Moving beyond fear and Understanding Acceptance

The Blue Star Transmissions

“Moving beyond fear and Understanding Acceptance”

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

6-25 to 8-25-2016

(Transmitted to Celestial by Blue Star) Greetings Fellow Inter-Planetary Journeyers: Much to say today but little time to do so. It had been decided by The Creator and The Creation Processing that a very important topic needs to be addressed by you at this time. Now, as you have already read the topic title for this transmission then obviously you know what it is about. Or you THINK you do. So, now everyone believes they understand fear and they understand love. It would behoove each of you ones to learn or re-remember that fear is a controllable emotion that can and DOES impact on one’s Spirituality, religiosity, heart, mind and Soul. Although it is a controllable entity; fear is a learned expenditure of a person’s energy resulting in altering a good, beautiful mind and loving Spirit of themselves into a sometimes mindless, depressed, unhappy and unhealthy person. As such, a male or female of any age living here on the Earth Star planet can become prone to living an INTERNAL type of life existence. It is a life where the fear compartmentalizes mind, body and Spirit, thus rendering the person into a form of self-institutionalization. Although this can occur at any chronological age it can also occur readily several days after a child is birthed regardless of wherever or whoever that child is. Although whatever the mother experiences throughout her pregnancy most definitely affects the unborn child too.

Now, remembering that fear is a learned mental, physical and Spiritual “reflex,” can you ones not see the innate significance of one of the most primary reasons peoples here “adopt” fear as their guiding light? Many peoples’ here believe that fear is a natural response to a person, place, thing or event. I of course contend that this is NOT true! I contend this because I KNOW it is NOT true! There is nothing natural about fear. Fear in its worst form is what you would call “the dance of the devil.” Evil is its own whirling dervish far surpassing any vague conception anyone may have that fear and evil are NOT related. Many of you ones choose to believe that fear is real yet believe that evil is not. I would find that almost comical if it were not such a deadly, dangerous idea. Yes Advocates, this really is a reality so many of you are unaware of. Interestingly enough, many mentally off-balance zealots and fanatics are fearless about choosing to be martyred for their causes, yet do not see evil in the terrible actions they participate in against others as well as against themselves. They only see evil as they perceive it to be when they themselves feel targeted. They have lost their humanity!

Far too many peoples here working in the mental health fields truly do not understand the relativity between fear and evil. Many of these peoples do not believe in the fact and the true reality that a Soul exists; let alone that it is a living non-carbon based organism which is the foundation for all lifeforms. Fear is the matrix of evil; therefore each person who allows fear to enter into their lives exhibits firsthand a particle of the level and state of being of the control which evil holds over them. Remember please, there are many levels of evil just as there are many levels of love! I ask you Advocates for Justice to please remind yourselves as often as is needed that you are here to also help tip the scales for Justice so that Justice is the predominant encompassing energy. You do this by functioning as the pendulum within a CLOCK which keeps the CLOCK running in the right direction. This particular pendulum is a non-gravitational entity in its own right! Yes, indeed there are only a few Advocates among you ones who have not in some way or another not succumbed to periods of fears on different levels in different times. I also remind you to remind yourselves that the intellect must fight for its survival, or so it believes, and readily and uniquely uses fears as a type of “governor” to show the intellect if the individual is crossing any UNDERSTOOD lines by leaning into understandings that the intellect itself does not possess. This could be misinterpreted by the intellect. So when this occurs it could be perceived in some manner or another by the intellect that the intellect is in danger.

Now, in a sense the governor of which I speak can be likened to your pendulum-self which has its foundation in free expression. So it is that if you ones use your free expression to expand your consciousnesses BECAUSE YOU CAN, then the slight shifting of a directional swing registers within the intellect in much the same manner as a Richter Scale can detect the subtle beginnings of an earthquake. This Planetizens is one of the most important reasons which each of you ones need to truly understand about fear and acceptance. You see, there are dire consequences which WILL occur to anyone living lives of fear. Lives of fears utterly compromises the strength of a Soul WHILE that Soul is walking in human form. Fear-filled lives stimulate a malevolent entity energy which grows much as the deadliest, most dangerous bacteria do. Fear compromises acceptance of truth while it skillfully and consistently in its own wily way implants dubious thoughts about other peoples and yet encourages the infected persons to give over more of their own power to the intellect.

