bring down and what changes need to be enacted on the planet.  I will only speak of Celestial Blue Star’s movements here. The names of the others must be anonymous. Besides Celestial and David both are very big targets so it’s better for them to be aimed at rather than those others less fortunate than Celest and David. Celest and David are both saying, “gee, we feel much better now!”

Now of course, we have millions of our Airships in the skies day and night whose mission are to jump in when necessary to protect those who are working with Celest and David and yet also to continually deploy our troops to this Universe. There is no space on this planet anywhere that will not be affected between the battles in the skies and Anastasis and Celest and the others dancing the Dance that bring about death and destruction and yet brings about new life itself it the New Normal life.

Now, Anastasis’s upper echelon is who gave Anastasis a very technical upgrade of a form of alphabet never used before on Earth. This alphabet consists of Sacred Geometric symbols and letters that actually form words that you can not read because you do know this alphabet. And no, I am not going to teach you how to read it. So, each step, each movement of her Dance is a “letter” that spelled out instructions of how, when and where to use the Dance to bring to fruition what is needed here on the planet to destroy the tainted ones. I shall give you the best example I can about this sacred Dance; it is like pulling weeds that are living in a beautiful garden and when the weeds are removed new healthy life can grow.

Anastasis has taught Celestial the dance and Celestial now has to teach all the other Luminescents as well. There can be no missteps, everybody has to be in total synchronization. It has to be the right step at the right moment. Nothing in the Dance is permitted to be altered. If you can imagine watching Whirling Dervishes Dancing the Dance of God while maintaining complete focus with a clear mind on what they are doing. You will find that they are suddenly spinning so fast that your eyes can barely keep up with it, THEN you will know what this dance looks like. They dance with total passionate detachment. There is also an alchemical substance which the dancers exude; which permeates every bit of Anastasis and also prepares the new environment for new lifeforms yet to be Created. This is why nothing in the Dance can ever change. You may liken it to Omnipresent fertilization. So, each time this Dance is initiated, the Luminescent spinning must become faster and faster. They ARE The Eye of the Storm. Advocates, you have danced your way into reality, now dance your way into life. The long-awaited Reckoning has begun!

Now, moving on; David is joking with us in this moment because sometimes you need laughter in this life just to make it bearable to deal with truth but doing so with passionate detachment. This allows them to make it through the day and laughing at their ability to hold onto each other while simultaneously slinging swords and lasers. All the while dancing a jig and David still maintaining the Coup Quantum and evading men in black. And let us not forget about people suddenly reporting contact with ufos and extraterrestrials. Do not be fooled though, many of these people are paid instigators who job is to stir the cauldron and induce fear. We allow our ships to be uncloaked when there is a reason to be, otherwise the ships remain cloaked. We can land our ships anywhere we need to. But we try to do so with very little fanfare. All this attention to ufos and extraterrestrials is not assisting Celest and David in their cojoined missions. This reminds us of Celest’s recent words to us, “Remember, remember, give me a low profile, ok?” So much for the low profile. Now even those flying the enemy ships are looking for them both. All we can say is, “Oh Well!”

Don’t be fooled advocates, politicians and religious leaders have always known about us. We are their biggest pain in the foot. We know how to play the game better than they do, that’s why we are all surviving while millions of them are dying. You just never hear about it. Divine Beings just said; “Evil now has a short shelf-life.”

Missing time occurs regularly, although most people don’t understand it. They wonder how they can lose something that doesn’t really exist. But in truth it is the illusion that is breaking apart and can not be repaired. There are increments of spatialness where many experiences can be had or to be had can exist. So what people think about missing time are experiences waiting to be had or just happened. Because Group one people honestly believe they are in control of their own lives, they refuse to believe or accept that a force outside of them is really controlling their minds. Missing time will occur in a person’s life and will do so right on schedule. Many times, during missing time increments you are taken to Special Halls where Old Souls have long been waiting there for you with information, they have been waiting to give you. There are many reasons for a person to experience missing time. Missing time will weave in and out of each person’s life.

