The Greater Group and Vibrational Frequency

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

 The Greater Group


Vibrational Frequency

10-24 to 12-25-2019

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all chelas; I am delighted to tell you that unbeknownst to you ones; many serious tests were given to you since my last transmission. These tests were thought of by the Creation Processing entity and sanctioned by The Creator.  The tests involved motor frequency – which is the ability of the mind to propel energy into motion and use the motion as a power source of Creativity, the length and duration of telepathic frequencies, the depth and intensity of power of mind, the ability to leave the past IN the past, the freedom experienced with no rancor when feeling alienated by other people and so forth. In other words Planetizens, the tests were all “biggies.” I am pleased to say I was one of those conducting the tests.

Since I and other testers found entirely too many Advocates acting in an indolent laissez-faire mindset while others, just a small margin of them, were becoming complacent, we arranged for each of them to receive a small but good jolt of electric motion which ultimately caused them to feel exhausted from their normal routines and in need of good sleep and rest. During those resting periods Avatars in the Valley picked them up and took them to the Valley for some “remedial training,” similar to a modified boot camp. I assure you if any of those people believed in that foolish and untrue axiom of “no pain, no gain,” they will not wish to hear those words again! That’s what friends are for, is it not?

Now, although you all passed these necessary exams many Advocates scored much higher than did others. The Souls and their personalities who scored the highest were all the ones who have felt driven to succeed in their quest for the Christ Consciousness to continue its journey moving mountains and waterways if necessary to achieve the Consciousness’s target point of leaving no stone unturned, no human being untouched, no forms of any sentient lifeforms bereft of absorbing and truly assimilating the Consciousness into every aspect of their being. This particularly long sentence should at least show you ones the seriousness of all of your “expeditions into the jungles of hidden evils revealed AND thus what is and was revealed became understood.”

I am personally quite tired and rather disgusted by usually astute peoples here bandying around the term “Greater Good.” It has truly lost all of its original meanings, particularly when we observe dark entities saying this. They chortle as they laugh at you ones because their ideas of greater good related to THEIR own greater good! The Luminescent of this Universe, God, has decreed that from this moment on, the Collective Consciousness shall be called The Greater Group! Energy masses are being Created anew. There are ever so many different ways to combat the dark and confusing them and sending out information that is relative to the combined darkness they all share in, WHILE you are truly understanding what you are saying and WHY, will impact on the cause and effect you are each experiencing … in one manner or another. Now, I did tell Celestial that on June 21, 2019, this past Summer Solstice marked the exact moment that The Final Purging had begun. Not only is it accelerating in depth and intensity it has also birthed The Winter that EVER Was. Please be advised yet again that I will not do your homework for you; Celestial and our David are both far too wise to do it for you either! Figure out for yourselves the previous sentence.

The Greater Group does indeed share their own individual and collective opinions, beliefs, feelings and aspirations in a rather unique self-propagating well-bonded non-hive manner. The Group knows innately how to spread ideas, customs and shared beliefs to millions of other peoples through The Power of Mind. Although their states, degrees and Soul maturity levels may differ, the Group has especially since Summer Solstice, been standing back to back metaphorically speaking, and altering their previous states of fears into Greater Understanding. The formerly known “Collective Consciousness” was a BEGINNING; it was a first step up onto the spiral staircase which functioned as the first encounter with not only THE Greater Consciousnesses, but also as the first encounter you each had WITH your OWN consciousnesses. Although evil does not have consciousness per se, when it is linked into a human being’s consciousness it can then implant its “hive mentality” there, which effectively inundates the people with even more illusions than they already had. This is one reason that I am now sharing with you ones WHY we have pushed and pushed you ones to “reach for the stars and connect with other Advocates.” Anyone can talk the talk but walking the talk and BEING the talk … not so much! However with the now completely activated Greater Group states of elevated awareness and evolved perceptiveness the evil cannot enter this Group. Do you see? This is a major leap over the bar that had been raised and was set in place for millions of you Advocates to leap over and thus arrive at a new phase of your evolutionary state.

Although it has taken long to convince Advocates and other goodhearted peoples here that ALL fears are nothing but illusions, and I do mean ALL, the illusionary fears are predicated on preconditioning beliefs and lifestyles and guess what! They finally got it! This is where I say, “DUH!” But of course what I tell you ones is truth; ALL fears are illusions and those illusions are the very tools the dark has used since forever ago to keep you ones in line. In this manner it has been YOU yourselves who have been feeding the beast. It is also true that what you feed the most is what you receive in return. Do you see … yet? Now, try thinking to yourself and REMEMBER that “what divides us devours us” and REMEMBER the devouring technique is what has given so many peoples here Spiritual Lobotomies. Neural pathways of so many, many millions of peoples here have been intentionally disrupted and damaged, thus effectively temporarily or in extreme cases permanently affecting the psyches of so many who WERE destined for greatness, for teaching others and yet for receiving more transmissions from many ancient Elders. Those telepathic transmissions which the peoples could have used to cause others to reflect and remember who and what they truly are, are invaluable for peoples attaining their true SELVES statures.

Instead the illusions that permeated the psyches of so many good Planetizens, so many faithful Advocates, caused these ones to become conflicted. They succumbed to the “fog and reflections” that the fear illusions generated by the fear-mongers, those master illusion-makers that convinced the peoples were true. The personalities then of course suffered grievously.

