Do you See what I see? Are you looking behind the scenes? Do you want to have the KNOWing or do you prefer the NOing?

Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

Do You See what I see?

Are you looking behind the scenes?

Do you want to have the KNOWing or do you prefer the NOing?

10-25 to 12-25-2015

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings fellow Advocates; ok we shall get right to it now, there is no “time” to waste. This is a very serious transmission! No doubt it will also be considered to be quite controversial. That always happens when I strike a nerve in many peoples because I speak of things they do NOT want to hear. Sigh, oh well, it is what I do! So many, many of you ones have experienced great trepidation about the many things occurring here on the Earth Star planet. And those are only the ones you KNOW about. Although this is understandable it would behoove you one and all to LEARN to see and be aware of all the things that are illusions postulating as reality and all the realities that are being cloaked from your sentience. Now, it had been deemed of critical importance by the dark riders that NOW IS THE TIME for many of humankind to be rattled out of their intent to continue to STAND. The objective that so many of humankind have to move forward and to continue to STAND, is taking place even while at the same time so many others among them are still falling. The incontrovertible FACT that so many Advocates are STANDing, is in itself a great tribute to the human Spirit to prevail and circumvent the evil doers’ plans. We ourselves along with the Collective of the Masters and all the Luminescents are aware that these evil planners could only be successful if fear and its concubine, which is the insatiable need to conquer humankind, would succeed on their joint mission to hide behind the scenes and gloat, chortle and applaud as many good peoples here continue to fall at an even more accelerated rate than before.

We have all been well-aware of all the events taking place here and how much so many of you ones have suffered! WE have been successful at heading-off many synchronized invasive attacks on peoples in many countries. In great part we ourselves have been even more inspired to give 100% of ourselves due to the nonverbal not so quiet yells you ones have been sending out to the dark as you yelled, “you shall NOT win, you shall NOT stop us!” Advocates, it is of primary, crucial importance that each Planetizen use all the sentience you each have and continue to Create the miracles that you have been Creating. All peoples NOW are being given a final warning by us; use the sentiences you have or you will lose them! What your Souls have freely shared with all you ones by enhancing and elongating your sentience, can easily be removed by Soul. This event HAS happened before. Now, far too many of you ones still fail to look behind the scenes to correctly ascertain what is really going on. When you hear or read about the massive slaughtering of chickens and turkeys for example and are told it is because of bird flu, do you believe it to be true? Do you have the basis of fact?

Suddenly, the prices for purchasing chicken, turkey, eggs and so forth at your super markets skyrocket, do you think it is a co-in-cidence or can you clearly see the intentional price rigging which lies behind the scenes? Kill the animals, raise the prices. Then there are the meteorologists who really do not know what they are talking about. They have been heard especially lately, to applaud all the heavy flooding and serious downpours of rain everywhere. Yet they have been heard to say ad nauseam that because of the torrential rain events and the flooding, the drought will end. Silly humans! It is most unfortunate that far too many peoples want so desperately to believe this misinformation that they CHOOSE to believe it rather than to look behind the scenes and search for the truth. Apparently even commonsense “goes out the window.” Now, what really occurs is that the ground can only absorb a certain amount of water; the rest of the water simply washes away beneficial grass, seedlings, crops, beneficial insects, Terra’s own supply of natural Earth elements and so forth. The drought is now much more quickly than before creeping up into all countries. Especially America.

Now, I have especially over the last several years made mention that many, many peoples on this planet shall relocate. I found it interesting in a disturbing way to listen to the vast numbers of mind-thoughts from those among all Advocate groupings whose thoughts centered around, “well, I want to move somewhere else anyway.” Obviously those thoughts MAY make their moving efforts easier to live with, but if they do not understand WHY they must move, then they are clearly not looking behind the scenes and therefore are NOT knowing, they are no-ing. Many peoples on the planet have been becoming restless, antsy and downright discouraged of late, with little understanding of why it happens to them. Most of these ones are peoples who are scheduled by US to move at a specific time, to a specific place. Oftentimes we have held back that information to many of them simply because of their lack of PATIENCE. Too often peoples here fall into the, “I want it and I want it now” trap. We do not condone that type of thinking, so we withhold that information.

