Sometimes, somewhere, somebody, someone, at a precise gridline intersection, is being called upon to bridge the divide.

Are you doing God’s work OR are you still asking Him to do it for you?

The words: Forgiveness, Forgiveness, Forgiveness, Forgiveness began playing over and over again in Celest’s mind. This song which we were not familiar with originally began playing in Celest’s head on May 2nd, 2024 at 2:15 pm and continued until we searched and located it and, like deciphering all God Code, discovered the pertinent reason for this particular tune at this very precise time. “Forgiveness”

It is for this reason we, Celest and David along with a host of other Divine Beings, are personally escorting this song into The Valley of the Ancients. The Valley where religion stands on one side and Spirituality Stands on the other. Believe it or not, in the Middle does walk The Creator and The Creation. As Celest’s father Blue Star the Pleiadian has stated for going on 40 years…

“In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.”

As will we.





What? Where is the Valley of the Ancients?

It is a place where all people, for as long as there have been people on Earth, have sojourned many times over. Most do not remember. Those who do will cherish the memories for all eternity.

 “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients”

Throughout the readings of some of the complexities of truths which this book unceasingly provides, readers are afforded unlimited opportunities to learn more about what they have forgotten and to be able to see how much knowledge and wisdom far beyond what they thought they knew, has been hidden from them throughout their lives. It is commonplace for people to accept at face-value all that their peers, religious clerics and school teachers tell them because that is what they have always done. In so doing actual truths have been lost or replaced with provocative illusions. The final book of The God Book Series quickly dispels peoples’ previously held convictions. For us to say that this particular book of the Series is a “in your face” rendition of truths revealed and mysteries dissipated, would be the understatement of this millennium.

God and the other Luminescents provide a continuous contiguous outpouring of truths and humor. In a collectively ingenious manner, they open doorways of heretofore unknown truths. Yet they do so in uncompromising “straight talking” forms of speaking, but always with the deepest love and respect for all good people everywhere. The writing of this book has been a joy for us but it was also a challenge of the best kind. As usual His books take on a life of their own and before we knew it this year was slipping by and we were still writing! Our desire for readers is that they learn from all this massive effort God and the Others put into this book; for this truly is Their final effort to teach people how to move forward while others are walking backwards. Please bear in mind as you read the book that there is no more time, the clock is at the midnight hour. Celest and David

God refers to the chapters in this final book as “Epics.”

God’s Introduction- “There is a Valley” …

In the Beginning

Avatars and Avatars amongst you

Higher Standards

Life Altering Decisions

Inconvenient Thoughts

Pearls of Wisdom


The Recognition Factor

Products of their Convictions

Misanthropic Truths

Irrevocable Decisions and the Mayhem Factor

Levels of Consciousnesses and their integration with The Jesus The Christ Consciousness

The Evolution of the Luminescents

The Equation Never Changes

The Introduction of New Cultures

In the Line of Duty

To Have and to Behold

The new Zero Tolerance Code

As My Son also Rises …

God’s Closing Message – The Void

The Other Luminescents’ Closing Message – When the Courageous Rally there is no Separation

Blue Star – Heart of Gold

Chako and Jesus – Avatars

Celest and David – Let the Reckoning Begin – The time of Déjà Vu

The Sum of it All


“The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now”

We have decided that it is timely to discuss an important issue with you; one that seems to be “unknown” to the general populace and especially to the religious devout. The issue is “understanding that there is not an Apocalypse taking place in the most biblical sense of the word, but that yes, we are undergoing a world transformation.

As the Golden Now, which is the Genesis of God on the Earth Star planet, continues its forward momentum and achieves its final destination, the envelopment of this world in totality with the Light of ALL Lights, there will not be any separation between any races of people; there will be only


“Beyond the Silence”

“Beyond the Silence is Peace Eternal” … Celestial Blue Star



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