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  • In the Ear of the Beholder

    The Blue Star Transmissions ~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~ In The Ear of the Beholder 8-25 to 10-25-2016 (Transmitted to Celestial by Blue Star) Greetings to one and all; my arrival this day was to be a synchronized event which coalesces with specific developmental procedures taking place at this time. This world here which […]

  • Irrational Sects 10-25-12 to 12-25-12

    The Blue Star Transmissions ~Blue Star the Pleiadian~ Irrational Sects 10-25-12 to 12-25-12 Greetings Earthizens, well now, before long you will be hurtling into 2013, then what? How many of you ones will take the time today or even sometime this current year to see if you have learned anything about this year? So, there […]