The Movie and the Mind Field

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

The Movie and the Mind Field

6-25 to 8-25-2018

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings Advocates and also to those who are not. Now, on this propitious day I am seeking inquiring minds who want to know, but who do not indulge in reading disgusting tabloids. As usual we, my Celestial daughter and our beloved David and I …. accompanied by the Procession of Elders … have been listening intently to all your quizzical minds attempting to understand things that may seem to be just out of your reach of understanding. But, that has never actually slowed any of you Advocates down for very long; all Planetizens whether they are Advocates or not … this time around … have each been gifted with an aspect of your birthrights in a conscious fashion by having a durable and rather complex centrally placed “hub” which lies within the matrix of your Souls. Access to this central hub is granted to all those of you ones who continuously attempt to step further up the spiral staircase. This staircase denotes missions accomplished and missions still to be consummated. You see, for all but a mere handful of you Advocates you each have long sought to achieve or fulfill your deepest passion for life. And it is that KNOWING that you are and will continue to live a life worth living that provides you with the chutzpah to keep on going. It is this boldness which is coupled with self-confidence and audacity which is the hallmark of those who belong to the Collective Consciousness and separates them from those who still remain in mass consciousness.

If this sounds simple to do then you are wrong; for it is not. It does indeed require that the individuals whose Soul goal is to be their personal Spiritual best must by the Laws governing their Advocacy Agreements, surmount types of obstacles and field them through the time-honored practice of “thrust and parry aside” the onslaughts hurled at them by the children of the lesser gods. Advocates, the reason that is crucial to these goodhearted Souls to field all which they can, is because all of your and their most vulnerable points and all of your collective critical mass missions are well-known by these lesser ones who seek to exert their force as an influence on your Spiritual and practical world lives at every salient point. Do you see? Although this does not necessarily enhance your “life is good” feelings,” unless you are a masochist, in its own weird manner it is a compliment to you for all that you do. You may indeed be doing everything right and yet still feel or discover that there are what seem at first glance to be insurmountable blocks in front of you.

Please stop feeling despair when this occurs. Stop, look and LISTEN to the voice of your Soul as it whispers, “Remember the Movie.” Now, I do indeed realize that only a few of you will remember; that is “a few” when compared to the fact that literally millions and millions of you really DO remember the Movie, you have merely misplaced what you remember. The worst case scenario is that you are trying too hard to remember all that is a natural component of your MIND. What is a sorry spectacle to me is when I peer into your minds as you listen to others speak who are indeed wise sages and yet you wonder how it is that they know what they know. Tell me children, why must you make things so difficult to understand? The majority of these seeker-peoples’ minds try to find answers to these verbally unasked questions about those who are the “Wisest Wonders on the Earth Star planet” who know what they know and are fearless in speaking their truths. Yet it seems implausible to so many of you that they know what they know. WHY IS IT THAT MANY AMONG YOU FEEL THIS WAY? Is it because they KNOW what you do not? Is it because their innate knowledge causes you ones to feel that those sages are alien to you? Is it because you simply do not understand all that truly is understandable? Is it all of the above?

Now, there have always been certain Souls whose missions, individually as well as collectively, required that they either Walk-In or are born-in remembering the movie! Yes, Celestial is one such Being, our David began remembering at a later time period and was chosen to be one of the “special circumstances” peoples here. Singly as well as together their tasks have not been easy for them …to say the least. The movie itself is one you watched repeatedly long after you each rested in Nirvana. We tested each of you ones and instilled the words, “remember, remember, remember” in your minds. Those in the Procession of Elders also worked tirelessly to aid you in remembering the movie in order for your missions to be successful. The movie clearly delineated your own individual and collective roles as Advocates and true Spiritual advisors doing all you can to assist others, while still dodging the slings and arrows of those who want you to fail!!

The movie is a monad of the highest degree yet it is the macrocosmic underlying nature of the movie which beckons to you. The movie has encompassed every nano-moment of your individual lives; including the FACT that we are all monitoring each of you. Your free expression allows you each to continue to have all your options, all your opinions and decisions you chose to make available to you at all times of course. Those things you chose and different events are ones you also watched in the movie as you watched your lives play out on the colossal movie screen in the Crystal City. You each arranged to have possible, probable and written in-stone choices to make in your lives. Those too were your decisions. There will be times from now on when you may decide to think about that and see if things turned out to be the way you wanted them to. Now, there were many of you whose self-confidence may have been a bit extreme; for these are the ones who asked specifically to NOT remember much, if anything at all, of the movie UNTIL a certain spatial period of sequences arrived and then you wanted to remember.

