September 2021, some “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” teaching moments

September 2021, some “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” teaching moments.

(Note from Celest and David – as we have notes for the public we will be posting them here.)

On the last call Celest spoke of “insects mutating.” Who has given this any more thought? David did mention when Celest says things offhandedly and then moves on to other matters that everyone should be paying attention and make note of the seemingly “casual remarks” she makes. She expects people to pick up the “Kernels of Knowledge” she has dropped for them. More often than not they are breadcrumbs being laid purposely at their feet for them to follow.

Like animals and humans alike, insects are “HUNGRY,” just as are all other animal lifeforms. Oftentimes this mutation is a matter of survival, sadly often enough it has to do with having to exist within contaminated environments. SO treat every bite, every scrape, bump, or bruise you have, as an open wound that requires attention. Bacteria that was previously unfathomable are presenting themselves all the time and yes this includes not only mosquitoes and ticks but fleas and even those obnoxious chigger bites no one likes.  Anything exposed on your body is to be addressed. And for God’s sake DO NOT go into FEAR about this. Use some common sense here and be proactive in your own defense.

An example of what we are speaking about, a good friend of ours named Barb  was bitten by a tick so hard on her hip while sitting on her porch that she yelled out in pain. She said that she has never been bitten that hard before.

Another acquaintance from the local market stated to us that she was bit by something the other day while she was inside of her house. Her right arm became inflamed and then it became paralyzed. She went to the emergency room and they said, “no way was that a spider bite.” She was directed to take a strong dose of antibiotics, stay home and stay inside for the next 5 DAYS. She was also informed to avoid the Sun and that she could not go into work as well for 5 days.

Now Jason suggested we should be working on highly evolved Creations that can be accomplished singularly as well as by the group. And we agree, our goals are to work on a much higher level of Super Consciousness to enact much needed Cyclical Changes and leave all the practical world issues to those who are here to do so. “The Musical Oracles” was not our first such project nor will it be our last. And yes we welcome suggestions from anyone who has them to share.

Sol mentioned she has noted that at times she finds herself suddenly aware she is not breathing or having very shallow breaths when she breathes. Blue Star wrote about this in an earlier Transmission about how the body has an uncanny ability to adapt to new environments, something most of humanity has forgotten or does no longer give much priority to. Silly people. He went on to explain how people can survive in a low oxygen environment. Remember?

We ourselves prioritize what we feel is necessary for anyone to know at any given time and yes quite often God and The Creator among so many other Divine Beings offer their sage advice they wish to be shared. In other words, we do not just pull topics of discussion randomly from our heads.

Carol shared the astrological impacts currently having profound influences upon this world and everyone here. As well as the extreme importance of finding your center as another barrage is coming this way in December of this year.

As one person stated recently, there are decades of accrued knowledge being shared within each 2-hour window each time the core group of the VOICES are gathered together. So please do not fool yourself and believe nothing can be accomplished in a short span of time. Anything is possible, you each traveled a long way to be here, to be present here during the GREATEST changes ever to unfold to and for this planet that will define the future of not only this world but will enhance and compliment all life, all Lifeforms in all the Multiverses. If you are going to be here why not be present and counted for?

Now, on the 11th of September, 2021 at 10:20 P.M. God had a message for everyone. He said He wants everyone to read this message because it is important. Below is the message:

“Everyone is moving too fast, SLOW DOWN. Slow your walking, slow your pace. Be a part of Life instead of rushing past it. Take a few short breaths when walking, it will help expand your lungs while dealing with gravitational change. In essence this world’s gyroscopes are constantly being realigned. Everyone is moving so fast that each person needs to be sure of their footing at all times. Before anyone asks Me, NO this has nothing to do with chronological ages. It IS a matter of physics.” … God

Hmm, perhaps this has something to do with what Blue Star the Pleiadian shared with all of us when he spoke of the true meaning of north, south, east west and the realities of the spinning of dear ole Mother Earth… do you remember? We see some light-bulbs lighting up above a few of your heads. Then maybe you also remember when he also spoke of the need to place on foot in front of the other, slowly, and heel down and then rock to the ball of your foot when walking to steady yourself. Then he mentioned something about “feeling off-balance or feelings of weightlessness coming upon you.” Remember?

So while you are pulling things off of shelves and dusting them off, another good thing might be your “gravitational boots.” Just saying.

Then on the 16th of September Celest heard God say, “We all need to sleep in, really sleep-in for what is coming.”

We just thought you all had a need to know.

Salude, Celest and David

Two of the “VOICES of Cyclical Changes”

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