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This was posted 12-7-2023

Walking in Beauty

Closing Prayer from the Navajo Way Blessing Ceremony

With Beauty before me, may I walk.

With Beauty behind me, may I walk.

With Beauty above me, may I walk.

With Beauty below me, may I walk.

With Beauty all around me, may I walk.

Wandering the trail of Beauty, may I walk.

I love this quotation. Is this a blessing or a prayer? Is this a puzzle to make us think? The world is frequently not beautiful. How do we wander the trail of Beauty?

I have been thinking, reading, meditating and praying to try to begin to understand how to wander the trail of Beauty. I have come to believe that you, we must have Beauty within. It must come from who we are every minute of every day. I think we can begin to wander the trail of Beauty if we can learn to treat ourselves and everyone we meet with honesty, integrity, and compassion. I think we need to meet the world with a positive attitude and a happy heart.

I believe that the path you chose at any given time matters. We all have responsibilities, chores and work that we need to do every day. Wandering on the trail of Beauty requires that we pay attention to our surroundings. Listen to your heart, your gut and the still quiet voice in your mind.  Your heart and gut will tell you if you are on a path that is dangerous for you and the quiet voice in your mind will try to get you to pay attention to what your body is saying. If you can listen to the warnings, you can choose a different path. You can choose to drive an alternate route to your destination or postpone your trip or decide this does not feel like a good time for this errand. If you listen and alter your path, you may never know what you avoided. It may be as simple as a traffic snarl or accident on the highway, or you may have allowed yourself to avoid a person(s), place or situation that would have caused you harm.

I believe as we strive to wander the trail of Beauty more is required of us. Core values of honor, personal responsibility, harmony, balance, forgiveness and a certain amount of fierce determination become more important. I believe that we begin to be wiser, confident in our path and clearer about the people, places and ideas that we want to grant space to in our lives. This is a good thing.  Enjoy your wandering on the trail of Beauty.

Thanks, Tena – (USA)

Response from Celest and David – Tena, it is exquisite, it is wonderful we knew you would be a shining star with this assignment. You wrote it in only 7 days after you received the assignment. Great job Tena!

Salude Celest and David

Celest and David, Thank you. God had a lot of suggestions. I reviewed my writing with Him every night and He made helpful suggestions about tone and word choices.

Tena – (USA)

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