Masters #12 Gullibility Travels

The Masters

Message #12

Gullibility Travels

June 30th, 2013

Master Kato (transmitted to Celest) Well Planetizens, at another “timeline” in a previous era here on the Earth Star planet, I would be speaking with all of you  about the utter importance of not maintaining the status quo and instead be peaceful warriors with a cause and encouraging all of you to be actively pursuing evolution. However, we as a collective have been there, done that. Alas, as usual among the human races here, our warnings have for the most part fallen on deaf ears. So it is Planetizens, that here and NOW during the gridline section that was so stupendously marked by the recent Summer Solstice of 2013, you are each in an enviable or unenviable position of confronting the FUTURE NOW. This confrontation and its consequences OR benefits is dependent on what you have been doing, thinking and CREATING. Welcome to the gridline of what may be considered a major maelstrom by many, OR for SOME of you it is the accelerated path and new pattern of the New Earth. Far too many of us have spent innumerable amounts of energy especially in the last two centuries cautioning, cautioning, cautioning all races that this new era would come and that it would do this during this calendar year.”Era” in my terminology means the gridline of unlimited potential as well as events that are written in stone.”

Many have heard but few have listened. Sister Moon is an awesome version of a greater Cosmos and truly reflects all the energies needed on and for this world. However, in accordance with the Divine Plan, the Summer Solstice aided by Moon  and Moon’s own heightened infusions of her own magnetic fields combined with incomparable and eternal bio-supramic atoms of powerful Light did indeed Create yet another Universal Wonder. Moon conjoined with the combined energies of other planets, other worlds, and thus did indeed release for three days before the “Super Moon” and continuing for three days after, the most heighted collective of a consciousness. This consciousness is far above the Super Conscious; it is a type that this world has never experienced. This was also a combined effort of Moon and Solstice; clearly defining the end of the way life has been being lived here since “forever ago” and initiating and installing more and deeper vortexes which reached down into the core of this Earth. The term “bio-supramic” is simply an energetic term AND FORCE – a MOVEMENT which causes a joining together of the strongest of Light Meters and a lessening of the weakest Light Meters. In this fashion the strongest survive and thrive. Such too will be the new history of the new human races.

There has not been a single individual on this planet, not any life of any species, not a brook, ocean, tree or blade of grass, which has not been impacted by this force. Too many lines had been crossed; too many liberties lost or stillborn and too much death of the innocents for this to be any other way. Now pay attention please: sentience is becoming more heightened for those who already had been using it. As for those who have not been …. it is similar now to having a “missing link” in their bodies and minds. So many, many times we, as well as our Star Keeper brethren, the God of this Universe and the Angels have warned ad nauseam that the time of the GREAT separation of the wheat and the chaff would take place. Each person has had unlimited opportunities to decide which they were. “Be you wheat or be you chaff?” However, as you have been warned repeatedly, time no longer exists. What is done is done and can not, will not, be undone. Be aware however that the effects of this Summer Solstice will not completely culminate until March 13, 2016. The effects of this most recent Super Moon will still be felt nine years from the date of this message. Before August 15th. of this present year, many of you will have a better understanding of this. I must commend each of you who either held very private meetings or in solitary spent quiet meditative moments focusing on assisting this Solstice, this Super Moon. We know who you are and we know where you live! I can say the same for all those millions and millions of people of all races here who simply continued on their cavorting way. We know who you are and we know where you live!

I will also tell you that in the early evening of June 6th. of this year, God, the Creator, we who are the collective of the Masters, Blue Star the Pleiadian, Jesus and Mary, the Angels and many others of Divinity, visited Celestial and David and as a collective we expressed to both of them our vast disappointment and discontent with the human races overall. Hatonn was in rare form and Blue Star was his usual “homeboy” self. In other words, things became a bit loud for a while! We chose to select Celestial and David to discuss this situation with because we know they can handle it. All of it! Just in case you forgot, or even worse do not know, all of us who are multidimensional Beings can and do separate into what you would think of as “micro-millions” of ourselves. When we feel it is necessary we can be “macro” as well. It is all relevant to whatever the circumstances are in any given moment. In this manner we are LITERALLY “here, there and everywhere.”

