The Becoming and Periods of High Strangeness

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

The Becoming


Periods of High Strangeness

4-25 to 6-25-2017

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings Planetizens; I am here today to share further truth with you ones and to remove some blocks from your minds about realities which have been playing out here on the Earth Star planet. In doing so, it is with my great desire that you each will benefit from further “truth revealed” and understand that you are being privileged to see more behind the scenes of what you thought you knew. Now, I have patiently waited for all that occurred on New Year’s Eve to be assimilated by those of you who welcomed both the God of this Universe and the Creator into your homes and into your hearts. I had decided not to explain any of this in my previous transmission; rather I felt it more important for you ones to try to figure out for yourselves what THEIR Presences meant to humanity, to Terra, to this Universe and especially to ALL Advocates for Justice.

It was so heartwarming for me and all others of my Star Keeper brethren to be the ones to bear witness to the incomparable beauty and sensations which so many of you ones experienced that late night/early morning period as we watched the dimensional doorways swing COMPLETELY open in order to accommodate the unlimited expansions of God and the Creator’s Souls expressions to gain physical access in order for those Divine Beings to enter this plane of existence. This event was parlayed as “cause” which would enact “effect” so They could begin to perform certain spatial Spiritual events through Their predestined merging of all that They are and have ever been in the name of the Golden NOW.

This was indeed no mean-feat to accomplish; yet it was in great truth a major triumph that has awaited a special gridline intersection before it could come into manifestation. Advocates, YOU are the ones who made this triumph possible! You have each played important roles in this gathering and your roles will forever be engraved in the Sacred Chamber within the Halls of Justice. Each Advocate who welcomed God and the Creator MERGED in a synchronistic manner with the Divine Ones in a way you never have before while you have been mortal in this lifetime. Granted it was a holiday time for millions of peoples who preferred to party hearty rather than indulging in an aspect of the true meaning of life. But do not be discouraged by that, it is their loss, but for you ones it was a win-win situation. Therefore, it is of utmost priority and pertinence that you ones assimilate ALL of which I speak! Now, essentially you who were the true participants as the “Universal Welcoming Committee” and opened your hearts and minds to the Divine BECAME part of The Becoming. Advocates, this is a great honor for you individually and collectively. Now first understand what the “Becoming” means to each of you; then take that information and apply it your everyday lives as well as to your Spiritual world. Sometimes your senses can be deceptive when trying to apply logic to illogical situations. As you better understand that there is a pure, perfect and eternal Being BEHIND nature which does indeed exist as the ultimate truth, you then realize all the dynamic aspects of YOU yourselves being Gods or Goddesses walking in human form. To deny the existence of a pure, perfect Being behind nature and all other manners of lifeforms is to deny the existence of God. In other words, you are denying your own existence, do you see?  Although I use the singular form of “A pure perfect Being,” in truth there is ONE Being yet there are many. The Collective of the Luminescents do indeed form ONE PERFECT BEING. Yet They each have their own individual identities, name energies, etc. Therefore, They like you, are ONE, yet They are many. So my beloved families, because of your right actions and mind-thoughts during that holiday period, you too have merged NOW and forever into the Collective of the Luminescents and your Souls’ matrixes will be close to the Creator’s Soul as well.

Now, you ones should know me well enough after reading my transmissions for the last 21 or 22 years to know that I would never presume to give you any information you were not ready for. Again I tell you ones that this why I waited until now to begin to explain what had and is occurring this momentous year. Each person who participated in that destined event did so as part of their Soul Agreements whether they consciously realize this or not. Part of an event which needed to be a major catalyst in order for the New Year’s organized chaos in spatial-time to be the monumental success which it was, was that my Celestial daughter and our David simply had to be the major catalysts the Creator wanted to organize and thrust into forward momentum The Gatherings.

As all great teachers do, they began the BECOMING without telling anyone of another important reason for the Gatherings to begin. They then simply “cut the Gatherers loose” and delightfully watched them as they expanded their consciousnesses, as they became comfortable with what they were doing and as they merged with other Gatherers consciously and SUPER CONSCIOUSLY. It would have been a grievous violation of their Soul Agreements for Celest and David to have told anyone about the Becoming until such time it was permitted to do so. What most of you still fail to realize however, even though Celest and David have impressed this fact upon you over and over, is that it does not matter where anyone is living geographically. You each send out your own thought-transmissions to all good Souls everywhere. And yes, they do receive those thoughts even though you may never meet in this lifetime. This gives a whole new meaning to giving and receiving.

