The Queue and “The Last Stand”

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The Queue


The Last Stand”

10-25 to 12-25-2014

(Transmitted to Celest by Blue Star) Greetings one and all; the information I will share with you ones today is timely and vitally important to your state of wellbeing and your emotional part of Self. Now, I have told you ones for the last 25 years that much must take place here on the Earth Star planet due to the destructive nature of the majority of human minds and the actions those minds create. I have also reassured you ones that despite all that has happened AND ALL THAT WILL STILL occur, God has told you ones repeatedly, “In the end it will be fine.” These statements having now been made I will address an issue of importance that has caused so many peoples here and yes, that includes many Advocates for Justice as well, such distress and angst and needs to be understood by you ALL! The Universe you inhabit as well as all the other Multiverses, exist in a state of continuous organized chaos. This is the natural state of the Verses and can not and WILL NOT change. So it was that The Creator and the Creation Processing devised a magnificent arrangement which allows ALL Souls the unlimited opportunities to change their Soul stature, their Soul maturity and move forward as a magnificent collective yet still retain their individuality at the same time.

This arrangement is known by us as ”Q.” Obviously it is a shortened term for “Queue.” Now, as each Soul reincarnates it has the privilege of not merely choosing a soon to be predestined state of BEING, it also possesses the total and utter FREEdom of declaring its individual intent to await certain gridline intersections to first develop and then materialize or manifest. Each Soul is being in awareness that these gridline intersections are relative to the individual Soul, yet reflects upon the Soul Collective as well. Do you see? Now, as seen as a schematic program drafted for each Soul, it appears complicated but simple as well. The perceived complications are simply because so many opportunities to advance as individuals who are a part of the whole of the collective while living on planet Earth Star rather than “staying home,” appear to be intertwined, or dependent on, other Souls’ actions and reactions. Many configurations are set into place to allow the variance of plan A, B, C, etc. These are necessary in order to permit the alliances, the aligning and the clustering of Soul to Soul whose DESTINIES have been chosen to be shared as individuals as well as bringing together the collective in a remarkable display of pure Light and pure LOVE WITHOUT LIMITATION. Here of course is where the emergence of the multifaceted “HATS” comes into play. They are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Should you have forgotten who the Hats are, then I SUGGEST you reread about them in the God books.

Now, as I have stated before just as the Luminescent of this Universe has as well, at HOME there is no need for patience while you are living a life without constraint. Life on the Earth Star planet of course is vastly different I am sad to say. So, at home everything flows in a sympathetic and synchronized fashion; the ability to live in THE NOW is a natural state of grace there. However, here on this planet millions and millions of you ones are just beginning to live that way. All Advocates here entered into this “time” period regardless of what your chronological ages are and are linked together as types of non-gravitational binary stars. These binary stars are clustered together under the Mantle of God. So it is that God is your mutual, common mass. This Mantle defies the gross energies running rampant on this planet and in a continuous and contiguous fashion lays great layers of GODness enveloped in the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness amongst all good peoples here. So, when you are here on Earth the easy flow, the wondrous camaraderie so evident at home, does sometimes require years to develop on Earth.

Now, Q is present and is preset in most cases to guide and develop the gridline intersections which each of you ones need or desire to have in order to live a better or easier practical world life, as well as to be your escort accompanying you on your Soul’s journey here. The most common problems here are the peoples who want what they want and want it now, which is NOT living in the NOW, it is self-gratification. Then they simply can not understand why they can not have what they think they want WHEN they want it! Such impertinence indeed! The mind-control here which is called “conditioning” overwhelms most peoples; too many peoples’ desires are products of commercials and the “sin and sex” type of movies and other forms of “entertainment.” Q can not be swayed; Q can not be changed; yet Q always has at the behest of the Creator unlimited numbers of wondrous options available to all Planetizens. Obviously when I say, “all Planetizens,” I am not including those peoples whose minds are dank, dark and dangerous! So it is that each of you ones must understand that you are “In the Queue” awaiting your turn for whatever and WHEREVER your destiny lies. For example: a person let us say a woman named Jane, may be waiting in the Q for the right life-partner to appear in her life. BUT if Jane is foolhardy or has Karmic issues to resolve with a certain individual, then Jane will erroneously partner with the wrong person instead of waiting for the one or ones who is in the Q waiting for their turn to possibly partner with Jane.

Ultimately too many Janes and Dons, (I am just using these names for convenience, there is nothing personal about these names,) will repeatedly partner with peoples who are exactly like the ones which caused them so much heartache. These are cases of peoples here who continuously repeat the same misjudgments over and over and yet expect the end results to be different. How sad. Now, Q not only brings relationships to the forefront of a life, Q also KNOWS where a person needs to be relocated to another area and WHEN. This too confuses so many of you Planetizens; this is because where you may WANT to live may NOT be where you NEED to live. Many variables must be accounted for, many shifting of peoples here MUST take place and many plans change from plan A to plan B and so forth. The Queue is a Sacred instrument of your individual and collective DESTINIES. Treat Q with respect, for Q does not always have a sense of humor!! You are always guided to be where you are and in a gridline intersection that is the most optimum one for you at any given moment. There are indeed however special circumstances that special ones among you must accept and sometimes simply endure. This is one of the many reasons my Celestial daughter has been moved all over the United States. It was NOT that she wanted it this way, but in her circumstances because of who she is and what she is here to do, there was no other choice. So, she accepted…. not too demurely I might add… and has kept to her life-journey here in order to install the Light and teach the wisdom of the ages. But part of her destiny was to be reunited with our David…. AGAIN and AGAIN and strengthen the connection between those of our brethren who are Star Keepers from other worlds and bring them together with all of you WHEN THE “TIME” WAS RIGHT. I can speak freely about her for I have her permission… oh, I stand corrected: I should add that I can speak freely about her about SOME things!