This brings me to another aspect that I feel you ones need to know about. When I, accompanied by thousands and thousands of other Star Keepers arrived on this planet on that fateful October day in 2007, the Mother Ship glistened with all her own natural beauty and that beauty was enhanced exponentially by the pure love, the excitement and the most evolved forms of joy that all her passengers were experiencing. I was of course commanding my own air ship and could feel all those wondrous sensations emanating from my fellow travelers who were on the Mother Ship, as well as all those other air ships. It was throughout that wondrous most eventful period while we were all here on the Earth Star planet, that the Luminescent of this Universe, the Being you call “God” implemented a schematic event which He in conjunction with all the other Luminescents had designed. Of course this was all sanctioned by the Creator and the Creation-Processing. We have all spent so many millennia watching over all Advocates and all other Earthizens and taking note of who had changed and who had not. Those periods had all been a preamble to “coming events” which actually began 50 plus years ago. Now, so it came to be that when we were all here in 07, great numbers of our Star Keepers as well as many of our most evolved scientists descended here with specific instructions about connecting with certain of our stellar families living here and testing all parts of this planet’s waters, land, atmospheric conditions and so forth. This then beloved Planetizens is when “the die was cast.”

As my Celestial daughter and our David are well aware, that was the final demarcation of which landmasses would be able to be saved and which would not be. This too was when so many Advocates began to awaken to their true destiny. Part of the Declaration of Faith and Freedom that the Luminescents designed, was to have many peoples MOVED by the process of “forced migration.” This type of migration became necessary in order to attempt to save as many goodhearted peoples lives as Divinely possible. We understood that we would not be able to save them all, but we knew we would revel and rejoice with the saving of each one possible. It was clearly understood that the horrible wars that mankind has created here would be one major reason for evacuating peoples from certain countries. It was well-known that although many peoples would be loath to leave their homelands here, if they did not leave there was a 99.99% certainty that they would perish long before their time to do so. The Creator and all others of Divinity believed that was not an acceptable alternative! Far too many of you ones arrived here with a mission to accomplish; not only for yourselves but for interplanetary evolvement as well. Many of these migrations were based on our foreknowledge of which landmasses would continue to sink the fastest. The other reasons were because of so many horribly evil groups such as “IS” and the dark master living among peoples in the Middle East.

As amazing and ridiculous as it seems to be to us, no one paid that much attention to IS until those evil perpetrators began to strike closer to other peoples homes and families. Tell me Advocates: you know only a bit about IS to be sure, but how many of you ones have bothered to look behind the scenes and see if you can figure out not only WHO and WHAT is pulling the IS strings, but how are they being bankrolled? They did not just “happen” to appear on the scene you know! They were PLANTED on the scene and received large amounts of cash rewards based on their combined abilities to plunder and slaughter good peoples. Now that the Middle East itself is also being attacked by them… among attacks by their own sworn enemies, the Middle East is sitting up and taking notice. Ironically and depressingly sadly, peoples do not want to become involved in “other peoples problems,” UNTIL those problems affect them as well! That is NOT a tribute to the human Spirit, I assure you. BUT it does say a great deal about many of humankind. Now, about 15 years ago all the caretakers of each species of animals, regardless if they lived beneath the waters, in the air, or on land, were summoned to the Great Hall of Justice and were issued a dictum directing them to begin a slow animal species migration in order for many animal species to be saved from certain death.

In 2012 the migratory process for them was accelerated. This was a grand gesture of each species’ understanding that this was an event that had to take place. And so it is as of this current Earth time-period, that so many migrations are occurring all day and all night. This is but ONE reason why so many species seem to you ones to be disappearing. Just because you do not know where they went does not mean they are not there! Although I must tell you that arrangements had been set into motion so that MANY animals of all species were “transported” to other planets in other Universes. After all, they came from other Universes initially anyway and were NOT responsible for the behemoth-type of leviathan behavior that humankind has wrought upon the Earth!

