2019 – The Year for holding yourselves to a Higher Standard And “Escapism”

2019 – The Year for holding yourselves to a Higher Standard And “Escapism”

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

2-24 to 4-25-2019

2019 – The Year for holding yourselves to a Higher Standard



(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all you weary Advocates! I am well aware of all the difficulties you each endured especially over the last 18 to 22 months. Now, something that far too many of you ones are not doing; you are not using the energies you have to perform your duties for you. Instead of you physically and emotionally directing energy into certain areas of your lives, you are taking the long way around to get what you want. Anything you think, image and envision you can transmute into energy that can perform many tasks for you. Obviously I am speaking of YOU and NOT of “saving the world” Oftentimes my Celestial daughter and our beloved David gather their different high level macrocosmic Super Conscious energies and transfer a good portion of those energetic masses into an area of the body which allows them to send the energy outward and into the areas that they feel they themselves can most benefit from. You see Planetizens; they KNOW that energy, when correctly used, ALWAYS replaces itself with the same or higher levels of those energetic masses. I shall speak more of this later on.

Now, 2019 is a “ball-buster” year. All right Chelas; all which you had prepared yourselves mentally for throughout 2018 will be needed for this Stand up and be counted year. Speaking for all my Star Keeper brethren and all Avatars, we are enormously proud of how you each conducted yourselves throughout all these trying times. The weather conditions you all had to cope with were but a harbinger of weather to come. All the glorious Doorways that ever so many of you across this world participated in Creating will now be sending more and more exceptionally lovely ancient teachers and vast opportunities to those who have stopped grumbling … hint, hint …. as well as to those who have not merely accepted that which they are not permitted to change, but have mostly unknowingly been Creating change as well. Ahh but those amongst you ones who have been CONSCIOUSLY Creating change, the rewards will never stop coming to you. No, it is not that any of you have been asking to receive rewards, for you have not. That too is a good thing; for if you had been asking for them they would have been withheld.

Of course the dynamics of these open Doorways must be respected for all that they do and MUST be respected by you ones as the truest forms of catalytic stimulus for unending change that they truly are. For one thing – they have been busy transforming social unrest which has laid within the deepest recesses of the human minds, into open sometimes chaotic releases of the worrisome fears each person has had and forced those fears into the open. No, indeed it has not always been a pretty sight to behold; but like a volcano set to erupt as those fears have been rising like an off-balance phoenix, they are clearing the path for more healthy trains of thoughts and deeper understanding. Peoples ALWAYS fear what they do not understand! Ironically however, this double-bladed sword can then cause many peoples here to feel off-balance, unsure of themselves and alienated. The “catalytic” portion of this equation is that because millions of peoples DEPENDED subconsciously on their fears in order to make sense of their lives, they felt that the foundation in their lives had crumbled and left them defenseless.

Actually the opposite is true. It has been necessary to completely strip away the illusionary beliefs and phony lifestyles that ever so many people had succumbed to. This process is still ongoing but the peoples here who still have a flicker of Light within them are for the most part being permitted to remain on Earth for a few more months, thus allowing them their last opportunity to almost have a near life-experience. Live in fear-die in haste. This also enabled Divinity to scan what if anything was still left of humanity within the minds and hearts of these peoples. When it was acknowledged that the last spark of Light was gone from them, then they were summarily dismissed as being members of the human races here and sent to where they truly belonged off-world.

Now, the very actions working in tandem between the catalytic and the catalyst energies and initiated by the open Doorways have been and will continue to be the greatest gift humanity could receive. The Doorways themselves are immune to peoples’ reactions. Seriously now Advocates; did you really expect peoples who were not happy in the first place to suddenly leap for joy and pontificate on how they will change and become happy peoples? Not going to happen! Mass consciousness holds onto these peoples’ personalities conditioning and unless at least some of those peoples step out of their shadow lives, they will not be able to survive the changes that you should BY NOW see coming into more manifestation day by day. Celestial and David hear every day from peoples who want ONLY good news. How droll! To those peoples I say, “Who is running from the truth now?”

