Reluctant Heroes of December 21st. 2012

The Masters

Message #10

Reluctant Heroes of December 21st. 2012

 Master Kato (transmitted to Celest) Planetizens, it always casts a pall over the indomitable human Spirit when many truly good people of all races must bear witness to the most degrading actions taking place as brother fights brother and sister hates sister. Caught in the middle of all these invasive actions are the very people here who are working so hard this year to actually bring the new Earth and her new way of living into fruition. 2013 will prove to be the catalyst that she was intended to be. Remember please, only the indictable people of all races here will be the ones who bear the harshest brunt of the winds of change. I suggest that you each thank yourself and thank God for your unconquerable Soul. Your bodies may weaken somewhat this year as you learn to adapt to the new more expansive incoming energies which the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness and the NESARA child are quickening. As you adapt more and more however you will find yourselves to be healthier and your minds will learn “peace.” But bear in mind that you are simply becoming a greater part of ALL THAT IS and ever has been. The roles of peacekeepers have long been an unenviable one. Yet if you have been paying attention to the lamentable actions which have been taking place worldwide especially since mid-December of 2012, you should by now finally be able to see through the smoke and mirrors projected by those devious and tawdry characters that live behind the scenes, yet hide in plain sight.

We have long-noted that on this planet the very people here who are of our lineage seem to be the ones who more often than not are guilty of lack of inspiration and dawdle in complacency, thus joining the ranks of many Earth Seeds. Tis a sad commentary on those who are or should be co-joined with people who are of higher states of evolution, higher levels of vibrations. As always here it seems to us to be only brief periods when Planetizens who have “lost themselves” and begin to feel their own mortality do they sometimes actually reach out to extend a hand to help a fellow human being. Why? The answer is this: only when the shuddering of this world and the contortions of the minds of other people seem to touch briefly upon the comfort zones of the ones who have lost themselves, do they seem to have a glimmer of an idea that they could be next. I find it to be most unfortunate that this happens this way, but it is the dark side of the human expression at work. Just so there is no misunderstanding what I have stated here, the dark side of the human expression is the side of the unilluminated. It is not to imply that these types of people are evil; they simple prefer to live in a state of ignor-ance. There truly are no “ignorant” people; just the “ignor-ance” people. So it is that as we who are the collective of Masters continue our search for the true truth bearers and those who are among the most elevated of Light Weavers, we encounter these lost Souls repeatedly. Remember, as I stated I am not referring to the evil people and yes, they are still here in abundance. But their ranks are thinning. This is a good thing!  

More and more people of all races here are starting to enter more frequently into their periods of sense and sensibility. Of course it has come at great cost to many of them and this was all so unnecessary. It was during Christmas week that we closely scrutinized ALL the people of this world. We watched the givers and we watched the takers as each of these groups seemed to do their best to try to hold on to the foundations of their lives, even though they knew there was so little left of them. Prior to Christmas and after the much ballyhooed December 21st. date had come and gone, many people tried to convince themselves that the Mayans were wrong etc., etc. These people of course had already been sealing their own fate through their non-belief that anything of great importance had happened that day. December 21st. was the birthing day, what so many of you here insist on calling “birthday” of the first day of the New Earth. Only those of you who know how to look beyond what the human eye tells you, were aware of the immense transcendental events which took place that day. You see it was really never about the date, it was always about the events!  So much that was “behind the scenes – beyond the curtains of illusions”- occurred spatially exactly as it had been arranged to. And it was those important organized single-points in spatial timelessness which had a preplanned trickledown effect that impacted upon the human Spirit. The tingling of ancient memories carefully crafted to spring open upon the impact of the 12-21 Universal nonlinear “clock,” sent an enormous whoosh, a shockwave into AND through the matrix of each Soul. This was to delineate the arrival of a certain gridline and to separate it from the illusionary matter which had been plaguing the people of this planet. 

