Strengths and Weaknesses

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The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

 “Strengths and Weaknesses”

4-25 to 6-25-2015

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) … Greetings to all of you, I am Blue Star, I AM that I am. Now, oftentimes many discussions you ones each have with one another as well as the discussions you weave within your own minds but do not verbalize, can cause distortions and confusions when you are attempting to determine your own abilities and identify your own frailties. When a frailty is seen as a sign of moral weakness it then becomes a character flaw. It is NOT moral decadence though, I assure you of that. Therein lays an example of the difficulties which arise when the cause and effect sensations produce confusion within the human minds. “Cause” – can be seen as the root fiber of something that is acting as a catalyst and compels individuals to think the way they do and to react to others’ actions the way they do. “Effect” – this is a self-producing, self-perpetuating mind matter which tends to cover or conceal the aftermath of what the cause was. Because of these situations the battle between intellect and Soul Voice can swing into collisions of the most interesting kind. This type of climax can best be described as both cause and effect issues because the rising situations affects both intellect and Soul Voice. I have decided that at this period of such instability rising within the minds and emotions of so many peoples, that perhaps a bit of understanding the “whys” is necessary.

Now, I, Master Kato and the Collective of Masters, ALL the Luminescents, my Celestial daughter and David have all impressed upon each of you that it is of the utmost importance that you all remain strong in your faith, strong in your dedication to the Creative forces of all life-forms and to surrender when you feel you must, but to never give up! Most unfortunately many, MANY Advocates for Justice still equate strength with force. Now look at the other side of the coin.

Look for example at how many so-called leaders in the practical world behave: politicians, religious leaders, banking institutions etc., have no problem exemplifying dangerous forces in action. In no way does this mean they are strong! Ruthless and dangerous they may be, but they are NOT strong! They actually personify weakness in action. During my latest discussion with the elders and with others of my Star Keeper brethren which occurred in the Crystal City, we all agreed that the more any of us can assist any of you Advocates in being better able, better prepared to continue to fight the battle for the emancipation of the collective minds of humanity, the more you will also free your OWN minds. During the mind-freeing experience you will Create more thought-forms which will more quickly become expansions of cause and effect in this current rising tide of personal and planetary evolution. As a direct result of our meeting, I went forth and requested a spatial period for myself to meet with all the Luminescents. All of them at the same period. The Luminescent of this Earth Star planet, the One you refer to here as, “God,” was particularly delighted with our own desires to deal with you ones firsthand about strengths and weaknesses. He and the rest of the Luminescents told me to be as bold and outspoken with you ones as I needed to. Then “God” said, “Why are We telling him to do that? He is always like that!”

So, I will not attempt to hide the truth by indulging in the cloying honey-coated wordings that so many people enjoy speaking in. It is just not my nature! Now, knowing your limitations is NOT the same as signs of weaknesses. NOT knowing your limitations is! It is precisely when peoples attempt to go beyond their limitations that bad things can happen to good peoples. When you reside on your own true home bases however, none among you ones have any notions of being limited. However, Earth Seeds have this issue because they are Children of the Earth; they are NOT from other planets. It is a bitter conundrum for these ones. Planetizens, do you not yet understand that Earth Seeds are caught in the middle of this raging war and their home base is in great jeopardy! Unless Earth Seeds themselves change they will doom themselves to being removed from here and eventually will be sent to a settlement that is a parallel Earth. Although that would not be a good thing, it is the only recourse left for them. Now, that having been said I ask you Advocates “how do you define strength? How do you define weakness?” You may want to write down your own answers and see if during the remainder of this transmission your answers correlate to mine. Do not worry about anyone knowing what you write. No one will be watching you … with the exceptions being all the Luminescents and the Planetizens still on their home bases who are all eagerly awaiting your responses to this “growth experience.” No pressure, right!