Here is some information about what to expect in your new lifeform, obviously it will only be for those who survive the present life. It is slowly happening to you, so pay attention. Now, it is imperative that you understand to the best of your ability the new lifeform weather changes you will have to live with. As I have told you earlier on, cold will become colder, hot will become hotter as well. This is not a cold that is issuing from any atmospheric weather on Earth. This is coming directly from what you insist on calling “outer-space.” It is a cold that is far beyond any fridged cold, far beyond any polar vortex. We can only subdue a small amount of this cold that affects you. Your New Light Body will help you to work with it. The heat is incomparable to any hot weather you have ever had. It is because Anastasis is being bombarded day and night with harsh magnetics that the Sun emits. The reason being, the Sun is slowly burning down and moving away. Learn to live with the heat just as you must learn to live with the cold. There is no middle road to take here. Suprise, you are now living in outer-space! It’s no big deal, it’s just a new way of life.

Types of cyclonic wind will from time-to-time swoop in and may hit you pretty hard if you are outside doing anything. We urge everyone to keep and use humidifiers in every room of their home. Rain will be abundant at some point and as dry as sand at other points. Most disastrous forms of this weather have been diverted away from Anastasis. She herself has assisted repelling a lot of dangerous weather conditions. Yes of course there will be times of heavy snow and very dangerous ice. Earthquakes are happening at an accelerated rate of speed now. Sadly, the tragedies you have recently seen happening in other places of the world will seem insignificant compared to what is yet to come. Learn to live with it, you lived with far worse in your former normal life.

Many people will have noticed the clouds have a freaky appearance to them and at times they seem to change colors. These new to Earth freaky clouds know how to turn on a dime, and do so repeatedly. Be prepared for it. No, these clouds are not airships. I have spoken previously about the new type of lightening and yes, it is true, it is often accompanied by a very loud screechy sound. Many people are swearing this new lightening has a boomerang effect. For this reason alone, I implore you to not be outside during any storm activity, even if it is currently moving away from you. And avoid lightening. Thunder is giving a whole new meaning to “rolling-thunder.” Sudden storm venues are occurring spontaneously. These are a new type of storms which are permeating Anastasis. Weather will “burst up” into various forms at any given moment. In other words, they no longer wait for a catalyst to start them. They start when they start. We call these “storm-strikers.” There is no beginning to these storms and no end. Yes, these have already begun. These are environmental conditions we need to adapt to. Yes, they can be terrifying to the uninitiated person.

The Moon is moving away from Anastasis at a more rapid pace which will affect many oceanic tides. A form of a New Moon will soon arrive to replace the aging moon. Yes, even the constellations have altered. They have adapted to their new form of life. The ratio of oxygen coming in to the planet has changed. It is Anastasis’s new ratio of oxygen that lives on the planet! Gravity levels as well as non-gravity levels on this world are going to alter drastically. They may never be the same for very long. This does not mean that there is something wrong with your equilibrium it is Anastasis’s new equilibrium that you are experiencing.

Anastasis’s Dance accompanied by all the Luminescents focuses on continental fault lines for one thing. Fault lines are being intentionally changed through the art of the Dance. An aspect of the Dance are the injections of extremely high levels of energy working on top of weakened fault lines. It is the forward momentum of those energies which keep continental and intercontinental landmasses moving. The continents will shift more and more all the time while some continents will break apart and fall. Anastasis’s Dance is intentionally changing the fault lines for the future people so the new fault lines even under the oceans are breaking apart. This will give rise to the new birth of continents and destroy the toxicity found in all continents today. There is no other way to remove this toxic matter. The continents must be moved, it is a slow process. But Anastasis’s Dance is doing a marvelous job with it. All fault lines have altered. Fault lines over Africa have changed, they are changing and will continue to do so, they are becoming deeper. It has already started there. That continent is breaking to pieces. Also, some continents that just starting to show cracks will have those cracks open more deeply. This will allow some time for people to move out of danger. If they pay attention to the warning sign.

On February 12th, 2022 at 2 AM the Maji arrived here. They have arrived here and are reinspecting Anastasis to see what other help they can provide. However, massive amounts of people will continue to leave this planet. The Maji and the others of Divinity have a message for all people and that message IS that; “We are all on the point of oblivion.” The long-awaited Reckoning has begun.

September 17th at 1:00 P.M. Celestial heard… “The Gathering has begun. May God have mercy and clemency for ALL Good Souls.” This was followed by a very loud sound of BOOM, BOOM BOOM, that reverberated throughout the land.    

