In the Ear of the Beholder

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

In The Ear of the Beholder

8-25 to 10-25-2016

(Transmitted to Celestial by Blue Star) Greetings to one and all; my arrival this day was to be a synchronized event which coalesces with specific developmental procedures taking place at this time. This world here which you are tenants on is a- rocking and a-rolling in every way, and to many of you Advocates it seems as just when you thought you have seen it all, that nothing can surprise you anymore, then wham! You ones find yourselves witnessing more and more degradations taking place here. The numbers of parents and other family members on the Earth Star planet wailing and feeling grief and anger over the actions and non-actions of their children of all ages, is causing great consternation in the minds and hearts of so many peoples. This is occurring all over this world, but that information does not make anyone feel any better. Young adults in particular now are experiencing more angst than they previously had as they watch and listen to all the shenanigans taking place within the political arenas and within many religions.

It never surprises me when each new generation of peoples here vow to live their lives differently than their parents and other families of the past had lived. They vow to make the world a better place for all peoples. But then … life and reality gets in the way. The new generations for the most part simply repeat and regurgitate the same or very similar errors of judgment which their families and their ancestors had made. The difference is that each generation which can institute change for the better simply finds better ways to institute disaster. Children of all ages need to become aware that the Hand of the Gatherer of Souls is now looming over the children’s heads. Although this is also true for adults of all ages it is always the children who are relied upon to institute change for the better that are the ones who have suffered ignominious defeat. Yet those very same children are so naïve that they become part of the madness; far more than half of them become the very thing they say they detest.

Yet the young adults today are like ships without rudders; and children who are not yet adults are dying by the thousands each week in every country because of illegal AND legal drug usage. Those drugs are a sickening display of a domino effect, quickly killing those young peoples. Those who do survive are never the same again. On the other side of the coin there are many young adults who have been given a temporary “safety net.” Thanks to the assistance of the Star Light Children and White Rose those peoples are maintaining their sanity and most of their emotional stability In spite of all odds and in spite of themselves. The contentious elections taking place this year especially between now and late August, October and November, is like a stick of dynamite which has now been lit. This too is true all over this world.

Now, it is when peoples feel powerless to control their lives that many ones act out irrationally. This can happen even if some of those peoples actually have good intentions. These are the ones who forget or do not know that the road to doom-dom is filled with good intentions. Many peoples in America seem to forget that how America acts and reacts reflects to other countries and can either impair or improve all other countries as well. And vice versa.  However, there is always a bright Light shining behind the clouds; so it is that many peoples are now GATHERING and exercising their free expression to organize peaceful demonstrations while admonishing other peoples to do the same. Those who participate in those Gatherings as well as those among you ones who are ACTIVE participates in the Spiritual conclave of Gatherings which Celest and David initiated as directed by all the Luminescents, are doing so much more than they realize and this is indeed helping to further shape The New World.

Now, it is of primary importance that you Advocates who are NOT understanding the true power of sentience when you are listening to others speak, begin to open your auditory channel and start to hear what your eyes may not be telling you. Quite often the eyes unless they are fully into awareness, can and do become deceived by the projection of images they are seeing. This Advocates, is but one reason why what the eyes can not see, the ears can hear. All ideas begin a gestation period which is of crucial importance in order for the ideas to not merely transcend lesser thoughts of importance, but to bring together a synchronized rhythm of untapped fluid energies that are non-carbon based and ORIGINAL in their compartmentalized concept. Although it is true that all ideas can be traced back to similar ideas throughout any individual’s life phase, it is how and WHAT you each do with them this time around which is the cause and effect of how much you AND your “ideas” have matured. It is within the matrix of the maturity of both components of the idea-processing where true miracles are BIRTHED.

True it is that not all ideas are pain-free during the gestation process; true it is that once that period is ended the real plans of action are set into an organized chaos mode. So it is that the eyes working in tandem with the mind are an incredible force of power WHEN PROPERLY MAINTAINED AND USED ONLY FOR THE GREATER GOOD. Now, let me give you ones a simple example: if you are in the middle of a night vision and you are “listening” to peoples talking to you yet you can not actually hear them speak but you do see their lips moving, how can you possibly determine what they are saying? You do see them, but the information is lost to you. Unless you are adept at reading body language what will you learn from what is being said? Oftentimes peoples pay attention to the setting in the dream, the weather, the clothes each is wearing etc. At the very least peoples can understand the WHO, for the most part, and what type of conditions are existing around them at that particular time. Reading the stance of the person or persons in the night vision can give you distinct clues of the person’s PROJECTED persona. Any quirky sensation of love, comfort, fear, danger and so forth can be FELT and at times observed by your eyes. However without the sentience to assist you in traveling through these “mind troughs” you would be blundering around like a ship without a rudder, traveling so to speak in uncharted territory.

