Balderdash and the Red Herring

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~  

Balderdash and the Red Herring

6-25 to 8-25-2019

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all you inquisitive thinkers, movers and shakers! We are here yet again to bash what needs to be bashed and salute those who deserve salutes. Now, I have awaited the gridline intersection for this particular transmission to arrive with bated breath. I have long endured observing and listening to the disgusting, depraved continuous devolving of mind-thoughts and ill-begotten beliefs which have so badly affected all goodhearted Souls all over this world for many millennia. Speaking of which – stop believing there have only been 3 millenniums; there have been far more than you obviously can remember. STOP being led by the nose by those peoples who propagate falsehoods. Millennialism is a subject you ones are all misunderstanding anyway.

Now, if it were not for the egregious fact that all but a scant few of you ones have always worked at passing on to all the younger generations mistruths and damn lies which have all been disguised as truths, frankly I would most willingly let you all fall on your derrieres as you learned about truth or consequences. That having been said, we shall briefly explore a few of the most damaging and heinous castrations of truths that you ones have been believing and especially to those among you who have been passing all those mistruths on to all new generations that have ever been. I, my Celestial daughter, our David and the God of this Universe have all told you ones repeatedly that “truth must stand on its own.” So, why is it that the majority of you peoples still cannot tell truth from lies?

Why is it that the most intelligent peoples or those who BELIEVE they are of the intelligentsia willingly hand their Soul Voices to the unclean? All Mandarins suffer from this grievous affliction to an enormous degree; these ones have either been reared to believe that they are something that they really are not, or they hide behind their artistic, poetic or self-created elite groups of other like-minded peoples and preen themselves as being better than others when in fact they can not even attain the same personality measurement of goodhearted peoples.

Now, so many of you ones wonder about why so many peoples of ALL ages are passing over “unexpectedly” and why the weather conditions are up, down, in, below, above and out and can seem to be out of control all at the same time. Readers were ALL warned repeatedly in all books of the God Book Series, my transmissions and Celestial and David’s teachings for a long time now that this would occur. We all tried to prepare you. Yet many thoughts were still focused on HOW it would happen that would cause so many peoples to be leaving mortality. This would probably be the time to suggest that you each pick up “the clue phone” and call home; for your stellar families await your calls, then see if you can yet handle the truth from them as well. I am giving you ones “Truth revealed”- whether you want to hear it or not. Those who do NOT want to hear it are the ones who need it the most! Now follow the trail of the Red Herring.

1 – Sin Eaters

Beginning back in the earliest of days on this planet and continuing still today unfortunately, there have been men and women known as Sin Eaters. Their chosen function on Terra was to convince good peoples and many NOT so good peoples, to give their sins to the Sin Eater and that Sin Eater man or woman PROMISED and VOWED to eat the person’s sins or drink the sins, thereby negating any sins of the Souls of these truly foolish believers. The earliest of church religions with the notable exception of the Roman Catholic Churches, supported the balderdash and encouraged the sin eaters to eat all the sins they could. Most of the times though the foolish people seeking absolution had to drink a type of berry juice or ale that had been heavily laced with laudanum or other drugs. Those addictive solutions caused the sinned peoples to experience types of hallucinogenics that convinced them they were watching dark flying molecules of blackness entering into the sin eaters’ mouths and noses. The eaters would always tell those people that that was what the dark ones look like, that was what their sins looked like; so it was that the power of suggestion coupled with the drugs caused no disbelief to the sinners. They were just relieved that their sins were expunged — so they could go out and sin again and again and pay no consequences for their actions. But of course they had to tell what their sins were. Oh, they were also easy marks for blackmail!

It was considered to be quite normal for the sin eaters’ to chant in unknown words and scream as if they were being tortured. Although this perverted fiasco only lasted for a short period and then the sin eaters would declare the sinners free of all sins, those eaters charged a large sum of what today is called “money” for their services. So the rich became richer and the poor became poorer. And the dark power became darker and stronger. And the sins remained firmly in place. NO the sins were not expunged; in fact they grew to massive size due to repetitious actions on recreating the same sins. Religious fanatics of course jumped on the bandwagon right away and received a “kickback” for their support. Sorry to say this but yes, this practice is still ongoing in less developed countries. But do not kid yourselves; even your socialites in civilized countries still manage to make good use of the sin eaters’ services. Tis all smoke and mirrors!  Red Herring alert! And the beast goes on.

