Your Place in the Sun and those who Walk amongst you

The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

Your Place in the Sun and those who Walk amongst you

12-25-2016 to 2-25-2017

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) I am sending special greetings to all “Advocates for Justice” this day. I do so because I, along with all of Divinity, have been eavesdropping on the “conference calls” you ones have been participating in. The Collective of the Luminescents as well as the Creator HimSelf have asked me to convey to you ones their eternal thanks for all that you have each been expressing to one another, as well as to your own individual self. We have been watching as you ones have begun teaching others of what you know and WHY you know what you do. It has been joyful yet humorous to watch and listen as you have been surprising yourselves in your teaching of others, once it became your self-evident understanding that you were indeed engaged in the teaching process! See, you do not always know what you are actually doing when you do it!  In great part a serious monad which is an integral part of the Advocacy Agreement, is not only fulfilling its destiny thanks to all of you, but it also is irrevocably expanding the Collective Consciousnesses. These Consciousnesses exist on the most evolved levels of the Super Conscious infrastructure.

Now, if any of you beloveds fail to be able to understand the prominent significance of this “molecular arrangement,” then try to think of a tiny snowball; one which you each individually yet Collectively as well, suddenly begin to roll down the biggest mountain you can imagine. Together you have all pushed the ball and caused it to begin its ride down the mountain. As you dwell on that image you will see that it rolls faster and faster and faster almost at breakneck speed, while quickly turning into a colossal sized mountainous amount of snow gathered “collectively” while beautifully spreading its WHITE LIGHT throughout this world as well as this Universe. Or if you prefer, visualize yourselves as the Collective of Advocates hurling a small stone into the largest quietest body of water on this Earth Star planet. As you watch the area where you have thrown the stone you will see the huge ripples the stone initially caused now becoming massive streamers of water that not only elongate the once small ripples, but they also enhance their new large forms and ever-changing shapes. These are water-culminations which are effectively activating, affecting and determining the next course of water to successively alter.

All right now, all of you Planetizens should be able to see how power inherent causes many miracles to manifest and materialize. “Power inherent” is what each of you possesses; it is what you do with it that defines you as a true Human Being. To be Advocates that live as such here on this planet while still performing your more important works in the Spiritual Realms, also defines you each as true sons and daughters of the Gods and Goddesses. Many of you are finally being able to better understand the power of thought; yet it will not be until you leave your mortality and are transported to a better place in a better time, that you will be able to fully comprehend the massive contributions which you are making now. I do caution you one and all NOT to dismiss anything that you do, speak or think as “trivial.” Trivial is what the “do-nothingers DO.” That is why they become what they DO …. They become what they truly are … NOTHING.  Do NOT ever place yourselves in that lesser category; that would be self-demeaning! Now, I have told you ones many, many times, as has the Luminescent of this Universe you call “God,” that you never walk alone! In truth although many of you Advocates do indeed realize this to one extent or another, only a handful of you are now aware or are on the verge of becoming aware, that a large number of Luminescents walk with you, They walk amongst you.

Now, it was well-known that because all but a few of you ones would not be able to have your memory banks activated until individual and Collective gridline intersections took place, you would not remember that the Agreement also stipulated that a large number of Luminescents would be sent to you to assist you throughout your mortality journey. This having been revealed to you all now, you should be able to put one and one together and realize who some of the Luminescents are that are here wearing human form. This revelation could not be revealed in totality to you until now. For you to have known their true identities would have been counterproductive and would have placed too much stress upon you. Far too many of you have had to learn to adapt to re-speaking with God and even then most of you have been either hesitant to do so, or felt duress about doing something that humanity as a whole does not believe happens anyway. All of the Luminescents present on this Earth Star planet maintain a constant communiqué with all of the Luminescents on all other worlds, all other Universes. Not even a tiny bit of any Planetizens’ actions, thoughts, words, deeds or lack of, escapes Their notice. This is as it should be of course. This is but yet another aspect of organized chaos!

Now, the Collective of the Luminescents have received permission from the Creator to allow me to present some critical information to you Advocates. This information is relevant to a MAJOR Spiritual LEAP into the VOID which will take place shortly before the Earth Star clocks strike midnight on New Year’s Eve. The Creation Processing has decided with the consent of the Creator HimSelf, that a specific intersection needs to be readily available in order to accelerate organized chaos.  So it is that a KEY gridline intersection which will blast OPEN at precisely 11:56 pm Earth time, will be the open doorway which is perfect for the Creator HimSelf to enter this Earth Star dimension. So Advocates, be prepared … for the Creator does NOT enter here without good reason and He has many strategies which He will set into activated motion upon His arrival. So you see Advocates, it is not only Santa Claus who looks for who is naughty and who is nice!