Now, vibrational frequencies are very quick to muster energy and disperse it among the peoples here. As things stand right now, the frequencies are set into spontaneity mode. It means that the flexible provoking of energies that lie within each and every monad’s power of mind vibration that you each spark into activated motion simply by PURE thoughts based on your non-reactions to events, you are instead CREATING events. You are altering energies while accruing intense vibrational frequencies in each and every nano-moment; BUT not as a result of external influences though. Rather they are all results of your POWER OF MIND eliciting NEW activity relegated by your own POWER OF MIND THOUGHTS. The monad activity is a main function of many various indestructible units of basic elements of reality. Although it is a microcosm of reality, because it is linked into your Creating of events it then is metamorphosed into the macrocosmic vibrational energies. These are your weapons of choice! Use them wisely!

No, I cannot explain this more simply to you; but of course you could always use your power of MIND to understand what has been written. Now, I give you ones all fair warning though! Those who are AFRAID to let go of ALL fears shall remain in this illusionary state for the rest of their mortality here. Too bad, it was never meant to be this way; however the peoples who cannot do what needs to be done can only hold themselves guilty of not accepting personal responsibility and so they cannot CREATE Change. But the rest of you can! Those lackadaisical, empty-minded peoples are ones who will not escape our scrutiny. WE know who they are and we KNOW where they live.

Now, it is sad, it is a pity that so many, many more peoples who live in rural areas all over the planet are the ones who have been better preparing themselves for very serious changing weather conditions. Can all of you not see that no one is immune to this situation? Weather patterns are NO MORE, I have told you this before; it is actually easy for us to see and hear the silliness that sloshes out of so many minds and mouths. Many peoples here sincerely believe that this is all about climate change etc. Actually, it is not. It is about “people control.”  Although you ones have all been advised especially over the past 5 years, that millions of peoples will be leaving the planet, however even with that warning given we have observed peoples looking over their shoulders to see whom we have been talking about. God forbid we could be speaking of them as well!

You see, no one wants to believe that anything untoward can happen to THEM. Peoples want to believe that it can only happen to other people. Such nonsense! This is all part of the Earth Star’s changes and HOW peoples here have mindlessly, carelessly and stupidly MADE it necessary for the planet to revolt. This is all occurring while Terra is spreading the Christ Consciousness throughout this Universe, this world among worlds here. Now, nothing unclean, tainted with dark dross or under control of the dark spheres, shall remain AS IT WAS. Instead, it will eventually assist in altering this planet to what it should always have been. It matters not if it is a person, place or things; it is what it is. There are now many pods which form types of “pools” where the dark energies have been hiding themselves trying to escape Justice for All. In order to attempt to conceal themselves from Advocates whose clairsentience and consistent fearlessness is certain to locate them, many of these pod pools are moving into other areas where their “hunting” for victims to bring down may be more fruitful. Knowing how and when to hurl massive doses of White Light into the pods or into any dark entities you may “accidently” encounter is the forefront of your own personal and Greater Group defense. BUT, when doing so this must be achieved with no negative emotions, judgments, HATRED or any showoff actions. In simple human language, without ANY animosity. One large blast of White Light is all it takes to render the entity violence-impotent and oftentimes destroys them completely. Walking away after the event and not thinking about it is a MUST.

Now, lest you forget I did tell you all long ago that all energy is living; so what does that tell you ones about your thoughts, emotions, deeds and desires? If you are truly paying attention here, you would know that it tells you that ALL THOSE THINGS ARE ALIVE! My point here is that all emotional baggage impacts for better or worse on ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS! For the better means people who are letting go of their baggage are assisting in bringing in periods of almost tranquil spaces in the Greater weather scenario. The worse means that the emotional and drug induced mind-thoughts of people, especially those who are carrying others’ baggage, are impacting on the various states of weather conditions in egregious manners. Terra will not cease playing out her role of “assisting” in the relocation of peoples who can no longer stay on the planet.

The Procession of Elders and the Luminescents will not cease in further de-rooting evil wherever they find it and all this adds up to … winters, summers, springs and autumns will NEVER  be the “former weather” you may have once known here. Cold will become much colder as the far reaches of very cold atmospheric temperatures flows swiftly over this world. Hot will become unceasingly hotter, rain will increase exponentially, arid will become more so, winds will increase their speed velocity in amazing fashions and so forth. No doubt you can figure out the “and so forth” for yourselves. Oh and please forget about there being 4 seasons! Change is constant so the choice WAS either the peoples here all change OR The Creator and ALL His allies, and I do mean ALL of them, would make the necessary changes FOR all the good peoples here. All thoughts nasty peoples have do have consequences. Do NOT complain about anything you are enduring just because you are a good person confronting very difficult situations. You ones have absolutely no idea how much worse this all could have been for you. No idea at all! Each Advocate is here for a SPECIFIC reason whether you have the remembrance of the reasons or not.

Now, before I take my leave I remind you ones once again: You have the Power of Mind; use it to deflect unwanted energies, to cast away that which you can AND start connecting with other evolved Advocates. Then parlay your Power of Mind actions and focus on the Light. Direct evolved energies to one another and make your connections supremely strong. You can do no wrong! I am taking my leave now; but please remember there is not a single one of you who can not connect with Higher Sources through the Power of Mind. Start what you still call “channeling” NOW and pay attention to what you hear and see. Many lives may depend on it. Including your own.

Blue Star the Pleiadian ….

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


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