The Creator and The Creation Processing have been not so quietly raising MASSIVE bars for all of humankind to scale but the peoples are NOT to die while trying. You may want to mull that over a bit. Divinity has gauged all of everyone’s actions and reactions to date, and taken into account each person’s fear-factor. So it is that you may consider yourselves to now being served your personal yet interplanetary outstandingly beautiful Higher Standard banner. Millions of you have earned this irrevocable rite of Ascension. More millions of peoples have not! Notice has been served to ALL of you. Many, many signs are being sent and will continue to be sent to each Soul here who bears this banner. Look and you will see; use your sentience and you shall feel, clean your ears and you will hear. Congratulations Advocates; you have dreamt yourself into TRUE reality NOW dream yourselves AWAKE. Remember, life truly is a dream – it is a means of working within your Soul Matrix and achieving higher levels of Gloaming which aids you while you are scaling the massive bars. Dreams are true visions of not only what is occurring but also what may be forthcoming.

Do not take this information lightly! Remember if Jesus THE Christ and Mary Magdalene could handle all this PLUS all other issues they had to deal with, so can you.  Oh, Oh, here comes another voice that wants to be heard …“OK NOW, I am the God of this Universe and would like to offer everyone My condolences on dreams that some of you have had which did not come to pass. Visions are always actual and symbolic as well. Therefore, consider the fact that you may not be deciphering them correctly. Surely you Advocates do not think We would make that process too easy for you, now did you? Aha, I hear a light grumbling again. Well, that is a person I may take off My Christmas list. As Higher Standard bearers you each now more so than before, have to set your own Higher Standard “rules you SHALL live by.” All that you do from this nano-moment on will raise you to your true seat of power. Do not say that you never dream because that is untrue. Many of you simply do not remember. If I were you I would work on that! Now I shall resume My seat of “personal power unfurled” and continue on spreading more and more Open Doorways across this Universe. Blue Star, thank you for this opportunity to speak with the Planetizens.  God.”

Now, thank you God for offering them sage advice. I continue on by telling you that I want you each to define what the term “Higher Standard” means to you. Write it down please; do not foolishly expect yourself to remember all that you think. Be very clear about what you write-yes you will be tested on this … sooner than you think! I will tell you what it is that WE expect from you though. Higher Standard in a very distinct and direct manner is NOT lip-service. Be very clear about that please. Far too many deaths have resulted as a result of lip-service. The todays of today will NO LONGER tolerate lip-service. In other words nary a day will pass that you will not see evidence of this if you are paying attention. You are either IN service to Divinity and humankind overall or you are OUT. All peoples here whether born-ins or Walk-Ins are born into A standard. That standard at that age of birthing defines who and what you are at THAT moment. And that relies on the caretaking you receive and what standards IF ANY the parents or other caretakers possess. I will admit it is much more difficult for Walk-Ins; for they must bear their predecessor’s standard at the moment these Souls Walk-In and do so for individually stipulated times while still firmly possessing their OWN standard which they always carry with them. They also must NEVER allow their own Standard to become lower because of their predecessor’s predilections. It can be a battle for many of them. There is so much you do not understand about Walk-Ins. Tis a shame.

Now, a person’s standard can change from one year of age to another year of age if not sooner, depending upon the personality, the state of a Soul’s maturity, everyday life and so on. Only the staunchest Souls can decree a Higher Standard for themselves as THE Golden Rule to live by and actually survive all these times which you once referred to as “coming times.” Those “times” are here and NOW.” Please do not be a dummkopf and pretend that this is not so! That act of sheer stupidity will surely cost you your life. Pay attention – I am trying to save lives here! How you define Higher Standard for yourself will be written in stone. That is far better than being written in blood. In other words, all depends on what you do with the bars that have been raised to massive heights and is totally relative to the Higher Standard you choose for yourselves. The Standard will define you but you will also define your Standard by the way you think and the way you live. Now, you are each permitted 3 tries at writing this definition for yourself, OF yourself. Think very carefully before you begin the first try of writing your Higher Standard mantra. Remember you only have 3 tries! If you cannot do this adequately by then, then you do not qualify for a Higher Standard and you may just continue to go on with life keeping your fingers crossed. As usual all that you write and when you have finished with it will be stored in your Book of Life in the Great Hall of the Akashic Records.

