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This was posted 12-7-2023

My Mantra:

“We do not have to suffer any more than we already did.”

I believe I came into this existence “knowing” that I have volunteered for it. I knew beforehand that this was going to be a difficult mission. It would put me through a lot of trials and tribulations. Since early childhood, I have gone through a lot of distressing experiences, not knowing then why I had to put up with all these.

On the bright side, I had a loving mom who took good care of me. At age of 2 (thereabout) I had to spend 6 months in the hospital to recover from an operation from so called congenital kidney stone. (that’s what I was told). My mom had to make time to come a visit me as much as she could (despite having to look after 6 other young siblings).

So, my childhood can be considered “rough and tumble”. Then Life just floated by as I grew older. But I had a nagging feeling that I am being “looked after”.

I experienced several life-threatening situations and somehow managed to always come out “in one piece”.

As I aged, I began on the journey to search for meaning of life, what is our purpose here. Being brought up in Asian culture, I knew of the many supernatural stuff which I heard and personally witnessed. Some bothered on “being superstitious”. But in general, that is a central concept of a Creative force, we call in “Tian” or literal meaning for “Heaven” to represent this Creative force.

We cried out to “Tien” when in distress, at the same time seek protection from “Tien” when in moment of caution.

We are in essence, part of this Creative force. In fact, I should say we are mini-clone of God, or mini-God. Some say We are Co-Creators. It is just that we forget who we are after many existences in this third dimensional densities. Now is the time to recall who we are and recall that we are also from the Source. And have the many powers of the Source.

Only lately that I began to ponder and realize why I needed to go through before. I call this process the tempering process. Just like steel that needs to be tempered under extreme heat to make it stronger, or pottery that needs to be fired at high temperature to make it strong. This was necessary to make sure I can answer the calls and make it through the upheavals we are witnessing lately.

I believe that many people are asking the same question. Seeking to find out who they really are. Most are following the contract. Some are deviating from their original mission. But there are always the invisible GUIDEs that try to nudge them to get back on track. The program that is in their DNA will kick in at the right time and moment. Just like a computer program. And when they start asking questions, invariably the knowledge and answers will come to them.

Like saying goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will be there”.

Chee (USA)

God – The teacher is waiting.

Celest and David – and able.

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