God’s Gifts to Humanity

VOICES of Cyclical Changes

God’s Gifts to Humanity


What we are trying to do our best is to teach you to look, to seek and find the what why how when and where things work, or not work. Use all your clair’s, your sentience’s. Be aware of the subtle differences, these subtleties can be either beneficial or detrimental when applied on multiple or different platforms. And more importantly please be aware of how all these new alterations taking place on this planet are affecting all other aspects of the physical realm. And do your best at all times to SEE how the Spiritual influences the every… in everything. Learn to see, to recognize, for yourself what is versus what was. Remember, the what was, much like the past, will never be again. Teach yourself so you can then teach others. We must all rely on one another now, more so than at any other time in our history.  

God’s Breathing Technique

First of all, remember God’s Breathing Technique He taught us all during the beginning of COVID. He saw firsthand how all of humanity needed help, then and in the NOW present and future to come as lower levels of oxygen became the norm here on this world. He also saw how so many were having serious difficulties breathing, catching their breath, as well as simply finding enough oxygen to breathe. There is more to this simple technique than the eyes, the mind, the intellect may at first think. In other words, do not just perform the technique and be satisfied, or not. Monitor the experience from beginning to end. One of the VOICES of Cyclical Changes picked up on this right away.

Gods Breathing Technique, so simple yet so wide-ranging. This technique opens the lungs, allows more airflow and oxygen into the entire respiratory system.

Just breathe in through the mouth into the lungs normally, then exhale through the nose. Pace yourself and do this three (3) times in a row, each time try drawing in just a little more air. DO NOT overdo this and try to breathe in too much too fast, you can injure your yourself. Repeat this at least 7-9 times a day. Yes yes, we know, this is the opposite of how you were taught to breathe when trying to find balance and calm yourself, especially during meditations etc. This technique will expand your lungs, and IF you notice closely, you will also see and feel during the second and third time of doing this that the actual air you are breathing in will become cooler. You are actually breathing in air on a whole new level, you are also breathing in God Oxygen.

What is God Oxygen? It is God sensing your need, or answering your request and breathing/blending infusing His energies in with your own while you are inhaling. Cool eh!

It stimulates, invigorates and oxygenates the lungs and entire respiratory system whenever your lungs expand. And during the exhale portion you also, if focused and paying attention, can assist yourself by releasing trapped air from your abdomen and this frees up pressure on your diaphragm.

Do it sitting down or standing up, standing up is best. However, at all times please be aware of yourself and how you feel. If you feel dizzy sit down or lean on something right away.  You may do this any time day or night, even while in bed.   

God’s Hand Technique

Beyond the obvious, this is an energy alignment and displacement tool and also functions as an energy activator. As well as a masterfully clever and God-inspired simplistic stretching tool for you to use anytime for your hands, your back, arms, shoulders and neck. This too you can perform standing up or sitting down. Each has its own benefits, the standing being the most pronounced of the two.

Performing this technique also gives you a brief moment when you can recenter yourself so you may remain in balance, in focus, with ALL That IS.

It’s simple. Put your arms out front of your body, similar to holding a ball in front of you, only have the palms of your hands in the down position and arms relaxed, not deliberately stretched straight out in front of yourself.

Start low, in the most relaxed position. What you are doing is similar to going up a stairway only using your arms and hands. With arms in front of you, start down by your waist or hips, each arm spaced a bit… place one hand above the other, then slowly, deliberately, shift one hand on top of the other, over and over again, each time climbing higher and higher until you finally reach the point where your arms and hands are directly in front of your eyes.

Stop, feel how your arms, shoulders, neck etc. all feels stretched. Most will feel a little tightness in the neck and shoulders, this is quite normal to begin with. You see, each time you do this technique the more you stretch and relax your tendons, your body overall, and the much limber it becomes.

Practice it, we suggest doing so at different and varied speeds. Once you become more relaxed with this technique try going up a rung, hand over hand, then purposefully go back down a rung, back and forth, up and down. Feel the muscles in your back arms etc. stretching, moving with each tiny little movement. If you feel a tight spot, or resistance to going up, then shift down and then back up and over and over again at the same level until it starts to limber up. It truly is quite amazing. It is quite wonderful to feel and get to know each corresponding muscle as it moves with each movement.

If resistance persists, then use your hands to climb up, one over the other, only act/pretend like they have weight to them and as each hand is placed on top of the other then gravity sinks or pushes the lower hand down. Climb, climb, climb, one hand over the other. And when you are ready proceed up the ladder.

This is not unsimilar to the “Spiral staircase” we often refer to when describing a person’s ascension to a higher level.

As we said, “It is an energy alignment and displacement tool and also functions as an energy activator.” The more intently you focus on your body, your mind and Spirit will show you how you are sifting away at the layers of your own kundalini, effectively removing “pockets” or stagnation points within your own chakra system. Remember that everything, everything IS energy, each and thought, deed or action. So, as you remove or displace something that is stagnant, in this case a tightness in your upper body, and replace it with fresh new energies you are effectively using your own Power of Mind to be an energy activator. All with a few simple hand movements.

Power of Mind, the simple ability to Create, to BE your own Luminescent Self in human form. This IS what you have the dark does not, the ability to Create. Under Universal Law they can only recreate.

God has said to all of us, repeatedly, “keep things simple.” The more you add clutter, the more you complicate things and then you venture further from the Spiritual into the intellectual logical side of yourself.

The following was given to Celestial by God after she Walked-In to this lifetime. The date this was given to her was January 30th, 1989

The Song of God

“There is a Song on the Wind,

Can you hear it?

The Song is My Tree,

The Song is My Son/Sun,

The Song is My Wind,

The Song is MY TRUTH,

What you hear is MY SONG,

My Song is the everlasting Love of God.”

And of course, we would be amiss, amongst all the other GIFTS God gives us all, including the best Gift of all which is Life itself, if we did not include all the invaluable and timeless information God shared with us, in His own words, in what came to be known by the people who have read them as


we scribed for Him.


God’s messages to humanity.  Promises made; Promises kept!

Remember what your learned about passionate detachment, and taking personal responsibility and please, please learn patience. Patience with self, patience with others.

Amongst all of these techniques, songs, teachings and the timeless information God sent us in His Books, Gifted to all of us, He also sent both of us, Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus. And each of you, to be His emissaries here on Earth, (Anastasis – The Resurrection planet,) to BE His presence. He sent us all here to be the gardeners, the caretakers of this Universally cherished, and wondrously seeded… world.  

Salude, David and Celest

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