Others among you asked that if things became too difficult they wanted the Elders as well as we ourselves, to begin to slowly ring the bell of remembrances. Nary did a one of you turn away in disgust or horror at what you watched though. That should not surprise you if you remember that those are emotionally thought-out feelings that you do not have when you are at home. So … it came down to Celestial, David and many others like them to bear the movie in their minds and add to the movie as a direct result of the actions, thoughts and free expression they experience here. Although Celestial has been known to give many of the Luminescents a headache when she is here on this planet, the Luminescents KNOW she can do no wrong. Part of her exterior posture MUST be to be a bit hardheaded when certain situations arise. Much of those times she does so for her continued survival.

That is why she NEVER looks back. She just keeps on going, outdoing the energizer rabbit indeed. As soon as David followed her example and hit the ground running he too is now a force to be reckoned with! We are very pleased to say that all the others who are like them react and act the same way. This is why when peoples ask Celest and David how they know what they know, Celest and David always say, “Because I know.” You see Advocates they absolutely MUST know in order to complete their successful missions. They are very serious about their knowing; however others here fail to see the humor in the situation. Yet humor itself, especially when it is eccentric humor helps to keep these two Walk-Ins going. You should know that all others who share Celest and David’s destinies also have their own manner of dealing with unconventional lives. I used the term “unconventional” because that is the perspective many among you ones have of them, however we all here as well as all of Divinity consider their lives to be quite normal!

Now, my point here is do not despair when and if you feel that things are going badly in your lives, give thought to those others who have so much more to cope with than you do please. To live, to love and be loved and accepted is normal at home, however just remember you are only temporary tenants HERE. Okay? Oftentimes much of what you are encountering in this “alien” environment is a direct cause and effect of the Mind Field. This Mind Field can obliterate a person’s good intents and replace them with desultory, sullen and at times despicable behavior. Never think for a nano-moment that you yourself can not in one fashion or another fall prey to this force. This Field is cunning, egocentric and carnivorous, usually to the point of being cannibalistic. It feeds on your minds and hearts and attempts to target your Souls. Oftentimes when it is spearheaded by a Being that is wiser than the usual crud-people, it can turn a person’s fertile mind into believing things that are not true. This is especially true when people here attend schools and what is called “higher institutions of learning.”

I will give you ones a simplistic example; however I fully expect that you will not think it is so simple after I share it with you. Now, throughout Earth Star history and histrionics you have ALL been taught that the Earth exists with 4 directions: North, South, East and West. Because you believe it you think that this is true. It is not! There never was nor will there ever be 4 directions as you have believed. No, not even though Terra has been rapidly accelerating her immersion into her new galaxy, her new Universe. She is becoming more and more comfortable within her new Universal globe. Her impeccable timing as to how, when and where to continue to work with the Procession of Elders and the Collective of Luminescents in opening rather loud Dimensional Doorways, is giving a whole new meaning to ingenuity on her part! I am bringing this to your attention because I consider it to be relevant to the information I am sharing with you ones.

The Earth Star planet and all within what you still think of as her galaxy even though she has moved on … and you have moved on with her … exists within a rapidly spinning CIRCLE which is able to move so fast that to your human eyes it appears to be simply “normal;” yet you still do not understand that because of this Omnipresent maneuver going on here, the Golden NOW is taking place right under your noses. You see Planetizens, this spinning has always occurred, although in decades past it was in a slower spinning-cycle. You ones may be a bit confused, or joke about how you are so forgetful about the correct day or month or even year it is presently, let alone what the correct linear time of your watches are or what you think they should be. In truth you are responding to the spinning cycle of the Golden NOW which in its own immaculate way forges a defense field between you and the Mind Field. Just as the strange magnetics you are all reacting to is helping to buffer your mind from the Mind Field.

North, South, East and West are simply well-planned manipulations of the truth to keep you from ever knowing of the Golden Now. The ones who planned all this deviant behavior were the same beings who once convinced you all that this world was FLAT. It certainly kept humanity from setting out to find “other themselves.” Because it was well-known many millennia ago that The Christ Consciousness coupled with its innate Golden Child NOW Consciousness would rock this world and all the Advocates on it, it was deemed to be imperative that none of you would ever discern the real truth until long after you had passed over from mortality. However the dark forces and their Mind Field severely underestimated the power of The Mind as well as the eternal nature of Jesus THE Christ. The true alignment of the spinning of all directional markers clearly established a magnificent Golden Cross inlaid with the purest White Light you could ever imagine. This Cross is unbreakable and aligns itself with each Advocate as well as with other goodhearted peoples into perpetuity.