Now, “acceptance” is an energy which has its own monad. Although there are many, many forms of monads which exist on many levels of maturity, overall they are and will continue to be wondrous indivisible units which are indestructible. This is because the cores of the monads are the basic elements of reality and project and exhibit microcosms of the element of reality which may be on the same level of understanding that a Soul has at any given moment. In turn as the microcosms of reality become more confident of the nature of the situation which they are OVERSEEING, the monad AT THAT TIME, based on its higher level of maturity, slowly can and does transposition the energy levels of itself into a macrocosmic energy of reality. So it is Advocates that although so many of you ones may have begun this present Earth journey viewing only the microcosmic world of realities, there are so many more of you ones NOW who are viewing the macrocosmic world of realities instead. The microcosmic exists as a miniaturized facsimile of a person, place, thing, Universe or tunnel-vision reality; while the macrocosmic exists as a not always understood complex of only a single entity which contains internally numerous smaller scale inner-structures of states of Higher Consciousnesses. And this my beloved Advocates, is how you are being aided in dealing with realities that you must bear witness to, as well as the HIGHER REALITIES that have been hidden in plain sight. Think of it this way please; as the pendulum goes so goes life. You as a pendulum are reliant on your free expression and your macrocosmic views to bring peace to this world by maintaining peace within your SELVES! So it is as it has been throughout your present incarnation – just when you think you know all about yourselves, you find out that your really do not.

Fear and acceptance have been in a constant tug-of-war throughout your lives here on the Earth Star planet. Even many Advocates used to be loath to believe the true existences of themselves and the destined roles they play here on this planet. Far too many of them had become con-ditioned to demand proof before they would give credence to acceptance. The very fact that those ones have done this resulted in the Creation Processing quietly and quickly nullifying their name-energies on the scrolls of the Advocacy Agreement. This is why there had to be many, MANY more Advocates waiting in the wings so to speak, to replace the Advocates who had fallen away.

Of course it was understood that this would occur; after all living on the Earth Star planet can be the most dangerous, most challenging, life experience for even many of the hardiest Souls. One can move beyond fear by “self-diagnosis,” you know. Firstly – look for the root cause of what you may fear and see if you can trace the roots of that fear so you know how it started. Do not place blame on others who may have contributed to a fear; that is NOT your place to do so! Secondly – abolish the fear and de-root your selves. If it will aid you I encourage you to write down the fear and cause thereof, then literally thank that fear-root for giving you a learning lesson. Then without any qualms abolish that fear by telling it quite literally that you refuse to have it and that you are sending it away, never to return. Continue in this manner until you believe that you have tackled all your own issues. YOUR OWN. Each personality must deal with its own issues. It is part of “lessons learned and promises kept.”

Those of you Advocates who do this will notice a change in how you feel; you may even feel a bit drained or tired. That is as you would say, “par for the course.” Then when you feel you are ready, begin to understand that you have in this manner been moving beyond fear. As you do so the internal monad of acceptance replaces the fear mode. Please use your heads though; obviously if you are face to face with a rattlesnake for instance, you would not say, ”you do not scare me, I am in acceptance!” That would be quite foolish and dangerous to say the least. I chose to mention this because I have seen many highly illogical actions and thoughts take place when some peoples begin to flex their “acceptance muscles.” Now, once you feel that you are successfully making progress with dealing with old fears, please see things in the NOW of today; do not become one of the many thousands and thousands of peoples here who believe that everything that happens to them and how it has created fears is some type of karmic payback. IT IS NOT!

Even the most Spiritually skilled among all you Advocates can from time to time experience a quam or two; that is not unnatural and should simply be dismissed. I ask all you ones to try to understand that in a bizarre way fears that any person has had or still have, have been able to teach the fearers lessons which they may not have learned in another way. NO, evil did not have that part of its plan of action include this type of outcome. My Advocates, this particular plan of action was a skillfully designed BLADE OF JUSTICE Created by the Collective of Luminescents. It was Created by Them to not only let you know that “they have your back,” it was also to be a further aid to the fulcrum of the Scales of Justice! All that I am re-teaching you this day should also enable all of you ones to be better able to detect others’ fears and teach them of what you know now, IF and WHEN the opportunity occurs. Do not be upset if they do not “get it.” You can only do what you can only do! I say that to myself a hundred times a day. At least!

Acceptance as a “care giver” means that each of you Advocates that were so carefully selected to participate in the Advocacy Agreement should understand that acceptance is a means of acknowledging that although you may at times be faced with dilemmas to confront that you do not like, as long as you stand in truth and maintain your place as a Winter Person on any level, then you are swimming with the dolphins and not with the sharks. Do you see? At times you can think the term “Acceptance” and you will be able to feel the changes which are taking place within your hearts, minds and Souls. Acceptance is a form of a Higher Understanding of ALL THAT IS which each of you ones brought with you from your own home worlds, your own home Universes. It is in its own right a grand measuring rod which shows you how far you have come in this lifetime at this time. Acceptance also means “I fear not.” In the greatest sense of the wording it translates to “I fear no evil for I AM ONE who has transcended those fears. I understand that evil exists and I ACCEPT that good exists as well.” In time, the intellect will at least ACCEPT that even if it never fully UNDERSTANDS that.

Now, in this manner you will each continue to journey past unrealistic fears and slay the illusions which fears project. This Advocates, is indeed one of the greatest gifts you will ever render to yourselves and ultimately under the Law of Cause and Effect, will cause your own Self-Luminescence to shake and shimmer and distribute itself to all the worlds and all the Universes that are watching you. I have told you many times Advocates …. You are NEVER alone. I am signing off now and wish you all a shimmering day.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” Blue Star

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