The Soul, The Creator or Creation

VOICES of Cyclical Changes

The Soul, The Creator or Creation

VOICE of Chee


Hi Celest and David

Thank you for hosting the “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” CALL on Friday. It was an interesting question you posted question about the stone dropping into the well.

But somehow, I thought I got a pass on that question as I did not offer an answer.

The thought about the stone passing through the water, meeting all the resistance and eventually eroding away, brings to my mind an analogy I have, and like to offer, about the relationship between each individual SOUL and the CREATOR or CREATION.

If the CREATOR is symbolized as the SUN and each SOUL is represented as a RAY coming from that SUN. Then each RAY of SOUL has all the characteristics of the SOURCE SUN, its frequency and bandwidth, its illumination power and ability to provide Warmth and light.

The RAY, by its nature, is strongest and most brilliant when it is close to the SUN source.

As the RAY strays further and further away from the Source, the RAY gets thinner and weaker, hence less and less brilliant.

If that strayed RAY has a head and eyes that can turn around and see, it will only be able to see other Strayed RAYS, separate from each other, and not able to see the SOURCE where it originated, or any other brilliant RAYS that hover close to the SOURCE.

Being so far from the SOURCE and not knowing it is of the SOURCE, the RAY begins to act like it is separate from other RAYS, individual and Self-centered.

By persisting in its individualism and separation, it strays further and further away from the SOURCE.

As a result, the beam becomes thinner and thinner until it dangles on a single beam of PHOTON Light.

At this point it runs into a risk of being separated and cut off from the SOURCE and turn into OBLIVION or NON-Existence.

By then the RAY has lost its individuation of the SOURCE.

So we need to stay close to the SOURCE to stay abundant and bright.

This brings me to a clip I saw on YouTube called the “Plato’s Allegory of the Cave“. I do not know if you have watched it before, but here is the link

Have a Peaceful 2024.

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