When Prophecies collide with Illusionary Realities

The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

When Prophecies collide with Illusionary Realities

(Transmitted to Celest from Blue Star)

6-25 to 8-25-2015

Greetings to all of you, especially all who are Advocates for TRUE justice. Now, it has long been held that people can make the most or the least of their KNOWN realities. Although this is true to a certain extent, when illusions of realities are accepted as truths simply because the accepters do not know any better, then all hell breaks loose! I have chosen to use as an example the latest God Book, Winter People who ride the Wind, which accurately portrays and yet illustrates how previously unknown truths can shock people AWAKE. This feat then compels the innermost matrix of the Soul to override the personalities conditioning. This catalyst enriches the Soul maturity each of you have while still promulgating the essential truths which you each NOW must have in order to successfully complete your individual and collective missions. Many prophecies can be changed depending on the circumstances of the collective minds and the focus of intents. Had it not been for the incredible and fabulous intent of all Advocates to enter into The Army of One and do whatever each of you could to break through the illusionary matter which has so permeated this Earth Star planet seemingly since forever ago, there would not have come to pass a prophecy that had been written long before your current descent into madness.

That prophecy which has been kept cloistered from you had been kept that way by the darkest ones of the legions of horror. They could ill-afford for any of you ones to know that YOU ARE THE HIDDEN PROPHECY! The Creator in all His majestic wisdom and love without constraint, did indeed decree when the God Books were first written, that as the very special gridline intersection appeared to you ones with or without your conscious knowledge of such, then that would culminate in the precise movement of your own collective Soul energies that would insist that Now is the time for each Advocate as well as for Advocates in-training, to take a quantum leap in understanding more and more of your own true nature. This too would provide you with a new foundation in understanding the true reality of yourselves. So, it began with each of you reading each God Book once AGAIN until the culmination of incremental phases of you revealing to yourselves all that you truly are and somehow understanding that you are far MORE than Earth conditioning led you to believe you are. Planetizens, it has long been my greatest privilege and pleasure to be part of your lives whether you are consciously aware of my presence in your lives or not. You have each brought such joy to my life. Now, understand please that as you have evolved I too have evolved through you and you have evolved through me. You ones may want to think about that for a nano-moment.

Now, although there is a bit of lunacy involved when religious factions speak of “The Second Coming,” there is also great humor in that statement. You see Planetizens, the actual writing of the decreed prophecy that had been hidden from all of you is quite different from the bastardized version which so many religious people, especially the fanatical ones believe it is. In truth You are the Second Coming; you are the hidden prophecy! Our beloved Jesus THE Christ would never consider being here without all of you. Before I continue, Jesus asked me if He could say a few words to you ones.

“Yes beloveds, this is Jesus here! I asked to speak with you collectively because I KNOW the utter importance of what Blue Star is telling you about yourselves! Beloved family; I have never let you walk alone. I have never abandoned you or stopped loving you each and all. How could I? To do so would mean that I would be walking alone, I would abandon MySelf and I would not love MySelf. How many times must I reassure you Advocates that WE ARE ONE? I have never asked any of you to do more than you can; I have not asked you to leap tall buildings in a single bound or to do more than you should do. I have asked that you act responsibly when dealing with irresponsible people living among you while you are living in a world gone mad with decadence and deceit. I have asked you to remember that WE truly ARE The Second Coming. On an equally personal note, I might add that I see great humor in the term “Second Coming.” Because WE have always been, then how could there really be a Second Coming in the most practical sense of the wording, when there has never been a cessation to The First Coming? Thanks to each of you, WE will always be a FIRST, even though WE are now called The Second. Ah, it is good that I now see some smiles on your faces. I like that! All right, I believe I have stated all that I needed to, so I will now return you to Blue Star. In gratitude to all that you are, I AM Jesus THE Christ “signing off” … figuratively speaking.”

Now, don’t you just love it when company comes to call? I believe it would be a worthwhile effort on your parts to perhaps print out this particular transmission. In the days, weeks and months that lie ahead, laughter and smiles will not always be possible for so many of you ones to indulge in. More and more truly valid prophecies will take place regarding what is erroneously referred to as “Earth changes,” among other things. The beasty ones are already culling their own packs and “removing” those who have proven to be weak links. These dark riders are not aware that we know that they do this in order to try to strengthen those who are in human form. These are the ones who have aligned with the riders. You see Advocates; the dark ones have always done this prior to a final amassing of their strength in numbers as they put into action their last badly flawed plans to bring humanity to its knees … AGAIN.