Now Advocates, time after time I have maintained a rigid stance with all of you ones as I have repeatedly emphasized the reality and meaning of sentience and the indisputable fact that this force is life-encompassing. However, although many of you heard me many others listened but did not HEAR! Sentience was always geared to be on the same levels of consciousness and Super Consciousnesses that each individual is on. Sentience is as real as you are. Sentience is the vessel which supports the Soul and the Soul VOICE. Oftentimes it is your own eyes which have deceived you because you wanted something to be something that it really was not! This is one of the important ways that mind can be fooled into thinking the eyes are seeing something that in reality they are not. Even and especially people on the planet who are blind, deaf or mute do have extraordinary sentience to guide them on their Earth Star walk. Their sentiences are finely honed and developed due to that lack of sight and/or physical hearing. Their bodies manipulate genes, chromosomes and nerve pattern conjunctions, so that all those other senses they are deprived of manifest as a sturdy highly developed overall sentience which replaces the other senses they are deprived of.

You ones however who have all your senses more or less intact, have no excuse for not relying on the total sentience you have and LEARN or relearn to develop the incredible auditory abilities you do indeed possess. The auditory canal unless it is damaged functions as a longish passage extending from the outer ear to the ear drum causing sound waves to travel through this ear pathway. All life forms rely on vibrations and frequencies as pivotal facets necessary to maintain life force on this planet. Therefore, as sound travels and either merges with other frequencies and vibrations or focuses solely on its on vibrations and frequencies, the individual Soul AND its Soul Cluster formulate a type of language which may either heighten one’s empathic and euphoric personal realm or will use the sounds to emulate the Greater Forces. The AU (auditory aspect of SELF) constantly receives minute upgrades which further enhance the TRUE hearing process. A very important function of the AU is to act as an alarm, a warning to those who are listening AND Earing what is being said to them or around them. This effect causes the ear to HEAR what the truth is and is not! You may think of this action as hearing between the lines.

Now Advocates, The AU stores all that it hears much the way the mind stores its knowledge or wisdom. Those among you ones who are learning the significance of listening to what you are REALLY hearing being said, are assisting yourselves exponentially in ripping away the voices of illusions and premeditated deceits. You ones have been learning to read between the lines for quite a while now and you can see how much wisdom you are GATHERING. So NOW start hearing what is really being said at any given time, then go ahead and sum up the TRUE personality of those you hear speaking. Even the villains who start these psycho dramas can not fail to reveal themselves to you when you can unmask them so easily. Think of someone you have been speaking with whether friend, family member, co-worker or foe. Think of the words they have spoken and allow your AU to alert you to what is really being meant. There will be times your eyes will see another person in a far different way than your ears will hear what your eyes are believing.

You may see it as a conflict, I do not. Your eyes have been trained to accept such and such as truth, yet your ears are not. Your ears are continually roaming in organized chaos. Your ears use their type of “antennas” in order to ascertain the hidden truths, the secret lies.  This is the same thing that occurs when you are conscious and listening to what a person is telling you about. Advocates, you ones all need to better understand the unlimited love and devotion to duty that the Creation Processing, The Creator and each of the Luminescents as well put into the Creation of each person who is incarnate. You have each been granted great largesse by being the recipients that have been given, in the most loving manner, physical vehicles that can adapt to your ways of life, love and irrepressible curiosity about life and especially about YOURSELVES. Although it is true that all physical vehicles have a time date stamp, it is also true that regardless of what chronological age you will be when you pass over, your SOUL retains all the memories you have accrued and eagerly enhances the matrix of itself as it rides the eaves of total bliss while it pulses forward in special spatial harmony WITH its Self in its eternal quest for its own immortality AS a Child of God, a Child of the Creator and a CHILD OF ITSELF! UNDERSTAND PLEASE, this is especially true of all the Earing memories you have; these Earing memories are without compare, they are priceless to you and for you.

The language you are unaware of which the Soul speaks with itself as well as to and with other Souls is comprised in great manner of all the frequencies, vibrations and overall tonal qualities which causes the preponderance of these monads to enhance  life eternal. It is an embracement with Self and ALL others who are part of the Collective Consciousness.

Now, using the Earing ability to properly discern the truth while unmasking lies is a massive contribution to the Collective Consciousness, as well as a “hallmark moment” in your own personal and interpersonal relationships on world as well as off-world. Do not dismiss this information, it is far more vital to you, your health and your wellbeing than you realize. The first line of defense is in the Ear of the beholder! As for us, but of course we Ear what you say and what you think … what you REALLY think. We can do that you know. Be proud of what you learn through using this attribute you all have been given, but few rarely use. The more you learns about things the less you will NEED to learn, do you see?

Now, before I take my leave this day, I, on behalf of all my Star Keeper brethren, all of the Luminescents and particularly Jesus THE Christ, want to say “kudos” to the Texas GATHERERS who have at their own expense traveled to meet with the “North West Pipeline” Gatherers and meeting still with special people in New Mexico U.S.A., and do what they all do best. They are gathering in the name of God, in the Name of Jesus The Christ, in the name of JUST CAUSE and they are enhancing in their own individual inimitable style The Jesus The Christ Consciousness. All they speak of together as well as individually when they all must return to their own homes, is successfully raising the Light on this planet yet another step up the spiral staircase! You ones are an absolute tribute to all of Divinity and a tribute to each of yourselves for being a true human being although you each originated on other planets. You Gatherers have each taught peoples a serious lesson yet none of you are aware of this YET. You see Gathered Advocates; none of you have let us down. You ones have all proven “if Mohammed cannot go to the mountain then move the damn mountain and go to each other!”

Now, I am signing off and gently reminding you all, I can EAR you all the time!

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian ….

I heard that!!!!


There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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