Group one people and Group two people – the type of life you are living defines what Group you are in. Group two people are much more stable but they are not tainted the way Group one people are. Group two people will always have more things to learn. But Group one people will not because they really do not want to know the truth.  

People who can not achieve Group two status, many of them are good people but they don’t want to fight back. They want to continue living the illusion. And the highlights of their lives is their almost fanatical obsession with everyday projects such as working in their gardens and ignoring what is going on with the world. They want to know nothing more about reality. There is no forward momentum. Without living a life with forward momentum and personal responsibility a person can not evolve Spiritually. They are not are not acting as Co-Creators in the Co-Crearchy. Each of you must decide for yourself which Group you want to belong to. Yes, I do know what Group each of you belong to but I am not telling you. You must do your own homework.   

All life which exists in all the many forms of outer-space must always still deal with weather conditions that are relative to a given area. No, Group one people could not tolerate this nor would they want to. They want their creature-comforts. Even though those comforts were illusions. You will find that because you are living in the places where the weather is different than you use to have, those elements you know of as metal, plastic, foam etc. will have frictional changes. All friction must change and must alter so that it aligns up with weather conditions. You will be led to find newer, simpler new homes to construct and live in.

All animal life regardless of its form is always more adaptable to change than humans are. We have already removed ninety-two percent of animal lifeforms of every species. Some stayed on Anastasis because they refuse to leave her and they are here for the long run. Some of them will try to breed, unfortunately most of the litter will not survive. They do know this and we are constantly working with the Spirit Entity who is the leader of each species. So those animals have made their choice and we respect their choice. We will help them any way possible but we can only do so much for them. Now, you are going to be led, and it has already started, in growing different food stuffs that are compatible with the New-to-you environment. Most will thrive when planted within a greenhouse. People whose Advocacy Program calls for them to lead all others to better ways to propagate food stuff already walk amongst you, but many more are on their way. The times of hunting meat in order to survive will be long gone and shall not return.

New waterways have been Created to assist you in having drinkable water as long as you do so in moderation. And no, you are not permitted to teach any Group one people about this new life you have. We warned you. They have made their choice, and now they shall live and die with it. All livestock, cattle, sheep and so on will no longer be raised for food. Instead, those species which remain and choose to will donate their selves when the time is right to being harvested for clothing and other needs. For example, the wool from sheep will still be used for clothing. Old professions such as blacksmithing will begin anew. You will find that scholastics will change and children will be taught by teachers who will know what they are doing. Much emphasis will be put on quantum physics and beyond, and the highest forms of chemistry that you are not taught about here on your present form of Anastasis. Thought-processing will be one of the main studies children will learn in school. They will learn to communicate the normal way which is non-verbal. Citizens from other-planets and other-worlds are going to be spending a great deal of time on your NEW form of Anastasis in order to assist you in learning these advanced techniques. People will still be able to choose to marry, but androgyny will play a great part on their choice of partners.     

Those of you who can experience and feel a special delight in just feeling the Sun rising or hearing a humming sound that words make are experiencing Life in the NEW Normal. If you can sit outside and just laugh, not at anything in particular, but just laugh, you are inviting the NEW Normal into your life. The NEW Normal can not and will not tolerate the old normal. Here is where reality and illusions collide. To stay and thrive you must belong in the NEW Normal; it is the opposite of the illusionary former normal. One experiment for you to learn as part of the New Normal is to try learning how to add things together to see how the Divine Beings are working together and bringing down evil people. A caution for you though, people stuck in a mind-rut can not handle the reality of this learning process… so watch out

To further help you to adapt to your new normal, here is your description of The New Normal —– One is an outlived possibility that never came to fruition and the other is probabilities becoming written in stone. One is normal, one is not. The new normal replaces old or worn-down cells that have lived in your body. Yes, this means all major organs as well. You have been given new bodies to match your new minds – your new upgraded and updated Power of Mind. ESCAPE, REGROUP and STAND! You need to Memorize the words. Now LIVE those words! (Maybe, just maybe, IF I repeat this enough throughout this Transmission you may just remember it.) This action that you will take may be the approach you take to survive; it may also affect the lives of those you love. But it certainly is the equivalent of an S.O.S. We answer all the S.O.S. calls. You will never know when disasters may strike although there are notable exceptions to this statement; accept that and prepare to live with that acceptance. OR you shall die a physical death in a non-altered reality. A reality of illusions.

