And so the Quietude begins its Dance of Resurrection

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

“And so the Quietude begins its Dance of Resurrection”

8-25 to 10-25-2019

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all fellow dancers and especially to White Hats; welcome to the long ago promised “Ageless Celestial spinoff timing zone.” All of you Advocates for Justice are now indeed dancing to a brand new beat. It is one that consumes the void within your minds, hearts and Souls thereby filling you to the brim with the nectar of God and of ALL the other Luminescents. By the way, many more Luminescents are revealing themselves to some of you who have been fortunate enough to receive direct communication with them. They have, how would you say, “Brought their dancing shoes with them.”

One who chooses to no longer remain unknown to many of you is with us this day; she is “Sumi – The Giver.”  She remains by the side of my Celestial daughter and our David and has until now only permitted them to introduce her to 5 White Hatted Advocates for Justice. So it was that she was introduced to them and BOY she began making her presence known to those 5. Now however she has decided to be out in the open so to speak, and thus determine by ALL your actions and non-actions, your thoughts and abilities to dance your way into immortality, which of all the millions of peoples on this planet she will help and which ones she will not aid.

The ones she will refuse to aid but may decide instead to set up obstacles for them in order for them to learn from those experiences, may outnumber those among you all who are being their personal best, but interestingly enough the sheer magnitude of the quality you ones who are NOW part of the Dance of the Ageless Procession of God’s elite activated Christ Consciousness bearers, outshine even the brightest stars in the ethers above you. We have had the pleasure of observing all of you whirling and twirling especially when you do not even know that you are. We have laughed at your guffaws when you find yourselves doing or saying something so outrageous that those around you can not understand the quite visible changes in you or the differences in your physical vehicles. Granted you have each had to undergo some periods of feeling a tad awkward among those of lesser Light, but you have and ARE still continuing to shine on without any longer feeling you need to explain to them the WHY you are different and HOW you have changed. This is a GOOD thing! The very nano-moment you attempt to try to explain or describe the inexplicably unexplainable, is when your Light dims until you STOP and instead you STAND in your truth. So many of you ones still try to explain yourselves to Celestial and David though; they too wish you would stop doing that.

Just because you are experiencing some brief minutes of what it is like to walk in their shoes, dancing shoes of course, many of you are still attempting to validate your truth when in fact by defending your truths to others you are invalidating them. Truth must always STAND on its own! Do you see? What you do fail to see is that you are enigmatically and surreally connecting to them and are CONNECTED very visibly with All That Is! Surrealism and the juxtaposing of telepathic links is not understood at all by peoples here. Many of you ones do want to better understand this process; and that is fine, just do not confuse yourselves or it then becomes wasted effort.

Now, only a person who is not paying any attention to anything except their wants and perceptions of need can possibly be oblivious of the continuing all pervasive Quietude sweeping over, around and through this world. It is also permeating this entire Universe. Its entire core, which is the matrix of the Quietude, proudly bears the Jesus the Christ Consciousness and Mary Magdalene within the deepest recesses of this Quiet Revolution. You each carry the quiet revolution within your hearts and minds. This indeed is the non-sound which this arrival of Christ produces. Their arrival started slowly years ago and thanks to all True Advocates for Justice, the accelerated pace They have now adapted is because of all the good works you each participated in, for the sake of all. This prior to now unknown quietude also bears the energy signatures of Christ and Mary. Therefore, their own energies are touching your hearts, minds and Souls and calming your unrealistic thoughts of how to act around THEM. Simply treat them as your family … because They are! There is no discordant noise, no trumpets blaring and announcing their Presences here. Their obvious arrival is one you should ALL know already … if you keep your head out of the sand.  There is no soapbox any of you ones need to stand on and teach of the reclamation of this world and the good Souls on Terra by the Christ Consciousness. Advocates, as this all encompassing peace and serenity rings forth by the process of allowing the hush, the quiet, to give unto you ones the truest forms of freedom you can ever imagine, remember, remember, remember, you have never walked alone here!

Now, Christ and Mary have no mission to be frantic about; They abhor grandiose postulations by goodhearted peoples here and They have much more to accomplish as the Quietude carries Their voices and their thoughts and imagings to each good person here. You ones each need to understand NOW that The Quietude does not require mortal death, it requires Immortal life. So it is that The Dance of Resurrection that was promised you ones so many, many, millennia ago has now come to pass. In its ageless beauty and inner stillness lies the secret so many have tried to recall about what sounds exist back home.

This is the sound of life well-lived and no “baggage” to carry. It is also the vibrational outpouring of the most pristine unconditional love which exists within each Soul Cluster and within the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of multi-Universes which exist and thrive in organized chaos with nary a random act occurring. The inner peace, endless joy and exuberant telepathic laughter which are the hallmarks of all Universes, except Terra’s, are in the constant process of Creation. The Christ Consciousness is not merely responsible for bringing this here on Earth, but in allowing you ones to experience some of it NOW. Close your eyes for a moment; exhale and see if you can feel it yet. Quiet your mind and stop making it difficult to do this Quietude exercise. Stop being “a creature of habit.”

It is very, very good and extremely imperative that so many of you ones have learned to have your heart chakras OPENED. Of all the millions of men and women who have desperately tried to open their hearts to no avail, one particular male stands out amongst them all. And THAT is saying something of grave importance! He is of critical importance in this Dance of Resurrection but had prevented himself of giving and receiving real love out of his fears of being vulnerable …. again. His role is far too critical to be ignored; therefore as part of their Soul Agreements with him, two “people” were sent to him and have arranged to work with him and watch over him day and night while still maintaining their workload with other peoples all over this world.

He and the others who ARE the dedication required by Jesus are NOW safely in their “Celestial spinoff timing zone.” It means that the spatialness of the Christ Consciousness does indeed lie within the Super Consciousnesses zone which separates Celestial Beings from “wanna be” evolved Beings. These Celestial peoples have earned the right to be called “special” because of the work they do and HOW they project their thoughts and CREATE events. You see Planetizens, again I tell you ones that this war we are engaged in is a battle OF the minds FOR the Souls! The Celestial peoples in the zone because of what they Create and HOW they project their Power of Mind then become true versions of Celestial Beings themselves; once they begin this Dance of Resurrection there is no turning back. Their destinies are sealed in the love of God. The spinoff is a natural byproduct of being in the zone. When certain events take place that have been preplanned through DESTINY by Christ HimSelf, a Soul spins away from the zone and sails forth with intense focus touching the Souls of others through a force of kinetic energy Created for these special mind-links. Because I know this is difficult for you to understand, I have simplified the actions taken as much as I can. Just KNOW that the Christ Consciousness is without limit and has no equal. Even though all Advocates are the Christ Consciousness, many of you ones have risen to become more evolved versions of yourselves. Do not become too humble though; take pride in yourself and all that you do … even though you may not be conscious of what all you are doing! I do believe I have confused enough of you for now, so I will take my leave and sign off from this transmission. Advocates, remember you and I share a special Group Mind. So, be careful what you think, I can and do HEAR your thoughts! No pressure right!

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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