2019 – This year of great prophecies that come to pass means ALWAYS be sure that you are prepared for anything, anywhere, anytime, more so than previous years. Now before I move on for a bit, I did tell you ones that Celestial and David intentionally transfer massive amounts of their macrocosmic energies into strategically placed areas of their bodies and use it deliberately for specific reasons that are not to be revealed to the public. For their safety how they transfer the energies will also not be revealed. I can tell you though that in times when they sense great danger around them they simply transfer X amount of energies into their forefingers and aim at the incoming predator and “fire” their loaded forefingers at the entity or at times entities, much in the manner you would shoot a pistol. In that sense their forefingers become their weapons of choice. This way is much safer for them rather than them being observed using lasers! Protection is kept around you ones at all times; however as Co-Creators you ARE expected to use all the tools you have been born with to protect your minds and your bodies whenever possible. Also, the level and higher degree of the Higher Standard you have or will set for yourself delineates how much of a threat you are to dark energies. The Higher the Standard you ultimately choose for yourselves will define how much other protection would be helpful to you. Do you see?


Now, I will be brief and say a few words about an issue that unfortunately defines many peoples’ across this world. Far too many millions of peoples of ALL ages are seeking to run away from life and escape true reality. This is scary! You wonder why so many peoples have to leave this planet in one manner or another? It is because their addictions to escapism IS highly contagious and NO, they have no Higher Standards. Their lives circle around soap operas, reality t.v. shows, sex, drugs, the entertainment world overall and very scary social lives. They can not set Higher Standards for those they love because they do not even love themselves. It is amazing and truly sad that so many thoughts we hear as we monitor mass consciousness center around onetime normal people who had actually been Advocates-in-Training and fell off the path with a huge, sickening crash. It is not too surprising but it makes our jobs more difficult. As you know, we are not permitted to pick them up and counsel them. But even when the Avatars who had been watching over them turn away from them in disgust and sadness and state to us that they are through with these who fell so hard, then nothing can be done to help them to help themselves.

It is not as though these ones did not know better; at one time they did but they cast aside their innate knowledge in favor of a life not well-lived. The saddest ones to listen to are those men, women and children whose mind-thoughts are, “I made my decision, I tried for a long time to continue to evolve and see the beauty in true reality. But now because that path of life is so hard to sustain I decided I do not want it anymore; it is just too much work and other people such as my friends don’t want to be around me. I just want to accept the phony reality here as so many others do because it makes my life and my fun-times even easier and I do not have to think about anything at all.” This Advocates, is what is happening to far more peoples here than you realize.

Many people here whether Advocates or not are definitely realizing that many things are changing in many ways. The continuous loud cracking and sounds of earthquake noise above you is scaring many peoples, especially if they bother to look up and see the brilliant white Light shooting around the noise, thus amplifying and accelerating the opening of the Doorways. Again we go back to fearing what they fail to understand. The people are not harmed by these Doorways opening but they are seeking answers that the media and the scientists can not provide. Actually a few of them are searching for answers in metaphysics. However, metaphysical teachers are only as good as the knowledge they have. There is also a great many humans here who worry that they are being attacked by aliens! As if we do not have anything better to do! Now as I take my leave temporarily of course, I ask you to do something you may find painful BUT necessary. Be HONEST with yourselves; look around yourselves and decide which people you may know and may even be related to who live lives of escapism. Now emotionally and mentally see if you can distance yourselves far from them and leave them to their own fate without any regrets on your parts. Do NOT become what you detest. This is a time for “passionate detachment.” You CAN do this; you NEED to do this; just as you need to not merely survive but to live life AS a well-lived life.

BY THE WAY: Don’t forget to keep your finger loaded and try not to shoot yourself in the foot!

Salude … I am signing off now … Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


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