Now a short note about the political and the religious. We have been quite successful in placing many of our own citizens within the political arena. They will continue to fight the bad policy with new ideas, new inspirations and better leaders. We can not do anything to aid the people who are the religious zealots. Religions are failing already. Many nasty shots will be heard around the world as religion is being exposed to the Light of ALL Lights and the horrible truth about the founding of the Roman Catholic Church is revealed. When that church falls, what will be exposed will be the horrible evil that dressed in the guise of a benevolent God figure of religion itself but is in fact the original antichrist. The so-called religious leaders of every faith ALL worked with the antichrist in one manner or another. They have sucked humanity dry of its humanness. All religions will fail, they will not ever be allowed in the New-world people realities. They will all perish ignoble deaths. Their names will be forever recorded in infamy. Their Souls can not be saved, they must be destroyed. 

A group contagion which exists between crime, criminals and new criminals will come to the light, it will be revealed. The worse forms of sociopaths are already walking the planet.      Every day you are going to hear more and more about people escaping from prison. You must be aware of what is going on in this world, too many of you are turning a blind eye to the reality of nasty situations. Group two people are the ones who are moving forward although their momentum may wane at times they still keep going on and on. They are survivors. They do not want to just settle for anything less than Gods plan for them to unfold in order for them to achieve their destiny. Far too many people are still conforming to the old way and resistant of the New Normal. In other words, they are still seeking instant self-gratification and sadly far too many are still waiting for someone else do it first. To them I say; “Chelas, what happened to you? Off-world you are ground breakers and can not resist a challenge. Earth life has made you soft for lack of a better term at the moment. You have become “lazy” in your minds.”

Remember, continue thinking or start thinking, “I AM in Group Two. I ESCAPED, REGROUPED and I AM STANDing.” Advocates, NO, Group one members can not do this, they can not say this, without almost immediately facing dire physical and mental consequences. They can not hide behind your words.  We are far smarter than that. Alright the big question, “When will this all begin?” Answer – “It has already begun, so pay attention and watch your back.”

The Luminescent of this Earth known as Anastasis will always be the Luminescent of this, your New Universe. Although many Luminescents will decide to stay on the New-world and remain with you, many others will return from whence they came and continue their eternal missions of expanding the Jesus The Christ Consciousness for the good of ALL Good Souls and for Jesus himself as well. And yes, the God who watches over and Loves you so much who is the Luminescent of this Galaxy itself will still be the same God that you know.       

Yes, we have been very visible confronting jet planes high in your skies. We wanted to do this and have been given permission to do this, because the planes pilots themselves must bear-witness to what we do in the sky. We are not responsible for extreme bouts of fear they each have each time we do this. We confront them because quite honestly, they forced us to. Humanity always feared what it does not understand. Just remember as your political figures keep giving you breaking news about UFOs that some of that news is fraudulent. They want you all to fear us and turn to them. Don’t be stupid. You should know by now that turning to them is no different than turning to your enemy. Had we wanted to destroy you we would have done so long ago! 

World leaders are aware of our presence, they always have been. Now, as part of our mission I and my other brethren have to work with those world leaders so new bonds can be formed to protect Group two people. You will continue to find evidence of civilizations which came before you, do not become distracted. It is The NOW which you must contend with and remain focused on. Do not let politics distract you for they do so intentionally. And stop venturing into places, websites and so forth you know you should stay away from. Your morbid sense of curiosity will serve no purpose and may cost you your life.

The way of fighting back is by using Power of Mind to Power of Mind and silently restating your intentions, and your intentions are not to fight physically unless you must do so to save your lives. You intention is to allow Power of Mind to set the pace and lead the way to your total freedom. We will take care of the physical war; you focus on the Mind to Mind and Soul to Soul war.

