Life as a SELF Conversion

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Life as a SELF Conversion

10-25 to 12-25-2016

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all of you; especially to all Planetizens who are the Advocates for Justice. Now, the more you ones are learning or relearning about your true selves the less you need to be concerned about what you still have left to “remember.” What you need to remember shall be sent to you when the proper gridline arrives. All gridline intersections for each of you were set into motion prior to your present incarnation. So, just enjoy the ride and expect the unexpected; wait for the gridline to appear. Although I will tell you a secret … you have all Collectively just entered one, whether you knew it or not and you are about to learn more about it! Because so many of you ones have assumed personal responsibility for changing your lives, your “perspective meter” is now in a constant and contiguous upgrading processing mode. This is and was the desired goal which the Creation Processing and the Creator HimSelf wanted you each to achieve AT and In and DURING the particular gridline intersection which you all have now entered. You see Children, with each and every new or newly revised thoughts you have, you are raising yourselves to higher, purer forms of “Self empowerment” also known by us as, “SELF Conversion.” Had I meant “self” in the most practical term it would have related to an aspect of one’s personality. Especially how that personality is perceived by others.  However, when the term I use and the spelling of such is SELF, I speak solely of Self as your true Soul SELF. Do you see?

Many of you ones have been effectively and consciously adapting to new options and beliefs which have been forming within the matrix of your Soul SELF for as long as you have been. You ones have been seeing more clearly now that it was never intended for all of you to leap tall buildings as a show of strength, or command great masses of armies as a means of doing all that you can to defeat the raging madness of the hordes of dark riders here on the Earth Star planet. Yet even though this understanding has been formulating in expressions through verbal and non-verbal communications with other Advocates on world and off-world, you ones for the most part have failed to realize that you as SOUL and as Advocates with hearts of gold, are far more significant and wield unlimited power which is bathed in the Grace of God than you have any idea of! It is indeed this remarkable and pristine innocence which you each have that makes you ones untouchable by the worst of the worst. The more power you emit by be-ing who you are and bathing your SELF in the Light of ALL Light, the greater the threat you ones are to the dark, just as we are to them as well.

Now, it has been when you have each during the past, in this life experience I mean, been in contact with others who lacked your Spiritual stamina, who have lacked your belief in the Greater Good and what that truly means and were not really the peoples you should have aligned with, is when you suffered the most. Most of those experiences were of a very personal nature and happened for you to learn from but NOT to be obsessed with! Yet, true to your nature and with the additional help of some…ahem… hardheadedness, you ones became the true symbol of the Phoenix Rising.  So, because that was then and this is NOW, it was the “then” that was a catalyst to get you from THERE to HERE. The last 10 years in particular were part of a design in your individual lives which we knew would ultimately bring you into First Contact with other “yourselves” as the Advocacy Agreement began its initial PUSH to bring you to other GATHERERS, so that your roles as activated Advocates of the Collective Consciousness would let loose the enormous Golden Balls filled with carefully designed miracles Created by you, yourselves. Oh Advocates, we all collectively wish that you could each see what we see and what my Celestial daughter and David see as we all have held our breath and exhaled in great love and joy as we watch these God Balls freefalling over and around this Universe. They then suddenly rise with tremendous speed and literally zoom upwards into Higher dimensions where they are conjoined with many other Golden Miracle Balls let loose by other citizens in other Universes!

Oh, the wonders you have wrought and will continue to fashion are simply awe-inspiring and raise our own vibrations to give us pause in order for each of us to simply reaffirm to one another that YES, we KNEW they would do this, we KNEW they would not fail themselves.

Now, part of the Gatherings is for of course the reason of you each expressing yourselves about your hopes, any hesitancies, your inspirations about how to further send Light throughout this Universe and yet to also finally begin to have the Soul companionship which you have all been craving, understandably so. There is of course great safety in numbers for many reasons; so it is that as you ones gather whether physically, through email and preferably via telephone communications, you are unconsciously for the most part spreading huge amounts of protection around your individual selves and all those you are connecting with. While all these things are occurring though, your individual SELF Conversion is subtly but swiftly taking place with each of you. I ask that you relearn important facts about your SELF Conversions. You see Advocates, part of the Divine Design was that as the Gatherings began each nano-moment that any one of you is undergoing the Conversion Processing, all those you are firmly connected to now in the Advocacy program are unknowingly also receiving a gift that you are unaware you are sharing with them.

