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VOICES of Cyclical Changes

Preface; In one of the VOICES of Cyclical Changes groups the Collective of the Luminescents have tasked them with seeing where the initial project “Initiating a Soul Movement” might grow and expand from there. One of the group projects had to do with a collective venture, expanding Consciousness and Creativity and doing so while working together with the others in the group. Here is one of Carols groups many projects we (Celest and David) thought you the readers might find interesting. Carol picked a few key phrases and then had the others write a line or two to expand upon the story.   

Carol – We collaboratively decided we were going to do a piece on Symbolism in its many forms and discernable information. Don’t know if you want to use this but here it is. We all contributed lines and I put it together.


Jacques saw life as a string of possibilities

New Earth was a place where they could be touched

Light pops in bubbles of color as each soul begins its journey

The blue possibility gently cradles, holding the pulse of new life.

Patterns of Stars spread across the night’s sky 

Cities of Soul Stars clustered across our lands

Continental constellations of Humanity

As above, so below

The warmth of the morning Sunlight, the breeze of the soft gentle Wind,

the calling of the little dainty wild flowers in hues of white, pink, lavender, yellow and soft baby blue among the greenness in the rolling meadows called to

me and energized my Soul…

reminding me of the promise I made and need to keep.

Emotions are my life

I embrace and appreciate them

Loving my emotions is divine

Hence I love myself!

Love yourself and you will expand All That Is.

 I asked Prime Creator, “How did you came to be?” He replied, “There has always been You and I.   You are divine sparks of light. You are dearly loved.


Find peace in your heart and know you have risen like a musical tone. Hold your frequency. You are the bridge to the Divine.

You can always count on the Sun shining after a storm and on friends to help you.

We are family, one planet, one people. We are family, all Sisters and Brothers.

When Triumph is near, the White Horse will appear.

Star Fire… Star Nation…We are here for Planetary Liberation.


Carol, Micah, Catherine, Elisa, Iroh, Tena, Chee and Nargiza


VOICES of Cyclical Changes /





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