Now, no doubt in hindsight you all should have known that what you were doing at that Sacred period was for far more than you realized. We did indeed chuckle many times because actually there were large numbers of people who had vague suspicions that something was going on behind the scenes. If you believe in the antiquated theory that 1 + 1 equals 2, then you should be putting the pieces of the puzzle together now and arriving at the understanding that all that you each did at that preordained gridline intersection on New Year’s Eve, was actually begun when the Gatherings were first taking place. After the first Gathering the Gatherings’ momentum picked up speed in thought, word and deed as you answered the call that Celestial and David had issued. Our awesome Texas Threesome Gatherers are major catalysts who have been and will continue to be important leaders in your groups. You see Planetizens; it had been decreed long, long ago that the Gatherers would be the ones to blast through the dimensional denseness here on the Earth Star planet and unknowingly contribute to the “walkway” which the Creator and God needed as their entry points. You had each been blowing the conch of freedom, yet you knew it not. Gatherers; each time you met whether through telephone, in person, email, the PUSH, the Golden Force or in night or day visions of a better life in a better place and you intentionally had formulated new inspirational ideas of what else you could do, you were blasting COLLECTIVELY massive amounts of Light into the dimensional doorways and into all Universes. This is one way you assisted in completely opening the dimensional doorways. Take pride in the fact that you each succeeded and were BECOMING more than you realized. You were Becoming your destinies!

Now, you have each relearned how to leave your indelible fingerprints and indelible footprints everywhere you go, on everything you touch. Now look at that fact and understand that is also what you did individually and Collectively on New Year’s Eve. The indelible prints manifested as your pure LIGHTED thoughts and wondrous actions. Kudos Advocates, you succeeded well past your own expectations of yourselves; that is ONE reason why you could not be told of why what you all as Gatherers were doing was so important. You were NOT supposed to THINK about it! Do not stop what you are doing; for in truth you are all now contributing to the further Creation of another new Universe. One where many of you ones will be placed after your period of mortality and recuperation have passed.

So, now I need to inform you of all else that occurred as a direct result of those Divine entrances. Some of you ones may think of this as a double-edged sword; although in truth it was not. Now, each of you who were part of the welcoming committee experienced wondrous new visions, thoughts, peace, sense of well-being, tiredness to be sure and yet an intangible feeling of change. Each person’s experiences varied a bit but overall much of what you all felt was too personal to explain or describe to others. It is my great and welcome responsibility to inform you that each of you underwent a major life and LIGHT transformation which will remain with you throughout your mortality. You were infused with more Light yet at a subtle, gentle pace as your bodies integrated with these infusions and your Souls danced with unadulterated joy. Periods of High Strangeness always accompanies these types of transformations though. At times you may feel you are living in more than one dimension; at times you may feel more spacey than usual, your thoughts may become more fleeting because you are adapting more now to the NOW. Your skin may feel sensitive from time to time and tiredness is usual as well. This is all because the physical vehicle is changing. Many of you see fleeting images of some Beings or people you can not identify. Most people also from time to time feel as though their bodies do not fit, they feel more constricted in their bodies than they used to. This is because your Consciousnesses levels are expanding and the totality of that plus all the Light you have amassed is integrating with the physical vehicle. There is nothing wrong with you. Welcome to the new normal.

In time your physical vehicle will become even more well-adjusted to these non-invasive movements. Trying to explain all this to others who are not undergoing these life transitions of the best kind however, well you may want to do that discreetly UNLESS you know them well!

Now, here is the other side of the coin: from January 3rd. through January 6th. 2017, all hell started breaking loose all over this world. Even the media will not yet discuss many events because they are “illogical dangerous actions” which if taken at face-value would undoubtedly cause even more people to be fearful. To take or accept something or someone just as it or they appears to be, is to believe that the way things appear to be is actually the way they are. Cautionary discretion is advised! All of you ones who have so blessed yourselves by deliberately placing yourselves not merely on the path with those Divine Beings but being truly anxious and eager to be all you could at the time that you were called upon to pave the way, you unknowingly and Super Consciously enlisted the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness as your Spiritual Life fulcrum. You each individually and collectively will continue on throughout your mortality bathed in the Golden NOW Light of ALL the Luminescents. Please do not be surprised if you notice people viewing you differently; for many will feel that you have changed and you may be loath to explain the changes they may detect. As many events take place that you may not like or may upset you, I implore you all to remain as passionately detached as possible!