2 – Speaking in Tongue

Now, this is a subject I particularly despise.

Again, many, MANY millenniums ago when finding a goodhearted Soul required much more work than merely casting a light into the dark, the Illuminati and their brethren became entranced with finding even more despicable ways of ensnaring humans into the cesspool of the dark. One of their RELIGIOUS leaders stumbled on a plan to defeat early Advocates from gaining too many footholds for the then upcoming Christ Consciousness. He and his evil cronies overheard a few people speaking to one another about how they wished some kind of Deity would appear to them and speak to the quivering masses about great wonderful change that would be their birthrights. Thus the plan for people to “speak in tongue” was HATCHED. Gullible people are as easy to fool as are the intelligentsia. A gathering of a different nature took place. Peoples from all countries that were known about during these times were either solicited or coerced into joining a “Tongue Clan.”  This main clan fell under the auspices of the Illuminati and the ancient Roman Catholic Church. It was known by those dark energies that desperate peoples will believe just about anything. And they still do.

So it was that a new plan of deception was begun and flaunted right under peoples’ noses. Tongue Speakers were created. Many of the clan of men and some but not many women, began to show up in Ireland England, Wales and what is now known as America. They were all religious fanatics in one way or another and many suffered from dementia as well. They were well-trained to choose some favorite saint or saintly person and begin to rehearse, as if it was a stage role, imitating possible accents, rolling of the eyes, tears (fake) and body movements that were supposed to be a person speaking in tongue while undergoing physical movement in a shaking fashion. It is such balderdash!

In ancient times men and women would SAY they were speaking in tongue during periods when they were delusional, in the throes of religious ecstasy, having organisms, showing off, trying to be considered as holy men and holy women or suffering from various levels of very serious cognitive and intellectual deterioration and those whose psyches were fractured. Remember please, religions pounced on the Speaking in Tongue because it promoted religion and religion was struggling to control the world. Also remember, “if you control religion you control the world AND all the people!” It was common knowledge even though travel in the early times was very difficult and took a long time to go from one land to another, that peoples could go and listen to the Speakers in Tongue and hear answers to their questions. Of course the religious factions made sure that the people who wanted answers understood that of course the religions, particularly the Roman Catholic churches, SUPPORTED the Tongue Speakers “wisdom.” Much hell and damnation rhetoric was seeded into those “revelations” of the Speakers promising the worst case scenarios for those who refused to believe those people claiming to speak in tongue. I would dearly love to tell you ones that this particular horror story ended long ago! But that would be a lie. It still continues today but on a much larger scale!

Mass consciousness peoples are always looking for a quick fix; whether it is a true remedy or not. Even people who announce that they are “recovering alcoholics, recovering drug addicts, recovering sex addicts” are prone to listen to a Speaker in Tongue and to see if that speaker just happens to have information relative to their own ideology or recovery program. Advocates, with all these peoples around the world involved in so many recovery programs, I tell you ones that my own greatest wish is that someone will STAND and say “I am a person recovering from mass consciousness!” Advocates, with only a few exceptions you ones have always believed and followed mass consciousness beliefs and rhetoric to one degree or another. To those of you who HAVE walked away from that contagious septic system of beliefs – why are you not STANDING! You do not need to be Tongue Speakers to do that you know. Just BE yourselves! Red Herring strikes again.

Now, many really good peoples of today have truly convinced themselves that they are speaking in tongue. The personality a person houses is always willing to aid its host in feeling better about themselves, when the conditions are right. But the personality/intellect has an agenda. Remember, the personality/intellect knows that when a person dies so does the intellect. When personality foresees that the host needs confidence or needs some type of bolstering effect to calm their minds, it is very easy for the host-person to convince themselves or be convinced by the intellect and others that the host person is communicating with some saint or Avatar etc., who is passing on information to the host or others. Of course it is very common for off-world Souls, stellar families, Luminescents and so forth to communicate directly with individuals and at times groups of likeminded Souls. However, never, never would any of them do so without using telepathy or imagings. Never, never would they speak gibberish or speak in ANY spoken languages to someone that does not speak in other languages. Also, they will not communicate with people who are very ill physically. They will await the physical healing instead. Then they will communicate NON-VERBALLY.