Yes, they also NOW know that we have tweaked your memory cells with transmissions, Celest and David’s writings, Master Kato and the Collective of Masters, the God Books, Chako Priest’s writings and so forth, as WE too enter into the Spiritual arena fully prepared to fight the last great fight for peoples’ Souls. Now, the dark has always counted on their abilities to spew illusionary matter among all peoples here. They, the dark ones, however have become complacent, much like an animal that has overeaten and feels stuporous. They are aware however that their last bastion of defense lies in further feeding the fear factor which so many peoples here have succumbed to. So, be prepared to hear more and more fear-mongering issuing forth from pulpits in all churches and other places of worship and religious leanings. The old “hell and damnation” adages are about to receive a massive infusion from the dark workers. This is but one reason why the preponderance of visible and “invisible” Winter People is taking place here. In Winter People ALL the Luminescents worked so steadfastly to provide each of you with minute details of all that you need to know to further your survival here and to realign yourself WITH your SELF. Please, do not let Them have worked on your behalves in vain! Remember what you have been warned about in that book – your Achilles Heel. The greatest, most threatening prophecy to the dark that so many of you had not heard about … until NOW, is taking place. As you each arrive at the true understanding of what awesome power you and Jesus wield, the greater you as SOUL will be able to see through illusions and triumph over evil. And all you have to do is to believe and to just be yourself!

Now, regardless of how many bible thumpers want to believe in illusionary end times and will now really continue to say that the world is ending, believe me when I tell you that will not happen! Yes, because of all the massive infusions of Light from each of you and the extending expansive nature of your innate knowledge, you are being a major difference. Each of you who are already conjoined with the Winter People, or are Winter People yourselves already, are amassing quantum amounts of Jesus Consciousness and spreading it all over Terra. The effect of this movement will cause the more unbalanced peoples here to continue to act out. Sadly, so many of them are under such mindless control, that they do not even understand why they behave the way they do. Illusionary realities would have you all believe that all the hatred and murders are only about hatred for other races. Although it is true that many peoples here do hate races other than their own and do not particularly like most of their own race, the fact of the matter is they have been force-fed illusions DISGUISED as prophecies. Unstable minds grasp at any straws that cause them to believe they “are feeling normal.” The greatest gifts YOU as “the hidden ones” will receive is to yet again walk with Jesus while you are on this planet and reaping what you each have sown. You will walk in beauty like the Wind Riders and sing the Song of God. You will continue to be all that you can while still surpassing your own expectations of yourselves. Is that not enough for you?

Now, I can tell you ones that this walk will be vastly different than any ones you formerly had with Him. Jesus has grown into such a great maturity and yet has managed to keep his wit and joyful laughter with Him. His own powers of observation are incredible and He has learned over the many millennia to use them wisely. It is the sorrowful realizations He has had to endure while listening and watching the demonic hatred that targets Him, Mary Magdalene and all of you who walk with Him, that strengthens His own determination to be ALL that He is. In the deepest recesses of His Soul He has awaited the gridline intersection you are all entering with Him and He feels honor-bound to not only continue to protect each of you, but desires to share His alignment with HimSelf with ALL of you. His own alignment has altered just as your own are. You see, the more you achieve in strength of Spirit and the more you conjoin with the knowledge and wisdom that is your birthright, the more your Godliness encases this WORLD. Do you understand? None of you here can afford to not walk the way of the rainbow! That arcing motion can enter through the densest mass and Light up the world! This is a world you will SOON claim as your own. This summer here will be fraught with agitators pretending to be allies; with extreme weather conditions that will test your endurance, with food shortages and mutating insects, YET you SHALL prevail! You will NOT fail yourselves! For you NEVER walk alone! Now, I ask you one and all to remember my words please, for it is in the remembrances that your great strengths lay. The remembrances of all I share with you this day will assist each of you as you stand fast in your truths and practice passionate detachment as many of even the stoutest-hearted religious peoples begin to quake in fear. Do not think about karma or anything else other than the fact that the reaping and sowing shall NOT end.

No person on the Earth Star planet is immune to the R&S factor. Illusionary realities are already being shredded, and yes I do feel great compassion for the human beings here who have made ill-begotten choices in life. However, I have repeated many times before a special quote of mine which some of you understand and some of you do not. I ask you ones to remember what I am about to repeat again and then see if you can accurately decipher my own coded words. I have said, “There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the religious stand on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation, in time all shall be as ONE. I will meet you there.” There are several serious messages in my quote, the more you can figure them out, the brighter your Light will be! My Celestial daughter just asked me to pass on a few words of a song she and David are singing, “I’m still standing, yea, yea, yea, I’m still standing.” Now, considering the at times tumultuous lives they live and all that is still expected of them, if THEY can still STAND, NOTHING and NO-THING should be able to stop you.

Now, you have each accrued so many laurels for yourselves by reading and learning to understand your present destinies as well as your future ones. However, when laurels are rightfully earned, they must be put to good use. Allowing yourselves to dream the good dream and to visualize all the good and wondrous events that will take place when “the dust settles,” is an absolute positive positive form of Creation on your parts. The power of your mind is UNLIMITED. Call in your Soul Clusters, all your off-world mentors and on-world mentors as well. For united you STAND, it is only those who have divided themselves from you that shall truly lose.

In love and in recognition for the power of yourselves, I am signing off for now. That does not mean I am leaving you …. I, like Jesus, will never do that.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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