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This was posted 12-7-2023

Hello loves, finally finished the first assignment. There was a lot of sorting out as parts of the next 3 sections have begun also.

With a little help from my friends Love-Light,

Don’t fight the devil on his own ground, From Individual to Collective,

Ain’t it funny how time slips away.

When we were first given this assignment Schizophrenia was screamed at me for days. So also was living in 2 worlds. Then the picture started to develop. Starting at the bottom of a person straddling 2 mountains hanging on by the tips of her fingers and toes. Then the sign above which came from a dream many years ago about my dead mother. I had traced this pattern below my eye going down above my mouth downward towards my chin. I was told this is the sign of forgiveness. I have lives with this symbol for many years, it was only this morning that I looked at it and recognized this as the OM sign.

There was and will be a continuing collaboration with Many. We are never alone. They are there for us, we just have to listen. Hope this falls within your expectations and Thanks for allowing me in this group. Thanks also for teaching us.  Sending Love. Carol


Living in 2 worlds

(image will be coming for this)

We come into this world as Soul with contracts, connections to other souls to aid us in growth as we continually move towards the completion, reunion with Creator. Events and the people in our lives either long term or short are the catalysts for that movement. 

Recently the death of my Father and my Aunt, both in their nineties and dying within days of each other, has me contemplating their influence in shaping my soul growth on this planet.

Ed and MA had a soul connection from the beginning of eternity. In this life they were brother and sister. They lost their mother in early childhood growing up in 2 different households 2 houses down from each other. Different sides of the family shaped the dichotomy of their belief systems. Which in turn shaped mine. Both, highly spiritual beings, my Father’s belief in the infallibility of the Catholic Church held sway over everything. Although his visitations of Mother Mary and The Sacred Heart, which were numerous guiding lights included saving his life, were only conceivable in a highly structured religious context. While MA, my surrogate mother, as my mother also died in my early childhood, was allowed to follow her heart and explore her place in this world. She was a strong, loving, caring soul full of laughter. She was my introduction to many forms of Spirituality, Ancient wisdom teachings, Astrology, and living free according to soul’s direction.

My Father was my stop, MA was my go.  Dad’s only vision for me was to get married and have kids. Live within Societies rules and don’t show emotions or passions. All the cultural conditioning rolled up in a tight ball. 10 years of Catholic Schooling to reinforce the guilt and shame. MA broke free of those bonds, she had a home, children, and husband being a child of the thirties. But she had a passion for life and a curiosity to look behind the veils. She lived her life showing the world the joy of living in the heart of love. Living with her heart wide open. The stop, living within the rules ingrained within us by controlling cultural mass beliefs. The go, the understanding of possibilities beyond the physical confines of the small mind.

Our childhoods shape the way we make choices in this world. How we interpret the coagulated energies that determine the events both in our individual lives but also in the collective.  It is these energies that we see as events and time lines.

My first experience with my teachers was before I was 5. They showed me a dog that disappeared telling me this was how our loved ones that left the Earth could come to us. The divisions were fluid. That my mother was there with me. Most times we do not see them but the lights out of the corners of our eyes were them. Sometimes if we turn our heads real fast we could glimpse them. This was my secret. I knew there was more to life than what is before us using physical senses. Society labels those that dare to explore beyond as deviates, mentally unstable. The definition of Schizophrenia fits the bill of someone living in 2 worlds. (These thoughts are in no way meant to minimize the effects of true mental disorders but to highlight the ways society defines our realities according to what falls in the parameters of acceptable). Schizophrenia is defined as a mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally through distorted perceptions, beliefs and behaviors. The major symptoms:

Hallucinations. These usually involve seeing or hearing things that don’t exist that have the full force and impact of a normal experience. The experience of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, or feeling things that are not there. They are vivid and clear with an impression similar to normal perceptions. Auditory hallucinations, “hearing voices,” are the most common.

 Disorganized thinking. Thoughts and experiences considered out of touch with reality. An abnormal interpretation of reality. Speech Disorganized thinking is inferred from disorganized speech. Speech may include putting together meaningless words that can’t be understood, sometimes known as word salad.