Now, many of you ones will hear The Creator’s Sacred arrival in the wind as The Song of God spreads throughout this world, carried within the matrix of The Creator and His Sacred Force of ONE WHO IS MANY. God HimSelf will be arriving here at 1 minute past midnight. Of course, all time zones will be affected; they have all been taken into consideration. The gridline intersection shall rapidly interconnect and overlap spontaneously with The Creator’s arrival by unleashing an energetic blast of pure Light and pure love-infused power throughout this world. All the Luminescents who are already here on this planet will co-join the Creator and God and assist in PUSHing the Jesus The Christ Consciousness deeply into the minds and hearts of all Advocates for Justice worldwide! The Advocates’ Souls are well-aware of this upcoming “adventure” and in their own unique way you could say that “they are dancing in the streets.” Special events that some Gatherers who are Advocates for Justice are undertaking in January, 2017, will further serve to stabilize on Super Conscious levels The Creator’s undertakings on New Year’s Eve.

The very Presence of God arriving here 1 minute after midnight is to further enhance the abilities of all Advocates whether they are conscious of their status or not. Conscious Advocates may react to all this New Year’s Eve events and beginning of New Year ’s Day, by feelings/sensations which will range from lightheadedness, hearing different songs playing in their minds, feeling slightly off-balance, chills, goose-bumps and pure excitement and tears of joy for all that you ones experience. Many Advocates will try to express to others what they are experiencing but will be at a loss for words to adequately describe the sum total of their encounters. Yet there is a large number of Advocates as well as Advocates-in-training who will experience a strange quietude; peaceful and yet somehow warm. The quintessential nano-moments necessary which bring forth the embodiment of the entrances of these Two Divine Beings, coupled with the co-joining with The Luminescents who are already in place here on this planet, has never happened before. You are each special Planetizens living in special “times” just as you agreed to.

Each of you ones who is, has or soon will be expanding your Conscious Awareness to even greater levels are earning Your Place in the Sun. Although it was originally intended that each Soul would have that birthright it became evident that as trillions of Souls descended to the Earth Star planet since the inception of this world, that too many personality flaws prevented the Souls’ desires for that special place. I caution all of you ones NOT to take Your Place in the Sun lightly! The best way I can describe this place to you ones is that it resides in the Soul matrix of the Creator. However, through a process similar to self-transcendence yet far greater than that because it incorporates all parts of Soul with Luminescent matrixes as well, this special Place also resides within the Soul matrix of ALL Soul Clusters too. It is a special “chamber” where all that is good, healthy in mind and purity of thought thrives. The thriving includes always and forever living in brilliant Light and love that is without limit. It is a chamber that has no constraints; one which is solely dedicated to limitless enhancement of love and constantly Creating miracles. But again, because so many Souls back-stepped due either to Soul immaturity or the pervasive personality weaknesses, Universal Law decreed that only those Souls whether incarnate or discarnate would have to EARN their Place in the Sun. Jesus The Christ and His beloved wife Mary Magdalene are the guardians, the caretakers of The Place in the Sun. Do not fret about wondering if you are earning Your Place in the Sun. You will each be told or shown.

Now, many, many of the Luminescents who are here on this planet now, entered as Walk-Ins; They simply had to await this current gridline intersection which allowed the GATHERINGS to begin. Each Gatherer has been assigned a Luminescent to oversee each of you Advocates. Many Luminescents have each been given hundreds of Advocates to work with, in one manner or another. A handful of Luminescents chose to be StarSeeds in order to experience all life from the birthing state, then went on to become adult “humans” working with all awakened and sleeping Advocates. Although most of these Luminescents prefer anonymity, it was necessary that many of them needed to be recognized for who they were. Although They interact will all good peoples They tend to gravitate to the ones they have known “before.”  Think of it as “B.E.,” before Earth! I can tell you ones that They are easily identifiable, once you know what to look for.

Now, before I take my leave this wondrous day, I suggest that you think about how you plan to greet your Special New Year’s “visitors.” You may have special greetings, special thoughts, special feelings you wish to share etc. Please try to keep it simple though, Sometimes saying less is better! I am ending this transmission now ….  Yes, but of course I will be observing all of you. I always AM.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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