Month: September 2021

  • Sacred Trust

    Sacred Trust

    The Blue Star Transmissions began on December 12th, 1997 The Blue Star Transmissions ~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~ Sacred Trust 9-20 to 11-25-2021 (Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings weary journeyers; it is incredibly heartwarming for all of us to see you ones “holding on” to your sanity and your TRUTHS in spite of […]

  • September 2021, some “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” teaching moments

    September 2021, some “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” teaching moments. (Note from Celest and David – as we have notes for the public we will be posting them here.) On the last call Celest spoke of “insects mutating.” Who has given this any more thought? David did mention when Celest says things offhandedly and then moves […]

  • A Very Small Hero

    A Very Small Hero

    We are introducing Lyre, an ordinary woman living an extraordinary life. She will be posting articles on a regular basis. . Lessons From the Animal Beings Message # 1 “A Very Small Hero” By: Lrye   One night I a few years ago I had abandoned our master bedroom for the spare bedroom to escape […]