For many living in Spirit could be defined by current society standards as a mental health condition. Collectively society turns its back and defines the person as ill. Shame and guilt becomes the defining shadow.  Let’s look at these definitions through a different lens.

Hallucinations of the senses– Many have had the experience of smelling a loved one after they have left this plane. The fragrance is so real it brings up precious memories that touch our heart. Or the light touches of Spirit braille on our bodies. Feeling or seeing our Guides near us speaking to our minds or even outward auditory words. Tasting mom’s lemon meringue pie when no pie is present only the sweet memory of her loving you. The knowledge that we can talk to God and God responds to us.

Disorganized Thinking– The belief we can read minds and others can read ours. Telepathy being the true nature of all communication that we have cut ourselves off from. These communications are everything we have been taught not to believe. Understanding the true nature of reality, believing this world we are conditioned to believe in is only a collective illusion to foster fear and control upon us by nefarious forces that perpetuate numbness and distraction.  Their purpose is to steal our co-Creative energies which ties us to Creator.

Experiences out of touch with reality-experiences that nudge us on a soul level toward soul growth. The passingof a stranger who through a simple phrase can change vibrations elevating you to a new level of frequency and thought.

Disorganized speech-Higher ordered messages that struggle with the limitations of Earthly languages. IE: Qualatudinal-breaking down ancient languages (Latin, Greek, etc.) to put together meaning gives us with guidance the definition- free flowing Light essence. Few will make the effort to work at decipher.

We know this is all real. We are all children of God and Creator. Soul particles exploring unique individual consciousness contributing to the whole of Creation.

Now that we know, it is our responsibility individually to understand the co-Creative abilities of who we are and all of our capabilities.  Each and every one of us are here to break the bounds of repetitive beliefs that have contributed to the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of Anastasis.

You cannot fight the devil on his own ground. The rules have changed, we are changing them. We control the high ground now. Some may feel “what can we do? We are only one person.” Know you are never alone. The belief in Separation has controlled the projections that bind and put us on this trajectory. Our responsibility is to co-Create the true reality with each other, our Star brothers and sisters, and all who exist with the truth. This is why we were born. No need to search for answers anymore. You are here, X marks the spot. “Insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane society” Kurt Vonnegut.

Each individual spark must take the responsibility to co-Create the reality of Creators vision. Our lives seem so small but that is not the truth. We see greed, wars, dissension around us in the outer “reality” but do we ask ourselves how we contribute to the situation? Something as small as our anger reaction to something said in our everyday relationships contribute to the dark surrounding this plane.  Diminishing small bits of light within contributes to the diminishing of Light in The Collective. Laughter, joy, caring, living through true guidance intensifies Light in The Collective. We have a choice at every moment. We cannot wait for a Savior. We are the ones. We can only be responsible for our choices and beliefs. We cannot carry others even those we may be close to, spouses, family, and friends. We can speak our truth and let it go. No energy connections except those of the light.

Did Jesus have a baby sister

In her mirror did she whisper?

Savior Woman

Savior Person

Save your breath

And as God says, “choose you must.” A non-choice forfeits your right to choose.

Imagine if we joined together and unleashed the light to radiate beyond the known confines what would we see, what kind of world would we live in? We would amplify the path like a yellow brick road. Enlarge our sphere of influence. Together we fulfill our mission. As Celest says “Dance the dance of the insane.” Time is of the essence.  “Voices chime like church bells starting as 1 ringing, next another rings, another joins in, then another vibrating around the globe and outward.”

Much Thanks to God, my Soul Seeds, Ancients, and All Souls aiding our evolutionary process for joining on this journey.

Carol – (USA)

Celest and David revised

As Celest says (“Dance the Dance of Anastasis, Dance the Dance of Resurrection.”) Time is of the essence.  “Voices chime like church bells starting as 1 ringing, next another rings, another joins in, then another vibrating around the globe and outward.”

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