So it is that I repeat again to you Advocates, Divinity or any Spirits of people who have passed over always SPEAK non-verbally, they SPEAK through telepathy! In instances when the person who is still Earthbound is bi-lingual those other Beings always speak in the language TELEPATHICALLY that the Earth person normally speaks. None of them SPEAK verbally! Have I repeated this enough yet? Are some of you understanding YET? So it was and still is that the lies spread and spread and today even people who should know better WANT to believe it. They want to feel SPECIAL. Now, those among you Advocates who are wondering about certain individuals who are good people but claim to be Speaking in Tongue; yes there are a few truly good people who believe they are speaking in tongue.

Their belief is a bit shaky and uncertain but they are too afraid NOT to believe. My advice is this: there are people who channel different Spirits but usually prefer to do so with their eyes closed; some require a sleeping state in order for this to take place. No, they are not speaking with St. Paul’s voice, or Jesus’ voice etc. It is their own voices simply repeating what they think they have been told. The most gifted peoples here who receive Divine messages are those who are superior adepts and share a Soul to Soul integration. Most peoples still are in fear about doing this themselves. Here is an original idea; speak directly TO and WITH God or another Being and then see how you feel, then listen for what they say. What a concept!

All forms of telepathy are messages transmitted to the mind of a good person or in what is erroneously referred to as “automatic writing.” This type of writing teaches self-discipline to the individuals, while permitting the energetic maneuvers of the REAL world to flow like a river and permeate the mind and Spirit of the person, which keeps the intellect QUIET, keeps the mind focused and allows truth revealed THROUGH the writing hand of the individual. I said, “Writing hand,” NOT computer writing! All usually goes exceedingly well with this process UNTIL the writing ends and the intellect jumps in and wants to EDIT. That is a no, no! That editing is a Red Herring and creates balderdash.

3 – Witch Hunt

Now, I will take a few moments here and tell you one and all that so many thousands upon thousands of good people died terrible, agonizing deaths, rapes, torture and humiliation at the hands of their accusers, all because of the dastardly witch hunts. Although the practice of hunting witches actually began in England, when the people arrived in America that sick practice spread yet again at full speed. Witch hunting was yet another method of controlling the populaces and installing clerics of the most disgusting kinds to oversee the “deemed necessary persecution” of innocent women, men and CHILDREN of all ages. The paranoia of fearing someone who did not like them would report them as witches was so extreme that everyday peoples lived in the worst fear of being accused of things they never did. Women who were jealous of their spouse or boyfriend’s wandering eyes, would most willingly accuse other women of witchcraft and have those innocent women put to death, all so they could keep their man.

Children who did not like certain other children and adults could also point accusatory fingers at innocent peoples. Stake burnings and forced drownings became all the rage for hundreds of years actually. No one really had anywhere to run to. The landowners’ spies and turncoat landowner wannabes went to great lengths to secure their places within the landowner or clerks’ good graces. They did so by inveigling themselves into the quiet graces of everyday people for the sole purpose of turning them in for a monetary reward. Lands were constantly being seized from those who were declared to be witches even if it was only much less than a half acre.

The true witches were actually “The White Witches” whose sole missions here were to use all natural ways of growing and harvesting herbs and spices and using them to cure common physical ailments and to ward off diseases. Although these women were respected they were also feared by most of the masses. It was never understood how they came by the knowledge they had to perform such wonders of maintaining good health. When questioned by the no-gooders these witches usually said they received the information in dreams. Which they did. Although they did their best to maintain secrecy about themselves, word traveled fast. Too fast. Many of them were needlessly executed but still enough survived to continue their work and teach their younger generations of how to grow the necessary crops etc. Those witch hunts continued for hundreds of years before they were stopped BUT even today in less civilized countries and hamlets in foreign lands the hunt continues! Today, all those formerly accused witches, men, women AND children, walk among you as Advocates for Justice!

Now, all those Advocates who had given so much of their life experiences to assist all other peoples are watching and listening for all the Red Herring alerts. They know full well how to recognize them and how to sever the Herrings’ necks. You see Planetizens, the Red Herrings are what is used through mind-thought, actions and manipulated deeds to TURN good peoples into the wrong directions; much akin to throwing a decoy in your way to ensure you believe the dire balderdash rather than recognize truth and destroy illusions. I have warned you ones before that the road to perfidy is paved with good intentions.  So now as I bid you Adieu at least for a short time, I ask you all to destroy the dark contagion and its ally the Red Herring through your thoughts and mindset before it disembowels your Soul and your destiny,

Salude, Blue Star the Pleiadian …. I am going fishing now!


There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


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