The eternal spinning nature of the Directional Markers means very simply that your perceptions of 4 directions are untrue. Good luck with trying to use a compass to find “true north.” This Earth Star planet exists as a never-ending circular spinning globe which passes through many levels of atmospheric matter which SEEMS to slow the pace of the spinning, but in truth it does not. Now, think about The PUSH movements and the movements of The Golden Force. Think about all the times you perform these wondrous techniques: You ones are in fact replicating the directional markers so that you are moving WITH the current, With the wind, With the Song of God and within the matrix of the directional markers. Try this: take both your hands and bring them together and roll your hands one hand over the other and then continue to do so at a faster pace; until you can look at your hands and see them rolling faster and faster.

This is essentially part of what you do with PUSH and Golden Force. It is also why so many of you ones feel lightheaded or dizzy when you finish those techniques. This is because you have been integrating with the central mass of the directional markers. Those techniques clearly show that all that you are doing is being done within a circle even though you may branch out and elongate that circular motion more and more. You are changing the motions of the directional markers and allowing them to flow more freely while at the same time you are being IN the helm of planetary readjustment. Do you see yet? Years ago Celest and David wrote an article they titled “The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now.” They went to great lengths to explain WHAT a Cross is and WHY it is. You should all be thrilled to know that you have each been resetting a Sacred Compass that relies solely on the Directional Markers to bring stability to a world that has become unstable within the gravitational pulls. Without the needed stability of the gravitational pulls, life here would cease to exist. You have been working with the forces of nature without even knowing you were. Your unawareness had to be this way because so many of you would have been terrified to do so if you had been informed of what you were doing and why you were doing this. Ergo, PUSH and Golden Force came to the rescue. And again, without your assistance this would all be a moot point!

Now, Celest and David were not permitted to explain to you ones that the 4 directions themselves did not really exist as such. For them to try to explain all this to you back then would have been futile. You were not ready and the timing sequence was not at hand back then. But at least they did get the information out to you all about the CROSS. I do suggest that you refresh your memories and go to and use the “search box” and type in “the four horsemen of the golden now.” The compass and Cross of which they speak should explain much to you if you just give it some thought. The Cross and Compass exist as one Sacred entity which not only shines the Light of ALL Light into this world but into the hearts, minds and Souls of all goodhearted peoples everywhere. Especially to the Advocates. Although you watched all this in the movie you forgot about the Mind Field despite all our cautionary warnings to all of you. Stop being so darn clueless when your lives and your Souls are at high risk and clearly targeted to be sent into the Mind Field where you will forget even more of what you are to remember. The Mind Field does that you know; it dabbles in superficial interests and dangles senseless thoughts and feelings of complacency, boredom, discontent, lust and the taking of illicit drugs and calls you to them. Then it is but a short jump to physical and mental abuse, mayhem and outright murders. Do not be surprised if on certain days you begin to feel off-balance or woozy. You are merely moving at a faster than Light Speed pace with the Golden NOW.

Now, so many of you ones are so innocent that you can not comprehend why so many of those peoples who are part of mass consciousness treat you unfairly, are cruel to you, critical of your beliefs and basically avoid you as much as possible. So, I will tell you one and all something I said to my Celestial daughter shortly after she arrived here surrounded by hostile people. Celestial suffered great sadness until she learned to remember to snap out of it and to ignore the verbal abuse and at times some attempted physical abuse. She told me that she felt very alienated here and people either loved her or hated her. She said people expected her to just “fit in” and that she could not do that without jeopardizing her own integrity. She said she would not be herself if she did that. So, I gave her a big hug and I said to her, “Celestial, if the shoe doesn’t fit then don’t wear it.” Now I am telling all of you the same thing and sending you ones lots of hugs.

Before I take my leave this day I will tell you about someone I watch over, I select many of you ones to watch over and protect. I and those I personally protect are fulfilling our personal agreement regarding promises made and promises kept. Now, this fine fellow I am speaking of did upon his return to Nirvana come to me and said, “A funny thing happened to me on my way to life. I made a wrong turn at the Mind Field and could not find my way out. I assured him that he would have many opportunities to right his “u turn.” He then gave me the thumbs up salute and today avoids the Mind Field no matter what the temptation is. You could learn a lot by not taking a “u turn.” I am signing out for now.

Salude… Blue Star the Pleiadian, we are all eating popcorn aboard ship and watching the amended Movie.


“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


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