Now, Celestial and our David are among a great number of you ones who have known that the Mother Ship arrived here AGAIN but this time it was on October 14, 2014. Yes, Mother is still here; complete with thousands and thousands of Star Keepers who are being assigned or in some cases reassigned to Planetizens all over this world. You see Planetizens; even Mother had to be in the QUEUE. We have a special saying among ourselves and that is, “The Universe is always on time.” This of course reverts to Q and destinies. So stop being so impatient and allow things to happen as they should. By the way, I should caution you ones that Q also has the ability to remove someone from the front of the line, a VERY, VERY long line, and send them to the back of the line. When these occasions do take place it may require individuals to await at least another lifetime before they are permitted to be near the front again. This brings me to the next topic today:

The Last Stand

There is indeed a season for all things to occur, but firstly there must be a season for situations and circumstances to mature; to become in readiness for the next step of evolution. For a long time now, I, Celestial, God and David have all told you ones to STAND in truth and to BE your truth. We have intentionally repeated this message to all of you. And so it is that NOW you are each prepared or at the final steps of preparation to participate without fear in the Last Stand. That Stand is here and NOW! There is nary a single one of you that can not aid “just cause” through the use of your mind-thoughts and your keen abilities to CREATE the harmony, and discard the smoke and mirror illusions that have been foisted upon humanity as a whole. Now, just as Project PUSH had to await its gridline intersection before people were ready here to become an integral force with PUSH, the exact birthing of PUSH in the United States had to be in a certain alignment between solar and lunar energies and the myriad magnetics of all other countries where other PUSHers were ready and willing to “migrate” Spiritually and mentally regardless of how timorous many of them felt at first.

PUSH was initiated by Celestial and our David, although Celestial brought with her to this planet her own Pleiadian data bank containing the concept and the diagram of PUSH. She too had to await the intersection while still knowing how important PUSH would be. All PUSHers exceeded our expectations of what we knew they could do. The only hurdle so many PUSHers really faced was overcoming their own CREATED qualms that they would not do PUSH correctly. Now, PUSH has indeed opened so many portals here and has branched out in a sense and connected with so many, many other Universes, that you ones should always be proud of your good deed. What you did not know for it was not time for you to know, was that PUSH was the first major step in establishing The Last Stand. In a very real way you ones have faced the beast in its lair and it knows without any doubts that you ones will not succumb to its lesser gods… not again! We did tell you ones though that your enactment of PUSH would indeed cause so many of the shadow riders to abruptly leave this planet. And they have. And we were in the right place at the right instant and took them away and by the right use of LIGHT destroyed them.

Now, politicians, bankers, etc. have been fighting amongst themselves and secretly trying to see which of their enemies they can get rid of ever since the initial PUSH. Corporate peoples who are among the most corrupt have been being exposed, so much has been happening because of the right actions of all PUSHers and yet so many of you ones are not aware of this. It is all right if the medias are not permitted to discuss this; for we watch your hearts and Souls glistening with newly found stages of love, excitement and even peace and we KNOW that you ones do have the sentience to see and feel the changes taking place. It is refreshing and heartwarming for us to see each of you ones growing in maturity and feeling the ultimate splendor of yourself. You have each been responsible in great part for bursting wide-open the dark minds of many peoples here who dance with the devil. The energetic masses you each assisted us in Creating has and still is aligned with the new magnetics and new frequencies of this planet. Should any of you be foolhardy enough to doubt the authenticity of what I am telling you that you have Created, then I shall give you a brief exercise to perform.

You may stand or sit for this, although standing is preferable. Stand straight, arms loosely at your sides and close your eyes. Be sure there is not any noise around you. Now quietly think the words, “I AM my Higher Self, I now raise myself to my next level of knowing.” Now open your eyes, look around you and look down at your own body and see how you feel. Do not be too surprised if you feel as though you are 10 feet tall. You are in alignment with the highest levels of Super Consciousnesses; you are in alignment with the new magnetics and frequencies that you assisted in bringing to this planet in her time of great need! You are the warriors and teachers of God. Could you possibly ask for more than that?

So it is that you each in accordance with the Advocacy Agreement are NOW bringing into this world the Godden NOW of God. Be aware that all good peoples here are struggling to accept the new weather conditions, the vast losses of crops and other food stuffs and are trying to find ways to cope with all the murderous peoples running amuck in this world. No, these are not easy times in that sense, but they still will be forever known as the preamble to the best of times. I implore you one and all to remain staunch in your truth, firm in your beliefs and understand that WE ARE HERE WITH YOU! We have not journeyed from vast distances to be here with you ones without GOD reason. Planetizens do what you each can to maintain connectivity with others of like-mind and remember to use your specialness to STAY connected with the Collective Consciousness, for indeed you ARE part of that whole. Many peoples will run around trying to sip the last drops of water, they will be fear-filled and many will continue to be downright dangerous. Do not allow those fears to touch you, be wary of where you travel to and with whom you associate! Peoples in all countries will have to face these difficult times BUT, although there will be millions and millions of peoples who will perish, Advocates and other good peoples need to STAND in the knowledge that you are under our protection. I advise you one and all to use some common sense in your decisions of course, BUT always and forever allow Soul to guide you. Soul knows so much more than does “common sense.” Never stop performing PUSH, you are adepts at that now, whether you know it or not. You will “know” when PUSH needs to be performed.

When you experience qualms about what you see or hear that is happening worldwide, just remember who you are and be firm in your conviction of participating in this, THE LAST STAND. PUSH evil out and pull the good energies in. You do this each time you ones PUSH.

You will NEVER be without our presence, I promise you this!! I am signing off for now, salude… Blue Star the Pleiadian

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