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This was posted 12-7-2023

“Initiating a Soul Movement” Project


I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences and would like to give many, many, thank you’s to Prime Creator, God, The Collective of Luminescents, The Masters, The Elders, The Avatars, Angelic Realms, The Soul Saints, The Maji, The Travelers, The Star Keeper Forces, The Walk-Ins Group, and All The Souls who are here and everywhere who are helping and protecting Anastasis and all Good Hearted Souls.  Thank you for the teachings and guidance’s and thank you for helping us to wake up and to remember who we are, for reminding us of our oneness and connectiveness to each other across all dimensions, space and no time, showing us as to what is truly going on and why we are here.  Blue Star, Celest and David, thank you for the gift of invaluable teachings on your Website, The God Books and the Blue Star Transmissions. They are catalysts for changing and transforming lives and are Keys for our Awakening and Soul Evolvement. 

The Blue Star Transmission “Living life in your NEW normal while madness cavorts all around you” – Part 1 and Part 2, after reading Part 1, I was contemplating the Life Force Mission that was given. “What change or changes do I want to see?” and “How am I going to achieve this?” This would be the setup leading to the “Initiating a Soul Movement” project for the benefit of my own Soul and Others.  This project is about ” Breaking the cycle of repetitive nature,” “Diffusing old belief systems,” and “Rebuilding the Human brain Creativity mode.” There are so many things in this world that I would like to see change, but realistically, do I have the ability to change them? Majority of what I want to see changed would take an act of God or everyone on the planet to stop what they are doing and enact these changes by working cooperatively together with mutual trust, love, respect, compassion and empathy for each other, for all life and for our planet Anastasis (Earth).  It is a farfetched fantasy, even though it seems out of reach for one Soul like me to manifest this change into reality, but I can hold the intention and visualize and feel and live it in my heart and mind. A better and brighter, peaceful, balance and harmonious healthy world for all life, for all good hearted Souls. A world where everyone is aware and awake and operating from a higher state of consciousness and awareness. This would be a life worth living for by enacting much needed change even if it starts first in the hearts and minds. Thus, the healing process for our planet and all life can begin, then we can actually become true guardians and Care-takers that we are meant to be for this precious world. I am in a way Creating this world, my own Universe.

Everything is made of energy, birthed from ideas, visualizations, thoughts, imaginations, feelings and intentions. Using my Power of Mind, this World and Universe becomes real to me. Asking to let this be for the highest good for all concerned, harming none and without interfering with anyone free expression. Having the intention of well-being and love for all life forms does affect my frequency and vibration in a benevolent way. It actually raises them and it does attract the same kind of energy and vibration back to me, I do notice this in the day to day living of my Extraordinary Ordinary Life in My New Normal. I know that this world that I envisioned is already in existence. We just need to work on getting ourselves from here to there NOW.

Cycles of repetitive nature and old belief systems are chains and shackles to the Souls, the Minds and Hearts. This stops us from being open, creative and expansive. They are a block to receiving our gifts of Clairs, new Creative ideas and healing and help from the Universe. Our true nature as Soul, as an Eternal Divine Being is to be in a state of peace, love and joy, to help one another, to experience and learn, create, grow and change, and to keep moving in a forward and upward momentum. If this does not happen, then there is the opposite, where Soul becomes stagnant, stuck and unfortunately can devolve. I see example of the latter all the time of people around me, not just in family members, friends, associates, strangers but sometime it happens to me.  I do not want to be stuck or move backward and downward. I thought long and hard on immediate changes that I need to implement to keep my Soul in a forward moving momentum. I had to be honest with myself, I turned inward and look within to see what is going on. The conclusion that I came up with is, for changes anywhere to happen that is to be a part of my reality, CHANGES AND EVOLVEMENT OF MYSELF AND PERSONALITY HAS TO HAPPEN FIRST OR NOTHING ELSE THAT I WANT TO SEE CHANGE IS GOING TO MANIFEST. I AM Soul, I AM Consciousness, I AM Awareness, I AM the Owner and Operator of this Physical Form. I AM the Creator of my Life’s Reality. I hold the power to change me. No one can do it for me.  If there is a wedge, a stone or a boulder somewhere within me that is stopping me from becoming who I truly AM meant to be. Then it needs to be found out, faced and removed. That means taking a good long hard look and reflecting as to what makes me; ME, good or bad and all of the above. How was I shaped and molded and by who, what program and system raised me and what am I abiding by now, what life experiences did I live through, what did I survive, what generational backpack am I carrying and is still carrying, what are my strengths, what are things that makes me fearful and why? What are my failures and successes, have I wronged or trespassed against anyone, and have others wronged or have trespassed against me? What are the Excuses? What are the Triggers? More importantly, what have I done to affect changes that is needed on this planet that is for the highest good for all while I am still here on planet; while I still can. Blue Star said, “Reincarnation is not a guaranteed anymore, it is earned.” These are some examples of questions that I asked myself. I wrote down in my journal, a lot of these questions and questions that were directed by Blue Star in his two-parter Transmissions. I started with trying to figure myself out, by listing what I feel that are my positive qualities and strengths and my negatives that I need to work on and to get rid of. It is very easy and pleasant to list all the positives and remembering what others had complimented, but writing down the negatives is a lot harder. It is something that is unpleasant and I tend to ignore and not bring up to be looked at closely to work on or to even admitting that I got these issues or negative traits, thoughts, patterns and habits. I have to admit my negatives are just as long as my positives on the list. Some negatives are harder to work on, but as long as I acknowledge and recognize them and know what the triggers are, then I can better manage and work on them.  It is about shining the Light into all aspects of myself and revealing what needs to be cleaned out of my closet. As long as I have the intention and the willingness to change and evolve, God and Family (my Guides, Master Teachers, Angels, Helpers, and Love Ones on the other side) will always help by showing the way.

