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This was posted 12-7-2023

My SOUL Journey

WHERE should I begin? Perhaps where the Ego ended!

As always, the Ego had been in charge all this time, until the trauma and drama finally was too much. Fear, failure, anxiety, doubt, shame, blame, guilt etc. set in.  Nonetheless, a passing of a patriarch figure set the course for SOUL transformation and acceptance.  WHEN I finally decided to embrace my SOUL and had the awareness that SOUL was there all along and I needed to go within, the Magic begins.  WHAT came about was true cyclical changes took place. Hence, at the funeral a friend asked HOW is your SOUL and that triggered a remembrance and a knowing of my SOUL’s gridline intersection.  Ironically, he doesn’t even remember asking me, he had a similar passing of a patriarch months before. Of course I had many opportunities thru out the years to go on this SOUL Journey, but decided to pass each time.  Arrogance shook it off, besides if it wasn’t broken WHY fix it?  You would think a perfect storm of a devastating scenario such as a financial crisis, a loved one’s passing, and a professional demise all occurred about the same time would activate SOUL but NOPE, SOUL had to wait.   Needless to say, there’s been several rodeo shows until this timeline and gridline for SOUL to take CHARGE.  Perhaps, deep down inside I knew how much more difficult it would be to go down this least traveled path.  It only took a couple of near-death experiences and a total collapse of my mental, emotional and physical state to activate my SOUL Movement.  Such attacks on me was crazy horrible that I wouldn’t even wish it on my enemy.  Yet it’s all because of my own stupidity, naivety, and arrogance that allowed me to experience it all.  Fortunately, I had a second chance, a reset, do over per se and I issue the CALL to SOUL to lead the WAY.  WHAT followed from SOUL activation was intense dark nights of the SOUL work, pain and reflection.  Ultimately, the work had to be done to cleanse, clear old patterns, rid old programs and release them.  I had to remove Generational, Patriarchal systems, toxic behavior and harmful beliefs.

 WHY must we do this work?  Because SOUL can guide us with synchronicities of life, such as dreams, visions, telepathy and GOD codes all to help live a fulfilled life.  My SOUL movement was extremely difficult because of years of personal abuse, trauma and neglect.  Don’t expect it to be easy, but always expect the unexpected.  Unexpected miracles happened throughout my wonderful SOUL Journey.  Every waking hour was dedicated to doing this work and allowing myself time to heal and release.  It will be challenging for anyone who have been living life with old programs to suddenly switch it out to a “New Normal” SOUL.  It’s like deleting the entire computer program and rebooting the original.  One can’t function with so many viruses or dis-organized chaos in ones life. WHERE the house foundation is built on is crucial, if it’s not stable, it will all come down.  It happened to me and I am glad it did, my only question was… WHAT took so long!  Oh well, better late than NEVER.  

Awakening your SOUL is the missing piece to the Holy Trinity which is Power of Mind, heart and SOUL.  HOW cool that is, SOUL Voice simply knows the TRUTH.  It’s like sitting on a three-legged stool that is balanced and stable.  SOUL will help in empowering you to make monumental changes and co-Create in ways never before while fulfilling your personal and planetary destiny.  Certainly, passionately detaching yourself from the system, personal and business relationships can be challenging, but the benefit is infinite.  You will laugh and dance suddenly, find joy in the moment, and feel free and sovereign.  It is a great way to use Free Expression and play the game better. Having a renewed confidence in yourself and with higher level of Consciousness will bring more clarity and wisdom to your life.  Overall, you will feel less stress and burden while staying in the eye of the storm being calm, serene and tranquil.  Spiritual hygiene requires practicing self-love, authenticity, and loving all beings. Of course, sustaining the higher energy and the good thought pattern on a consistent basis requires patience and discipline. You will be able to separate true reality and illusions because you have a foot in the practical and Spiritual world.  You will be tested and complacency will creep in, but trust your SOUL to take personal responsibility and steer the wheel for your Evolvement!

Finally, I was able to marry the Ego to align with SOUL’s Unity of Purpose. My willingness to lose everything was WHY I have gained everything. SOUL is all you need, not power, fame, money, friends etc.  Accepting losses, failures, disappointments, set-backs etc. as nothing but wonderful experiences that you gift to yourself is so profound. You must come to the realization that enough is enough, no need for the good old days, or asking WHAT if, and WHY can’t it be back to normal.   One can’t simply do the same thing and expect a different result.  You must rise up and allow your SOUL to live a life worth Living by simply living an ordinary life in an extraordinary WAY.  There is so much music left in all of us to just waste it away by doing things that’s not for your highest good.  Learning to leave the past behind and let it go is a big step in SOUL Movement.

 Certainly, stop comparing yourself to others or embodying anyone but yourself is a great recipe for success.  At times there maybe mistakes and you may take a step forward and 3 steps back, but don’t give up, keep SOUL Movement forward.  WHEN should you do this?  NOW!  WHY should you do this?  Because you CAN!  DON’T wait for the trauma or near death to happen to you and react.  It could be too late and you may not have a second chance like I did.  Be Your Catalyst, make the change and BE your own SOUL Voice of cyclical changes. Issue the CALL to The Light of ALL Lights and surround yourself in the LOVE of GOD.  You came in this world with NOTHING but your SOUL! It’s No-Thing for you to have everything! Now that is SOULFUL!   

I am grateful to GOD and The Blue Star teachings to help navigate me through all these trials and tribulations.  Everything will work out, there are signs and GOD Codes everywhere for you to decipher and help you through this amazing SOUL Journey. Journey well… and SOUL it is DONE!  This is the WAY!

Iroh – (USA)

Celest and David – Soul never lies. Soul does not know how to lie. But it does recognize a lie.

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