In the truest format of “reality unleashed” those who are the “God-Walkers” as Blue Star the Pleiadian refers to them, suddenly began to feel unencumbered, unfettered by the shenanigans of the MORTAL way of living here. Yet at the same moment-to-moment experience of assimilating all these new non-emotional feelings, yet not truly understanding this new cleaving to the Greater Truth in a new fashion, a very intense sadness swept over them as they watched so many people behaving ballistically. Millions of people of all races here, even those who are illiterate, were suddenly able to experience the rushing thrust of separation from those who clung to their desperate illusions, even down to the last deadly minute. The desperate-minded people who had been sadly and badly schooled into believing the falsity of Star Ship rescue efforts and the damnable rapture theory, were the ones who were so intent on leaving this planet for all the wrong reasons. For them to discover that they had been duped and that it had been their own doing proved to be too much for oh so many of them. The silent screams of so many people in torment seemed to be unending. Those who were already unstable people became more so. Then the once silent wrath began to be a rapacious roar.

Any time an individual or a grouping of people act-out in sheer desperation, nothing good can ever come of it. Throughout the history of humanity this has long been the case. Unfortunately. But on the 21st. the frenzied feelings, the emotions and the angst experienced by these misguided Souls gave new meaning to…. Lost Souls, lost causes. As I already stated however the other people here who knew the truth about the events which occurred on that day, although they actually began in the days leading up to it, were in an almost sedate state of bliss. That same day had long been prophesized by the false prophets as a date of the end of the world. The sedate state of bliss is the only way I can describe their reactions to you. There was more of a sureness in their gait, more shining in their eyes and a confidence or a sense of receiving validation for their beliefs, because they stood in their truths, they honored their beliefs. Yet nary a one of them gloated or felt any sense of superiority over the other people who had failed themselves. We expected no less from them! Planetizens, it is of supreme importance that you each better understand the logistics of the 21st. As the curtains of illusions and the seeds of discontent began to be roughly but effectively pulled away from many eyes here, it was inevitable that those who do not have the eyes to see can not differentiate between what is real and what is not. The eyes and the mind must work in tandem when viewing any event. So the mind that is unbalanced, unstable, lacks discernment and feeds off the illicitness of illusions, can never heal, can never see, it will only become worse.

It was very dismaying to watch so much panicking in the streets shortly before that fateful midnight hour. Never have humanity’s fears and “prove me wrong” mind-thoughts been so palpable that they actually set up dark energy streamers which issued from the human minds and extended into the ethers. Leaders of all countries either pooh-poohed the events day, ridiculed it publically or shook in their boots in their own private uncertainty. As we monitored the LIGHT you each bear especially that particular day and YES we do that at ALL times regardless, it was the most convoluted webbing of the different hues of terror, anticipated pain and yet for many of you, it was immense but quiet joy. Energies were running amuck; people were torn between fear and joy, yet not all knew why. Planetizens, “courage” is not understood here at all. Here, it is equated with some… usually presumed superhuman …. physical incident which requires brawn. True courage lies within the matrix of all Souls who manage somehow or other to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground while keeping their Spirits intact, regardless of the verbal OR physical slings and arrows that are aimed at them.

The 60 days leading up to the 21st. and particularly on the 21,st. bore witness to so many, MANY of you here on the Earth Star planet not merely “holding your ground,” but reaching out to those you still could to try to help them to understand. NO, this was not an easy feat! Many among you became a bit tongue-tied while trying to explain things that even they did not fully understand. Others were loath to attempt to win over so many nonbelievers who were still hanging on to their foolish beliefs. The ones who were loath to do so were just about at the end of their rope. These Souls are the men and women who have selflessly spent years trying to prepare people for the beginning of the great changeover. They did their best but usually felt that their best was not good enough, because their success rate seemed so low to them. With our Celestial’s permission I am going to write a quote here; one that she has nonverbally sent to God many a time.

