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These are some of our VOICES that do not go “quietly into the night.” People whose VOICES do go quietly into the night are the ones who will not survive. The VOICES are self-expressions of the state of their Souls and their minds. Honor them by being a VOICE yourself and never look back. It is We who are the VOICES that are now rebuilding the Cyclical Changes for the future of this planet.

If you wish to be a VOICE, contact us. Celestial (Celest) and David


VOICES of Cyclical Changes information

Celestial (Celest) and David

NOW, 2023

We started out years ago (8-21-2020) stating: “Every cycle in life is in search of completion and must be a reflection of and in the timelessness of the continuum. Then the next cycle can begin. In other words, all occurs within spatialness. This new project we are beginning is a collaboration of the changing voices on topics that need to be heard, discussed and ultimately understood, in order for people to live their lives in the new NOW. But they must do so in a better way in order for people to begin using Power of Mind exponentially. We feel that by people working together to not only Create a better world, but a better way to live life, we can all do something wonderful for ourselves and for others. Many people will begin using ancient as well as new knowledge to enhance their understanding of how to continue to evolve. They will then go on to teach others how to live a better life in a better way.”

As many of you have come to know by now, we dance to the beat of a different drummer. That beat is all-encompassing un-compromising infinite knowledge which is searching for wisdom. This pattern-breaking cyclically changing and ever expansive drummer IS Soul VOICE.  By now many of you have realized you no longer exist or belong in a reality of low density and harsh existence. Kudos to you. Now maybe, just maybe, you will realize ALL your lifetimes of reincarnating here have been not only worth it, but priceless in its totality and cherished and revered for the true GIFT that was bestowed upon you. This was given to you by not only the God of this Universe, and the other Luminescents of ALL the other Universes and multiverses and micro-verses, but by The Creator Himself. It just does not get any better than that. Sadly, far too many personalities of Souls who are incarnate here now on this world have yet to realize that “reincarnation is no longer a guarantee! This means that it has to be earned

We have told you over and over that in the end it would be worth it. We never told any of you that it would be easy. Fighting for just-cause never is. Being mirrored in the harsh realities of Earth’s near-distant past(s) is not easy and has never been “easy.” And no, we do not believe in the “illusion” that with no pain there can be no gain. And no, we do not suffer fools gladly, we do not suffer fools at all. And no, we do not expect any of you to be martyrs; that is simply a foolish end to the wondrous Gift of Life. We have been around long enough to know that suicide is just a fancy way to describe the senseless horrors and tragedies of self-murder and the plethora of disrupted cyclical consequences which follow. Now, IF you successfully navigate through the oftentimes tumultuous shoals of past lives here on the Earth, then other events will happen. Then maybe you are ready for your reward of you being honored for being an active participant in the NEW World with the NEW People.

From here on, this planet is NOW known throughout The Creator’s multiverses as Anastasis. She is the “Resurrection planet.” This is rightfully so as her name means Resurrection. SHE IS the New form of life which has risen from the ashes humanity tried so dearly to try to bury her in. She always had been and IS still reclaiming this world. She not only does this for Herself but for all the NEW Lifeforms which will soon come to call this world “Home!”

WE who are the VOICES of Cyclical Change continue to do all we can, whenever we are called upon, and throughout each and every NOW moment we attempt to BE of Service to God. We have claimed our God-given right to BE Co-Creators. Thank you, God. We will always strive to live up to, never down to, the highest of standards and always be a force to be reckoned with. Uncompromising moral and Spiritual values and Soul seeking Higher states of Consciousnesses and unconditional love are our guiding Light(s). We do not react; we Create actions instead. WE Create Cyclical Changes multidimensionally. 

We founded and Created VOICES of Cyclical Changes per the wishes of the Luminescents (The Gods and Goddesses of ALL the Universes) and The Creator. Although their wishes came through in a very commanding VOICE.

OURS and YOUR Brethren from ALL other Universes are here NOW. Many of them walk amongst us. Let us show them we are listening. Let us show them what WE can do. So, IF you wish to be part of the core-group of VOICES of Cyclical Changes and believe you have much to offer, not to just listen, but participate. Then come ahead and sign up. Do you have what it takes to survive and to STAND with us as true “Veterans of the Earth Star Walk?”

The day and the time will come when each of you will finally realize how important these groups are. We all have to do our part. We all have to STAND arm in arm, side by side, back to back, mind to mind, with Soul linking to Soul. We all have our work cut out for us, this IS The One Lifetime WE have all been preparing for. Do you yet realize WE are the ones we have been waiting for? As Celestial has said many times, “Kindergarten is over, grade school is over, high school is over, this IS Life, Live it!”

Contact us for consideration to be added to this Core Group of VOICES. Start your own Group if you wish. All we ask is you hold yourself to the highest standards and expect nothing less of anyone who joins your group. NO weak-links allowed. None of us have any “time” left to be stopped now. Forget trying to save others, that is not your job. Leave their providence to God. Do not be one of those people who when their lifetime is over and they Stand before God and will have to listen as God says to you, “Life happened and you missed it!”   

VOICES of Cyclical Changes started out having conference calls throughout each year which allowed people to call in, speak with others on the calls, and ask questions they may have relating to various topics while offering their own perspectives on the many differed topics. Addressing those issues may help them as well helping others who have the same or similar situations. Most of the time we meet on a teleconference-call once a month, more if needed. Attendance is required. Participation is required.

We are Teaching the Teachers in the core-group so they will be able to go on and Teach the Teachers. We rewrite The Book of Revelations with every breathe we take through the thoughts and actions we have. We Create our realities. We are that we are. We are one with nature, and all planetary,Universal, and Dimensional changes. We Create Cyclical Changes! We Stand in our Truths. We have learned long ago not to try to defend our Truths as to do so has the opposite effect and only invalidates them to the person who is learning. Have you yet realized you have what it takes, that you always have! Is your personality and Soul working together as ONE as they were intended to be? Do you know how to tell the difference? Are you still amazed by your own child-like innocence and sheer wonder of ALL That IS? Are you part of this world, or are you a part of this world? Or are you still a vacillator, a ditherer, a dawdler or hapless hopeless vacationer here on Anastasis, simply occupying space. Are you someone whose time has come?

Can you give the devil his due and in the same breath STATE “evil’s time is done?” Do you want to BE part of the NEW People? Are you a Group two person?

Previously We could only offer this “Voices of the Cyclical Changes” program to people living in the United States. However, that has changed as there are many ways to make long distance phone calls. As Blue Star the Pleiadian said, “This world is getting smaller and people just do not realize it yet.” VOICES Calls are typically 2 hours and held at noon, central time U.S., on varied Fridays of the month. In order to be considered for possible inclusion in this program please email


and in subject be sure to write the word “VOICES.”  People who will be part of the group will be given a call-in conference call number and password. It will be set up on the “no cost conference call” system. When we schedule a call, we will give as much advance notice as possible and we will be asking people to let us know if they will be on that call.

Salude… David and Celest

VOICES of Cyclical Changes / bluestarspeaks.com – awakenedhearts.com – godumentary.com 

Note: If you previously signed up to be considered for the VOICES group and were denied please do not send in a second request. If you were previously a member and left for some reason, sorry but everybody only gets one opportunity to join. We simply have no time left in this incarnation to give second chances.

This signup notice will be a permanent part of our websites.

All information may be reposted in its entirety with a link back to this website included.


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