The Gloaming

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

“The Gloaming”

12-25-18 to 2-25-19

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings fellow Earth Star travelers; we also wish to welcome all newcomers who have recently signed their Advocacy agreements. Because of the vast numbers of peoples here from all Universes, all worlds, it is usual for many new agreements to be signed; BUT this time around these Souls are aware through their sentience that there is a lack of gridline intersections necessary in order for all Souls to complete their missions in this lifetime. Therefore, further action was required. Yes, it is true that so many peoples have successfully achieved their self-stated goals and are anxiously awaiting either their next assignment or they are considering a nice long nap while they ponder the new circumstances surrounding them. But most if not nearly all of the Elders are guiding many more Souls and encouraging them to take MASSIVE leaps into the void in order to further Create new opportunities for Soul growth. It is necessary for the Elders to take the initiative by producing actions rather than reacting to events.

These Elder Souls’ whose indomitable Spirits know no bounds must be equitable with those they teach. In this manner they thus rise to the occasion of raising the bar yet again and challenging all good Souls incarnate here to leap even further than they had ever intended! Now chelas; something you all need to remember is that all things in the material life are changeable. Even more importantly never EVER forget that the Spiritual world is greater than the material world. So it is that as new life circumstances alter and replace former life circumstances new “conditions” can and do become a part of the picture, faithfully altering the former life fashion of living and when necessary tweaking or even drastically changing all or most of the other plans a person may have carefully made for his or her life.

Oftentimes throughout all the KNOWN millennia the more evolved Souls who incarnate here are already amazing adepts or are now becoming more adept at superimposing their dreams and their visions on the plans they had originally conceived for themselves. However, sometimes PUSH needs a hard SHOVE! This is because as the material world changes so do peoples of all races; whether they are conscious of doing so or not. Change is constant; it is a process by which you can or may determine for yourselves how far on the spiral staircase you have been climbing compared to what levels of consciousnesses you believe other peoples are on. No, this is not a contest; it is in actuality a manner of measuring another person’s mind and Spiritual maturity which may determine for you your own levels of true Spirituality. Or it may define Spirituality as you think it should be! As this progress continues to move forward, continues to evolve, all that you have one time thought to be true may begin to leave a bit of a bitter taste in your mouths. Perspectives are based on beliefs. Therefore the more you change your beliefs, the more your own perspectives change as well. Each time you alter your perspectives, even just a nano-tad, not only do the perspectives take on a different form the very endorphins within your brain chamber alter and begin to either accrue white light cells or they do indeed devolve. The devolvement means the person has thus caused their Super Consciousnesses to slip down the staircase a bit. The pituitary gland is still not understood well by scientists or medical personnel on the Earth Star planet. When left alone endorphins work with the central nervous system and accrue as much light as possible; this ultimately causes all organs within a physical vehicle to respond in same fashion. Endorphins do indeed respond well to love and joy and tend to bathe the mind, heart and body with intense feelings of a non-erotic passion for life. Obviously I am speaking of GOOD peoples here-those who have Souls and allow the Souls free reign!

Now, as an integral part of individual and Collective destinies continue to unfold here a special orifice which lies deep within the pituitary gland is slowly opening and reflecting its power and energy and mirroring its image into the depths of a Soul that is being called upon to participate in both singular and Collective “viewings” of the best kind. These viewings are actually indigenous to each off-world race of Planetizens who are here on this planet. So in other words from whatever planet, your planetary or interplanetary race of citizenship is when you are back on your own home planet, you are NOW being prompted to begin to enjoy and still learn from these viewings here on Earth. This too is part of Our Sacred Pact of Promises made and promises kept. A specific gridline intersection arrived 6 months ago when it had been foreseen that enough Advocates for Justice had begun the Parallel Dance of the Stars which surpasses the original initiation state and stages you had all entered into upon reincarnating here. This Parallel Dance of the Stars basically means that EACH Soul and MIND’S EYE of you ones who have earned this rite of passage sway, drift, leap and SEE beyond certain illusionary trappings. Until this gridline intersection had arrived and made its presence known you ones had been seemingly sleeping through many mind and eye adventures.