Now, we all understood that between the weather changes and the attacks by the dark monsters in the Middle East, Africa and so many other countries, that the very thought of peoples struggling to survive and needing to be relocated to other countries in order for those peoples to actually survive, would shake nearly all peoples out of their “safety cocoon” because “oh no, what are we going to do? These people are immigrants, they are migrants; they do not belong in our country.” Sadly, persons living in each country see that country as “theirs.” IT IS NOT! All countries on this planet belong to Terra. And GOD is the ONE who caretakes and is the ruling LIVING principle governing Terra. It was inevitable that peoples in all countries where the terrified fleeing men, women and CHILDREN were headed to were and still are, in shock and are horrified that they must take in so many refugees. People must seek refuge; please to remember YOU yourself may need to do the same someday! Then and only then will you really understand what it means to be fleeing in other peoples’ footsteps. Nearly all the migrants to date are being directed to countries where some of them will only stay for shorter periods than others, yet there will be many who will remain there and begin NEW colonies of peoples. Winter People are guiding these ones on their journeys with or without the frightened peoples’ conscious knowledge. So many of these peoples had no desire to leave their home countries; they do not wish to live among others who are “different” from them. Unfortunately, this is what happens to all peoples of all cultures when they have chosen to remain insulated from other races and other religions. Heaven forbid they should all get along. Now, it is heartwarming to me and to my brethren to listen to the mind-thoughts of so many of the fleeing ones. Yes, indeed they are still frightened; feel alienated, and uncertain if they will ever be able to return to their homes. BUT we have been listening as children and elders have been quietly discussing that maybe this was “meant to be.” That maybe, some Divine Being is helping them to make better changes in their lives. That maybe, in time they will be able to settle where they are and begin their lives anew. They know they are not truly welcome in the countries where they have run to. They can feel the anger and the fear of the peoples who live in the countries that they are now living in themselves. So, you have the fears of the people who feel their countries are being invaded and the fears of those who have fled to those countries for SURVIVAL. These combined fears are palpable.

Yes, it never fails that there will be some criminal elements disguising themselves as “those in need.” It will not really take that long for these ones to be ferreted out. Yes, the newly arriving peoples will put a strain on the countries’ resources, and with winter quickly coming around the corner ALL peoples will feel the strain to one degree or another of food and water shortages. Do not be deceived however and ignorantly place the blame for the food and water shortages on the new arrivals. I have warned you ones especially for the last few years, as has Master Kato and the Collective of Masters, as has Shamaan Eagle’s Messengers, as has Celest and David and GOD HIMSELF that these were the times you would all need to endure. Food and water shortages have been the byproducts of many spoiled peoples here and those who did not tend to Terra AS THEY SHOULD HAVE! I ask that you each spend some time each day and send Light and Love to those who are in need of it most. You can do this telepathically if you wish. I ask you each to blend your own Soul’s Song with the Soul Songs of the peoples in need, even though you may never meet them in person. At least NOT in this lifetime. I ask you each to “stand down” when thinking uncharitable thoughts about these terrified peoples. And I promise you one and all that those who foster dark thoughts or deep anger about these peoples will have a price to pay. And they will NOT like it I assure you! Although this is part of Universal Laws dealing with justice for all and loving others whether you LIKE them or not, in your slang culture of today, I can tell you ones that the price to pay WILL “come back to bite you HARD.”

I am signing off for now…. Blue Star

****Note from Celest – I began scribing this transmission on October 21st. At 2pm EST I suddenly heard the Mother Ship in the distance but closer to us were regular size air ships. We both paid close attention as the Ships sent us their usual music which they love to use to herald their arrival here. David and I were almost giddy by the overwhelming sensations they shared with us. We thought you might want to know about this.

****Note from David – When Celest was still in the process of receiving Blue Star’s latest transmission, I was outside going to let our chickens out for the day and wishing Terra a good morning when she said to me quite out of the blue, “David, you need to pay particularly close attention to this current transmission Celest is working on. It is of utmost importance for you to do so.” As I was typing this Terra chimed in to Celest and said, “Read it, Understand it, and Own IT!!!!”

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