These January dates which I have been speaking of were indeed certain pivotal points which the Creator and ALL the Luminescents knew HAD to be set into place for the good of all good Souls here and especially for Terra herself. You see Advocates; although we all have been trying for so long to impress upon you ones the simplistic example of oil and water not mixing together, we have done so for a good reason. What all of you began as you GATHERED for months now was in fact Creating the Spiritually designed momentum of Light coalescing with Light in a greater fashion than has ever been done here before! As that occurred and is now occurring even more so in vaster degrees, the dark energies which had so overtaken men, women and yes even many children and especially young adults, began to experience angst brought on by the amassing of the Light waves which you had been spreading throughout this world. So it was that the closer we came to the New Year’s Eve date, the more the dark riders fought to maintain their heinous control over the others.

As the Creator and God glided into this world bringing their Supreme Presences to the forefront of ALL life, Light and dark collided. It was a battle of epic proportions; how many times do you remember what my Celestial daughter has told you repeatedly, “Light always casts forth the shadows, yet it is the shadows which DEFINE the Light.” Now, because each person here was exposed to huge electrical magnetic changes and shifts during the event, all frequencies, vibrations and cellular memories also were affected. Those who were controlled by the dark ones were unable to tolerate these massive infusions and changes. As the dark attempted to force more control over these ones an inner battle between the controlled people and the dark energies began and then heightened around midnight on January 6th. Ironically, January 6th is known as “Epiphany Day,” and indeed it was for many of these troubled peoples. Some of these people actually fled the dark ones because they were in fear for their lives and vowed to at least attempt to change their ways. How long that lasts remains to be seen. However, the dark was unable to battle on all fronts so they concentrated their energies AT FIRST on battling the Light of ALL Light. All the dark energies which actually survived the major shift changes and incalculable massive amounts of LIGHT which the Divine Ones brought into this world were given a huge taste of what they could expect from that time forward. The dark was unable to do more than attempt to “thrust and parry” as it repeatedly tried to defend itself and tried to attack the Light. This is what Celestial meant when she said that “it is the shadows which define the Light.” Those defining moments have wonderfully altered the dark’s future plans for humanity.

Although this is a rah-rah moment, do not forget another important fact. Now, when the psyche has been badly damaged especially to such an extent that the mind can never ever be free from psychosis, the permanent damage is already done. Essentially this means that because of these truly other grand events which took place at the January times, peoples who are truly bad people, people who are truly evil, also the addicts, all criminal types and all the unhappy people who feel they have no life, are reaching an acceleration point. All unstable and all purely dangerous people who have been for too long under the dark control are and will continue to do what they do best. And that is creating as much mayhem as possible for as long as they are able. None of them realize that the Light infusions and all the changes which have been brought into this world have also given these ones a time-date-stamp of the expiration of their mortality. This is a new stamp date; one which replaces the original death time they once had. By their actions, beliefs, non-actions and fractured psyches, they can not remain on this Earth Star planet. Those trapped in illusions and delusions have nothing to offer life, so life no longer has anything to offer them.

They have been separated from the rest of humanity; this is part of the uprooting process which is part of The Becoming. They have wrought this upon themselves; although they will continue to seek to blame others for their troubles and new health problems, indeed they have no one to blame but themselves. Very, very few of them before passing over will accept personal responsibility for their self-created conditions. Discretionary values are no longer what they possess; that has been removed from them. So please be aware that so much more which is still happening as people turn against people, as criminals become more evil and as this new world continues to slough off those who have made themselves far more than undesirable, word will continue to go around about major cases of murderous peoples and addicts dying in droves. Mental facilities already struggling with the in-pouring numbers of new patients will be hard pressed to keep up with the new surges to be. In other words, watch your back and be prepared to always remember that you are in good hands and very well-loved. Do not become caught up in situations and dramas which are NOT yours. You can feel empathy and experience sadness as the tolls of those passing over mounts, but please remember that each person has their unlimited opportunities to Create great changes in their lives and in the lives of others. But the parasitic nature of those feeding off the goodness of others has reached its demise. They have given no mercy to other people therefore, no quarter shall be given. They have cast their own dice. I am ending this transmission now…

Salude …. Walk in your inner peace and always continue to STAND ….

Blue Star the Pleiadian

There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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