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This was posted 12-7-2023

Initiating Change – Initiating a Soul Movement

Because I think figuring out how to break the repetitive cycles of greed and war on this planet is one of the most pressing issues, that is where I will start. Since I only have power to change myself, I will start there.

The lack of a true Spiritual path for so many on Anastasis plays into the WHY but doesn’t answer the HOW of changing and stopping the repeating patterns of harm.

As an individual I may perhaps be an example and hope that I can be the difference for someone. So, I’ll tell you How I try to keep Spiritually growing and changing.

I try daily to wake up smiling and giving thanks for another beautiful day and another chance to grow and become a force for good and service to Anastasis and all good souls.

I say The Christ Consciousness (CC) Mantra as soon as I remember upon waking.  Also, all through the day as soon as I notice old negative thoughts creeping into my mind, I stop, do the CC mantra and add on the 3 breath technique as well. This is a good re-set, then I move forward. I try to always smile when in public places and when dealing with store-keepers and other people that I meet when not at home. I know this makes a difference to me and to them.  I make a point to get out into nature whenever possible, if only to take the dog for a walk, I do this regularly. It too is a re-set of mind and body and it connects me with Anastasis and all that I love about her.

When I do my daily practices of Pushes, Golden Force, prayer and intention setting, I talk to my Guides and ask for assistance in all ways especially in developing my Claires. (Clairsentience’s)

At bedtime I again repeat the CC Mantra and set intentions to remember my dreams and to write them down. I do wake and write down all I can remember.  I receive songs sometimes and write these down and look them up when I get a chance. I go back during daytime hours to read what I wrote to see what messages I can discern from the symbology. 

This is me doing my small things, hoping to stop re-creations and Creating new paths of consciousness for all of us. I hope that my example of my daily practices helps someone. I feel that I Am Creating change by what I do and I Am changing too.

Essentially, I believe we all have to keep our focus on Love/God & Christ Consciousness to Create positive changes and stay upon the spiritual path.

I look forward to reading others’ ideas, to incorporate even more ideas into my daily practices. I believe we all will be helping each other with all of our input in this project.

Melanie (USA)

Celest and David – Nice work.




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