Now, strength, just as weakness, is vastly misunderstood on this planet. Strength is not meant to complement a physical type of power, or to be seen or thought of as a defensive ability in the physical sense. It is the prowess of mind over matter that is an offshoot of true strength. True strength lies in the ability of a person’s “determination factor” to stand their ground while exhibiting the stability of their heart, mind and Soul. Everyone needs to be able to stare down those children of the dark ones, even if the ones doing so feel they are quaking inside. Having qualms is but a natural occurrence of Soul when under pressure from the anxiety assaults of the intellect. Strength is an aspect of the state of your Soul. Strength is a final determining factor of how much you have altered from the presence your Soul once had to the presence it has at this nano-moment. So it is that with each life challenge whether it is self-created or not, the presence of your Soul STRENGTH is what defines you as you, and clearly defines the stature of those peoples who have chosen to simply live in the practical world.

NOW, many people here though have a complicated life situation. This is due to the fact that although they may have the Soul presence, and the Soul strength required to maintain that presence, their strengths are their greatest weaknesses. No, this is not a contradiction in terms; you see, one of the issues which befuddle these types of peoples is that just because they HAVE the strength does not mean that they always use it wisely. Oftentimes their various strengths are used against them because they do not see the reasons for acknowledging that they may also have weaknesses. No one can live here on this planet without having and maintaining a delicate balance between their known weaknesses and their known strengths. To see and acknowledge one’s self as only being strong and always “in strength,” is to craftily deny that there are any weaknesses that need to be addressed and corrected. To deny that they exist is to deny yourself as a person “in maturity,” regardless of what season of the Soul you are in at any given moment. It is long been held by the dark riders that when they ascertain one’s weaknesses, that is where they will always launch an abusive and sometimes deadly attack on that person. So it is that when they see that weaknesses are not being dealt with and many times not even acknowledged, they can immediately seize upon a person’s strengths in order to bring down the strengths thus causing their weaknesses to be visible for all to see. This then is when many peoples capitulate. I guess you could think of it as “their kryptonite is their perception of their strengths.” This then is how for many peoples their strengths are their greatest weaknesses. I am suggesting that you each engage in some Soul searching about this matter. There are some peoples here that will say that their weaknesses are their greatest strengths. Think about that statement please. Yes, for those peoples there is great truth in that! Although I am not proposing that the rest of you ones decide to personify your weaknesses in the same manner.

NOW, all weaknesses are the byproduct of some belief. Although there are hundreds of different beliefs to support my statement, it is quite common here on the Earth Star planet for multiple beliefs to affect a person’s mind and emotions and impact on the ability to be able to walk in peace feeling confident of their actions or reactions to just about anything. Yet, remember, a weakness CAN become a strength when the weakness is corrected and taken care of. Too many namby-pamby peoples are terrified that their children, spouses or they themselves will exhibit weakness and become castoffs to society and religion. Standing in your truths is a STRENGTH, although some people see it as a weakness IF those truths do NOT conform to their own versions of reality. So Advocates, which will it be? Do you STAND or do you fall? If you bear in mind that at times falling can cause a weakness to become a strength, is it worth it to you? If you fall, surely you are not telling me that you can not get back up again. At least I hope that you are not. I do indeed wish that each of you Advocates would realize and recognize the fact that without you each having incredible amounts of strengths, you could not be Advocates for Justice! Yes, by identifying any weaknesses you think or FEAR you may have, you can eradicate them and then add them to your strengths list. In this manner you may also transmute any lingering fears or the ILLUSIONS of fears into elongated streamers of strengths.