Now, Celestial has brought up some NEW Revelations regarding what all Group two people shall benefit from. – Celestial; “It was May 30th of this year when I was suddenly and very abruptly picked up and teleported to a place far, far, away in space where three to four Galaxies cojoined. I came as pure Soul; I was not permitted to bring my body with me. I knew I did not remember this from when I watched “The Movie.” But I did remember when I signed my Walk-In Agreement that there was a clause in mine which clearly stated that Divinity had the right to pick me up and take me wherever I had to be without giving me advance notice. The Creator sanctioned this Event. Too bad I did not remember it when I signed the agreement, I wished I had had advance notice.

David had to remain here at home and take care of many things and I never had a chance to tell him “I’ll be right back!” But there I was being hurled onto one of those Galaxies and told we had very, very, little spatial-minutes for me to gather the information that was going to be given to me so that I could be sent home while The Doorway to these hidden worlds would still be open. This Doorway is heavily guarded. Otherwise, I could have been trapped between interdimensional Galaxies. A massive television-type screen appeared to me and on it was David, looking for me but at that same moment I saw what appeared to be a large group of Beings that appeared to be about 30 foot tall. They all seemed to be wearing a rust-colored protective armor. At a moment when all of them had given me their undivided attention, and they had scanned by Soul essence, they each pressed a tiny button on their suits and their suits fell off them.

In that nano-second I saw all of them in their purest androgenous state. I was told obviously, not verbally, that I was to make a fast, fast, meeting with them for these Beings would join those who were left of humanity once this big war had been won on Anastasis. These Beings were some of the finest most incredible Souls with Power of Mind-thought leading them that had ever been Created. There were Scientists, Medical Doctors, amazing Astronomers, Mathematicians, Aromatherapists, Hydroponicists and others who would be part of the NEW humanity. And who would align with ALL Group two people who survive this civil war that is taking place on Anastasis. Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdelene conceived all these people through the alchemical changing and Creation of Beings through Light-Conception.

I immediately stored all the information, deep within my Soul, and immediately an enormous hand appeared and quickly spread over each person there, and suddenly I saw David standing there, and the hand covered all of them and David with a patina of shimmering silky looking silver. I knew in a way it was a birthmark to signify who each one would be. The sound came that alerted me that I had to leave and I had to leave now OR I would not be able to get back into body again. At that moment, faster than an eye can blink, I was once again picked up and hurled, this time straight through the Doorway and landed in our bedroom. I felt a little sore by the force of which my Soul was pushed back into my body because it was not my time to beam up yet. I had to have a body in order to maneuver while I broke all this news, not only to Anastasis, for she already knew, but to ALL Good Souls. I remember somebody yelling down to me that I was the only one who could have done this… and survived! No pressure right?  David rightfully said, “Where the hell have you been?” It took some time to settle things down so I could feel I was back on Anastasis and David was the first person I told about this upcoming Event. Oh, in case you wondered why I saw him standing there and having that patina sprayed all over him is because in his next lifetime he will be a fantastic teacher for all his Grouping. Readers, you have no idea how many invasive attacks we have had to repel in order to get this Part 2 written and posted. NOW it’s your turn to get the word out.”                   

Now, those of you who followed through and did the homework I assigned in the previous Transmission are already seeing the results manifesting in the real world. So, what is your new homework? Living your life is your homework NOW! Love it and live it. I ask you to remember that Step by Step (Anastasis’s) Dance and Soul by Soul (You) God’s work shall be done. Welcome to your destiny.

It is my most fervent wish that I have had and held your complete and undivided attention. And I have never, ever, made a wish before. This I now do so on your behalf. You are going to need all the chutzpah you can muster and you can gather. Now BE audacious and get the word out!

During the course of the writing of this Transmission The Divine Beings said to Celestial and David: “Full speed ahead, we need all the help we can get.” We have done our part now we ask you to do the same and spread the words enclosed in this Transmission… by every means available to you! 

We have sent the word out to the Maji Groupings, (The Soul Saints Marching In Group, The Ancient Souls Group, The Walk-In Forces Group,) along with ALL the Starkeeper forces, The Collective of the Luminescents and other Divine Beings, “This Transmission IS concluded!” This is the agreement we made with them. This is the sign they have been waiting for. Think about any forums you may belong to, any magazine you may have access too, all forms of social media, websites, utilize your email lists etc. and share both Part One and Two of this Transmission with the people of this world.

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

I am Blue Star the Pleiadian… I am hurling torpedoes back at the enemy forces.

There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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