Now, each of you Star People, especially those who have given so much and asked for so little has begun a whole new PHASE of your mortal lives. One that will reflect upon you as honored Star Peoples throughout your immortality! I am attempting to keep this explanation as simple as possible; so please just use all your abilities to try to keep up with me! The Creator formulated the new action to be taken; He Created a new life phase for you. This new phase although not spoken of to you before was deemed by The Creator to remain secret from you ones until you had each tested your own mettle, passed your own self-Created tests and remembered to hold your head high and ignore the verbal slings and arrows which devolved peoples hurled at you. You never have to tell us it has not been easy for you ones, we KNOW you far better than you know yourselves!

Now, many of you Advocates have been confused and have been experiencing a few qualms because of something taking place with you which you do not consciously understand. I must say to the others who have yet to begin this experience that yes, you too will receive your own “piece of the pie.” When most Advocates lie down now whether it is because they feel the need for a quick nap or when they go to bed for the night, or arise before dawn for any reason, the Gloaming is attending to them. The Gloaming is the ultimate presence and present that is the new phase of your lives. Those Advocates who are the most evolved are primarily the ones who also receive the Gloaming during an afternoon nap though. In time some of you MAY understand why I personally refer to the Gloaming as “a canary in a coalmine.” Perhaps some of you will understand this better after I finish my explanation here though. Perhaps not. A canary was oftentimes used in coalmines to ascertain how much if any oxygen was in a coalmine allowing miners to be able to proceed with their work unharmed because of severe oxygen loss.

The Gloaming does not work with the conscious mind when Gloaming is occurring though. It works with all the various levels of the Super Consciousnesses in the mind. Whether these different levels are already activated or not depends on the maturity of the Soul. While a canary works with the depletion of oxygen as a warning to the workers, Gloaming works deeply inside the “mind’s eye” in conjunction with all the pertinent visions and extremely important information you ones have earned the right and PRIVILEGE to see and relearn! In a very real fashion The Creator founded this Gloaming principle on privilege. The Gloaming is now a vitally important underlying Law that requires a system of special right thoughts and supreme right actions taken; but taken far beyond any limits imposed by restricted thoughts.

Although it is not uncommon for many peoples to think they never dream, it is totally inaccurate. Everyone enters the dream realm! Those among you ones whose evolutionary status has proven itself to be extraordinary are the “elite” Souls now whose interactions with what they see, hear and feel in their day or night visions, which many think are merely dreams, are the ones carrying the highest forms of The God Banner of Christ Consciousness and unlimited evolution for all. “Elite” in this sense is defined as, “Advocates here who have more power they can exponentially exercise and are a small grouping of Souls within a larger grouping of Advocates.” These groupings are many! Because their Soul matrixes are more evolved than many others are, it is when they release any preconceived or conditioned beliefs so rampant on this planet that they do indeed rise to their positions at the top of their groupings, regardless of how much they had to endure to achieve this goal. They are indeed a joy to behold and have firmly established through their Soul Clusters the FACT that you can ALL get from here to there!

Now, I have provided you ones with the background data you need to learn to understand the “why” of The Gloaming. So now I shall explain more about how it works for you. What is the first thing you see when you close your eyes? Darkness. How often have you ones thought you were asleep but felt completely awake? Many times. How many times have you been awake but felt like you were sleeping or that you were having “a day out of time, a day out of sync?” Too many times. Have you yet experienced an “unusual” reaction when you close your eyes and instead of simply seeing the darkness of your closed eyelids you were also watching a plethora of images and saw and perhaps heard yourselves speaking with others; at times on different worlds and at times here on Earth? Hmmm. The darkness is The Gloaming carefully escorting ancient Beings into your new form of eye visions and eye contacts, as well as presenting you with soon-to-be actions you will undertake while faithfully guarding you with amassed protection provided by The Gloaming and your bevy of Avatars!

In this manner should anything evil or any of the dark hordes attempt to interfere with you and halt your progress, they are dispatched “forthwith!” And yet again, this is but one more reason why reciting the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness Mantra is vitally important prior to going to bed. This is your responsibility to do so as Co-Creators. Do NOT foolishly think for a nano-moment that we will do all the work for you! That will NEVER happen!