Now, it is an oddball type of irony that many peoples who project pure arrogance are among the most egotistical peoples on this planet. Yet it is these very same peoples who have the most to lose because in truth they hide behind their arrogance while hoping that no one will ever be able to rip asunder their veils of illusions. They are repelled by other people’s strengths and are quite adept at trying to seek and find whatever weaknesses those other people really have. It has long been said that each person here should learn to know their enemies. Although that is true it requires strength to walk away from the enemies. Not only does walking away defuse the situations in most cases, it is a clearly defined yet unspoken statement indicating that those who walk away can see the weaknesses the enemies try to conceal. They have seen and thus they have conquered. In many ways these situations can be akin to trying to mix oil and water. Egotistical peoples can not cope well with being ignored. These narcissistic peoples can not handle the idea that those other people can see through the thin veneer of the egotistical projected illusions which these narcissists carefully recreated about themselves. Those shallow peoples and their self-indulgent thoughts and lifestyles are far weaker than they know. They are indeed ever so much weaker than those peoples who see them as they really are. Now, there is so very, very much electricity in the air passages now that the electrostatic energies are running amuck. Not only does this impact on animals and vegetation, too many peoples here on the Earth Star planet are becoming more and more vulnerable to rapid mind swings. Those whose tempers are volatile naturally, are becoming more emotionally unhinged as they unconsciously respond to the electric motion. The mood swings and tempers rising are byproducts of weaknesses. Those who are the least affected are those who possess the greater number of strengths. However, even this latter grouping of people still reacts to one degree or another to the pervasive electrical output. In an unusual manner these new normal weather conditions seem to be testing your strengths and weaknesses. Although this is not a God sponsored Event, we find it fascinating and wonderfully uplifting to observe each of you Advocates who are learning to adapt to the different forms of electrical matter.

Those of you who are relearning about the power of mind over matter should have very little difficulty in reestablishing your ancient connections with the lightning storms. There are none among you ones that has not in the distant past known that lightning can work FOR you and THROUGH you. Now, what this means is that fears themselves are natural conduits that can call electrical matter to them. It is precisely because the human vehicles are composed basically of electricity, NOT water as you ones have long believed, that electricity has always played an important part of your Souls’ lives. Life can not exist without the presence of water and electricity. One may function as a conduit for the other, but each provides the Creation of new life and new landmasses. So it is that as you each walk the walk here, your sensitivity to these two “elemental forces of nature” are becoming more heightened in every moment. The more weaknesses a person has, the less interplay there is between lightning and person. The more strengths a person has, the greater the heightened state of sensitivity is and at times it can feel euphoric.

That is NOT to imply that I am encouraging any of you ones to walk around outside during electrical storms! That would be very unwise indeed. Your bodies and minds own electrical nature reacts to elemental forces based on your strengths and weaknesses. Yet, “’coincidentally” you yourselves when your own electrical magnetic currents usually referred to as ”auras” here connect with lightning, you are actually sending some of your own electro-strengths upwards to the primary lightning bolts. Indeed lightning here has changed thanks in great part to the misuse of humankind’s propensity to attempt to manipulate weather conditions. Even so though, even without the misuse part of these great changes taking place here, there is the new yet ancient reestablishment of different degrees of lightning worldwide. This will only increase! The lack of water that is here now and the soon-to-be massive droughts that will be worldwide, like nothing ever known of before on this planet, will also continue to cause disruptions in your personal aura fields. Only fools are unbelieving about this! The combined weaknesses of those unbelievers will indeed hasten their journey to Nirvana.

Now, if you ones believe that your strengths outweigh your weaknesses, then do you feel there is a balance established? If you ones believe that your weaknesses outweigh your strengths, then do you believe you are living a righteous life or lifestyle?  I ask each of you ones to please remember that how you alter your beliefs can tip your balance scale in one direction or another. Acknowledging that fear is a corruptive, corrosive influence in a life is a step in the strengths direction. Each time you release a fear, any fear, you will always feel lighter, more at ease and more content with yourselves. When fear is released it strengthens your strengths meters. In but a very short span of spatialness, it should become much clearer to you ones why I have chosen to write this transmission. As I tell you all now, “the writing is on the wall,” I do so from my strengths. I am preparing to take my leave now, but I am asking you one and all, stand in your strengths … you are going to need it. I am ending this transmission now.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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