Think of it this way please; the SELF Conversion is an unending series of steps up the Spiral Staircase which leads directly to SOURCE! So it is just as it was intended to be, that as your individual SELF Conversions occur the tremendous strength of your own individual Soul Clusters send massive energy streamers to each of you who is ascending the Staircase. These streamers can not be destroyed; each contains a microburst of Mary Magdalene’s love and purity as well as Jesus The Christ’s love, purity and determination to continue to add His Christ Consciousness to each streamer. Each streamer is the vessel for these wondrous gifts from them both. Now, the streamers are magnetic in nature although the magnetic quality is one that is not of Earth; it is a vast composite of the highest levels and forms of magnetics from each Universe, each galaxy. So you can truly see that you are in good company! So it is that as you unknowingly adapt to the tremendous free-flowing streamer’s energy you are sending a particle of each streamer to those you are conversing with. They too are doing this with you and that provides not only more protection, but your Soul Clusters continuously add more and more power and energy enhancements to each of you. This is indeed part of the Advocacy Agreement; it is promises made and promises kept!

Now, here is another aspect of life for you ones to mull over. Life without Conversions of SELF are meaningless lives; they are not lives well-lived. Life without experiences to learn from and life without Creating great experiences are lives of peoples whose true life existences are but an empty shell, regardless of what social status or monetary resources they may have. Their own presumed successes they believe they have, actually pale in comparison to what each of you Advocates truly have. This may be difficult for some of you ones to believe, but it is true nonetheless. If you ones wonder for whom the bells toll, they toll for those whose lives are but a hollow husk, a sick parody of life.

Each Advocate has been destined to have many life-altering situations which result in attaining Higher levels of Consciousness. These are all steps on the Staircase. When you study the actions or lack of actions of others, just as when you study the actions or lack of actions of yourself you are unknowingly changing. This causes what you are studying to change as well. You see Advocates, the need to understand why certain things happen has always been an overriding concern to many peoples here. This is admirable as long as it does not become obsessive. When you study the actions, whether it is of the thoughts, words or deeds of others your own perspectives of them change for better or worse. This in turn sets off a contiguous chain of events which center about how your perspectives are allowing you to see things more clearly, to see behind the veils of darkness and to correctly gauge good from evil. How do you know what is good if you do not know what is evil? By doing so, it sets into motion different events which the Collective Consciousness reacts to usually unconsciously and alters public opinion of the man, woman or thing which had been deceiving the public or deceiving very naive people. This then places a limitation on how much more harm can be done by that person, or by that “thing.” This is one way that people and things that should be brought to the Light and be seen and understood for what they really are happens! Now, when it is you studying “you” your own perspectives are offered a grand opportunity to see yourself in a different way, in a different manner. You can release all your previous presumptions about yourself and simply focus on the “new you.”In a manner of speaking you are giving birth to a new “you,” without needing to induce any “medical labor.” The more you study yourself the more you are changing yourself   without your conscious knowledge. What you study you also change. These are miracles indeed, and they are miracles you should all be thankful for. Yes, but of course this is all part life as a Conversion of SELF.

The birth NOW of Co-Crearchy is an ongoing event wrapped in the MANTLE of Jesus THE Christ Consciousness. Lately Celestial and our David have been working with Co-Crearchal young men and women, some in their teens. It has been great joy for these two intrepid Souls to be able to do this and to be ASKED for the Co-Crearchal information. Although this is happening NOW in many parts of the world, these peoples who are actively pursuing their Co-Crearchy will in time come to realize that they are truly experiencing life as a Conversion of SELF.

I will now give you ones something else to mull over: Living life consciously as an androgynous Being gives a whole new meaning to “when two or more are gathered in My Name.”

Pursuant to the individual signing of the Advocacy Agreement, each of you ones was offered the opportunity/choice of living as fine examples of the Co-Crearchy; it was indeed explained in great detail that it would not be an easy task in the beginning and would require those who chose to do so to really feel they were up to the task. After much consideration several thousands of Planetizens, not all of them Advocates, agreed to this arrangement. Bringing the Mary Magdalene Consciousness into manifestation WITH the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness within hearts, bodies and minds of a single individual is not easy. Now try multiplying that event by several thousand Souls agreeing to be “on the front line.” The more Spiritually mature of them today are aware that all they can do to contribute to the sweeping Divine Consciousness which is beautifully enveloping this Earth Star planet reaffirms to them that yes indeed, they made the right choice for the right reasons. The rest of the Souls in that contingent are slowly, sometimes hesitantly, adapting to the strange yet wonderful feelings. These ones are the first but not the last who are experiencing a different type of life as a conversion of SELF.

Now, as I take my leave I leave you ones with a thought … I ask you again to remember that you are all in good company.  I am signing off for now…….

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

  “There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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