Now to continue on-in other words, you ARE asleep but not too deeply-BUT you ARE awake at the same time. Although your states of consciousnesses can not interfere or in any way impede your new progressive movements, you may at times hear specific names and be shown specific Beings you are to work with and be informed of WHY. However, all this information is being transmitted to you THROUGH your Super Consciousnesses’ states. At times peoples during this visionary interlude are actually well-aware that they are asleep but awake simultaneously and are enjoying this new revelationary phase of their lives. Once they can get past the surprise of it all and realize they are not ill, that is! Also it is quite commonplace for Advocates to fully awaken and feel tired after these Gloaming encounters. This is because you are using a part of your endorphinic system and another part of your pituitary that you have not used before. Also, as you pass through these Sacred Portals you will find that it becomes easier and easier to fully enjoy, to relish these “eye opening experiences” and you will want to write down all you saw and/or heard. Many times you will reacquaint yourselves with the Ancient Elders who are also watching over you and are so delighted that you have “walked through the tunnel of Light and Life” and are now ready to literally begin an advanced course of Creating newer and better opportunities for humanity to benefit from. When you arrive at a mental, emotional and Spiritual point when nothing that anyone says about you can cause you distress, you will better understand that you are a chosen Being living an Advocate’s life and you will KNOW you are all well-loved. Should you ever wonder how to cope with those slings and arrows, my advice to each of you is to consider the source.

Once you undergo this extraordinary new phase life-walk it will never cease. Eventually you will learn how to cope with tired feelings because your entire conscious selves will learn to as well. Using a new-to-you part of your brain and truly exercising the power of the mind will fill your cornucopia with unbelievable rewards. Many times you will feel as though you are gliding rather than walking, shhh, don’t tell anyone! That will be our secret! You see Advocates, you are bringing the Christ Consciousness into activated life force to EVERYONE you encounter … whether they like it or not. Now, many of the benefits you each are or will receive is that unbeknownst to you ones during the intermittent stages of The Gloaming is that your conscious minds will simply and quickly seem to decide that there is nothing to fear; and that is when those consciousnesses will slowly meld with the Super Consciousnesses sublime actions. This is in great measure due to The Gloaming working in tandem with all levels of Super Consciousnesses quietly while constantly reassuring the conscious factor that all is proceeding for your own good. You see?

So it is that so many Advocates will suddenly experience unusual bouts of sleepiness for no logical reasons. That is because you will be ready for “downloading” time. Attempting to push the sleepiness away is futile! Your truest adventures and ever so much fun begins each time you lay down and even try to keep your eyelids open. The Gloaming prefers the dark eyelids as a beginning measure until you accustom yourselves to seeing in the dark; then carefully and skillfully brings forth all those other Beings you ALL were once aligned with long, long ago. Before the clock strikes midnight this New Year’s Eve of 2018 a certain Mother Ship will be in your vicinity regardless of where you live. She too will allocate which Beings aboard will be visiting with you as well. You may expect some unusual sounds and feelings to bring you peace and joy, chelas.

Now, as each Advocate relaxes and becomes more proficient at allowing The Gloaming to move forward more progressively, many of you ones will learn that even with half-open eyelids you will see many shapes, many figures both distinct and indistinct around you or in unusual places in your homes and outside of your homes. For an already rather incredible number of Advocates who have entered stages 2 and 3 of The Gloaming, another expression of their new phase is taking place. It is indeed with the greatest delight and joy that we watch you who are already having these experiences encountering all the Dimensional Doorways that are wide open and we see the wonderment and love in your eyes as you realize that NOW there is no actual separation between day and night!

We have watched over so many, many of you who see the pixilated forms of people or imagings of others that you once knew so long ago and you realize that they are gathered around you and are completely imbued with The Christ Consciousness and that there is NO separation between them and The Consciousness! Do not be too amazed when you see certain Luminescents who also want to participate in this the greatest sweeping and swaying movement of The Consciousness as each of you are also now fully activated Consciousness Gloaming Beings who can do no wrong.

Do not be distressed if you have yet to join The Gloaming ranks; just do not try to force it, it will happen au naturel. To the rest of you ones however I say, “laugh, sing, reach out to connect with all those “others” around you and simply LIVE your truth more so than ever before!” Do not think please that your eyes are playing tricks on you; although it is true that your eyes are seeing what they are seeing, remember you are now FINALLY also seeing with your third eye. Yes, even the blind peoples will have their own types of “seeing.”

We laugh with great joy as we watch all of this over and over again and relish the fact that it is happening to goodhearted peoples all over this world.

Now, I have given you ones your special Christmas present by telling you what is happening and why. Go out into your world and LOOK UP! Then pay attention to how you feel. I love you ones dearly. Go in peace…

I am ending this transmission now ….

Blue Star the Pleiadian


“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


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