It is always sad to see so many millions of peoples of all races continue to believe all the thinly disguised lies their leaders here tell them, rather than to look beyond that veil of sheer ignorance and stop being too lazy to deal with the actual truth of any given situation. There truly is a difference between being gullible and being naive. Naiveté is a product of innocence; it is part of a special goodness which lives within a Soul. This type of innocence is enchanting, it is endearing, even though at times it can pose some difficulties for those people. Gullibility is an absence of this type of innocence. Gullible people of all races are prone to believe the most preposterous lies rather than to research those lies and use their own fertile minds instead. These people are the ones who chose to ignore stated truths from God and other evolved Beings. Truth can be scary to these women and men. It is much easier to believe lies than to work at understanding truths.

Have you ever wondered why, with the notable exception of the people of all races who choose to not believe in God as part of their chosen life experience, why it is the other nonbelievers do so? It is far easier for these latter groupings to believe that “this is all there is” rather than understand and choose to believe in reincarnation. There is personal responsibility required by all who believe in reincarnation. It means in the basic sense that knowing that “you have been and you will be again” has an un-gullible kneejerk response from the Soul. Soul in a fashion lives contiguous life experiences while you are mortal. At times Soul goes to great pains to send you a flash …. sometimes longer for some people – of memories which may be disguised as a dream. Soul is the Great Enabler; it continues throughout your mortalities to be your own greatest Comforter, your own personal channel of information, your own personal “Code writer of Universal Laws.” The term “channel” simply means it is a CONDUIT – one that is of the SuperConscious and Universal Consciousness which remains untainted; it is the epitome of purity.  There are many dichotomies present here on the Earth Star Planet.

Peoples of all races want, NEED to believe in “something;” but if that SOMETHING does not fit into the general population’s reflections of life, if it is an issue that is not promulgated by organized religions or T.V. and movie personalities, – which are all basically one and the same – then how can they accept it as truth? So, it came to pass that God has been placed on the back-stream of life and fallacies accepted as truths. Yet truth always has seemed to move more slowly than does the most gullible peoples’ espousing what they have been told is truth. Truth has once moved at a snail’s pace; but now thanks to all of the combined efforts of the true peoples here and all those other Beings who are working off-planet as well as on-planet, those who are working by, with and for the people, truth-talkers are now on a major collision course with the gullibility that travels all over this world.

Do you really believe that the sudden appearance of more and more highly placed whistleblowers in this world is “an accident?” Do you believe that the continued exposure of false prophets is “coincidence?” Surely even the least evolved among the races here can not possibly believe that the weather patterns which have altered dynamically are merely a result of global warming. Of course the warming has played a role, just as Terra herself has. But there the resemblance to “weather truth” ends. The ultra religious are fear-struck and praying for their own redemption. Not anyone else’s of course. There are polarity shifts among the races now; these schisms now live in the minds and hearts of people more so than ever before. The people who have chosen to live fear-ridden lives can not tolerate being around others who WALK AND LIVE IN TRUTH! They see these truth-talkers as dangerous, as lunatics, as “gullible.” Yet in truth these talker/walkers are none of these things. Gullibility travels in packs; it is the “stuff” that endangered species carry. It is the final resting place of the chaff. The gullible are integrated into the morass, into the dangerous and immoral minds of the most vicious types of people now.

THIS is what living in fear does. Its own magnetic force (the fear factor) must seek and find other people of all races who are angry, vicious, drug-ridden and abusive beyond belief. At one time in their lives many, many of these violent people were gullible. Much ridicule and shame had been heaped upon them by others however. Their very susceptibility to saying and believing incredulous mistruths magnetized them to the lesser people. That energetic magnet warps the minds and closes the hearts of these people. They then become exactly what they fear. Some of them actually know this consciously. But it changes nothing. This is one reason for the advent of this particular Super Moon and this accompanying Solstice. You see Earthizens; the Frankenstein monster created by the various “allied” countries intent on changing the weather patterns is loose! Although only the poorest of the countries around the world have not been able to amass the vast fortunes necessary to “feed the beast” they too are not innocent. It is no secret to any leader of any land that the Frankenstein which was intentionally created to FIRST be used as a potential weapon against other countries perceived to be “dangerous” has grown exponentially beyond that initial concept.