What she has said is … “it is easier to change the course of a river than it is to change another person’s mind.” I can see very clearly that so many of you understand her feelings and the reality of her statement. Planetizens, “heroes are Created in the blink of an eye.” It was never about anyone seeking kudos or laurels for their good works here. It has always been about doing WHAT you can WHEN you can and being willing and able to LET GO when you should. All those who had worked so diligently, so tirelessly, yet also continued working until they entered exhausted states are the true heroes. Many of you we classify as “reluctant heroes,” simply because you have been heard to say, “What in the world was I thinking of? These people do not want help. They do not want life; they want lifestyles of casual pleasure! I am wasting my time here.” Yet, as the timeline here leading up to the 21st. became shorter, it was these very same women and men who somehow or other gathered up what they felt was the last vestiges of strength they had left, and ran onto the freeway leading to the gambit of change as fast as they could. They did so as one last ditch-effort to help those they believed they POSSIBLY could. That is COURAGE!

So it was that as the dawning of the new timelessness of reason, the accelerated emergence of the timelessness of God and the Golden Now began, the “age” of man ceased to be. An age is a linear timing; when it has run its course it must be replaced. THIS is what not only the Mayans but so many even more ancient civilizations have been foretelling for many millennia. Because mankind refused to obey the Universal Laws and live as God walking on Terra, they must be “altered.” This alteration had slowly been beginning for well over 150 years; at a slow but steady pace. However, the time is NOW! Under Universal Law mankind had to be offered every opportunity to change; humankind has to be allowed full rein of their free expression. If only it would have all taken place without loss of life, without defecating on the God of this Universe. However … it was not. All right Planetizens; the new period you have entered into on this Earth will not brook the birthing of any more cruel, evil insurgents. They will be stillborn! This period you are all now in will see some of the most spectacular of events take place. A major “shuddering effect” took place on that fateful day in December. Many of you in all countries did indeed hear a “booming” effect yet no one knew from whence it came. Many more of you felt a slight to medium loss of equilibrium while still others could hear a new type of ringing in their ears. You see Children of all Luminescents, the curtain has been ripped to shreds now.    

The collective which has been expanding here comprised of people from all races began to strengthen on the 21st. even as the screaming violence among people here increased. The roots of this darkness have been leaving as the shroud has been destroyed. This then only leaves the hapless people who have victimized themselves by believing in martyrdom, by living drug-induced lives, by the donning of the condoms of religions which effectively prevents TRUE LIFE. People who live their lives in prostitution mentally, physically and Spiritually are also beginning to “pay their dues.” This is part of what some here refer to as the “Age of Aquarius;” however please remember …. this is NOT an “age” it is the endlessness of God and the Golden NOW! All things will manifest as they should and exactly WHEN they should. Do not become so overeager that you too forget that the men and women here as well as many young adults, who still seek to try to continue on playing the sordid games of nonlife, are and will continue to perish. It can be no other way; they have MADE it this way.

Now that you have entered into this wondrous new experience of “life better lived,” do not expect everything to be a bed of roses that has no thorns. New technology will replace the dangerous ones you are currently using. This plan is geared for this new period which leads to the INFINITE. It means that the system so many of you are dependent upon must leave … one way or another. The Star Keepers of all other Universes, Galaxies, worlds, will be allowing you to meet them … in “time.” Terra herself is gathering speed with assisting in the Earth changes, because she should. Expect the unexpected at all times now. Even if you do not yet understand things the way you feel you need to, I promise you that you will. Your understanding levels will begin to increase now and that is a very good thing. A sadness will continue for a while longer yet for all good people here, as they watch and listen to the self-induced destruction of so many people. NO, not all of these people had written into their Soul Contracts that they would end-up this way. NO, it was not time and circumstances that caused this either. The core cause was lack of personal responsibility and the voracious need for self-gratification at any cost. Please content yourselves by remembering that they will still have other opportunities to relive their lives and try it again. BUT, it will not be on this planet, I assure you!   

Take heart Planetizens; you here will continue to be able to start your new lives in a better way in a better non-time. You are now beginning to realize that not only are you the wondrous Beings you have been waiting for, even if you do not yet understand this completely, the world will be a far better place because of your presence. Enjoy all that you can while the Earth – she is a-changing. Well, use the auspicious day you had in December as your springboard to physical and Spiritual freedom. You can do no less for yourselves.  

Salude from the Masters, we speak as ONE

The Masters /