The first thing that was brought to my attention from God and Family was, my internal mental and emotional struggles from past memories of disagreement, arguments, and misunderstandings with certain family members, friends, associates and even strangers. For many decades, I tried so hard to move on and to forget and forgive. I also ask and pray for others to forget and to forgive me if I done anything that is not kind to them. I thought I did a good job in letting things go, but Family is telling me, I am not there yet. I noticed this past summer particularly for four consecutive days straight, a lot of past memories of disagreements and the wrong and the hurt that I felt that was done to me kept appearing in my mind and would play out just like in the past. Once that scene was over, another situation with a different person would pop in, this kept repeating in my head over and over again going thru a list of people that I had issues with. Now having all this replaying out in my head is like reliving all those experiences again for me. This of course would trigger a negative emotional response filled with anger, resentment towards that person again and it really puts me in a bad mood and messes my day up. All this negative response was not good for my state of mind, or well-being and it lowered my frequency and vibration. When this happens, I was more susceptible to negative attacks, making mistakes, and having nightmares at night.  Each day, this would repeat over and over again for four days straight. I thought to myself that this must have been triggered by a recent traumatic event that had happened and somehow it unleashes all these memories that I kept buried. On the fifth day of that week while these memories were replaying, I decided to pay more attention to the detail and sequence of how the memories were put in my mind and why. I noticed that I didn’t do anything to elicit those memories, even on the other days that had already happened. My mind was pretty much cleared and if I did have any thoughts, they were focused on pleasant things and conversations that I was having with my partner. I also noticed that the sequence of the different people were coming in the same order as of the previous days. It was like watching the same movie over and over again. Something finally clicked in my head, “Oh, I get it!” I figured out what was going on.

As more and more Lights are beaming onto our planet from Helpers from different places in the Universe, and Dimensions, these Lights are helping to change our cellular structures from carbon base to crystalline which will be the make-up of our new body. For this to happen, all old programs and negative energies that are stored within our cellular structures that are not for our highest good are brought up to the Light to be acknowledged, to heal and to be released. We have to let go of old energies and make room for the new lighter and loving energy. This is the only way to heal, change and evolve. In my case, I had to recognize what was happening and I realized these memories were unresolved emotions and issues that was still held on by me but I forgot about them. They needed to be cleaned out because it is stopping me from moving forward. Every time I encounter or gather with any of the people that I still have some negative unresolved issues with, the feeling of anger, annoyance, resentment, blame, shame, or guilt would rise up within me. My meeting with them would be very unpleasant, cut short, and the rest of the day would be ruined, even though these issues happened a long time ago. How do I stop this because… I’m tired of all of it?

My Ah Ha Epiphany Moment was when I thought about all these people and how most of them have changed for the better and they moved on with their lives. They and I are not currently having our disagreement, it was all in the past. I’m still reliving and going thru the motion of the arguments in my head by myself, so of course, I am feeling all the negative emotions. They are not feeling anything, in fact they only know what they know and living their lives to the best that they know how in their situation. They are not the issue. I am the issue causing me all these problems right now. Once I realized that I am the problem, I called myself out! I dug deep in my heart and mentally told everyone that I was in conflict with, that I love them and I sincerely thank them all for the opportunity to experience all the experiences and all the learnings and teachings that came out from our past interactions. They were playing their role, while I was playing mine, and we learn from each other.  All of a sudden, a miracle happened. The argumentative scene and scenario in my mind disappeared and my head felt peaceful and clear. My heart felt so much lighter and an energy of love and excitement took over my entire being. To this day, this is how I handle new thought forms that try to come up to disrupt me and it still works. I am more calm and peaceful. When I see these people from my past, I smile at them, sometime give them hugs and sometime let them know that I love them. Now, we just have nice pleasant conversations and we enjoy each other company. There are those, that I choose to stay away from and not ever see again for good reasons, but I do wish them well and I do love them from a distant, it is called passionate detachment.

I am very lucky to have figured this out, but I know that there are millions and millions of people out there that have the same issues as I have had and do not recognize that by repeatedly living and going through past traumas, failures and negative emotions and still holding on to them, they will not be able to move forward and their Soul will be stuck. It is hard to let them go, but it must be done. In doing so, new and wonderful opportunities, setup, and experiences that are orchestrated by the Universe through Organized Chaos will enter and propel us forward in our life. The Universe is waiting, so let’s get to it.

Myka – (USA)

Celest and David – Well God did say “Have an Epiphany a Day.” (or more.)

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