What began years ago with chemtrail spraying as a means of genocide and to control the crops and alter weather to whatever degree the leaders had chosen, whatever horrendous geographic point the spraying was to be directed, has taken a quantum leap. Yes, it is true that HAARP, ELF, WOODPECKER and others of that type of piercing vibrations and frequency alterations has and still is playing an ULTRAVIOLET role in those endeavors. The creators of this barrage of unnatural storms, drought, flooding and so forth, believing they could change this world AT ANY COST realized a scant 18 months ago that they made a fatal mistake. One that can not be fixed! The Beast is out of control. Terra is reacting to this situation by counterbalancing the effects of this unnatural violence and moving the poles slightly more quickly now. We were honored to be asked to assist her and the Star Keepers from other worlds in this endeavor. Because of this she has entered into the beginnings of her new solar system.  She is not permitted to give a huge belch and forcibly remove everyone and every thing from this planet. Be grateful for that Planetizens! So she has chosen an alternate path, one that is aligned with her own new SELF.

STOP giving over your power to the ancient Illuminati by blaming them for all of this present horror. Even THEY could not have succeeded with their hellacious plans for this world had it not been for their lineage. It is their hu-man counterparts who have continued carrying the torch of their ancestors. Some of them do so knowingly and others do so out of their own gullibility. YES this world is quickly becoming a vast dust bowl, not only in great part on the American continent, certainly not only in the Middle East, but everywhere. Gullible people of all races fail to realize that the severe storms and the constancy of seemingly non-ending rain, is lowering the elevation in all areas. Why do so many not see this? Surely if you pay attention even the gullible people of all races, you can tell the difference. It is not merely the rising of the waterways now, it is not merely the continuous eroding of land, the land is sinking. So, on the one hand you have the droughts and then storms. Each is causing measurable loss of land, foodstuffs, animal life and loss of human life.

Watch for the signs of unnatural storms. Terra assists in starting cleansing storms and bringing NEEDED rainfall and snow. However the Frankenstein’s magnetic core immediately seizes upon the beneficial magnetic energies, thus de-hancing them by causing a deplorable accelerated speed which then interferes with all neutronical and atatomical measurements intended to assist this world. Yes, this world too has her own nervous system. This interference causes massive churning of the currents both on land and in the waterways. Skies should NEVER develop a neon green color when a tornado is developing or HAS developed fully. Massive numbers of tornados all occurring at the same time and often in the same areas is NOT normal! The very friction that manmade tornados possess causes vibrational changes, severe alterations within the Earth, thus causing more than NATURAL earthquakes. Frankenstein has created channels which follow patterns all over this planet now to such a degree that specific corridors have been carved into the atmosphere and across the natural land and waterways. It is akin to taking two magnets and placing them at close proximity to one another. Sooner or later they join together. Many sinkholes will continue to develop in regions across this world, while dust will begin to develop a harder crust, a thicker density. These are actions and reactions cause by the Frankenstein.

The Sun, he is a-changing more rapidly now than before, Expect him to popup at different times in different areas. You will see what I mean. The energetics that Moon and Solstice provided for Terra is causing a dampening of the Frankenstein effect. However …… those of you who are the wisest on this planet that you are RENTING, should quickly understand that you are now in the throes of the ending and simultaneously your understanding of what the beginning must herald. Many of the deleterious lineage I have spoken of are building even more bunkers for themselves. They started creating something that is now controlling them as well. Keep your eyes to the skies and work more diligently than ever before on holding on to the eye of the storm! This Solstice is THE BIG ONE! You have until two weeks before the Autumn Equinox to leave fear behind and HOLD ON TIGHT! NO, none of you can alter this horror that has been created. We are all working on that. Be aware if you live near mountains however, fires will burn supreme. That is also true of lands in the Southern hemisphere however and several other countries that do not have mountains per se. This present Solstice will either be your best friend for life or your worst dream-mare come true. It is all a matter of personal perception now and personal responsibility.

Store up as much water as you are able to. REAL water definitely NOT chlorinated. Can your foods if you have the skills; put ample dried and canned foodstuffs away. I did not say “hoard” now did I? The maddening crowds are becoming even more so, so use caution and discernment and stay out of the forthcoming melees please. You have all now gone from “we are issuing a repetitive call to you” to “it’s now or never.” Everyone wants the truth well…. CATCH …. I just threw it to you. You now know as much as you need to for this present time. As for the gullible, no, no one can do anything for them. They will either help themselves or they will not.

We speak as ONE…. Salude, The Masters

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